GH Update Tuesday 4/20/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/20/04

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SKYE'S HOUSE: Skye comes in and sees Ross' dead body sitting in front of the fire place...Luke is tinkering with Ross' palm pilot on the couch. Soon they will be moving Ross to the freezer at the Quartermaine mansion. Luke is working on trying to get at all of the e-mails that Ross sent out while he was alive. Suddenly, Faith shows up at the door...she wants to talk to them both.

KELLY'S: Ric is sitting at a table, talking to one of his men about how he is sure that Sonny is the father of Alexis' daughter, when Alexis herself comes in to pick up an order. Ric approaches Alexis and tells her that he would like to speak to her about Sonny and his role as a father.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly says that she and Sonny have to figure out what is best for Michael. Sonny asks her if she would actually consider living with a man she hates for the good of her kids. Carly replies that she doesn't hate him.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Jason is wandering around the woods looking for Michael...he points his flashlight down the abandoned well and sees Michael lying unconscious at the bottom. He calls down to Michael, asking him if he can make some kind of sound. But Michael doesn't answer. Suddenly Jason is joined, to his very great surprise, by Lorenzo.

SKYE'S HOUSE: Luke grabs the body and hides while Skye answers the door. Faith is looking for Luke and Skye tells her that she has no idea where he is. They argue for a bit and then finally Faith leaves. Luke comes out of his hiding place and tells Skye that he found a phone number in Ross' palm pilot -- Faith's. Luke and Skye believe that Ross was at one point working for Faith and that she decided to have him killed, either because he got too greedy or because she wanted to frame Skye for his murder -- maybe both. Skye wants to tell the police but Luke tells her they need to wait.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Georgie finds Dillon sitting at one of the patio tables. He tells her about Nikolas' memorial, how it was fine until Helena started cursing everyone in the room. Dillon says he wishes he could have known Nik better. Georgie says that he and Nikolas have something in common -- that they both refused to be controlled by their families. Dillon says he's also been thinking about Nikolas and Emily...that they had a really great love that not everyone gets a chance to have. He thinks that he and Georgie should start living in the moment, because they belong together.

KELLY'S: Inside Kelly's Ric tells Alexis that she can expect to hear from his office as he has subpoenaed all of the papers from the recent custody case involving Sonny and Carly. He says that she made some serious allegations about Sonny's criminal activities and when Alexis reminds him that none of those records can be used against Sonny in a criminal prosecution he accuses her of trying to protect Sonny. He asks her what Sonny has on her to make her fear his wrath. Alexis doesn't answer.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly says that she doesn't hate Sonny -- what she does hate is how cruel he can be to people that he claims to love, whenever he feels that they have betrayed him. He asks why the people he loves always betray him and she replies that it's not about betrayal, it's about choices that they all have to make. She says that the biggest mistake people make when they get married is that they try to change their partners -- Sonny thinks that she means that he tried to change her, but she corrects him: she went into the marriage believing she could "save" him, that she could clear him of all of his demons. She says that in doing that, she lost a big part of herself.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Jason is trying to get a response out of Michael to no avail. A few feet away Lorenzo is talking on his cell phone to 911, asking them to send help as soon as possible. Jason shines his flashlight down the well and sees that there's no water. Lorenzo hangs up the phone and Jason says that he's going to go down into the well himself...then he'll hand Michael up to Lorenzo.

ON THE ROAD TO THE Q MANSION: Luke is driving the car while Skye sits in the back with Ross' body (he is propped up in the chair wearing a hat and sunglasses). Skye still wants to go talk to the police and Luke reminds her that she can't -- they need to get proof on Faith, and besides, the police would be all over the fact that Ross was found in *Skye's* living room. Skye realizes that he has a point. She feels sorry for Ross -- she says that he looks like a nice guy, the kind you would marry (this is an in-joke: Robin Christopher, the actress who plays Skye, and Matt Crane, the actor who plays Ross, are married in real-life). Suddenly there comes the sound of a siren and flashing lights. It's the police -- and they are asking Luke to pull over.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Dillon tells Georgie that he feels badly for Emily -- they never even found Nikolas' body. Georgie says that Dillon got her thinking about how they shouldn't waste time...she brings up the Quartermaine boathouse. Dillon tells her that he wasn't talking about sex, and she says that she knows, but doesn't he still want to? He smiles and says he does. Georgie reminds him that they aren't rushing things and that she loves him. He worries that the boathouse won't be good enough for their first time and she says that it won't matter as long as they are together and that they have privacy. Dillon says that Edward keeps the key to the boathouse in his study, and that if Georgie wants him to he can sneak in and get it. Georgie agrees -- they kiss and he leaves to go and get the key.

