GH Update Tuesday 5/18/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/18/04

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THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Nikolas and Mary are talking about renewing their vows. Nikolas suggests the last week of May in order to give Mary time to pick out a dress and also so that they can plan their honeymoon. They kiss and Emily sees them from a few feet away (she can't tell that it's Nikolas, though). Mary sees and Emily rushes off.

WYNDEMERE: Luke is wandering around Wyndemere calling for Laura. He briefly inspects a dusty picture of a younger Nikolas. He calls out again, pleading for Laura to spare Skye. He is unaware that Skye is listening through a grate in the floor -- she is in a room directly above Luke. She calls out for him but he can't hear her. Suddenly the mysterious woman slips a picture underneath Skye's door -- it's an old photo of Luke and Laura from the 1980s.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Jason has brought Sam for her appointment (while Courtney watches). The nurse assumes that Jason is Sam's husband and the father of Sam's baby...she takes Sam to a room and Courtney comes over to Jason -- she remarks that it's ironic that the nurse thinks that Jason is the father, as he is the *only* candidate they can all rule out.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he found Sam and that she is pregnant. Carly replies that she knew but declines to explain just how she found out (Lorenzo told her). Sonny says that they are unsure about who the father is and Carly says that the only thing she cares about is how this will effect her family. She says that she respects that Sonny would never abandon his child -- but is Sam going to move in with them now? Sonny does not answer.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Nikolas tells Mary that if he had known it was their anniversary he would have taken her out to dinner, dancing, as they can afford it now (since he got the job with Lorenzo). Mary (still unnerved after seeing Emily) says that he is home safe and that that is celebration enough. He says that she is shown such grace and patience with him, he wants to pay her back. She wants to go home with him but he says he has a few stops to make first. They kiss again and he leaves. Mary waits until he is gone and then rushes off in the opposite direction.

WYNDEMERE: Lucky has arrived, with a flashlight. He, too, looks at the picture of Nikolas. Just then Luke comes in with a lit candle. He says that if it's not Laura doing this, it's definitely someone who wants them to think that it's Laura. He gestures around Wyndemere and says, "Eventually we all come back here." He tells Lucky that he searched and couldn't find a sign of anyone about the place. He starts to talk about how the house is full of evil and needs to be put out of its misery anyway. Lucky suggests that they leave and Luke says they will...then he gets out a can of gasoline and smiles -- they'll leave once the place is torched.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Courtney says that it's Sam's decision to make as to whether or not she'll keep the baby and Jason replies that it was Sam's choice to come back to Port Charles. Just then Jax shows up...he wants to see Sam, and he and Jason argue over that while Courtney looks on.

Meanwhile, inside the examination room, the doctor is asking Sam if she has experienced cramping. Sam says she is just anxious. The doctor suggests an ultrasound and Sam says that she needs an amnio as soon as possible, to determine the baby's father.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he is not sure what he will do if the baby is his. Carly is angry -- she says that she knows what Sonny will do, he will hold onto his children. What she wants to know is, what will happen first? Will Sam move in? Will they all live together? Carly snaps, "There is no democracy in a harem." She asks if she will be able to object to anything that goes on and Sonny says that that is *exactly* how it will be.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Jax is angry because he wants to see Sam and Jason is refusing to let him. Jax says that Jason got his orders from Sonny and Jason says that that's true, with good reason, as Jax was the reason Sam fell down the stairs. Jax snaps that Sonny was there too for that little episode. He is only here to find out who the father is. The nurse comes up to them, and when Jax says he is the father, the nurse takes him to see Sam. Courtney and Jason are left alone -- Court wants to know why Jason is protecting Sam and Jason replies that Sonny asked him to do so, and he also feels bad for her situation.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that her getting fired up isn't going to change things, isn't going to change the fact that he will have to deal with this. Carly says that she used to think that knowing Sonny was special, something only for her. But now she knows that Sam knows him well too...Sam knew to push the "kid button" which means that Sonny probably opened up to her about his childhood, including Deke's abuse (Deke was Sonny's stepfather). Carly thinks that Sam knows that the baby is Sonny's and that this has been a trap all along. Sonny scoffs, says he is going to see his child, and leaves. Carly angrily throws a glass against the wall.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is still calling for Luke. She looks at the picture of a happy Luke and Laura. Down below, Luke is planning to burn down the entire mansion...he is pouring gasoline all over the floor. Lucky is pleading with him to stop, to no avail. Lucky says that Laura broke herself out of the hospital, that the Cassadines have nothing to do with this, but Luke isn't buying it -- he thinks that Helena is behind the whole thing. Lucky tries again, begging Luke to remember that Skye and Laura need him. Luke ignores him and throws the lit candle on the ground. Flames erupt and Luke laughs.

Smoke begins to come through the grate in Skye's room. Skye is frantically trying to escape. Back downstairs, Lucky manages to put the fire out -- Luke watches from a few feet away, sipping a drink calmly. He congratulates Lucky, who is furious -- Lucky wants to know why his father won't let him help. Luke says that he doesn't trust Lucky, that he can do it all on his won. Lucky gets ready to leave, and when Luke asks where he is going, Lucky replies that the forensics team is at Skye's house -- he is going to check on them. Luke panics, realizing that traces of Ross' blood will show up. He runs out of Wyndemere, a bewildered Lucky rushing after him.

Upstairs in the secret room, Skye yells for Luke and Lucky but of course they don't hear her. Another picture slides under the door -- this time it is from Luke and Laura's wedding. Skye is freaked out.

