GH Update Monday 5/10/04

General Hospital Update Monday 5/10/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

The Church: Nikolas is watching Emily, who is asleep on one of the pews. Suddenly the priest comes in -- he sees Nik watching Emily and explains to Nik that Em lost the man she was engaged to marry. Nik admits that he was present for the memorial service but has never spoken to Emily before. The priest comments that maybe it is time that Nikolas and Emily meet.

The Gazebo in the Park: Skye is caught in the park in the pouring rain. She runs to the gazebo for cover, and while standing there she catches sight of a woman in a coat watching her from a few feet away. The woman comes closer to Skye and Skye sees that she is holding a knife. "Who are you, what do you want?" Skye demands. The woman doesn't answer and eventually leaves.

On the Sidewalk in Town: Courtney and Jason are standing in a downpour. Courtney asks him if he hates Alcazar so much he would spend his life in prison for murder? Jason says that Court was his wife, who he loved more than anything. Courtney says that she still loves him and wants to get back together with him...she says that she begged him not to sign the papers but he did anyway and in doing so closed the door on their relationship forever. Jason yells that the door needs to stay closed, that he can't do this anymore, that he can't have her yell at him one minute and wanting to get back together with him in the next minute. He says he can't stop himself from loving her, he just does not want to fight anymore. Courtney points out that he can't say good-bye to her, and they share a passionate kiss. Afterwards, Jason says that he shouldn't have done that, because it changes nothing between them. Courtney starts to cry.

The Airplane: Sam is sitting on the plane next to a blonde woman. The woman tells Sam that she is flying to Latin America...there she will meet up with her husband and they will adopt a child.

The Lazarus: Sonny has found the letter that Sam left for him. The letter says that Sam could not tell him what she needs to say face to face after seeing him in the park with his family. She notes that there can never be a future for them, and that he must not think of this as a betrayal -- he should just know that she does not want to break up his family. She ends the letter saying that she hopes that he understands..."all my love, Sam." Sonny puts the letter down, deep in thought.

Sonny's Penthouse: Jax and Carly are arguing. Carly tells him that she already knows way more than she wants to know about Sam, but that if he wants to talk he can go ahead. Carly says that Sam has Sonny jumping through hoops. Jax comments that what has happened between Sam and Sonny is not a secret to anyone, except maybe to Carly. Carly asks him to enlighten her.

The Church: The priest goes to wake up Emily but Nikolas stops him, telling the priest to let Em rest. The priest leaves and Nikolas watches Emily sleep. Emily is having a dream in which she marries Nikolas. It's a very emotional ceremony and by the end of it both Emily and Nikolas are crying with happiness. Suddenly Emily wakes up -- the priest is at her side, asking her if she is all right. Emily is disoriented and can't answer.

The Gazebo in the Park: Luke runs over to the gazebo where Skye informs him that there was a woman watching her with a knife. Luke then runs off to find the woman. While he is gone Skye calls Lucky and asks him to bring some officers to the park to search for the woman. Luke returns and admits that he wasn't able to find Skye's stalker. Skye blurts out that her stalker is Laura (to Luke's astonishment).

On the Sidewalk in Town: Courtney asks Jason why he kissed her and he says that he can't help it, he can't stop himself from feeling for her. Jason adds that they aren't ending at this moment -- that they ended a long time ago, maybe when he signed the divorce papers, maybe when he took his wedding ring off, maybe they ended on the night they started. Courtney asks him if he always knew they would end up right where they are now and Jason admits that he did -- didn't she? Courtney is crying...she says that there were so many chances that they had, to make things different...and now it's too late.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly asks Jax to enlighten her on the subject of Sonny. Jax looks like he's about to start but then says that he won't bother since she'll only ever believe the truth that Sonny gives her himself. Carly asks why Jax is here, just to stir things up between her and Sonny? Jax says no, he's here on a different matter entirely. He does admit, however, that it has to do with Sam. Carly laughs that Jax can't stand that Sonny has another one of his old flames -- she refers to Sam as the "trailer park" version of Brenda (the woman who started the rivalry between Sonny and Jax back in the mid-90s). Jax denies it and Carly says that Jax must be here to steal Sam away from Sonny so he (Jax) can feel like the better man. Jax smiles and says that Carly had better be nicer to him in the future, as he is the only one who can save her marriage. Then he makes his exit (leaving Carly looking quite confused).

Jax and Sonny just miss one another in the hallway (Jax opts to take the stairs just before Sonny comes up in the elevator). Sonny looks like he's in the middle of a mid-life crisis...he mopes his way into the penthouse and when Carly asks him what's wrong he informs her that it is over with Sam, for good.

The Gazebo in the Park: Luke does not believe that the woman stalking Skye is Laura, but Skye is convinced -- she says that the woman had blonde hair and that it fits since Laura has just disappeared from the mental institution where she has been housed for the past year. Luke refuses to believe it, though, he reminds Skye that Laura had a complete mental breakdown after the death of her stepfather -- she does not remember Luke or their life together. Luke says that the last time he saw Laura it was to break her out of the mental institution, but that when he showed up and looked her in the eye he saw nothing there...Laura feels nothing for him, so how could she want to hurt Skye out of jealousy? The doctors told Luke that the damage to her brain could never be undone...Luke says that seeing Laura again killed any hope he had that their love could come back. Then, as if on cue, Lucky shows up at the gazebo.

