GH Update Monday 5/17/04

General Hospital Update Monday 5/17/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

SKYE'S HOUSE: Luke is outside knocking on the door, calling for Skye. Skye doesn't hear him -- she is lying on the ground, unconscious. Luke calls out to her, saying that he wants to explain what happened. He peers through the window and sees Skye on the floor...he yells her name and tries to open the door. Suddenly he is knocked out from behind -- by the mysterious blonde woman in the cloak. She kicks the door open and walks into the house...then she stands over Skye.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Mary walks over to the nurse's station and accidentally drops some files. Emily helps her pick them up and Mary says that she's a klutz today because she is trying to keep her mind off of what's bothering is her and Connor's wedding anniversary.

COSTA RICAN AIRPORT: Nikolas is at the airport -- he has been stopped by Costa Rican police. The police ask to see his passport as they have a few questions for him.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Lorenzo and Carly are arguing...Lorenzo tells Carly that the situation with Sonny and Sam is more complicated than she knows -- Sam is pregnant with Sonny's child. Carly is stunned, but she realizes that that explains why Sonny was so eager to go after Sam.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sam is caught between Jax and Sonny. She is yelling at them and crying, telling them that the baby is hers and she will provide for it. Jax yells that Sam was planning to give the baby up for adoption and Sam snaps that it is her choice. She tells Sonny and Jax to go to hell and then she runs off. As she is running she trips on a short flight of stairs in the convent garden and falls down, unconscious. Sonny and Jax rush to her aid, as does the nun. The nun asks them who they are and they both say at the same time that they are the father of the baby.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Emily urges Mary to talk about the morning before her wedding to Connor and Mary does so -- she says that she was a nervous wreck and that when she woke up she was a mess...Connor tried to calm her down with coffee and a chocolate bar. She said that she told him it was bad luck to see her before the wedding but Connor did not believe in luck. Emily tells Mary to hold onto that day. Mary says that Connor just wanted to be a good husband...he was going to retire from the Marines after twenty years and then they were going to open a shop where he would sell his wood carvings and furniture. She did not care what they did as long as they were together. Emily tells her that Connor would not want her to be alone, that Connor loved her and will always be with her. Mary says that it is not the same and Emily agrees, saying that the more she can let go of her pain over Nikolas the more she can feel his love.

COSTA RICAN AIRPORT: Nikolas tells the guards that he is on a tight schedule and that his business is Costa Rica is about finances. He also mentions that he was visiting a convent as he and his wife are considering adoption. The guards converse and Nik interrupts, asking them if they could hurry as he does not want to be late for a meeting in New York. When the guards refuse to listen Nikolas says that he was considering opening a factory in Costa Rica but now with all of this trouble he's not so sure he wants to go through with it. The guards give him back his passports but don't want him to leave yet.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly thinks that Sam planned the whole thing, that she is working Sonny knowing the whole time that Sonny would never let her give up her child. Lorenzo said that he thought Carly needed to know. Carly says that this is why Sonny told her things between him and Sam were "unresolved." Lorenzo tells her that she deserves better than this. Carly thinks that this is karma for all of the stunts she pulled when she was younger -- stealing her mother's husband, lying about Michael's parentage. Lorenzo tells her that once the baby is born Sonny will lose all interest in the baby...Carly needs to get out while she still has the chance -- she does not love Sonny, he does not love her, the marriage is a trap.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: The nun is angry with Jason because Jason allowed her to believe that he was the father of Sam's baby. She says that if Jason had been honest Sam would not have fallen down the stairs in the first place. She demands to know who the two men are and Jason tells him -- Jax (the "blonde") is single and wants the baby only, no connection to Sam; Sonny is married with children but he wants to take care of Sam as well as the baby. The nun thinks that both Sonny and Jax are arrogant and unable to put the child's needs before their own. She asks Jason if there is a chance that he could be the father and when he says no she says that that's a shame, as he is the most reasonable one out of the whole crowd.

Inside the convent Sonny and Jax are arguing (what they do best). Meanwhile, Sam is getting checked out by the doctor...she asks him if her baby is all right.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael pitches a fit and demands that Lorenzo leave at once. When Lorenzo doesn't comply Michael calls for Max to come and remove Lorenzo by force. Carly sends Max away and Lorenzo tells Michael sardonically that he is turning out just like Sonny (Michael replies, "Thank you"). Lorenzo leaves and Carly tells Michael that he cannot order adults around. Michael asks her if it's true what Lorenzo said, that Carly and Sonny don't love one another anymore.

THE COSTA RICAN CONVENT: The doctor comes to tell Sonny and Jax that Sam and the baby are fine. Then Jason comes in and tells them that the nun is asking to speak with them. Sonny and Jax leave to go talk to the nun while the doctor informs Jason that Sam is asking for him. Jason goes into to talk to Sam -- Sam tells him that she knows it's horrible but that she was thinking that when she fell, if the baby... Jason tells her not to finish the sentence.

Back outside in the garden the nun is raking Sonny and Jax over the coals for fighting with one another and causing Sam to be so upset that she fell down the stairs. The nun says that they care about themselves only and not about Sam's decision. Sonny says that the father has rights too, and the nun snaps that Sonny is a married man who had no business being with Sam at all. She asks if Sonny's wife knows that Sam is pregnant and Sonny doesn't answer. The nun also asks if Sonny's children will want to share him with a child who is the product of his infidelity. Then she turns to Jax and calls hi ma rich playboy who cannot be bothered with commitment...did he really think Sam would sign her baby over to him? She threatens to call the police on them if they disrespect Sam again.

