GH Update Monday 5/3/04

General Hospital Update Monday 5/3/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

The Waterfront Office: Lorenzo is explaining to Courtney that the Rico Laws of the United States can be used to bring criminal charges against someone based on a family tie. Courtney realizes that this means that because she has sold him her property, if anything goes "wrong" under Lorenzo's ownership, Ric will try to charge Sonny with a crime (based on the fact that he is Courtney's brother). Courtney tells Lorenzo that he would have made a good teacher -- he's very convincing, even when he is lying. Lorenzo points out that he is only trying to explain U.S. law as he understands it.

Suddenly the lights dim and the door flies open. Immediately Lorenzo grabs Courtney and they dive behind some furniture, just as two men with machine guns start shooting up the office. The shooting continues for awhile, then the men leaves. After a few seconds Courtney and Lorenzo pull themselves up off of the floor. Courtney asks who the men were trying to shoot, and Lorenzo says that they were after him -- not everyone finds him as charming as Courtney does.

Michael's Room at the Hospital: Michael is reading a "story" to his parents about a king and queen and their poor, sick little prince. Michael tries to get Sonny and Carly to do things as he says that the king and queen in the story are doing them -- he says that they need to sit close together on the bed, and that they need to kiss. Sonny and Carly object at first, but eventually give in -- they share a chaste peck. Michael smiles triumphantly and finishes his "story" by saying that the family lived happily ever after.

The Docks: Jason asks Emily to admit what's bothering her, and Emily finally answers: Sam is pregnant and planning to have an abortion that very night. Jason is shocked -- he asks Emily if she tried to talk Sam out of it, and Emily says that Sam thinks she's not cut out to be a mother, and that she doesn't want to burden Sonny with another child. Emily is worried because she broke a confidentiality agreement, but Jason has other concerns -- he tells her that Sonny has a right to know about the pregnancy.

The Clinic: Sam is sitting on an exam table, crying. The doctor points out that if she's unsure, she should wait. Sam snaps that she wants to terminate the pregnancy now -- no more waiting.

The Docks: Nikolas is on his way back to the cottage (there's a thick fog all around) when he is stopped by a couple of men in military uniform. One of the men tells Nikolas that they have a few questions for him. Nikolas (believing himself to be a deserter) looks freaked out.

The Haunted Star: Tracy strides toward the bar, where Coleman is sitting. She tells him in a low voice that corpses don't just move themselves, that someone must have moved Ross Duncan's body. Coleman asks her who would have wanted to do that and she says she doesn't know, that she's paying him to find out. He says he can't, that none of his contacts are into moving frozen bodies. Tracy snaps that whoever did it was highly motivated, as they took a big risk in doing so. Just then, she sees Luke and Skye enter the casino. She says to herself, "Mystery solved."

Meanwhile, Luke is telling Skye that he's worried because Tracy has seemed too pleased with herself all night. He thinks Tracy moved the body. Skye says that if Tracy did, she would have called the cops, but Luke points out that she's blackmailing Jax into marrying her -- they'll be safe until he says "I do." Skye is worried, and wants to declare it quits right now, but Luke tells her that she has a secret weapon -- him.

Back at the bar, Coleman tells Tracy that this new mission will cost her, and Tracy says that it doesn't matter -- she's about to marry a rich man. A few feet away, Skye asks Luke what he expects them to do now, and Luke says that they need to get the body back before someone else finds it first.

The Waterfront Office: Courtney is walking around, looking at the rubble, when Lorenzo comes back in -- he was out looking for the shooters, only to find that they are long gone. Courtney wants to know who was responsible, but Lorenzo says that the name wouldn't mean anything to her. He reassures her that they weren't coming after her, but she isn't buying it. (There are police sirens in the distance.) Courtney thinks that Lorenzo staged the whole thing so he could play hero for one of Carly's friends, but Lorenzo denies involvement, saying that this was a warning from a former associate and nothing more. Courtney asks him why he wants to keep his business dealings clean and he replies that he has several reasons. She asks him why he doesn't leave town and he says that he doesn't want to uproot Sage.

At that moment Ric shows up at the door, with Lucky in tow. Ric observes that now Courtney has seen the dangers of working with Lorenzo. Lucky asks them questions about the shooters but Lorenzo says all he saw were two men. Ric interrupts and asks if this is Lorenzo's way of trying to keep Courtney from backing out of the sale of the property. Lorenzo denies this, and then Ric wonders if this is Sonny's way of showing his sister that he doesn't approve...? Courtney snaps that, as usual, this is about Ric's obsession with his older brother.