THE HOSPITAL: The ultrasound is going on while Jax watches. The doctor says that the baby looks fine and that she will be back with the final test results. Jax jumps back on the subject of whether or not he is the father. He asks Sam how much money she wants for the baby and Sam slaps him. He accuses of her of caring only for the money and she admits that she would try to extort him but that she would never do that to Sonny. As she says this, Sonny comes into the room.

By the nurse's station Mary comes through the elevator and immediately tracks down Emily. But Emily is very cold to her. Mary knows that Emily is shaken after seeing Mary with her "friend" and a pissed off Emily informs Mary that she thinks that Mary is being selfish -- that Mary is just using some guy to get over her grief. And in the end, says Em, the guy is the one who will be hurt when Mary dumps him. Emily leaves and Mary is left looking stricken.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Luke and Lucky arrive back at Skye's house and forensics informs them that they have found traces of human blood on the couch and floor. Lucky says that that's impossible, as there was no blood there earlier. One of the forensics workers says that the blood is a few weeks old. Luke goes outside the house and Lucky follows him. There, in private, Luke informs Lucky that he knows how the blood got there.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam, Jax and Sonny are all arguing with one another (mostly it's just Sonny and Sam getting angry with Jax). The doctor returns briefly to tell them that the test results are good, that the amnio can take place as soon as Sam is well enough, and that Sam can't go home alone. After the doctor leaves the three of them begin arguing again -- Sam doesn't want to go to Jax's apartment, nor to Sonny's penthouse. Jason shows up and settles things by suggesting that Sam move in with him. Jax objects but Sam ignores him and agrees. She and Jason leave. Sonny turns to Jax and says that they have things they need to discuss.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Courtney meets up with Carly. She says she does not want to be in the middle of this baby mess -- however it can't be helped now. She tells Carly about seeing Sam and Jason at the hospital. Carly is upset because she knows that Sonny will accept the child even though it's Sam's (a fact that Carly hates). Courtney tells Carly that Sonny would never choose Sam over her and Carly informs her that Sonny wants them both. But she says she won't do it, and the 50/50 odds that the baby could be Jax's just aren't good enough for her. She tells Courtney she plans to fix the results of the paternity test. She says that she will get a lab coat, an access card, and that if she's quick enough she will be able to get away with it -- she's done it before, after all. Courtney is weary of the idea but Carly says that it feels good to take action again. And anyway, it could be Jax's after all. Courtney says that she admires the plan but that she can't support it. Carly smiles and says that Courtney can tell her all about it later -- for now she needs to go make preparations. She leaves and Courtney stays behind, thinking.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Luke has told Lucky the whole story about Ross. He says that he put Ross' body in Stefan's grave (to Lucky's disgust) and that Skye honestly cannot remember what happened that night. Luke thinks that it is all Helena's doing but Lucky thinks there's a chance that Skye really did kill Ross while drunk. Luke shakes his head -- no, it's not an option.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is talking through the door to the mysterious woman (who she is certain now must be Laura). She is pleading with the woman to open the door. She assures "Laura" that she (Laura) has Luke's heart and his soul -- that the love between them is still strong and Skye respects that totally. Skye says that Luke is looking for her (Laura) and that she needs to let it go before it gets out of hand. The woman listens to Skye for a while then leaves. Skye cries out after her but it does no good.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny asks Jax to stay away from Sam until the paternity test as Sam is under a lot of stress. Jax says that if he wants to see Sam he will see her, Sonny be damned. Sonny replies that if the baby is his and the baby is hurt and he suspects Jax had anything to do with it, he will kill Jax. Jax leaves the room without bothering to respond.

THE PENTHOUSE HALLWAY: Jason and Sam have just arrived...Sam realizes that she left her bag downstairs and Jason goes to get it, leaving Sam the keys to his penthouse. After he is gone Carly comes out of Sonny's penthouse, into the hallway. She applauds Sam for manipulating the situation so that she could be across the hall from Sonny -- then she calls Sam a slut.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary is hovering around outside the door...she wants to go in, but remembers Emily's words from earlier. As she is thinking, Nikolas comes out and asks her what is wrong. Mary tells him about a bunny rabbit she had as a little girl...she loved the bunny but after a while started to worry that the bunny wanted to be free to go back to its family. So she set it free. Does he want to be free, she asks? Nik replies, "I already am. My heart is free with you." Then he gives her a little box -- inside is a diamond ring. Mary is happily surprised. He takes her old wedding ring off of her finger, calling it a symbol of their old marriage. As he slips the new ring on her finger he says that this symbolizes their new life together. They kiss.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Courtney is sitting on a bench writing in a book when Jax comes over to her and sits down. They talk about Sam and Jason. Courtney cannot believe that Sam was going to give away her baby -- Court says that if she could have a child she would make the child the center of her world. Jax says that he would do the same with a child of his. Court says she believes him and thinks that he will be a good father. Jax asks if she thinks that Sam's child is his, and Courtney smiles and says that she can't be certain but that she does have a feeling that everything will turn out all right for him.

THE PENTHOUSE HALLWAY: Carly accuses Sam of manipulating the whole situation, much to Sam's outrage. Carly calls it an attack on her family, and says that Sam is out of her league. At this point Jason returns, breaks up the argument and suggest that they go out of their way to avoid one another. Carly snaps that he should have taken Sam elsewhere then returns to Sonny's penthouse. Sam and Jason go inside Jason's penthouse...Sam is angry because everyone -- Carly, Courtney, Jax and maybe even Sonny -- think that she got pregnant on purpose. She asks Jason if he thinks that too and he says no. She thanks him and says that that means a lot to her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Sonny are talking about the current situation. Sonny apologizes for the way that things have turned out. Carly says that given the chance to do it all over he would do things exactly the same way. She also says that they will get through it -- they are a family, and she will keep them all together no matter what.

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