KELLY'S: A waitress brings Alexis the food she ordered, but Ric isn't finished talking to her yet. He thinks that she is worried about retaliation and she informs him that while she was working as Sonny's lawyer she was uninvolved in any criminal activity. Ric says that she is very good, very professional, very detached, a little condescending -- and lying through her teeth. He reminds her that during the custody trial she admitted to having slept with Sonny while she was on his retainer and she replies that that was a one-time thing, a mistake that would have been forgotten about already if it wasn't for Carly.

ON THE ROAD TO THE Q MANSION: The cop that has pulled them over is one of the ones who was involved in Faith's arrest at the Haunted Star -- he remembers Skye from that night. Luke shows him his license and asks why he was pulled over. The policeman tells him that he has a broken taillight that he needs to get fixed. Luke agrees that he will and says that he really needs to get Skye and her friend (who has had "too much to drink") back to the Quartermaine mansion. The officer lets them go, but then comes back to the car a second time and asks if they have seen Detective Ross Duncan? He says that Ross has disappeared and that the last time anyone saw him was at the Haunted Star. Luke and Skye agree to go to the station one day to look at mug shots. The cop leaves and Luke and Skye continue on their way. Skye is worried because the police are now aware that Ross is missing -- she says that if they can't get Ross to the Quartermaines' freezer tonight she is going to go to the police with everything she knows. Luke comments that when she panics it makes him hot.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Jason goes down into the well and gets Michael. He tells Lorenzo that Michael is ice-cold and has a weak pulse. He then hands Michael up to Lorenzo, who pulls Michael up onto solid ground.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that he never wanted to break her, he just didn't think that loyalty was too much to ask for. She says that she is still loyal to him -- she brings up the fact that he put a gun in her hand and told her to kill Lorenzo. She asks what would have happened if she had pulled the trigger? He apologizes for that, and he says that he never would have forced her to kill anyone, not even Lorenzo. He explains that he did it because he wanted to punish her for wanting to save Alcazar. She points out that he always wants to punish her, and he says that he knew when she showed up at Lorenzo's apartment she wasn't there to stop a crime, she was there to save Lorenzo. He says he wanted her to admit that she loved him, and he still wants to hear her admit it. Carly says that she doesn't love Lorenzo because she still loves Sonny.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Jason has just gotten out of the well, and Lorenzo is talking on the phone to 911 again. He tells the dispatcher that Michael's breathing is shallow and that he looks like he's in shock. Jason tells Michael to hang on just a little while longer.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke is dragging Ross' body through the mansion on the way to the freezer in the basement. Suddenly Skye hears someone coming and Luke hides the body in a closet. It's Dillon. Dillon and Skye each ask the other what they are doing there -- Dillon says he has come to pick up DVDs. Luke comments that a man's collection is like a window to his soul and Skye adds that of course it depends on what is being collected in the first place. Dillon says they are both acting really weird...he wants to know what's going on.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Maxie has brought Georgie some condoms. Georgie wants to know if they are "the right kind"? and Maxie assures her that it doesn't get anymore specific than latex condoms. Maxie wants to know the real reason why Georgie is going to sleep with Dillon and Georgie replies that she wants to show Dillon how much she loves him. Maxie says that Dillon loves Georgie and isn't pressuring her into having sex, and Georgie reminds her sister that she was the one who told her to get back together with Dillon. Georgie says that she doesn't want to waste anymore time, that she learned that from what happened to Nikolas and Emily. It's too easy to lose the person that you love. Maxie says that if it's what Georgie wants then she is happy for her. Georgie grins and says that it feels like her whole life is beginning tonight.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric is talking to a nurse at the hospital. Ric wants the results from the DNA test for Kristina Davis -- the *real* results. The nurse is hesitant and Ric promises him immunity if he gets him the results. The nurse admits that he switched the tests and Ric asks him: is Sonny the father?

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly says that they need to face it, they are fundamentally incompatible, that things never worked between them because they were always testing one another so that the other was doomed to fail. Sonny admits that their marriage was always "loud and irritating" but that it didn't start to get bad until Alcazar showed up. Carly disagrees, saying that they had problems all along...that there was always some other woman, or the same old arguments in which he would get mad at her for doing something that she believed was right. Sonny agrees...that at the end of those arguments she would apologize and not mean it and he would forgive her and not mean it. He muses that when you love someone a lot you take a risk to see if they can still love you afterward. Carly says that he wants someone who will always obey him -- he asks if she means that he's a selfish bastard and she says that he isn't when it comes to his kids. Carly laments that the family Michael wants doesn't exist anymore, but Sonny disagrees -- the family is broken up but the love is still there.

