GH Update Wednesday 5/19/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/19/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Faith challenges Ric to get Alexis into bed. Ric does not take her seriously.

Jax tells Courtney that he wants to be more than just a figurehead for her foundation. Courtney tells him to meet her at her office so they can work the details out.

Sam breaks in on Jason and Sam’s discussion and warns Sam that if she ever tries to harm one her children again, Carly will ruin her life. Jason, of course, defends Sam. Carly asks Jason what is the reason for his always taking up for Sam when he is supposed to be her best friend. Jason says he is not taking up for Sam. Carly does not believe him. She tells him to keep Sam away from her family and then she leaves. Jason then tells Sam he does not blame her for getting pregnant, but she must be more thoughtful about Sonny’s family.

Lorenzo tells Ned that he has reservations about Dillon’s ability to direct videos. Ned assures him that just in case Dillon falters, has someone in mind to take his place—a well-known director.

Georgie calls Maxie and tells her that she needs her help. When Maxie comes, Georgie complains about Sage spending time with Dillon. Maxie tells Georgie not to worry. She has created a booby trap wherein Sage will end up tipping over a can of paint from a high shelf and have it spill all over her. After that, Maxie anticipates that Sage will have Dillon thrown off of the video and he won’t be spending any more time with her. Georgie trips a cord as Sage sings and Sage falls. She says she has hurt her ankle and Georgie is instantly appalled at what she has just done. Maxie makes her promise not to confess or else Alcazar will sue their parents. At the hospital, Dillon informs Georgie that Sage has hurt her vocal chords due to her screaming when the accident happened. He tells Lorenzo this and Lorenzo surmises that conditions at the studio were unsafe. When Ned arrives at the hospital, Lorenzo tells him that he is withdrawing all of his money from L&B.

Alexis visits Courtney at her office to warn her that every thing about her foundation must be on the up and up. Jax follows his lawyer in. Alexis advises him to drop his association with her if Courtney has Carly take part in the foundation. Ric walks in and says that he will be investigating her foundation to see if it is just a money laundering scheme for Sonny.

Sonny tries to explain to Michael that Sam is not as bad as he thinks she is. He tells Michael that if he turns out to be the father of the baby, Michael has to help him by being nice to the baby. Michael asks him if he is going to leave him and Morgan for Sam and her new baby. Sonny assures him that he will find a way of making it work. Later, Michael tells Sam that he understands about her and Sonny. Jason informs Sonny that Sam is on her way to the hospital to take the paternity test. Sonny goes to Carly to tell her. She gives him her blessings about his going to the hospital to be with Sam while she takes the test. When Sonny visits Sam, she starts to cry. He tells her that if the baby belongs to Jax, he will help her out so that Jax does not bully her into giving him the baby. Jax approaches him and tells him that if the baby is his, he does not want Sonny to go near Sam before the baby is born.

Jason accompanies Sam to the hospital. Jax and Courtney show up as well. When he thanks her for escorting him to the hospital, she accuses him of being conceited. She informs him that she has business at the hospital that she has to attend to. Courtney bumps into Jason just as she is about to enter one of the rooms. She asks him what he is doing there. He says he is there for the same reason she is--- waiting for Carly. When Carly shows up, with a doctor’s uniform on, Jason and Courtney stop her from entering the lab. They tell her that trying to swap the DNA results is the wrong thing for her to do.

Dillon blames himself for causing Sage’s accident.

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