SKYE'S PLACE: Luke wakes up and goes into the house looking for Skye. Lucky shows up and asks if Laura was there. Luke (not very happy to see Lucky) says that all he knows is that someone hit him over the head then grabbed Skye.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is bound and gagged in a room in Wyndemere. She wakes up, realizes she is trapped and starts calling out for someone to help her.

THE COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Jax is visiting Sam in her room. He asks if she is all right and also asks her if the child is his. Sam is pissed that Jax wants her to give the child to him, but Jax asks her to keep in mind that she is a selfish and impulsive person herself...maybe not the best person to make decisions about a child.

Out in the garden, Jason asks Sonny what he is planning to do. Sonny says that before Sam fell the baby was just an idea, now it's real. If the baby is his he is going to take full responsibility. Jason asks him what about his family and Sonny doesn't answer.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael asks Carly why Lorenzo was there and Carly replies that Lorenzo is her friend. She tells Michael that he should not have been listening and when he points out that she eavesdrops on Sonny all the time, she reminds him that he doesn't always get it right. She tells Michael that he cannot go around giving orders to people...that she does not like what he did but that she still loves him. She tells Michael that he and his brother are the most important thing in the world to her, and to Sonny. They hug.

Later, after Michael has gone upstairs, Courtney comes over to discuss the situation with Carly. Carly tells her that Sam is pregnant and at a convent right now. Courtney is surprised but points out that there's a chance that the baby could be Jax's, not Sonny's.

SKYE'S PLACE: Luke goes through things, dumping stuff on the floor and kicking things over. He tells Lucky what happened, that he saw Skye's body on the floor but doesn't know if Skye was alive or dead. Lucky points out that there is no blood on the floor and Luke thinks that she might have been drugged. He doesn't want any cops involved, but Lucky says that he wants to be involved as he thinks he is the one who made Laura "worse."

WYNDEMERE: Skye begs to be let out as the mysterious blonde woman watches her from a slit in the door. Skye offers the woman anything, but the woman doesn't answer and leaves Skye alone.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Mary is waiting for Lorenzo and when he shows up she demands to know where her "husband" is. Lorenzo (pissed) informs her that Nik is not her husband and that he does not appreciate being "summoned" by anyone, least of all her. Mary accuses him of using Nikolas and Lorenzo accuses her of stealing his life. Mary says she didn't mean for it to turn out like this and Lorenzo points out that she never dreamed he would want more than the simple life she planned for him. He doesn't think much of Mary's decision to befriend Emily and at the same time to keep Nikolas from his real family. He says that he is giving Nik a chance to revisit a life he can be comfortable in and Mary declares that she would rather set Nik free than watch him be killed working for Lorenzo. And on that note Nikolas shows up. Nik and Mary hug and Nikolas explains he was delayed. Lorenzo tells him that Mary asked him to meet him there as she was concerned and also tells Nik that he's impressed with him -- the line about the factory in Costa Rica was a nice touch. Nik knows that Lorenzo set him up as a test and warns him that the next time he's setup, he'll quit. Lorenzo agrees to the terms, gives Nik his payment and leaves. Mary wants to know how Nik can trust Lorenzo and Nik replies that he has to see where this goes.

SKYE'S PLACE: Lucky tells Luke that the last time he visited Laura in the mental institution was recently...he went to tell her that Nikolas, her firstborn, was dead. He said that Laura had no reaction to the news, just stared at the wall, but that when he was about to leave she started crying. He thinks that the news just made her worse. Luke wants to know why Lucky didn't tell him before and Lucky says he didn't want Luke to blame him. Luke realizes that Nikolas might be the key to where Laura (or someone who wants them to think that it's Laura) would have taken Skye.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney points out that Sonny didn't tell Carly about Sam being pregnant because he didn't want to worry her in case the baby is Jax's. She says that Carly is only living in the penthouse with Sonny because of the kids, but that if the baby is Jax's she and Sonny could have another real chance at their relationship. Carly says that if the baby is Sonny's, she will move out with the boys -- she will not live with Sonny while he tries to make it work with his mistress, too.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Nikolas explains the airport search to Mary and how he got the guards to leave by pretending that the Bolivian ambassador was waiting for him. He is impressed that Mary called Lorenzo herself and Mary says that she was just worried about is their wedding anniversary. Nikolas can't believe she didn't tell him, he could have gotten her a present! She says she wishes he could remember how happy he was that day. Nikolas suggests another marriage ceremony he *can* remember, in June. Mary asks that it be in May instead and Nik agrees, giving her the money from Lorenzo in order to buy a dress. They talk about the honeymoon and then kiss. From a few feet away, Emily watches.

WYNDEMERE: Luke comes into the dark and deserted Wyndemere. He calls out for Laura and Skye hears him and begins calling for him. But he can't hear her.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney and Audrey are discussing the foundation -- Courtney wants to make sure that all of the kids are taken care of.

Meanwhile in the elevator, Sam and Jason are discussing her upcoming exam...she's kind of hungry and he says he'll get her some food afterward.

Courtney tells Audrey that she wants to see to it that every child gets the love that they need and Audrey replies that she will go get started on the database of children's names for the foundation. She leaves and Courtney looks at the elevator just in time to see Jason and Sam come through it together.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny comes home and after exchanging some small talk with Carly, tells Carly that Sam is pregnant. Carly says that she knows already.

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