GH Update Tuesday 5/11/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/11/04

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THE COURTHOUSE: Alexis is standing outside the courtroom talking to Kristina's sitter on her cell phone. She tells the sitter that she will not be able to make the play-date that has been set up. As she is hanging up Ric walks over to her. He informs her that she should be out of court early, as this is an open and shut case. Alexis tells Ric she plans to win, and Ric tells Alexis that he plans to see Faith go to jail. Suddenly Audrey calls Ric's cell phone -- she tells him that Liz has just given birth to a baby boy. Ric gets very emotional...he starts to ask Audrey to tell Liz that he loves her, then stops himself and just says congrats instead.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sam has just arrived at the convent she heard about from the woman on the plane. A very friendly nun introduces herself to Sam as Sister Mary Agnes. Sam tells the nun that she is pregnant and has come to find a home for her child.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is talking on his cell phone to one of his men, giving the order that Sam must be found as soon as possible. He hangs up when Carly comes downstairs. Carly is surprised to see that he is still at home...he asks where she thinks he would be and she replies that she thought he would be out on the hunt for Sam.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon comes into the office to find Georgie already hard at work. She is very excited about getting started. Dillon seems nervous, he says he has to tell Georgie something. Apparently Ashley has quit, but Dillon says that they have a new talent on the way end...someone who comes with a big financial backer. Georgie is thrilled, she asks who it is? Suddenly Lorenzo walks into the room -- Georgie is surprised to see him, and even more surprised when Sage walks in the door...Sage is L&B's new singing talent.

THE GAZEBO IN THE PARK: Jason and Emily sit down on the bench with a couple of cups of coffee. Jason tells her that while he is happy to have heard that Liz and her baby are all right (apparently Emily told him the news about the birth off-screen), he is still worried about how Emily is doing. Em tells him that Nik is haunting her -- she saw him on the docks in the mist, she saw him on the side of the road. Jason says that it is stress, that she needs her rest. Em says she needs to keep herself distracted with things. Jason changes the subject to Mary -- he is concerned about the fact that he found Lorenzo Alcazar's business card in Mary's cottage. Emily assures him that Mary and Lorenzo must have met at Tracy's engagement party. Jason warns Emily that there is something off about Mary but Emily replies that Mary is just a friend who is deeply in mourning, like Em herself.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary has made sandwiches for lunch, but Nikolas isn't interested in eating -- he tells her that Lorenzo's business card is missing. Mary expresses relief and Nikolas accuses her of not wanting him to get a job.

THE COURTROOM: Ric and Alexis are preparing for the trial. Ric is upset about Liz and the baby...he tells Alexis that he wanted to raise the child together with Liz as a family. Alexis tells Ric that Liz made a choice to be a single mom and Ric points out that Alexis is doing everything in her power to keep Kristina's biological father away from her. Alexis snaps that she should not have been sympathetic to Ric at all. Ric says that Kristina is a sensitive subject for Alexis and Alexis counters that Ric is just lashing out because he was unsettled by the phone call from Audrey -- she warns him that she will not stand for it if he asks the judge for an extension. Ric tells her that is won't ask for more time, that his witness, Ned, is going to blow the case against Faith wide open.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sister Mary Agnes believes that Sam might change her mind about the child but Sam assures her that she won't. The nun tells her that they will be happy to provide her with a safe haven until the child is born, to give her time to sort out her choices. The nun thinks that Sam might change her mind when she hears the baby cry, or when she holds him in her arms. Sam says she won't be tempted -- her mother abandoned her when she was little and her father was a con artist. She wants the baby to have a stable family.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he is going to honor the commitment he made to her and to the boys -- he wants the boys to have a great life and he doesn't want to hurt Carly anymore. He thinks they could try to be kind to one another. Carly assures him that he is a good father.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary wonders if Lorenzo really wants a fugitive like Nikolas working for him. Nikolas tells her that he does love her but that he needs to get out, he needs to make something of himself. He says that he knows he was capable before he lost his memory because he survived a whole war. He asks her to have faith in him, but Mary still looks doubtful.

