GH Update Friday 5/14/04

General Hospital Update Friday 5/14/04

By Erica
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On the Haunted Star, Luke tells Skye her plan isn't that good; he doesn't want Laura to end up getting locked up again.

At the penthouse, Courtney is playing with Morgan when Jax comes in. She asks why he's there and he says to see Sonny. She goes to get his diaper things and gives the baby to Jax while she goes upstairs.

Carly's running past the gazebo when Lorenzo stops her and asks what's wrong. She talks about Sonny and how he went to Costa Rica to find Sam. He asks why, and Carly says she doesn't know.

Sonny comes up behind Sam and says she should've told him. She replies saying she didn't want it to tear his family apart. He asks if it's his and she admits that she doesn't know.

Luke says if it is Laura, it's not her fault. It's his. Skye knows it's not his fault. The only way he knows it might be her is Luke and Skye's connection. Someone is watching them from the doorway, while he admits "That's the only reason that I'd consider she might try to hurt you. Because she knows. She knows I'm falling in love with you."

Lorenzo asks what Carly wants for herself. She says a life of her own, something she can be proud of. He asks about love, and she tells him it never really worked out for Carly and him; they should stop trying. She gets teary-eyed and goes. He pulls out his cell phone and calls Nikolas/Connor, who is on a nice private plane. Lorenzo says there's been a change in plan.

Jax and Courtney are changing Morgan. Courtney says he might not be cut out for fatherhood because he seems uncomfortable with the baby. He says it's because he just met him. She laughs and says he raids corporations for fun and profit and is always dressed perfectly; she talks a lot about what babies need. He's suprised Jason and her never had kids; he didn't know she miscarried.

Sam tells Sonny about what happened during the fire between her and Jax. She talks about Courtney saying he was dead and then thinking they had a second chance. He says he doesn't care about Jax and asks when she found out she was pregnant (the night he made the deal with God). He tells her if it is his, he's going to be a part of it's life. That's when she tells him she decided to give it up for adoption. Sonny says in no way is that an option. At least if she's giving it up, he wants her to give it to him if he's the father. Sam tries to convince him that having the baby in the family would cause too many problems. She gets upset when he says Carly would eventually love the baby like her own.

Jax says he's glad to be a part of Courtney's foundation. Carly walks in and says she knows he's there to see Sam. She spills where Sam is and he thanks her and leaves. Courtney tells Carly about him being the "new trophy board member" for her foundation. Carly is sick of Sonny's rules and him having no respect for her.

The person is still watching Skye and Luke. Skye wasn't expecting to hear what she did from Luke. He then agrees to her original plan about going to somewhere sappy to get her there, if it is Laura. Lucky walks in. He's got proof Laura's in town. There was a break-in at the old club and it was trashed, while "Rise" was playing on the stereo. There was also a message written on pictures about Skye. Lucky says forensics is already at the club, and Luke freaks out.

The person goes into Skye's house. She takes a candlestick and bashes in a photo of Luke and Skye on her mantle.

Carly brings out a bunch of doughnuts for Michael. Courtney says that won't help. Carly's going to tell him the truth. She tells Courtney about Lorenzo near the gazebo. Carly thinks he might be the man for her.

Sam thinks she might not be sure about giving the baby up, but she wants it to go to a caring family still. Sonny doesn't want the kid to be even partially exposed to any sort of abuse. Sam's made up her mind.

Luke can't believe his son. He screams and screams at Lucky for being a cop. He thinks it's Lucky's fault. He's so furious. Lucky refuses to sit around and let Laura hurt someone. Luke yells at both his son and Skye to stay out of it.

Still at Skye's place, the stalker takes some sort of poison and stirs it into a drink.

At Dillon's video studio, he's explaining to Sage what the video is going to be like. Sage likes his idea. He has her pretend to do the video in there. In front of a last "bad guy", she's supposed to turn, sit on his lap, and kiss the guy. She has Dillon be the stand-in so she can at least try it. He makes sure she knows it's just for practice. He sits down and she starts lip-syncing. He tries correcting her. She goes to unbutton his shirt, but he stops her. She kisses him, just as Georgie walks in.

Courtney says Carly should tell Sonny what she wants. Courtney says she doesn't even recognize her anymore, and she needs to do something about it.

Sonny doesn't want to take the baby, but if it's his, he wants to take care of it. Just as he says that, Jax comes in and asks how can he be certain it's his. Sam continues to slightly cry.

At the old club, Luke looks up on a wall. There's many pictures of Luke and Laura, basically all from the '80s. In red lipstick there's a heart, and it says, "The Skye Must Fall" on the photos. He takes one photo down and starts to think.

At GH, Lucky walks in and goes over to Emily to talk. He says what he thinks of the club and everything. Emily guessed right about Luke going postal. He says Laura's there because of him.

At Skye's house, a cop says the coast is clear. Skye says nothing was disturbed, but it seems like something's missing. He leaves, and she goes to the poisoned drink. The stalker's watching from the window.

Dillon pushes Sage off of him and calls her predictable. Georgie starts to clap. Sage says they're overreacting. They say in unison, "Try that again and we walk." When Sage was in boarding school, she'd go to the roof and sing like crazy. It's clear she wants to be a singer, badly.

Georgie admits she's jealous of beautiful, needy Sage. He says nothing will get in their way of working on their project. Sage is listening in from outside.

Sonny tells Jax they're in the middle of something and says to leave. He says he's not going without Sam. She protests, and he says she has to, because of the court order for the paternity test. But from behind a bush they're all yelling in front of, Nikolas/Connor looks out. He calls Lorenzo, and says about Sam being pregnant, Sonny might be the father, etc.

Lucky says he saw Laura right after Nikolas "died." She cried over it. Emily says he did the right thing. She doesn't get why she'd go after Skye; Lucky explains about Luke and Laura and Luke and Skye. He thinks she's a threat; Luke doesn't.

Luke knocks at Skye's door. He says he was a jerk and he's sorry. Skye's laying out cold on the floor, broken glass near her hand. He knocks and knocks and then looks in. He screams her name, but then the stalker hits him and he falls, also out cold.

Lorenzo comes to the penthouse. Carly thinks Sonny's there to get his girlfriend back. Lorenzo spills about Sam being pregnant.

Jax says he doesn't want Sonny near "his child." Sam says she'll decide what's best for *her* baby, and in the meanwhile the two of them can go to hell. She storms off, walking fast, and trips down a few stairs. She screams and falls. Jax and Sonny run after her.

Scenes from the next GH: Two officer-type men are holding Nik/Connor and say he's not going anywhere; Lorenzo tells Carly to leave; Sam asks a doctor if her baby will be okay; Skye screams for help, gagged and tied to a chair in a huge empty room.


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