GH Update Friday 4/23/04

General Hospital Update Friday 4/23/04

By Erica
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At the Haunted Star, Skye is walking over to a table holding a plastic box of chips and drops them all out by accident. Luke walks over and tells her to take it easy. Skye lightly asks (so no one will hear them) if Faith answered their e-mail yet. Luke says not yet, and she asks what does that mean. She wonders if Faith is on to them and Luke tells her it means he didn't send it yet. Skye says that Jax already suspects something and that if Tracy catches on they'd be in trouble. Luke says Faith just showed up. Skye asks Luke why she's coming towards them. Faith says to them hi and that they look awfully cozy. Skye says they're working. Faith says, "Aren't we all?" and walks away. Skye says she hates Faith and that she probably set up a deal with Ric over the money laundering thing, and that Faith's going to blame her. Dillon then runs in and tells Luke he needs his help.

At the church, Nikolas asks Mary why it's a problem for him to take the job painting it that was offered by the priest. Mary says what if somebody sees him and Nikolas says they're in the middle of nowhere. Mary says people go there all the time; somebody could step in and call the police. He says he's not going to hide for the rest of his life, especially because he knows what she's keeping from him. Mary looks scared to death.

In the hospital, Courtney says she thought Michael was getting better. Emily says the bleeding has gotten worse and surgery is the only way to get it under control. Jason tells Courtney he'll let her know what happens. Emily and Jason walk away and Sam comes up to Courtney. Sam says she knows everything is terrible, but she's sure it'll be okay. Courtney asks why she's even there.

In the room where Michael's having his surgery, Carly is watching him through a window in a door next to Sonny. Carly says she wishes she could be there with him. Sonny says he knows they're there. Carly says she thought he was getting better, and Sonny says the surgery will turn out fine. Emily and Jason walk up to them, and Jason asks if they've started. Carly says she thinks they're prepping him and that they're giving Michael the anesthetic. Sonny says he's bleeding internally and they're trying to fix it. Carly then insists Michael will be fine and that they know how strong he is; but she's not so sure, neither are the others. Sonny nods, agreeing with her.

Nikolas says he's seen the credit card bills and overdue notices. Mary says she's just late on a few checks. Nikolas says he knows their financial situation is worse than she's letting on. Nikolas tells her if he doesn't take the job at the church, he'll just find a different one. Mary tells him okay; she knows she can't change his mind and asks if he'll at least let her help. He laughs and Mary says she knows she's been too overprotective and apologizes. She says she doesn't want him to vanish and Nikolas tells her he had a terrible thought. He asks if he even knows how to paint.

At the Haunted Star, Luke says, "You want to rent a room?" and Skye tells Dillon it's a casino, not a rooming house. He tells them he needs it to have a place to think, create, and follow his dreams. Luke adds that not to mention, add privacy. Dillon says the Quartermaines have boundary issues and Luke and Skye agree that they know that. Luke says they think that if he leaves the Quartermaine's high style living, he'd be miserable. Dillon insists he can't go back; that Georgie and him found a body in the boathouse and that when they called the cops, it was gone. He tells about how nobody believed him and Ned gave him a job (making a music video). They say at the same time that they have just the thing (because Dillon mentioned the body). Faith goes up to Justus, who's at the bar. She tells the bartender to make two drinks a certain way and asks Justus if that's how he still likes it. He says it was a long time ago and his taste changed. He tells the bartender to change his drink. Then he says to Faith he still won't represent her. Faith says she doesn't care; she already has a new attorney, Alexis. Just then, Alexis comes in with her briefcase and tells Faith they need to go over some things. Justus asks if representing Faith is really what she wants to do. Alexis says even Faith deserves to be represented. Faith says she pays well, while Justus asks how much she even knows about the case. Alexis says that Skye "whatever it is she's calling herself these days" entrapped her. Justus says not to believe Faith is innocent. Faith says she's not squeaky-clean, and Ric comes over, saying Sonny isn't either. He mentions Alexis' work as Sonny's attorney. Alexis says Ric's case is weak and he says that she's not intimidating.

