GH Update Thursday 5/6/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon goes to Mac and begs to see Georgie. Mac shoves the door in Dillon’s face. Dillon gets caught in the doorway with the door squishing him. Felicia ends the confusion and makes them all have a little talk. Mac relents and allows Dillon to take Georgie out on the condition that she is back by dinnertime and that they give him an itinerary of where they go when they go out. He says he will re-evaluate in two weeks. Since they must be back by dinnertime and it is almost dinnertime, Felicia tells Dillon that he is welcome to stay for dinner. At the table, Felicia asks him to say grace. He asks if people really do things like that.

Nikolas/Connor asks Mary what he was good at before he joined the marines. She is unable to come up with a good answer. She makes him believe he was not a good student and that he joined the marines because he basically could not do anything else. She told him he had to got to summer school twice because he flunked Spanish twice. She leaves for the hospital. Lorenzo visits the chapel and asks Nikolas/Connor if he has given any more thought to working for him. The phone rings and he has a conversation in Spanish. After he hangs up, Lorenzo continues to speak to himself in Spanish, Nikolas/Connor replies in Spanish. He says, in Spanish, that he does not speak Spanish very well. Lorenzo asks him who told him that, he replies that his wife told him so. Lorenzo tells him his accent is perfect and that he could not have learned Spanish on the street or in a classroom. Lorenzo asks him if asks him if he would work for him as a courier. As Nikolas/Connor keeps talking, Mary enters the chapel and Nikolas/Connor introduces her to Lorenzo. When he leaves, Mary wonders out loud how he learned top speak Spanish. He tells her he would like to see a specialist about his head injury. Mary tells him that they cannot afford that. He tells her he wants to take the job from Lorenzo but she tells him he cannot go to South America because he would be arrested immediately. When Mary leaves, Nik spots a book written in Greek and is able to read it. He has a brief flashback of himself as a child kneeling at the altar in a fancy church.

At the penthouse, Carly reiterates to Sonny that their marriage is now just about their children. He calls Sam and breaks their date so that he can spend time with the children.

Sam discourages Jason from telling Sonny about her being pregnant with Sonny’s baby. After Sonny calls Sam and she does not tell him about the pregnancy, Jason gives her an ultimatum. He tells her that she must tell Sonny about the baby tonight or he will tell him himself. Later, Sam approaches Sonny as he is hanging out with Carly and the kids.

Emily invites Mary to Tracy’s engagement party.

Jen gives Courtney moral support, as she gets ready to give her first newspaper interview to promote the foundation she is creating for underprivileged children. The reporter’s first question is about Courtney’s history as a stripper. Then she accuses her of using the foundation as a front to launder money for Sonny and Jason. After the reporter leaves, Jen tells her that she must establish a positive image for herself and get a donation from an upstanding citizen. The first thing she should do is change her name back to Matthews instead of Morgan. Later, Jason visits her and tells her to give Carly a call that night because she is going to need a friend to talk to. Courtney asks him why.

At Tracy and Jax’ engagement party, Ned warns Jax to run, don’t walk from Tracy. Jax approaches Skye and implores her to find the man who killed the police officer. Emily arrives with Lucky and Mary. Emily introduces Mary to everyone. Lorenzo shows up with Sage. Sage does not want to be there. When she sees Tracy, she tells her that she has ruined her life. When Lorenzo approaches Mary, she begs him not to reveal that Nikolas is Connor. As Emily prepares to bring the vitamins to Sam, Sam’s vitamins fall out of Emily’s purse and roll to Jax’ feet. He picks them up and asks Emily point blank if Sam is pregnant.


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