L&B RECORDS: Sage admits to Dillon and Georgie that she knows she has done bad things in the past. Dillon explodes, mentioning the naked pictures of Georgie that Sage put up on the internet. Georgie adds that Sage has tried many times to break them up. Lorenzo intervenes, reminding them that Sage was deceived by Dillon's mother, Tracy. Lorenzo expects them all to treat one another with respect while they are working together. Sage thanks him for his confidence in her...they hug and Lorenzo leaves. As soon as he is out the door Georgie tells Sage that they must set things straight. Sage replies that she is aware that Dillon and Georgie are madly in love, and that when she first came to town she was just confused because she was lonely and Dillon was nice to her. Dillon begs Georgie to stay on the project and Georgie agrees...she says that they won't let a silly grudge get in the way of their work, not when so much money is at stake.

THE COURTROOM: Ric is questioning Ned on the stand. Ned talks about how Faith fired a gun at him when he tried to get out of their business partnership. Ric finishes his round of questions and Alexis steps up to bat. She gets Ned to admit that the business he and Faith were involved in was a hostile takeover of a company that Sonny Corinthos had a personal investment in. Ned also admits that he has a grudge against Sonny, since a woman he loved, Kristina Cassadine, was killed in a fire in one of Sonny's warehouses. But, Ned says, he and Faith were merely trying to compete against Sonny...if that caused Sonny to go down in the process, that was fine with Ned. Alexis also gets Ned to admit that he and Faith were intimately involved -- when she brings up the fact that Ned and Faith had sex on the docks, Ned tells her that it was a set-up by Faith and that if Alexis needs proof she can find former D.A. Scotty Baldwin since he was also involved in the set-up. Alexis finishes questioning, the judge calls recess, and Ned immediately asks Alexis, "What was that??" He asks her if she was trying to get him to admit on the stand that Sonny is Kristina's father.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: The nun asks Sam if the father of the baby knows. Sam admits that even she doesn't know who the father of her child is -- she says that she was breaking up with one man (Jax) while falling in love with another (Sonny) -- but that she knows who she *hopes* the father is (Sonny). She tells the nun that both of the candidates would take responsibility for the child if the child was theirs...the problem is that she always felt that the first man (Jax) regretted his involvement with her, as if she had let him down; whereas the second man (Sonny) is wonderful, but involved with a family of his own.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly, Michael, Morgan and Leticia (the children's nanny) are on their way to the park. Michael wants Sonny to come, because he is secretly worried that Sonny will leave while they are gone. Sonny assures him that their family is together for good. Carly, Leticia and the boys leave just as Jason enters. After they've gone, Sonny asks Jason when Jason was planning on telling him about Sam's pregnancy.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Mary and Emily run into one another -- they exchange hello's and Emily thanks Mary for her help after the accident. She also apologizes to Mary for Jason's suspicious behavior. She explains that Jason found Lorenzo's business card and is worried that Lorenzo and Mary are involved in some way. Mary tells her that Lorenzo gave her the card at Tracy's engagement party and that she found him to be charming but kind of pushy -- she only took the card so that he would leave her alone. Emily warns Mary that with Lorenzo nothing is as it seems. As Em leaves, Mary looks very concerned.

THE PARK: Carly and Michael are setting up croquet in the park -- they are having trouble (Carly admits the only time she had ever seen croquet was at the Quartermaines). Suddenly Lorenzo walks over to them and offers to help. Michael is hostile -- he tells Lorenzo that his family is back together now and that Lorenzo should leave them all alone. Carly tells Michael to go see if Leticia needs help with Morgan. Michael obeys, and once he is gone Lorenzo notes that Michael has a strong-will "like his mother." Carly tells Lorenzo that he must keep his distance from them now that she and Sonny are trying to make this new arrangement work. Lorenzo asks her if she is happy living a lie. Carly says she is where she belongs and Lorenzo replies that he thinks that must mean no.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason tells Sonny that Sam wanted to tell her himself and that he was going to give her a night to get it all straightened out. But then Emily got into the accident and he had to go and take care of her. Sonny is glad that Em is okay, but he is very worried about Sam being pregnant. Jason points out that Sam never told him for sure that Sonny was the father, so Jax could be a possibility. Sonny says that they need to find Sam.

