GH Update Tuesday 5/4/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/4/04

By Suzanne
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Emily thinks she sees Nikolas on the docks, but then Mary steps in front of her to ask what's wrong. He leaves in the meantime. Emily is very upset and Mary gets her to calm down. Emily figures out that it was probably just someone who looked like Nikolas, or she was imagining seeing him. Mary shares that she used to imagine seeing her dead husband, too. They sit down and talk about their shared grief. Emily talks about how she can still feel Nikolas nearby all the time, especially when she's asleep.


Luke and Skye panic when they find that Ross' dead body is sitting on her couch, and Lucky knocks on the door. Luke as a plan, as always. He has Skye take off her top and cover herself part-way with the blanket on the couch (and covering Ross), and he answers the door breathless, with no pants. He pretends they were just about to have sex and Lucky interrupted. Lucky says they got a tip that Ross might be there and he wants to search the place. Luke asks if he has a warrant. Lucky doesn't have one but tries to get Luke to let him in anyway. Luke shuts the door on him and Skye jumps up, not wanting to be near the smelly dead body any longer. Luke keeps spraying some aerosol on Ross to keep the smell away. They hide the body in the crawlspace and then wonder what crazy murderer could be hate Skye so much as to want to frame her. She can't think of anyone in particular besides Faith and Tracy who would do it (My guesses: Alexis or Helena). They also discuss where they should hide the body again; Luke says they'll have to bury him. Skye is stressed out. Even though they've been making jokes about Ross being dead, she feels bad that he died. An unseen person watches them through the window. They hear the porch creak and rush out, but Luke doesn't find anyone. Luke tells Skye that either she comes home with him or he's sleeping there. Lucky knocks on the door again. Luke thinks he's there with a search warrant, but Lucky tells him that he just a call that Laura is missing from her hospital.

Right afterwards, we see a woman in black; she takes a newspaper picture of Luke and Skye (from when the Haunted Star opened) and uses the knife to cut Skye's picture to shreds.


At Carly's place, Carly and Courtney keep talking about whether Lorenzo really saved Courtney's life or not, as he listens outside the door. He leaves and then Courtney tells Carly that she will never forgive Lorenzo for what he did to her, Jason, and their baby. She and Carly discuss Carly moving back in with Sonny and what it means. Carly says she no longer can live her life for Sonny. They discuss Sam and how much Carly hates her. Courtney tells Carly that she is setting up a foundation for underpriveleged and abused kids (so they don't end up like Sonny and Jason).

Sonny is suspicious when he finds Jason talking to Sam on her boat. Sam lies that she called Jason over there so she could let him know that she's not going to get in the way of Sonny's promise to Michael. Jason doesn't say anything but looks annoyed that Sam is lying and dragging him into it. Sonny has his arms around her, wondering why her hands are so cold, and then she faints in his arms. She awakens to find Jason gone, and Sonny hovering over her, wondering what is wrong. Sonny says that Jason told him not to call 911 and that she would explain. Instead of telling him about being pregnant, Sam talks about how conflicted she is about their relationship. He understands and just asks her to make sure to tell him goodbye if she leaves town, and to have fond memories of him. They kiss. He says he has to go see Michael; she understands. He says that he came from a broken home and doesn't want to make Michael feel bad like he did. They kiss again. He gets up to leave and she says she has something to tell him first. Of course that was just a teaser and she says she's grateful that he has always accepted her for who she is. She says she will sleep "like a baby". He tells her he can't see her tomorrow since it's Michael's first day home. She says "I love you" as he leaves.


Lorenzo visits Carly to get her keys to the place. She said she needs them for 24 hours and is moving back in with Sonny tomorrow. They talk about their relationship and how he feels about her going back to Sonny. She admits that she will hate every second of her new arrangement. They both wish each other a happy and fulfilled life. He tells her that if she changes her mind, he may not be there, but he will always love her. He kisses her on the cheek before he leaves.

Mary returns home to find that Nikolas has gotten them some wine and cheese. She is upset again that he went into town and risked exposing himself. During their feast, he asks Mary to remarry him. She is stunned and says no, then of course, as usual, has to come up with a good explanation. She tells him that she thinks he's only marrying her out of guilt. He assures her that he loves her more every day. Finally she agrees. He tells her that he finally understood all of her worry and concern because he thought about what it would be like to lose her and it terrified him.

Sonny goes to the hospital and runs into Jason. He tells Jason about the shooting in Courtney's office. Sonny asks him why Jason didn't tell him about Courtney selling to Alcazar. Jason didn't think it was important while Michael was in danger. Sonny tells him how Ric is going to try to use it against them. He wants to know why Jason was really on the boat with Sam. Before Jason can tell him, Sonny says that he can't just dump Sam. He also says that nothing it more important than keeping his family togather. Carly comes up and says she agrees.


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