GH Update Wednesday 5/12/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney asks Jax why he is causing more trouble. She has overheard just the tail end of his conversation with Justus where he tells Justus that Sonny is irrelevant in terms of Sam’s pregnancy. He tells Justus to work for him in finding out who the father of Sam’s child is. Jax tells Justus that he is going off to find Sam.

Jen tells Courtney she must find a high profile donor with a spotless reputation to get behind her foundation or she may not get it off the ground. Later, Courtney goes to the Q’s to see Lila for this reason. She bumps into Jax and tells him what she is trying to do. Tracy comes in and says that she won’t let Lila see the ex-wife of two of her grandsons. Jax offers to be the supporter of her foundation.

Sam tells the nun that there are two possible fathers for her child. She tells the nun that one is married and the other possible father cannot stand her. Sam tells the nun that if Carly knew about the children, she would take Michael and Morgan and leave and that she could not do that to Sonny.

Jason asks Carly to respect his position with Sonny. She begs Jason not to bring Sam back because that would be one less thing that she has to deal with. Jason tells Carly she should be honest with Sonny.

Mary continues to discourage Nickolas/Connor from working for Alcazar. He complains that he is suffocating and that the life that he is living now does not fit who he is--- that it is too small for whoever he is. He says he cannot just be her husband. Later at the hospital, Mary begs Lorenzo to leave Nikolas alone. Lorenzo tells her that Nikolas is an aristocrat who will never be satisfied with Connor’s life. Emily interrupts and Alcazar tells her she should not be so judgmental of him. He suggests that Emily meet him after she is done because he might have something interesting to tell her. Mary looks on, getting increasingly panicky. When Mary goes home, Nikolas tells Mary that he is going for a walk and that she should not worry.

Emily meets up with Lorenzo after she is done at the hospital. He tells her that maybe he can help her. She says that unless he can make Nikolas magically appear, there is nothing he can do for her. Nikolas watches the exchange from the bushes.

Sonny testifies at Faith’s trial. Faith tells Alexis she believes that Alexis is too distracted by Sonny to do her job. When Sonny leaves the stand, Alexis tells him she is going to rip him apart on the stand. When he is on the stand, she asks him about RICO violations. He admits he was arrested for them but that his lawyer believed in him and got him off. Sonny say this in a mocking manner and Alexis, shaken, ends the cross-examination. Faith tells Alexis she does not know what case Alexis is trying because it sure is not Faith’s.

Courtney and Carly hang out at the park and Carly tells Courtney that Sonny has decided to send Jason to go look for Sam. Courtney tells Carly that she has already fallen back in love with Sonny. Carly says it is best that things stay the way they are.

Jason tells Sonny that he has found out Sam’s location. He also tells Sonny that Carly has figured out that he is going after Sam. Sonny asks Jason if he told Carly that Sam is pregnant. Jason replies that he has not said anything. When Sonny goes to the Penthouse, Carly tells Sonny that Jason has gone to get Sam. She asks him why he changed his mind about letting Sam leave. He tells her that things with Sam have gotten complicated. She asks him, “complicated how”?

When Jason shows up at the convent, the nun mistakes Jason for the father of Sam’s baby. She goes into Sam’s room to tell her that she is going to let the father of the baby in so that they can talk things over. Sam panics and tries to climb out of the window. Jason catches her.


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