Back in the hospital, Sonny asks Emily if there's any way to find out what's going on in the surgery room. She says maybe Monica can go in and observe. Jason tells her thanks, and Emily goes off to find her
mom. Carly turns around and says to Sonny that they didn't even wait until Michael was out of the hospital to say they weren't getting back together, and that they didn't do the right thing. Jason says that's not why Michael is bleeding internally; that Michael only wants them to believe in him because he's going to make it. Jason walks away. Sonny says Jason is right, that they should think about the good times. They start talking about when Michael was really happy.

On the boat, Luke takes Dillon to see a room. He says its just what Dillon wants. Dillon comes in and sees the room. It's old, there's a bed covered with a sheet and what looks like a rusty old sink. They both start to cough, and Dillon says it's "atmospheric". Luke says if he opens the window he'll get a nice breeze off the water. Dillon goes to a window and rubs his shirt on it, trying to see through. Luke says he's got enough light; there's really only a small light attached to the wall in the corner. Dillon say's he'll take it, and Luke goes, "You will? Man, you must be desperate." They shake on it. Skye is coming out of a room on the boat, and gives a smile to a few people there. Jax comes in and says she looks lovely. Skye says to tell the truth. He asks if everything's okay, and just then, Tracy walks in. She says she's fine, gives Jax a few free chips, and walks away. Tracy says to Jax that Skye's too high-strung to manage a casino. Jax disagrees and Tracy says she heard she had a "very public fall off the wagon". Jax hopes Tracy didn't push her and she tells Jax that she doesn't have the time, that her sons abandoned her. Jax says reviving L&B is an excellent idea. Tracy thinks it's good because it'll keep Ned distracted so he can raid ELQ. Jax says to be nervous and leaves. Alexis and Ric fight over how they don't have good reputations. Faith says she's an innocent victim. Ric gets a call saying no one's heard from Ross. In the background, Tracy is watching him and listening. Ric says to go back to the night Ross disappeared and find out who he was seen with and the last time he was seen. Tracy sits down and pulls out her photo of Skye and a dead Ross (she didn't know he was dead) on Skye's couch.  She remembers seeing Luke drag Ross across the floor and finding out his name was Ross. Skye sees her and remembers seeing Tracy see  Luke. She turns around and Tracy's right there. She says they need to talk.

Mary is painting a pew and Nikolas says they need to make a partial credit card payment. He says they should try to pay it in full, though, as soon as possible. She says he knows a lot about money. He says didn't he always, and Mary tells him he did, that he was the family treasurer and put her on a budget. He says he doesn't know why he'd let them have so much debt. He mentions at least he has a job again. She tells him he's an amazing painter and he tells her she is, too, but she missed a spot, and puts some on her nose. She flicks some paint onto his face and says that he didn't remember paint fights. They put a bunch of paint on each other for awhile, and then kiss.

Courtney asks Sam why can't she let the family heal, and if she was gone Sonny and Carly could be together again. Sam tells her she's not the bad guy and she won't apologize for liking Sonny. She also says she won't walk out on Sonny or sell out to his worst enemy like Courtney did to Jason. Jason overhears them bickering. Courtney says she broke up with Jason because she doesn't fit in his life and never will. She tells Sam to do the same. Sam says that she loves Sonny and Courtney says she'll always love Jason. She turns around and sees Jason there. Courtney asks how Michael is, and Sam asks if he's gonna be okay. He tells them he's fine. Sam asks how Sonny is and if there's anything she can do besides wait, but she can't, so she gets ready to leave. Courtney suggests Jason go back to the OR, but he says Sonny and Carly need to be alone. She says that's what's great about him, and Michael really has 3 parents, not 2. Jason says he was only Michael's dad for a little while, but he didn't understand what it was like to be a father until he was born. He talks about seeing Michael and talking to him when he was born and had his surgery.

Sonny and Carly talk about how long the surgery now is taking. Emily says Monica is on her way, and stays with Carly while Sonny goes somewhere. They talk about how Carly is holding up, and how Sonny and Carly are losing their minds. Sonny catches Sam right before she's about to go. Sonny asks if she's okay, and she says she wishes she could do something. She tells him to get back to Michael and she gets
into the elevator.

Carly asks Monica why the surgery is taking so long and a beeping starts. Monica says not to worry, and goes into the room. Carly starts freaking out and asking Emily what's going on and why can't they stop the bleeding. Sonny shows back up and Carly says she thinks his heart stopped.

