GH Update Thursday 5/13/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/13/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that he is having trouble negotiating having relationships with both his family and with Sam. Sonny agrees that that is true. He says he has to sort out a few things with Sam before he can move on. He tells her to keep the kids reassured while he goes after Sam. Carly insists that if he cares about them he must stay with the family and not go after Sam. She tells him that if he goes after Sam, she won’t back up any lie he tells Michael. She will let Michael know that he went chasing after Sam. Sonny tells her that if she does and Michael gets upset and runs away, it will be on her. He pleads for just a little more time to sort things out and leaves to go to the convent where Sam is. When he leaves, Courtney comes to visit and she expresses her frustrations about Sonny. She says she feels she may as well pack up the children and leave that night. Carly tells Courtney that if she is going to stay in a loveless marriage for the sake of her children that she has to figure out a way to make it work for her. With that, she storms out of the penthouse.

At the park, Mary talks to Nikolas. She tells him she realized that she has tried to protect him too much that she has made him unhappy. He tells her he wants to be a true husband and contribute something to the relationship. He tells her that as happy as he is with her he needs to be out in the world and find out who he is now. She tells him that everything she has done, she has done out of love. He tells her he will never leave her again. She tells him she will let him go and he tells her thank you. She tells him that she loves him. She leaves and Nikolas hears a drunk Luke screaming, crying Laura’s name into the darkness. Nikolas is obviously touched by Luke’s anguished display of emotion.

At the Q’s, Tracy quarrels with Jax regarding him supporting Courtney’s charity. Tracy questions Courtney’s ability to run a charity considering her sordidi past. Courtney tells Tracy she has no right to judge considering the state that ELQ is in right now. After Courtney leaves, she tells Jax that he must resign from Courtney’s foundation, or Skye gets nailed. Jax tells her to watch her step.

On the Haunted Star, Luke throws a tantrum and tells all the customers to get out. They wonder out loud how Luke will handle it if it turns out that Laura is stalking Skye and is the one who murdered the police officer. Luke goes outside. Jax comes in and tells Skye that he won’t be able to cover for her with regard to Tracy any longer. He tells her that it is not because of Tracy that he cannot help her anymore. He tells her it is because Sam is pregnant. He tells Skye that if the child is his, he will raise the baby as his own in the manner that his father raised him. A delivery person comes by and delivers the court order for the paternity test and he tells Skye that now all he has to do is find Sam.

At the convent, Jason tells Sam that Sonny sent him for her. He tells her that Sonny wants to take care of the baby. Sam keeps harping on the fact hat Carly will resent the baby. Jason defends Carly and says that she will not resent the baby. Sam keeps insisting that it would be best for the baby if she gives it up for adoption. Jason reminds her that first they must find out who the father of her baby is.

At GH, Emily asks Lucky what he knows about Alcazar. They consider that maybe Emily has become obsessed about Mary’s life so that she does not have to deal with living without Nikolas. Lucky says that maybe it is time they both face Nikolas’ death—together. He gets a phone call from Skye that Luke is drunk and not doing well. Later, Mary shows up at GH and Emily apologizes for giving her a hard time for associating with Alcazar.

Lucky rushes to the park in front of the Haunted Star and tries to get Luke to calm down. Nikolas watches their interchange from the bushes. Later, after Luke and Lucky leave, Alcazar meets up with Nikolas and preps him for the job he is about to go out on.

Luke goes back onto the Haunted Star and Skye tells him that maybe they can draw Laura out of hiding. He tells her will not do anything that will send Laura back into a catatonic state since he does not want to hurt the woman he loves.

Sonny catches up with Sam at the convent.


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