GH Update Thursday 4/22/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the chapel Nikolas tells Mary that he must go back to living a normal life. She tells him he should keep taking it easy.

Edward catches Dillon as he comes to the mansion to retrieve some DVDs. Emily tells Edward to lay off. Ned thanks Tracy for making his dreams come true. He announces that he is reviving L&B records. He invites Dillon to work at L&B. Dillon accepts.

At GH, Jason discourages Courtney from going to visit with Michael since Sonny (and Carly) is still with him. As Jason visits with Michael, he asks to see Sam. When Sam comes in. He tells her to leave town and DO NOT come back. He tells her that Sonny does not love her. He offers to pay her to leave. When Sam tells Jason what Michael said, he asks her what her price is.

Michael insists that he wants them all to go back to Sonny’s house. The doctor informs Sonny and Carly that Michael’s condition is improving. Sonny tells Carly that they have to make Michael understand that their marriage is over. Later, as Sonny and Carly visit with Michael, he begins howling in pain.

At Kelly’s, Courtney tells Mike that Jason would not let her see Michael. She says that she still loves Jason but he is treating her like a stranger.

Ric intimidates a lab technician regarding his involvement in falsifying Alexis’ DNA test for her baby.

Courtney meets with lawyer Jen McNeil about selling the waterfront property she owns. It turned out that the highest bidder is a holding company for Sonny. She tells Justus to tell Sonny to go to hell. She tells Jen to sell to the next highest bidder.

Mary goes back to Kelly’s and bumps into Emily. They talk again. Later, when she goes back to the chapel, Nikolas tells her he has accepted a job from the priest to be sort of a handyman.

Lorenzo tells Faith that their association has ended and that she is on her own.

Dillon meets Georgie at Kelly’s. He tells her that he now works for L&B records.

At GH, Lorenzo informs Jason that he has purchased Courtney’s waterfront property and so, he is his landlord. Jason asks Emily to go check on Michael. He does not want to be too close to Michael for fear that Michael will “hide” behind him and avoid facing the reality that his parents are not getting back together. Emily rushes back and tells him that Michael is going into emergency surgery.

At the police station, Faith rushes in as Ric and Alexis are talking. She begs him for an extension saying that she does not yet even have a lawyer. Alexis immediately offers to be her lawyer.


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