THE COURTHOUSE: Ned and Alexis have moved their argument out into the hallway of the courthouse. Ned tells her that she has no regard for him or his role in Kristina's life. Alexis says that he is overreacting and Ned counters that Sonny has spies everywhere, how long before Sonny puts two and two together and realizes that Kristina is his? Ned asks Alexis to remember that there was a reason they conspired to keep Sonny from Kristina in the first place -- Sonny would take Kristina away from Alexis forever if he knew the truth. That said, Ned leaves. Ric is watching from a few feet away. A reporter asks him how confident he is in winning the case and Ric answers that Alexis is unprepared for his next witness.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Jason that if the child is his they need the facts as soon as possible. Sam could be putting Sonny's child at risk, as she is used to acting on impulse. Jason says that the jet will be ready to go when they need it. He asks Sonny if he is planning on telling Carly. Sonny doesn't know what to do. Just then a cop shows up at the door with a court-order: Sonny must come and testify against Faith.

THE PARK: Carly tells Lorenzo that she is going to put her kids first. Lorenzo points out that Sonny is keeping Sam as his mistress and Carly replies that Sam has just left. Lorenzo asks if this means that Carly will have a real marriage with Sonny and she answers that loving Sonny is not an option for her. Lorenzo tells her that he hopes that she gets everything she wants. Carly smiles and says that no one ever gets everything they want. Lorenzo notes that Michael seems to be confident and Carly replies that Michael's still a little boy with dreams...but reality is unforgiving. Lorenzo tells her that it doesn't have to be. Carly does not have an answer for this...she tells him she needs to go check on the boys, then she leaves.

L&B RECORDS: Dillon apologizes to Georgie for all of this and Georgie assures him that they will not let Sage ruin what they have. As long as they have faith and trust in one another it'll be okay. They exchange "I love you"'s and then kiss. At this point Sage walks in and asks if they are ready to begin. Dillon reminds her that she must understand that she is the talent, he is the director and Georgie is his partner, that means that he and Georgie have final say. He and Sage shake on it. Dillon says they must start with the singing. Sage says that she has sung in school concerts before...Dillon says they need a feel for her voice. Sage looks hesitant about singing in front of them, but they urge her to give it a try (Georgie sweetly suggests that Sage sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"). Dillon assures her that they won't judge her. Sage agrees, and begins to sing for them. Dillon and Georgie both look somewhat impressed with her abilities.

THE HOSPITAL NURSE'S STATION: Mary has tracked down Emily again -- she wants to talk about Lorenzo some more. Emily says that Jason hates Lorenzo because Lorenzo is dangerous -- his brother Luis was an arms dealer and when Luis died Lorenzo took over. Mary wonders why Lorenzo is not in jail and Emily says that someone else always takes the fall for his crimes. She says that Lorenzo even caused the miscarriage of Jason and Courtney's child. Since Sage volunteers at the hospital, and Lorenzo is her uncle, Emily points out that Mary will probably be seeing a lot of him -- but no matter how charming he is, Mary must not trust him. He may appear to be a gentleman but underneath there is a man who will not stop until he gets what he wants.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Lorenzo stops by to hammer out the details of the job he is offering to Nikolas. Nik is happy to see him but he says he has something he needs to tell Lorenzo first. He explains the story of his desertion from the Marines, how he was wounded and found his way back to his wife. Lorenzo listens intently and after Nik is finished Lorenzo says that he admires Nik's loyalty to his wife and his honesty about the situation. The job is Nik's. Nik is pleased, but he points out another problem...since he's a fugitive, he would not be able to travel internationally as he would be identified by passport. Lorenzo says that he will arrange for a passport for Nikolas. A fake ID, Nik asks? "That's illegal." Lorenzo asks if there's a problem with that.

