GH Update Wednesday 4/21/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason visits with Michael at GH. When Courtney arrives, he tells her Michael almost died. He advises her to go home so that she and Sonny do not get into another argument. The doctor tells Carly and Sonny that Michael has a life-threatening injury. He has internal bleeding. When Carly visits his bedside, Michael pleads that if Carly and Sonny get back together he won’t do anything bad again ever. Michael can’t understand why Sonny won’t let he, Carly, and Morgan go back home.

Later, Sonny tells Sam that his marriage to Carly is over and there is no going back.

Carly embraces Lorenzo, thanking him for helping to find Michael.

Lorenzo goes to the hospital to see about Michael and Jason fills him in on Michael’s condition.

At the Q’s, Dillon and Georgie report about how they found the body.

On the estate of the Q’s, Skye and Luke try to hide the body. Alice, the maid almost catches them. Skye diverts her attention by asking her to make up her room. Then, Luke and Skye move the body to the freezer downstairs in the Q’s basement. Luke assures Skye they have nothing to worry about. He insists the police will not put two and two together and figure out that the body that Georgie and Dillon found (that disappeared) was that of Ross, the cop. Luke says he sent Faith an email pretending that it was from Ross in order to rattle her (since they believe Faith is the one who killed Ross).

Nikolas asks Mary if he should give himself up. She leaves him alone so that he can have time to pray at the chapel. A priest enters the chapel and asks Nikolas if something is troubling him. He tells the priest that he feels guilty for running out on the marines and making Mary have to keep hiding.

Mary bumps into Emily as she exits the chapel. She tells Emily that the chapel is not open so that Emily will not go in and find Nikolas there. Mary invites Emily to Kelly’s and they talk about their “dead” husbands. When Mary goes back to the chapel, he tells her that he won’t turn himself in to the marines since she is his first priority.

Ric continues to drop hints to Alexis about her hiding her baby’s paternity. He tells her he knows why she backed off of Sonny at the hospital. He says the only way she can protect herself is by helping him to put Sonny behind bars.

Mac greets Dillon and Georgie at the police station. He does not believe they found a dead body. He asks them what they were doing in the boathouse in the first place. Georgie blurts out that they were going to have sex. Mac insists that Dillon is a bad influence. He forbids Georgie to see Dillon. He tells him he will lock him up if he sees him around Georgie.


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