GH Update Friday 5/7/04

General Hospital Update Friday 5/7/04

By Erica
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Courtney is yelling at Jason for not being his own person and standing up to Sonny. She says she wishes she never loved him. They fight some more about Courtney's foundation and how people think it's really to launder money for the mob.

Lorenzo tells Mary it was nice she became friends with Emily. Mary asks if he'll please not tell anyone that Nikolas is Connor. His cell phone rings, and it's Nikolas/Connor. He tells Lorenzo he'll take the job, starting as soon as possible.

Emily confirms that Sam is pregnant, and Jax asks why she would have Sam's vitamins. Emily says Sam wants it to be a secret. Jax then tells her that everyone would think Sonny is the father.

Carly goes to make sure Michael doesn't get soaked in the rain and sees Sam, who turns to leave. Carly says to wait and to go up there with them to get out of the rain. Sam tells her thanks, and then Carly asks what she's doing there anyway. She makes up a lie, saying she was just walking through the park. Michael says he wants to be with his family. Sam leaves.

Jax flashes back to the night of the hotel fire, and tells Emily he knows Sam better than anyone. He then asks how far along she is. Emily says she can't say, and he asks if she's had a paternity test. Jax says he'll keep quiet and leaves.

Lorenzo asks what she was doing taking Nikolas from Emily. She asks if he's ever lost someone. She keeps talking about needing something to make her life better. He informs her about what the Cassadines are like. Emily comes in and says dinner is ready. Mary says she shouldn't have come. Emily asks what's wrong. Mary goes.

Jason says it doesn't matter; they're over now anyway. Courtney says she won't leave Port Charles because of the people she loves. Courtney talks about Jen saying to change her last name, and then about the night they first kissed.

At the penthouse, Michael asks if they can have a picnic in the house. Sonny and Carly say sure and Michael runs off. Carly says Sonny should go see Sam. Sonny says whatever it is can wait.

Sam is writing a note to Jason. It says she's leaving and he can tell Sonny if he wants. Then she starts writing to Sonny.

Courtney and Jason flash back to when they first kissed.

Mary comes to the church to see Nikolas/Connor and asks what he'll be doing at Lorenzo's job. He says traveling and he doesn't know what else. She asks him to not take it.

Sage asks again why they can't leave. Lorenzo says it's rude to leave early. He asks what the Quartermaines know that he doesn't; she says it was Tracy's.

Jax says he never wanted to do any of this. Skye and Ned walk in, and he leaves. Emily tells Lucky she has to take care of something. Dillon walks in and asks his mom why Sage is there. She says Sage wasn't invited. Luke comes to the mansion and asks if Lucky's there. Lucky rushes in and asks about Laura. Luke answers saying she checked into a motel one night alone and then there's no record of her. Lucky leaves to go to the station. Skye asks if Laura was missing when Ross was killed, because she could be framing her.

Mary and Nikolas/Connor fight about his job offer from Lorenzo. Mary gets upset and leaves.

Luke says Laura would never do that.

Nikolas/Connor calls Mary and says he's coming home and goes to get his check. Just then, Emily walks in. Jason follows. They talk about Jax knowing about Sam. Emily points out that Jax could be the father.

Courtney walks into the penthouse. Michael runs up and gives her a hug. Sonny asks why she's there after Michael goes. Sonny goes upstairs.

Sam is putting Sonny's letter in the envelope when the phone rings. It's Sonny; he says to pick up. Jax knocks at the door. He says he knows and comes right in. He bluntly asks if he's the father.

Mary's standing where Sonny and Carly were with Michael before. Nikolas/Connor comes up there. He says sorry, but he's still taking the job. He says it could have some up sides and that he wants more.

Jason says Jax could be the father. They speak about Sam and Sonny, and how it still might be Sonny's. Emily says she's staying. They hug, and he goes to leave. Then Emily talks about Jason and Courtney. He objects. She tries convincing him they should be together.

Carly says she doesn't care about Sam. Then they talk about Jason and Sonny. Sonny is at the top of the stairs, listening in. Then he comes down. He orders Courtney to leave. Carly says she'll call.

Jax tells Sam it's about her and the baby's father, not her and Sonny. He gets mad and leaves.

Skye says it was just a suggestion. Lucky and Luke leave to find out about Laura. Luke orders Skye to stay out of it, but she goes out the door seconds later. Someone's in the bushes, watching in on her.

Emily's quietly praying. A priest comes in and says hello. He mentions that the Father forgot to leave the man who painted the church his paycheck. He says the young man had a lot of dignity, and Emily tells him she used to know someone like that. The priest lays the check down and goes to leave.

Mary's crying about someone finding Nikolas/Connor. She tells him to take the job. He says he'll be back; she mentions he's said that before. They kiss and make up.

Tracy proposes a toast to Lorenzo for his association with ELQ. He raises his glass, and says, "To Tracy Quartermaine, a brilliant businesswoman who has nothing better to do than blackmail teenagers." Ned says he'll drink to that. Tracy says he's wrong and leaves, followed by Dillon. He asks if she's okay, and tells her to admit that what he said hurt. Dillon says she's running out of people to mess up and leaves. Dillon hears Ned ask Lorenzo if he's interested in revenge. He says yes, and Ned says he needs someone to invest in L&B. Carly and Sonny fight over whether Courtney can be there or not. Carly says she's only doing it for her and Michael. Sonny says it can work, if they figure out how to respect each other. He leaves.

Courtney's running after Rosie, who runs to Jason around the corner. Jason leaves; she insists he wait. They argue yet again over Courtney betraying Jason.

Lorenzo says he will invest in L&B, if Ned will invest in Sage being a singer. Lorenzo wants to arrange an audition. Sage says she's interested. Ned agrees to an audition. If Ned signs her, though, Dillon has to direct the video.

Skye is now where Mary, Nikolas, Sonny, Carly, and Michael have all been. She's crying, and hears someone behind the bushes. A robed figure comes out, holding a very huge knife.

Jason says Courtney was his wife, but then everything happened. Courtney says it's Jason's fault, because he signed the papers. He doesn't want to fight anymore. He thinks their relationship is just getting worse. They kiss!

Max lets Jax into the penthouse. Carly asks if it's about Sam. He asks if she knows. She tells him yes, not knowing about the baby.

Sonny gets on Sam's boat and finds the letter. He sits on the bed and reads it: "Dear Sonny, this may come as a shock to you." They don't mention the rest.

Nikolas picks up his paycheck and hears something. He turns and sees Emily sleeping in a pew.

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