The Church: Emily is talking to the priest...she tells him that the dream she had was so real, that she could almost feel Nikolas with her, only to wake up and realize that he was gone. The priest asks Emily to stay for a while, since it is raining outside, but Emily says she needs to get home. She exits the church.

On the Sidewalk in Town: Courtney asks Jason what he is going to do with his life now that she isn't in it...Jason says he doesn't know, he can't think about the future. Court says that she thinks about the future all the time...she says that she always hopes that someday in the future she will wake up in the morning and stop loving him, but so far it has not happened yet. Jason says she needs to start with saying the words: "Good-bye." Then he walks away. After he is gone, Courtney whispers to herself, "Good-bye."

The Airplane: Sam is talking to the woman sitting next to her. The woman tells her that she and her husband tried everything to get pregnant, but nothing worked. Now she has heard about a convent in Costa Rica for the children of unwed mothers...she says that she knows that it must be hard for those mothers to give up their babies, but she and her husband have so much to give -- love, support, a stable home. Sam listens intently, as if an idea is forming in her head.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny tells Carly that Sam is gone, all she left was a note. Carly thinks that it is just a game Sam is playing to get Sonny's attention -- she believes that Sam is threatened by Sonny's relationship with his family. Sonny gives her the note to read, and tells Carly that what's in the note is probably all of the things that Sam wanted to tell him earlier when she saw him with Carly and kids in the park. Carly notes that Sonny must feel hurt that Sam has left and Sonny says he doesn't know what to feel.

The Lazarus: Jason walks into Sam's bedroom and finds Jax there. Jax asks Jason where Sam is and when Jason says he doesn't know Jax suggests that Sonny shipped Sam off somewhere after finding out that she was pregnant. Jax tells Jason that it will be a cold day in hell before he lets Sonny have anything to do with *his* child. Jason asks Jax what makes him think the child is his and Jax says that he could tell from the look in Sam's eyes when she told him that she was pregnant. Jason reminds Jax that Jax's relationship with Sam was over a long time ago and Jax informs him of the night he and Sam spent together during the hotel fire, when they thought they weren't going to make it out alive. Jax believes that Sam is going to try to use his child to manipulate Sonny into staying with her, regardless of his reunion with Carly and the boys.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly points out that Sonny could have let Sam go when they made the arrangement for Carly and Michael and Morgan to move back into the penthouse. Sonny tells her that he was using Sam to protect himself against Carly hurting him again. Carly admits that she was also using Sam, as an excuse not to get back together with Sonny. She says that it is easier to keep your distance than to risk getting hurt again. Sonny agrees with her.

On the Road in Port Charles: Emily is driving back to the Quartermaine she drives she is crying her eyes out. Suddenly, though her tears, she sees Nikolas on the side of the road (he is on his way back to Mary's cottage). She can hardly believe what she's seeing -- she swerves the car and crashes into a ditch. The crash knocks her unconscious. Nikolas rushes over to the car and tries to get her to wake up. She opens her eyes briefly, just in time to see his face (though it is unfocused). She closes her eyes again, falling back asleep.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas brings Emily to the cottage and puts her on the couch. Mary rushes out of the bedroom and asks what happened...after Nik has explained, she tells him that he can't risk Emily seeing him when she wakes up, he needs to get out of sight. Nikolas agrees and goes into the bedroom. Mary begins to tend to Emily who wakes up and groggily says that she crashed because she saw Nikolas on the side of the road.

The Lazarus: Jax is demanding to know where Sam is but Jason says that not only does he *not* know, he wouldn't tell Jax even if he did. Jax thinks that Jason is under orders from Sonny to stonewall anyone trying to find out where Sam is. Or, he suggests, maybe Sam is conning Jason into thinking that HE is the father of her child. He asks Jason if Jason ever slept with Sam and Jason snaps, "Get out!" Jax turns to leave, but tells Jason that once the child is born he will get sole-custody and whoever wants Sam after that can have her.

After Jax is gone Jason gets Max on the phone...he asks Max to put Sonny on, but only away from Carly. Max says that Sonny and Carly are in the penthouse and that Sonny asked that they not be disturbed. Jason says that he's on his way back now and hangs up. Before he leaves the ship, however, he gets a call on his cell -- it's Mary, telling him that Emily has been in an accident. She gives Jason the cottage address and Jason rushes off to see Emily.