The Hospital: Sonny and Carly are about to leave. They tell Michael to get some sleep. Michael is excited about going to the carousel with them the next day, but Sonny tells him that he needs to settle down and get some rest first. As he and Carly exit, Michael tells them that he will dream about all of them together as a family.

Outside of the room, Carly laments that *now* Michael wants the perfect family (when he had taken their earlier separations in stride). She wonders how they will live up to those expectations and Sonny says they will do the best they can. Carly says that Michael is just like his father with his stubborn attitude. Sonny says that Michael is just like Carly with his plans that never work. As they are talking, they see Emily approach. Carly says hello, but Emily hesitates.

The Clinic: Sam is lying on the table when she hears Jason's voice calling her name in the hallway. The door flies open and yes, it is Jason. He asks her if she's all right. A nurse tries to pull him back out, but Sam tells her that it's all right, Jason can stay. After the nurse has gone, Jason asks Sam if she needs help. Sam looks away and doesn't answer.

The Docks: Nikolas tries to get away from the military men, telling them that his wife is waiting for him. One of the men asks if his wife is waiting for him at Ida Mae's Bluegrass Barbecue Bar and Grill. When Nikolas registers his confusion the men laugh and explain that they need directions to that restaurant, and they wanted to ask him for help. (At this point Mary comes onto the docks -- at the sight of Nikolas talking to the military men, she looks horrified but doesn't move an inch.) Nikolas explains to the men that he is new in town and can't help them find their way. The men thank him and leave. Immediately Mary runs to Nikolas and asks him what is going on. She is angry that he risked coming back into town. Nikolas tries to reassure her: no one is looking for him.

The Hospital: Emily tells Sonny and Carly that she just wanted to visit with Michael. Sonny tells her that they are taking Michael home tomorrow -- then explains that Carly and the kids are moving back in with him. Emily is taken aback by this news. No sooner than she has registered a reaction than Max (one of Sonny's bodyguards) comes over to Sonny to tell him that there's a situation. Sonny asks where Jason is and Max replies that he can't find him. Sonny suggests tracking Jason down and Emily quickly says that Sonny can't do that.

The Clinic: Sam notes that Emily must have told Jason about the pregnancy. Jason says that Em was worried and Sam wants to know if he's worried too...or if he's here to protect Sonny's child? Jason evades the question and says that Emily wasn't sure if Sam was certain in her decision to terminate the pregnancy. Sam admits that in the end she couldn't go through with it.

The Haunted Star: Luke is playing at one of the tables while Tracy and Coleman watch a few feet away. Coleman wonders why Luke and Skye aren't celebrating their victory over Tracy and Tracy snaps that it's just a trap. She thinks that they are stringing her along.

Skye walks over to Luke and whispers that Tracy and Coleman look thick as thieves. Luke adds, "And watching every move we make." Skye says that it's obvious that Tracy hired Coleman to help her move the body.

Back at the bar, Coleman is of the opinion that if Skye and Luke really did have the body they'd come to Tracy to try to talk negotiations. Tracy says that Luke is too smart for that kind of thing.

Luke wonders what Tracy is planning to do with the body. Skye suggests that Tracy will take it to the cops, but Luke points out that she'd have nothing to gain from that. Skye notes that Tracy has does have *everything* to gain by blackmailing them.

Jax approaches Tracy at the bar and informs her (with a charming smile on his face) that he won't be marrying her after all. Tracy looks surprised to say the least.

Skye suggests to Luke that Jax has the body and is turning the tables on Tracy. Luke snorts that that's not possible -- because Jax isn't exactly "the sharpest tool in the box." Skye gives him a withering look.

At the bar, Jax tells Tracy that she should have quit while she was ahead. He says he will never move into the Quartermaine mansion -- the engagement is off. Tracy says cheerily that she will inform her family, right after she goes to the cops about Skye. Jax says that he would rather pay for Skye's defense than marry Tracy. Tracy brings up the photos taken of Skye with the corpse. Jax says they could have been faked, and that it doesn't matter that Tracy says she saw Skye and Luke with the corpse because everyone in town knows that Tracy hates Skye enough to try to frame her. Tracy snaps that Skye probably killed Ross while drunk -- and that if Skye is convicted she could get the death penalty.

