GH Update Wednesday 4/28/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly expresses her doubts about moving in with Sonny again.

Lorenzo asks Courtney who has treated Carly worse, him or Sonny? He reiterates that Sonny is a bully and a tyrant.

Later, Carly tells Lorenzo she is only going back to Sonny for the sake of her children. He tells her she is making a mistake.

Sam leaves Jason’s for Sonny’s place. She wants them to get the whole breakup thing over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. Sonny reassures Sam he likes having her around but he is going to live with Carly for Michael’s sake. He tells her he would like to keep seeing her. Later Sam breaks the news to Jason that Sonny asked her to be his mistress and she agreed. Jason is shocked by the revelation. Jason catches Sam as she almost faints.

Dillon and Georgie get a look at the L&B studio and it is in grave need of a face-lift. Dillon said he is going to direct his first video for a singer Ned just found. Her name is Ashley and she is supposed to be the next Jessica Simpson. Dillon then pretends to do a video of Georgie. Ashley shows up and is like another Sage (sans sexual innuendo) in the body of an Olsen twin.

Nikolas volunteers to go into town to get supplies for the priest who hired him. The priest expresses reservations about Nikolas being recognized. Nikolas tells him Mary said he did not know many people.

Mary bumps into Emily at GH. Mary is on her way to a job interview. Emily seems a bit distant. Jason picks up on this and asks Emily why she is mad at Mary. She tells him she dropped in on Mary unexpectedly and realized that Mary is already sleeping with another man even though she had only recently lost her husband. Jason tells her different people process grief differently and that she should cut Mary some slack. Emily catches up to Mary at the park and apologizes to her.

When Lorenzo goes to the chapel, he is shocked to see Nikolas come in.

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