GH Update Wednesday 5/5/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Jason tells Courtney that Michael is OK and can go home soon. Courtney tells Jason that she is being followed but tells him she does not need his protection. Jason tells her he wants her safe no matter what relationship they have. Courtney says they must let go and that he cannot protect her anymore. Jason asks Courtney if she had to do it all over again, would she tell him about being pregnant with his baby. She asks why he is thinking about that now. He tells her to forget that he asked. Courtney asked him if he thinks that the night she lost her baby was the beginning of the end. He tells her he understands why she did what she did.

Carly starts moving back into the penthouse. Carly is miffed because Sonny is not there to greet her and the kids.

Sonny goes to visit Sam. As he knocks, she hurriedly tries to hide the telltale medication. When he goes in he tells her he does not want her to stay on the boat. He tells her he wants to put her in an apartment or house. She tells him she is not his whore so he should not offer her money. He gets a call from Jason that Carly and Morgan are home. When Sonny goes home, he apologizes for not being home when they got there. She tells him he does not have to apologize because every aspect of their lives are their own business except for raising the kids. They go and pick Michael up from the hospital and bring him home. Michael is thrilled that they are a family again. After Michael goes to bed, Carly and Sonny playfully banter about who Michael is most like—Sonny or Carly.

Ned gives Dillon his opinion on Dillon’s video concept. He does not think the concept is appropriate for Ashley, the young singer. Ned tells Dillon that they cannot afford to make art for art’s sake. They must turn a profit quickly or quickly go out of business. Ned asks Dillon, Georgie, and Ashley to get together and come up with a concept for a video. Mac and Felicia burst in on brainstorming session and tell Georgie she is grounded. Ashley wonders out loud how they can ground a college grad. Minutes before, Dillon lied and told Ashley Georgie was top of her U. of California class. Dillon tries to tell Felicia and Mac that he and Georgie are working together. He tells Ashley that Dillon is a dishonest, manipulative, spoiled brat. Mac once again orders Dillon to stay away from Georgie. Ashley tells Dillon that she is suing Ned for fraud for trying to pass Dillon off as a real director. Later, Dillon fills Ned in on everything that has happened.

At court, Alexis and Ric square off. Alexis is waiting for Emily to watch Kristian until the nanny comes. Ric notices that Kristina has dark curly hair like Sonny’s. Later, Alexis tells Faith she is going to “beat the pants off that arrogant, condescending” Ric.

Sam goes to Kelly’s and talks to Mike about Sonny and about his mother, Adella. He tells Sam he always knew Sonny would go back to Carly if only because she is the mother of his children.

At GH, Sonny mentions to Jason that he thinks something is wrong with Sam. Emily comes over when Sonny leaves and asks Jason what is wrong. Jason says Sonny still does not know that Sam is pregnant. Jason says he owes it to Sonny to tell him Sam is pregnant with his baby. Later, Jason goes to the boat and chastises Sam for working. He says she could be putting the baby in danger.

Felicia takes Georgie to Kelly’s and they talk. Felicia says that she agrees with Mac that Dillon is a bad influence. Georgie tells Felicia that Dillon loves her but Felicia says that Dillon does not act like it. She says that Georgie should stay away from Dillon.

Alexis assures Faith that she can beat Ric. She says he is an insufferable snake who needs to be cut down to size.

Someone is watching Skye…


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