GH Update Thursday 4/29/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon butts head with the new singer, Ashley B. When Dillon tells her that Georgie is the writer, Ashley says she is more insignificant than a janitor. As Ashley carries on (and on and on…), Dillon blows his top and tells her that that they have a problem and she is the problem. Georgie tells Dillon that Ashley has made some good points.

Nikolas bumps into Lorenzo at the chapel. Lorenzo pretends he does not recognize him. He informs Lorenzo that the church is closed and that he must use the Queen of Angels church nearby. Nikolas introduces himself as Connor and says that he has recently had a head injury. Lorenzo tells him that he is lucky to have lost his memory since he cannot remember his past mistakes. Nikolas tells Lorenzo that his past life, according to his wife Mary, was pretty good. Lorenzo momentarily seems puzzled but goes on to tell him how lucky he is to be building a fresh new life devoid of pain or regret.

Sonny assures Carly that he will only see Sam on the boat and not at the penthouse.

At GH, Courtney and Emily talk. Later, Courtney goes to Carly and Carly tells Courtney about Sonny’s plans to keep Sam as his mistress.

When Sonny comes back, Jason lays into him about continuing to see Sam while living with Carly. He says that he is lying to Michael and Morgan. Jason insists that Michael wants what he used to have--- parents who love each other. Sonny says he cannot make Carly love him again. He said that he is with Sam because she is safe and that if he fell in love with Carly again, it would kill him.

Sam visits a doctor’s office regarding her pregnancy. She says that now that she knows for sure she is pregnant, she wants to terminate it. The doctor tries to get her to rethink her decision. Sam tells the doctor that she has decided to definitely terminate the pregnancy. The doctor leaves for a minute and Emily happens by. She tells Sam that she volunteers there a few days a week. Emily sees that Sam is upset and asks her why she is there.

Mary and Nikolas/Connor celebrate her new job. Nikolas gives her a beautiful set of silver wind chimes. He tells her he wants her to be in love with who he is right now, not who he was before. Mary freaks out when she learns that he has spoken to Lorenzo Alcazar. He told Mary that he saw her talking with Emily and asked her how she thought Emily would fell if she found out that Mary’s husband is not really dead.

When Jason goes to the hospital to see Michael, he finds Courtney already there visiting with him. He turns to leave, but Michael sees him and calls him in. He tells Courtney and Jason that he wants them to love each other again like his mother and father. They sqirm.

Sonny goes to the boat to see Sam, but she is not there. He sits on the bed and waits for her, not seeing the pamphlet called, “You’re Pregnant” on the table near him.


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