Dillon has his hand over Georgie's eyes as he brings her into his new room. Georgie worries about Mac finding out she's on the Haunted Star. He lets her see the room and she makes a joke about it. She says they should celebrate. He leaves her alone to go raid the fridge. She takes out her phone and calls Maxie.

Skye says she's not interested in a talk. Tracy questions how men could even like Skye. Luke tells her to go away if she won't gamble. Tracy is disgusted by Luke and leaves. Skye tells him that Tracy is suspicious and they talk about her seeing the body and everything. Luke tells her to calm down and says Faith is the killer and they look at her. Sam is at the bar and Ric questions Sam's loneliness. She tells him about Michael and he says he's sorry and how he knows they mean a lot to Sonny.

Carly asks what's taking so long. Jason comes down and Emily tells him what happened. Monica comes out of the room and says the surgery went fine but he lost too much blood and it isn't clotting properly. She says they're going to put him on clotting medicine and just wait. Sonny says she has to do whatever she can. Monica says that Michael is her grandson and of course she'll do everything she can. She says that Sonny stole him from them, like he does everything; first her son, then her grandson. She mentions that Carly and Sonny have done "such a fine job" raising him, and if he was raised by Jason or the Quartermaines he wouldn't have been wandering in the woods or going from house to house. She storms out of there.

Emily is sitting on a couch in the waiting area. Lucky comes in and says hi. He asks what happened to Michael. She tells him and says it isn't fair and they hug.

Mary and Nikolas are both back in the cabin, covered in paint. She goes to take a shower and Nikolas says he'll make dinner.

Alexis asks Faith to tell what happened when she was arrested. Faith says she was in the casino with a briefcase full of money, and Alexis says that she's saying she's guilty. Faith says she isn't and Alexis says she only took the case to beat Ric in court, and she leaves. Justus goes over to Faith and Faith says all she has to do is sit back and watch Alexis win. Luke is getting ready to send the e-mail and Skye tells him not to now. She says it's too risky. Luke says to watch her face, and she does. Faith asks what Justus is still doing in Port Charles. He says the pay is good and she says he can admit he missed her. He says he might have. Faith's purse makes a beeping noise and she takes out her e-mail thing. She reads the message ("They're onto us. Call me. Ross") and gives it a weird look. She says it's business and Justus gets up and goes. Luke tells Skye not to stare at Faith. Luke gives her a lock, to lock the freezer with, and Tracy sees them. Skye leaves. Jax sits down next to Sam and says hi. He says he heard about Michael and Sam says he's in bad shape. Jax asks if she was banished from the hospital and Sam says she left, because she's just a girl Sonny's using, and then she tells him that's what he thinks, at least.

A doctor comes out from Michael's room and says he doesn't know if the transfusion is working yet. He says they can go in, one at a time. Carly goes first. She says he did good and that everything is fine. She tells him that they love him so much and things will get better. Sonny talks to Jason about what's happened to Jason. He blames it on himself, and that he's messed everything up; Michael only wanted love.

Emily and Lucky talk about how Michael is and how it's hard to be strong. Lucky says he won't tell anyone that she's not.

Mary is taking a shower and Nikolas gets in. They start to kiss.

Dillon gets back with soda and food. Georgie says to close his eyes. He walks in and sees nice bed sheets and a candle. They start to kiss. Luke reads Faith's e-mail ("Ross:. Who is on to us? Where the hell have you been? F."). He wonders who could've killed him then, seeing as Faith thinks he's alive.

Skye walks into the freezer and shivers. She puts a few plastic boxes in the way of the door so it won't close and lock her in. She lifts up a sheet and checks out the body. She knocks his hat off by accident, and when she goes to pick it up, Tracy looks into the door's window.

Sonny sits down next to Michael and Carly cries, saying she wants to help Michael. Jason says she is. She says she wants love to be enough to make a miracle. Sonny cries a little and prays to God. He says he
failed Michael, but Michael is innocent. Then he tells Michael that he swears to him, in front of God, if he wakes up he'll make things work with Carly.

Sam sits on Sonny's bed and opens the drawer in the nightstand. She grabs a paper bag from it and takes out a pregnancy test.

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