Watching from a few feet away, Luke and Skye notice that Jax no longer looks confident. Luke notes whatever card Jax was holding over Tracy, she just trumped it.

Kelly's: Dillon comes in, sits at the bar and talks to Mike, who asks him if he has run away from the Quartermaines. Dillon says that he has another place to live now -- he wants to know if Mike can give him alcohol. Mike says no and Dillon says he'll settle for a shake and fries. Mike wants to know what's bothering him and Dillon says that his mom is marrying Jax.

The Docks: Mary tells Nikolas that he got lucky this time, but next time the military police could be looking for him. Nikolas says that it's been weeks and that he's sure no one is looking for him...but Mary isn't so sure. She wants him to go home right away. Nikolas says that he wasn't planning to stay out long, he just wanted to see where she is working now at the hospital. Mary gets freaked out and begs him not to go anywhere near GH.

The Hospital: Sonny and Carly want to know if there's something wrong with Jason -- Emily apologizes for her outburst and says that she just wanted Jason to join her for dinner, but that she understands that his work comes first. Sonny and Max say goodbye and leave. After they've gone Carly tells Emily that Sonny has always had a soft spot for women with dark eyes -- but that she isn't so easily fooled, she knows that Emily is hiding something about Jason. She wants to know what's going on, but before Emily can answer, Michael calls out to her. Relieved, Emily rushes in to see him, leaving Carly out in the hallway.

The Lazarus: Jason has brought Sam back to her boat. Sam is very emotional -- she asks him if his silence during the ride home means that he's just feeling awkward, or if he's indifferent. Jason says he has nothing to say and Sam laments the fact that she doesn't know how to be a mother -- her own mom bailed, her life isn't kid friendly, she has no idea what she's going to be doing in the next six months...she asks Jason how come she is so sure that she made the right choice? Jason replies by asking her if she got pregnant to trap Sonny.

Skye's Place: Luke and Skye have returned. Luke immediately heads for the bar, all while talking about the corpse situation. Skye is horrified to see (as she points out to Luke) that Ross' body is sitting on her couch. Luke sees Ross, spits out his drink and asks how Ross got to Skye's. Skye shrugs helplessly.

The Hospital Nurse's Station: Audrey is talking to Mary about how she is glad that Mary was able to join up on such short notice, since they've been understaffed. Just then Emily shows up. Emily asks Audrey how Elizabeth is doing in California. Audrey says that Liz is doing just fine, that Liz sends her love and will call her soon. Audrey then departs, leaving Emily and Mary alone. Emily tells Mary that Liz is her best friend. Mary says that if Em ever needs a substitute friend, she'd be glad to help out. Emily asks her if she'd like to go get dinner later and Mary agrees happily.

The Waterfront Office: Sonny has arrived at the scene of the crime. Ric tries to play on the tensions between Courtney and Sonny by bringing up the fact that Court sold her property to Lorenzo. This sparks an argument between the siblings. Sonny accuses Courtney of not being careful in researching who was going to buy her property. Court is upset that his life has destroyed so much of hers. Sonny and Max leave. Lorenzo apologizes to Courtney and then takes off as well. Ric sends Lucky downstairs to talk to the other officers. This leaves Ric and Court alone with one another. Ric tells her that he is not the enemy, that if she needs help he'll be glad to assist. Courtney says that she will not let Ric use her against Sonny.

The Lazarus: Sam laughs bitterly at the idea that she is trying to trap Sonny with a pregnancy. She says she loves Sonny and Jason says that maybe Sam thinks Sonny will love her back one day if she has a baby. Jason points out that he didn't stop her from getting an abortion, that she made the decision, and now Sonny needs to have a part in the choice as well. He asks if she is going to tell Sonny and she says she's not sure. He asks if Sonny is the baby's father. Sam doesn't answer.

The Waterfront Office: Ric is gone and Carly has arrived. She and Courtney hug. Courtney explains what happened, that Lorenzo saved her life. Carly says that Lorenzo could have staged the shooting, and Courtney says that Lorenzo told her that he is staying in Port Charles for Sage -- and that his reasoning sounded sincere. Carly thinks that it's still possible that Lorenzo staged all of it for her benefit.

