GH Update Thursday 5/20/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/20/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Mary reaffirms her love for Nikolas. Nikolas meets with Alcazar. He insists that he does not mind breaking and entering a residence for Alcazar. Alcazar gives him the assignment. It turns out that he is breaking into the Quartermaine mansion. He goes into the study and begins to look through all the drawers. Emily happens upon him in the dark. She can only see his back though.

Carly challenges Jason and Courtney to prove they are her friends by allowing her to switch the DNA results. She tells Jason she realizes that he is Sam’s new best friend. He asks her why she wants to turn the baby over to Jax. Carly replies that she is trying to save her family. She says she knows in her heart that the baby belongs to Sonny.

The doctor tells Sam, Sonny, and Jax that they will get the results of the test shortly. Jax says that Sam has already demonstrated by her actions that she is not ready to be a mother. She tells both Jax and Sonny to get out of the hospital room.

Bobbie talks to Carly about her plan to switch the test results. Bobbie is happy that she did not go through with it. Bobbie urges Carly to ask the children and leave Sonny immediately.

Georgie confesses to Dillon that she set up the accident with Sage because she was jealous. Ned interrupts and asks what happened; Dillon tells Ned everything is his fault. Ned tells Dillon not to worry about it. He says he will find another singer, financial backer, and director. He tells Dillon to go back to the studio and clean it up. Later, as they are cleaning up the studio, Dillon tells her that it was his one night stand that caused her to now be so insecure about him and Sage. After Georgie leaves, Dillon hears someone singing at the studio, but does not see who it is.

Carly goes to the hospital chapel and meets up with Sonny. She confesses what she was going to do with the DNA samples. She tells him she realizes that honesty is the solution. She says that she should leave. Sonny tries to hold her to the promise to stay with him. She says that his getting Sam pregnant changes everything and that it will not be good for the boys. She says that she cannot watch him tear himself in two between Sam and Michael and Morgan. He tells Carly that she does not get to make the decisions for their children.

At GH, Emily asks Mary to cover for her because she does not feel well and is going home early. Emily says that she is acutely missing Nikolas right now and needs some time alone.

At GH, Jax lets Alexis know that Sam may be pregnant with his baby. He tells her he offered Sam money for full custody. He tells Alexis that Sam is not acting in the child’s best interest and that it would be best if Sam left. Courtney defends Jax when Alexis tells him he is starting to sound like Sonny.

Carly goes to Sam’s room and tells her that she has given up and she will not fight her anymore. Carly tells Sam she hopes that she really loves Sonny because she is “fluff” and Sonny will probably never love her.

Sonny discusses his quandary with Jason. Jason tells him that Carly still wants to be with him, he just has to push her a little. He asks Jason to help him to make things not be too bad for Michael. He is afraid that Michael is going to think that he does not keep his promises. Later, Sonny goes to visit Sam. As he is telling her that whatever she decides, he will support her, Jax comes in. Jax tells them that if he is the father, he will act accordingly.

Georgie goes to see Sage at the hospital. Sage says she had a lot of time to think and she is clear on the fact that Georgie is the one who created the accident. She says she will take Dillon from her if it is the last thing she ever does.

Courtney goes to Jason and begs him to prevent Sonny from getting involved in Sam and Jax’s fights if it turns out that the baby is Jax’s.

The doctor announces that the results are definitive and the baby is not Jax’s; Nor it Sonny’s.


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