GH Update Monday 4/26/04

General Hospital Update Monday 4/26/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Skye goes to the Quartermaine freezer to check on Ross' dead body; Tracy has followed and grins as she watches Skye through the glass window in the door. She takes out her picture phone and takes a picture of Skye with the body. Skye hears a noise, so she goes out to see who's there. Tracy quickly hides. Skye hears the pipe rumbling and figures that's what she heard.

At Michael's bedside, Sonny swears that he will keep his promise to put his family back together again. Michael wakes up and says, "Daddy", so Sonny gives him a hug, but then he slips into unconsciousness again. Carly comes in, so Sonny explains that Michael woke up and looked at him. Then an alarm goes off, so the doctors rush in and take care of him as Sonny and Carly watch helplessly. The doctor comes out and tells them that Michael is stable. His blood pressure plummeted rapidly but now it's very normal. He seems surprised that Michael got better so quickly. They go back in to visit him. They both tell Michael how much they love him. He wakes up and wants to know what's happening. They tell him that he's been sleeping a long time, that he was sick, but he's going to be fine now. He is happy to have them there, like a family again. Sonny urges him to go back to sleep and rest more. Michael worries that if he goes back to sleep, they'll start fighting again. They assure him that they won't fight and they'll be right there. Carly and Michael say the lord's prayer so he can go back to sleep.

Mary and Nikolas are kissing in the shower, but then she pulls away, saying she can't, and leaves. He looks very frustrated. He follows her out to the living room. She tries desperately to sound convincing about why she can't make love to him yet. He is confused about her lame excuses. She's afraid she will disappoint him, she's afraid it won't be the same because he doesn't remember her, blah blah blah. She feels guilty that she put him in this situation (that part is true!). He points out that she didn't hit him on the head. He wonders if he was abusive or something before he lost his memory, but she assures him that he wasn't. She tells him how wonderful he was. He keeps wondering what is wrong. He says they are supposed to be best friends, so she has to tell him the truth. She says she is afraid of losing him, so he wonders why. She says that when he gets his memory back, she'll lose him. This confuses him even more. He thinks that she's just afraid that he will want to turn himself in once he remembers being a soldier. He assures her that he won't leave her. He says even if he did turn himself in, he'd trust that she'd wait. She pledges that she would wait forever. She keeps worrying that he will leave, but he takes her in his arms, looks her in the eyes and swears he never will. He makes a romantic dinner for them (it's just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). They hold hands and then head to the bedroom to make love.

Emily sits with Lucky in the hospital. She feels selfish for feeling her own grief when Michael has been so sick. He tells her that she could never be that way. He reminds her that he's part Quartermaine and part Spencer, as well as Corinthos, so he's tough. She shares that losing Nikolas has made her less optimistic and less trusting about the future. She talks about how hard it is to get out of bed every morning. Courtney comes up to ask about Michael. She fears the worst because Emily looks so bad, but she's just still feeling her own pain. Emily tells Courtney that Michael was put on clotting medication. Lucky leaves for work. Courtney wants to see Michael. Emily is sure she can slip in since she's Sonny sister, but Courtney isn't so sure. She hints to Emily that Sonny doesn't want her around. Emily assures her that no matter how Sonny feels, she's Michael's aunt and he needs her. It makes Courtney feel better. They talk about Michael for a while. Jason comes out and tells them that Michael is going to be fine. Emily and Jason hug as Courtney watches, feeling left out. He tells Emily that the doctor said there was no medical reason for Michael to do so well, that he just did. Courtney wants to visit Michael and Emily backs her up, reminding him that people tried to keep her from seeing Jason for years. Jason, trying not to be mean, asks Courtney if she couldn't come back later, since Sonny is there.

Back at her boat, Sam takes a store pregnancy test and finds out she's pregnant. She looks glum.

Luke wonders who killed Ross, since Faith emailed him back, thinking he was Ross. Ric comes up and questions him about Ross's last appearance there at the casino. Ric shares that someone has been sending in false reports from Ross' PDA. Luke is uncooperative. Ric says he'll need to question Faith, too. She comes up and tells Ric she's reformed. Both Ric and Luke laugh at that one. He questions her about Ross, but she pretends not to remember him. He threatens them both, saying they could be suspects or material witnesses. He tells them to both bet at the PCPD tomorrow morning, with their lawyers and Skye. Luke questions Faith about Ross' murder. He can tell she knows him but she seems to be telling the truth about not killing him. She says she is in enough trouble for the money-laundering. She wants to figure out who did kill Ross so that Ric can't try to pin it on her. She asks Luke to look into it for her. She promises him tons of money in return. Skye returns. Luke tells her he has bad news, that Faith didn't kill Ross. Skye blanches, worrying again that she killed Ross and she will be caught. Tracy comes up and makes comments about Skye being pale as a corpse. Luke tells her to leave. She is very self-assured and acts like they will be doing her bidding. Luke wonders what she has planned. They worry that Tracy somehow knows about Ross. Luke asks Skye details again about that night.

Tracy phones Jax and asks him to meet her at the Haunted Star. Jax shows up but tells her that he isn't interested in being partners with her, either professional or personal. Tracy says that he will be changing his tune once she makes him an offer he can't refuse.

Emily, holding balloons, greets Audrey at GH. Audrey heard from Elizabeth, who is resting in Napa. She sends her love and her concern for Michael. Audrey is going to Napa when she is ready to deliver her baby. Emily wishes she could go. Audrey says Elizabeth understands that Emily has school. The balloons are for Michael so Emily asks permission to give them to him. Courtney comes up so Emily asks her to deliver the balloons for her.

Sonny takes Carly outside of Michael's room and says he needs to talk to her. He thinks that God saved their child because of his prayers. He starts to tell her about the vow he made with God, but Courtney comes up, so they are interrupted. Carly is grateful to Courtney for hanging around but not coming up there and fighting with Sonny. They chat about Michael for a minute. Meanwhile, Sonny chats with Jason. He asks Jason to bring Sam to the penthouse so he can talk to her. He says he must speak with her tonight. Jason goes to Sam's boat and tells her that Sonny needs to see her.   She has been crying.

Michael wakes up but it drowsy. Sonny and Carly are there at his bedside. He notices the balloons and is told that Courtney brought them but they're from Emily. Sonny takes Carly outside again and finishes talking about his promise to God. He wants Carly and the boys to move back home with him. Carly says, "No!"

Emily knocks on Mary's door, not realizing that she is about to make love to Nikolas inside.

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