Kelly's: Dillon is eating and Mike is listening. Dillon says that he knows that Tracy is blackmailing Jax and that eventually he'll get out of it and dump her and she'll be sad and Dillon just doesn't want to be a part of that. He asks Mike if Mike has ever felt obligated to love a relative. Mike says yes -- Sonny, that a large part of Sonny's problems are a result of the fact that he (Mike) walked out on Sonny. Dillon says that Sonny made a decision to be a gangster -- that you can blame your parents for only so long but after that it's your life. Mike says that Dillon is very wise, that Sonny's life is his own and that he can't make Sonny's decisions for him, and that Dillon can't make Tracy's decisions for her. Dillon says that he knows that very, very, VERY deep down Tracy has good in her, but that she is so focused on being strong -- it twisted her. Mike says that Tracy Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos have two things in common -- the need to be strong no matter what and the fact that they have people around them who love them.

The Docks: Sonny is waiting for a meeting with Ric, who appears a few moments later. Ric says that he is concerned about Courtney and Lorenzo's arrangement. He brings up the Rico laws. Sonny asks if the Rico laws mean that if he does something illegal Ric can be arrested, as his brother? Ric says no, he was thinking of the connection between Courtney and Sonny. Sonny says that he knows that Ric will try to charge him with a crime if Lorenzo is caught dealing drugs -- on account of the theory that he and Lorenzo have been working together with Courtney as a go-between. Ric notes that Sonny could have made a good lawyer if he had bothered to finish highschool. Sonny smiles. Ric says that the problem is that Sonny is a criminal, meaning that if Lorenzo does something wrong he and Courtney could go to prison. Ric says that the only way Sonny will have to protect himself is to make sure that Lorenzo stays legit.

The Lazarus: Sam asks Jason if he thinks that she is common trash, because she knows that Carly thinks that. Jason says that Carly is very good at figuring out how to hurt people. Sam says that she has always hated the expression "trash" -- what is it, human garbage? A tacky person? Jason wants to know what this has to do with telling Sonny about the baby. Sam begins to cry...she says that you can do something wrong but still love can be a liar and a hustler -- trash, but you can still feel. Jason says that she is not trash that Sonny likes her a lot. Sam replies that Sonny likes that he has fun with her, but that he might not like the truth. She is scared to risk telling him. Jason says that she is going to have to.

Skye's Place: Luke is sitting on the couch next to the propped up body of Ross. Skye is kneeling behind the couch, trying to make sense of what is going on. She doesn't understand why someone would have stolen Ross from the freezer only to return him to them. Luke says that it can't be Tracy because without the body she has no leverage. And it can't be the servants or the Q's. He thinks they are being framed. Skye thinks he is on to something -- that this has been a frame ever since that first night.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door -- it's Lucky. Luke is in awe...a dead cop in the house and a live cop at the door? "This is a perfect frame!"

The Waterfront Office: Carly reminds Courtney that Lorenzo has done this kind of thing the limo bomb, which was a good plan, if you believe that the ends justify the means, which Lorenzo certainly does. Courtney says that Carly told her that Lorenzo was letting her go, but Carly points out that she could have been wrong. Courtney doesn't completely buy that it could have been a charade...she wonders, if she was just saved by the man she hates most in the world, what is she supposed to do with that?

Lorenzo is lurking outside the office, listening to their conversation. He seems intrigued by what Courtney is saying.

The Lazarus: Jason says that if there's a chance that Sonny is the father...and Sam snaps that there's more than a chance. Jason says that Sonny has a right to know. Sam says that she is scared to tell him because she doesn't want to see the disappointment in his eyes. She wonders if Jason has ever been afraid to lose someone? Jason yells that he disappoints people all the time -- that sometimes people have called him names, been upset that he's not what they need. He says he understands her fear but that a lie is worse. Sam says that she knows that Jason doesn't want Sonny to know about this anymore than she does, and Jason snaps that Sam has no choice, that sooner or later Sonny will find out the truth.

At that point, Sonny comes through the door.

The Docks: Mary and Emily have just finished dinner and are walking back. They laugh and joke together like pretty good friends. Emily says that Mary is the only one, besides Jason, who understands what she is going through. Suddenly she catches sight of something through the's Nikolas, standing in the shadow of a nearby building. Emily looks stricken, and whispers, "Oh my God."


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