Kelly's: Courtney is sitting at the counter talking to Mike. She asks Mike if he thinks that she could be happy if she accepted Jason's lifestyle and went back to him. Mike says that he knows that Jason respects Courtney and would never cheat on her -- that Jason gets full marks in those areas. But he adds that he, too, hates Jason's job with Sonny. He says that he trusts Courtney's judgment and thinks that ultimately if she did go back to Jason she would be happy. He then offers her something she "can always count on" -- a Philly cheesesteak and she laughingly accepts.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny tells Carly that he was only with Sam after he found Carly and Lorenzo together. Carly points out that she and Lorenzo had not had sex at that point and Sonny shrugs it off, saying that it's all in the past now. He tells Carly that he wants to protect himself because she can hurt him a great deal. Carly says that he has hurt her too...maybe they can never get back what they had. On that cue she goes upstairs.

Just as Sonny is probably wondering how his day could possibly get any worse, Max comes to inform him that Jax is in the hallway refusing to leave. Sonny goes out to talk to Jax, who demands to know where Sam is. Sonny says he doesn't know and Jax snaps that he knows that the child Sam is carrying is his, not Sonny's. Sonny looks (understandably) shocked, as he didn't know Sam was pregnant in the first place.

Jax then informs Sonny of the fact that he and Sam slept together during the hotel fire. He thinks that Sonny is hiding Sam until he can "adopt" the kid and raise it with his boys. Sonny asks Jax to keep his voice down, but Jax is on a roll, stating that a DNA test will prove his case. He says that Sonny pretends to be a great family man when that is not the case at all. Jax then threatens to kill Sonny. Sonny lunges at Jax and Max has to come outside to break the fight up. Jax leaves, pointing out that he has said what he came to say.

The Airplane: The woman sitting next to Sam asks her where she is going and Sam says that she has just left town in order to get out of a relationship with a married man with children. The woman thinks that Sam is brave for trying to do what is best for her ex-lover's children. Sam thanks her, then asks for the name of the convent. When the woman asks why Sam needs to know, Sam says that she intends to make a contribution.

The Gazebo in the Park: Skye apologizes to Luke for accusing Laura and he says that it's all right, that she's just scared. He says that he may not have been able to save Laura but he can certainly protect Skye from whoever is setting her up. At that point Lucky reappears...he searched for the woman but found nothing, save a bracelet with the inscription "L & L." Lucky says that he guesses it could stand for "Luke and Laura" but that he never saw his mom wearing it. Luke looks at the bracelet as if he is seeing a ghost...he admits that he did give that exact bracelet to Laura once as a gift.

Kelly's: Jax has arrived at Kelly's...he sees Courtney and laments the fact that he can't seem to escape the clutches of "you people." Courtney snaps that she is not "one of them."

Mary's Cottage: Emily tells Mary that she can't seem to let go of Nikolas and Mary comforts her, saying that it was the same for her and Connor. Emily says that she can feel him, that she sometimes sees him...she misses him so much that her heart hurts. And then the dream in the church, afterward she felt him near her. Mary says that Em just misses Nik a great deal. Suddenly Jason shows up. He asks Emily what happened and makes sure she's okay. Emily mentions that Mary pulled her from the vehicle into the house. Jason frowns, pointing out that it is a mile from the crash site to the cottage...Mary couldn't have done it herself, so how did Emily get there?

Mary explains to Jason that she was driving by when she saw Emily's car crash. She managed to get Em into the passenger seat. Jason accepts this as an answer, helps Emily to her feet and takes her out to his car. Once they are outside, Jason shows Emily a business card he swiped from Mary's house -- it's Lorenzo Alcazar's. Emily is perplexed and Jason looks suspicious once again.

Back inside the cottage Mary tells Nikolas it's safe for him to come out. Nikolas asks her if Jason questioned her and she replies that he did -- did Nik eavesdrop? He says no, that the last time he tried to do that, he almost gave himself away. Mary smiles, says she is glad he stayed out of sight, and reminds him that he can't let Emily see him ever. Nikolas nods.

The Gazebo in the Park: Luke says that the bracelet Lucky found is one that he brought to Laura when he visited her in the mental institution the last time -- it is identical to one that he gave her shortly after their wedding. He was hoping that the replica would help jog something in her didn't. Lucky notes that maybe Laura is not as far gone as they all thought.

Kelly's: Jax comments that it sounds like he and Courtney had the same kind of day. She says she doubts it. He tells her that he knows that she has been fighting with Sonny lately, and Courtney tries to move past him, telling him that she can't pick her family but she can pick her friends and Jax is not one of them. Jax tells her that he also knows that she has values and morals that Sonny doesn't understand. Courtney snaps that it's none of Jax's business and he replies that it isn't, but that he just wants her to stand up for herself. Courtney says that he can save the sermon because she does not believe it. With that she turns on her heel and leaves.

Jax remarks to himself that he thought the speech he gave was rather good. At that point Mike comes over to the counter with Court's Philly cheese-steak. He's upset that she is gone as he went through the trouble of preparing her favorite meal. Jax smiles and tells Mike that it must be a coincidence because HIS favorite meal just happens to be Philly cheese-steak as well. With that he sits down at the bar and prepares to dig in.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny stares at a picture of his family at Morgan's baptism. Then he looks at the phone. Finally he makes a decision -- he puts in a call to one of his men...he wants Sam McCall to be found immediately.

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