THE COURTHOUSE: Sonny shows up per the court order and Ric is impressed by the fact that Sonny came so quickly. Sonny tells him right off the bat that he knew nothing about Faith's outfit at The Haunted Star but Ric says that it does not matter, he just wants to trip up Alexis in court.

Inside the courtroom Faith is asking Alexis how Alexis will deal with the "surprise" witness that Ric is calling. Alexis says that it does not matter because Ric is overconfident and ill-prepared. At that point Sonny walks in and when Faith sees him she smirks and tells Alexis, "Think again." Alexis is taken by surprise by Sonny's entrance, and Ric takes note of this from the doorway.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: The nun asks Sam if her room if fine and Sam says that it is. The nun says that she wants Sam to be comfortable while she makes the decision. Sam asks if there are a lot of families waiting to adopt and Sister Mary Agnes says yes, there are. She says that if Sam has a preference they can give her details about who the candidates are. But Sam says she doesn't want to know any specific details as it would only cause her to wonder more. The nun again asks if Sam is conflicted and Sam replies that she does not have a good life and she wants the child to have everything...that's what the father would want.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is talking on his cell phone to one of Sonny's men -- they know that Sam is in Costa Rica but not which city. At that point Carly and the boys return and Jason hangs up the phone. Carly sends Michael and Morgan upstairs and once they are gone she asks Jason if Jason is now trying to find Sam for Sonny. Jason does not answer.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas tells Lorenzo that if he needs a fake ID he will accept it but that the work he does must be legal. Lorenzo assures him that he will inform him in advance as to which jobs are legal and which ones aren't. Nik asks why Lorenzo is so accommodating and Lorenzo says it's because he feels sympathy for Nikolas...he looks at Nik and thinks that Nikolas doesn't fit in his present life very well. Nikolas admits that while Mary has told him they were happy before, he wants something more than the simple life. Lorenzo says that Nik's secret is safe with him. He reminds Nik that Nik must always act in discretion while working for him, must never draw attention to himself. Nikolas says he's had a lot of practice with that. They shake on it -- the job is Nik's now. Just then Mary enters the cottage...she sees Lorenzo and Nikolas shaking and quickly says that Nikolas will not be taking the job with Lorenzo. Nikolas looks exasperated.

THE COURTROOM: Court is back in session. Ric tells the judge that since he and Sonny have a tense relationship he would like to treat Sonny as a hostile witness. The judge agrees. Ric immediately starts in on Sonny, asking him whether or not it's true that Sonny had sex with the woman sitting at "that table" (indicating Alexis). Sonny smirks, as if he knew the question was coming, but does not answer right away.

COSTA RICAN CONVENT: Sam is outlining the perfect family for her child. She says that the father must be strong but not a pushover...generous, someone who will spoil his kids a little. The nun asks if Sam wants her baby to have siblings and Sam replies that two older siblings would be a good idea...that way if someone at school teases her baby the older siblings will stand up in his or her defense. The nun asks about Sam's idea for a mother...Sam thinks for awhile and then answers that the mother must be strong and loving...the kids must be her number one priority. She must have a sense of humor and she must enjoy laughing with her kids from time to time. The nun is amazed that this information is so detailed...she points out that it sounds like Sam knows the family in person. She wonders if Sam might call the family and ask them to raise her child?

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly asks Jason if he finds Sam what will happen -- will Sam come home or will Sonny go see her. Jason says that Sam and Sonny need to talk and Carly immediately asks what they need to talk about. Jason warily says that they shouldn't discuss it, but Carly says that she thinks it will be good if Sam comes back because then she (Carly) will not risk getting attached to Sonny again. Carly says that she can't be hurt again like she was last time. Jason reminds her that she should not jump to conclusions but Carly is on a roll...she tells Jason that she can't stop herself from hating the idea of Sam and Sonny together, in bed. She thinks for a moment and then asks Jason for a favor -- she does not want him to go after Sam.

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