GH Update Tuesday 4/27/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/27/04

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At the Haunted Star, Tracy feels certain she has the "deal" that Jax cannot refuse...At Sonny's penthouse, a pensive, weeping Sam fears she may be pregnant. Jason interrupts her reverie with a terse demand that Sonny wants to see her. She's sure that means that he's going to tell her he wants to end their relationship.

At the hospital Sonny is trying to explain to Carly why the promise he made to God means they should live together as a family again. Carly is agitated and tells Sonny she is not the answer to his prayers.

We see Mary's home where Emily's good nature prompts her to offer a lead on a job interview at the hospital to Mary; the two continue to bond over discussing the best way to grieve the loss of someone you love. Emily declares that Nicholas still feels physically close to her. Emily belatedly realizes Mary is not alone when she hears a sound in the cottage, and departs hastily, embarrassed.

It's question time at the Haunted Star, Luke and Skye strategize nervously about how to keep Ross' corpse a secret, when Lucky asks them if they know anything about the missing cop.

Tracy shows off cell phone picture captures of Luke dragging Ross body, and of Skye overseeing the corpse in a freezer to Jax in hopes that they will partner "in the boardroom and in the bedroom. "
At the Penthouse, Sam is already mourning the end of the relationship with Sonny and declares to Jason that Sonny must come to find her if he wants to see her.

At General Hospital Carly pleads with Sonny not to have the two of them move in together and just 'pretend to be happy,' she feels that this would send the wrong message to their sons. Sonny is intractable; he believes that he must execute "his" end of the bargain with God. Mike and Courtney arrive and make a case to be allowed to see Michael. Sonny grudgingly agrees that it might do the boy some good. Jason advises Sonny in private of Sam's decision that Sonny must go to her, and her belief that they are about to break up. Michael is awake and negotiating with his mother about putting the family together again. Carly reminds him that "that is what got you in trouble in the first place."

When Mike and Courtney arrive Mike visits with Michael while Carly tries to explain to Courtney that she just can't move in with Sonny.

Back at the Haunted Star Tracy explains Skye's involvement with Ross disappearance to Jax, while Luke steers Lucky away from questioning Skye.
Jax is dismissive of the evidence, speculating instead that Luke is the killer.
Tracy calls Skye "a loser and a drunk," and reminds Jax of the narrow escape Skye had from a murder rap when she was accused of murdering Luis Alcazar; Jax states that if Skye is guilty she deserves whatever she gets.

At the cottage while Mary says the first year is the hardest to grieve, Emily belatedly realizes Mary is not alone when she hears a sound in the cottage, and departs hastily, embarrassed.

Tracy nearly spills her knowledge about Ross to Lucky, but Skye and Jax between them manage to stall her plan, Jax dragging her back to the table and advising her that she needs more proof before he will agree to any deal.

At a doctor's office, Sam explains that she has taken a home pregnancy test and just wants to confirm it...her period is late and she has had some nausea...

In the hospital lobby, Sonny is annoyed that Carly won't move back in with him and discusses the bargain he made with God with Jason. He is intent on not breaking his word to his son either. Jason has a revolutionary idea. He advises the Corinthoses to work out their problems before setting up housekeeping again. Sonny's pearl of wisdom in answer is: "Whatever Carly and I have to work out we'll do it after she moves back in"

Courtney accuses Carly of simply being afraid to move back in with Sonny because she might fall in love with him all over again if she did that.

Carly is sure it has nothing to do with that, it's all about keeping score and waiting for the next betrayal that Sonny can't forgive. Carly is determined not to be "sucked back in." Courtney reviews how happy Sonny and Carly were at one time, but Carly is unconvinced. Lorenzo calls, and Courtney figures Carly will push Sonny away by pretending to go back to Alcazar.

At the cottage Mary feels guilty that both she and Emily cannot have their lives back. 'Connor' advises her to live in the moment and professes his love. They kiss, and Mary admits she wants him as well....they end up making love tenderly.

Sam is still at the doctor's office, she has two 'flash forwards' one where Sonny is emotionally abusive and accuses her of making up the pregnancy; he's dismissive when he learns she is pregnant. In the second 'flash forward' Sonny celebrates with her and rejoices in the new life and affirms their connection.

Sonny bonds with Michael at the hospital and admits he's been thinking a lot about bringing the family back together; meanwhile a tense Carly arrives home and tells Alcazar that Sonny wants her to move back in. Alcazar uses the occasion to plead his case that the two of them, Alcazar and Carly, can put their differences behind them and be together. Carly admits she doesn't doubt Alcazar's intentions; it's his methods she has trouble with.

Back at the Haunted Star Skye's looking sharp in her red dress and Luke is spiffy in his tux and he thinks they've outsmarted the PCPD and Tracy so far. Skye presses her memory for details of her night with Ross; she still has none that could clear her. Jax insists that Skye is innocent. Tracy is fairly salivating to spill it to the PCPD or to blackmail Jax into bed. He very reluctantly agrees to her terms.

At the hospital, Courtney watches over Michael lovingly... Jason and she discuss Sonny's intent to have Carly move back in. They both have a bad feeling about this.

At Alcazar's, Carly and Alcazar nearly kiss, he pleads with her to move back in, but she backs away at the last minute and Alcazar states that she was using him to push Sonny away. He is cold to her for the first time in a long while, and she apologizes to him and leaves.

Sam calls Sonny...he can sense something is wrong. She says she really needs to see him and they arrange to meet at the Penthouse later.

At the hospital, Emily and Lucky run into each other and Emily admits that the idea of Mary "starting over" with someone else makes her angry; she identifies with Mary's loss and feels she could never move on as quickly as Mary seems to have done.

At the cottage, 'Connor' and Mary cuddle after love. Connor asks Mary where he got his tattoo. She lies and tells him it was a night out with the guys during boot camp.

Courtney and Jason worry all over the hospital corridors about reconciliation between Sonny and Carly happening too soon or for the wrong reasons.

Carly arrives at the Penthouse and informs Sonny she will move back in with him for the sake of the boys; neither Sonny nor Carly knows Sam is listening in the hall.

Tag: Scenes from Wednesday:

We see Nik and Mary, Nik says: "By the way you've been acting I'd say you're trying to find a graceful way out of a one night stand!"

Jason to Sam: "So much for being honest with Sonny."

Courtney smiles at Alcazar and informs him that Sonny asked Carly to move back in with him

Carly advises Sonny "I don't think this reconciliation is going to be as easy as you seem to think."

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