At that point Jason, Lorenzo and Michael come into the house. Carly and Sonny rush to Michael's side. Lorenzo and Jason explain what happened and Lorenzo says that he called the paramedics, who should be arriving shortly. Carly pleads with Michael to wake up.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye and Luke try to make small talk with Dillon to keep him from noticing that something is going on. Finally Dillon says that he is going to go get his DVDs, and before he leaves Skye and Luke urge him not to say anything to anyone about seeing them there. Dillon agrees, asks them to do the same for him, and exits the room.

But no sooner than Skye and Luke have gotten Ross' body out than Edward and Alice can be heard down the hall. Skye and Luke push the body back into the closet and then, just as Edward and Alice come into the room, they begin to make out in front of the closet door. Edward is appalled whereas Alice thinks it's romantic. Skye says that Luke is just comforting her after a difficult week, and Luke asks them to leave them some privacy. Alice says that if Edward leaves Skye and Luke alone she'll go clean out the basement freezer like he asked her to do earlier. Edward agrees and the two depart. After they've gone Skye frets about the fact that the freezer is still full of stuff. Luke assures her that he has a plan B.

THE HOSPITAL: The paramedics are bringing Michael in with Carly and Sonny close on their heels. A doctor takes Michael into a cubicle, telling Sonny and Carly that they need to wait until Michael is stabilized before they can see him. Carly is worried because she wants to be there when Michael wakes up, in case he's scared. One of the paramedics tells Carly that after another fifteen minutes in the well Michael might not have survived at all. Carly, visibly shaken, hugs Sonny, while Lorenzo watches from a few feet away.

Meanwhile in another area of the hospital, the nurse brings Ric the real DNA test results...he tells Ric that he didn't want to do the switch in the first place but that Ned Ashton asked him to, saying that the birth mother didn't want the father (a dangerous criminal) to know about the existence of his child. But the results are clear -- Sonny is the biological father. Ric thanks the nurse for doing his duty to the state, and as the nurse leaves, Alexis comes through the elevator door near the nurse's station.

Back over to Sonny and Carly's area of the hospital, Jason is explaining to them just exactly what happened. Carly thanks both Jason and Lorenzo for saving Michael and Lorenzo assures her that he's just glad they got to him in time. He says he's going to get some coffee and asks Carly if she'd like anything. She declines and Lorenzo leaves. Jason asks Carly if she's okay and she says she'll be fine as soon as they have word on Michael. Just then a doctor comes over to them. He says they are going to take Michael in for x-rays, but grants Carly and Sonny permission to see Michael one at a time.

Carly goes into Michael's cubicle and sits near his bed. She tells him that he gave them quite a scare and that they all love him so much...that Jason and Sonny are waiting outside to see him, too. She says that he needs to wake up so he can give her one of his really big hugs. She starts to cry, then, as Sonny watches from just outside the cubicle.

THE Q BOATHOUSE: Skye and Luke have put Ross' body into the boathouse...Skye says that it should be all right as the Quartermaine's don't use it until at least mid-May. Luke says that once Alice has cleaned out the freezer they'll move Ross there and then they'll be home-free. Skye is worried that they'll turn off the power for the meat locker and Luke assures her that they'll make sure the switch is kept on and that once they have evidence of Faith killing Ross they'll be able to move him anyway. Luke laments that losing Faith will mean losing her money and Skye snaps that there are other ways of making money than allowing her to be framed for murder. They continue to bicker with one another as they leave.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Dillon comes up from behind Georgie and gives her a flower. She asks him if he stole it from the Quartermaine's and he admits that he did, "among other things" -- then he shows her the key to the boat house. Georgie is delighted. They exchange "I love you's" and then kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis sees Carly and assumes that Carly is at the hospital because she got the message Alexis left for her. Alexis wants to know if she told Sonny about Sonny being Kristina's father...she says that she is being threatened constantly about whether or not she is a good mother. Carly doesn't see the point: Alexis thinks Sonny is a bad father and Sonny thinks Alexis is a bad mother -- what does it matter? Alexis warns Carly that if Carly has told Sonny she will find out about it and Carly snaps that if she were to tell Sonny the truth it would be no less than Alexis deserves.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Skye are about to head back inside...Luke wants to check out the freezer but Skye says he can't go anywhere near it. Suddenly they hear Edward talking about how the key to the boathouse is missing. They rush back outside and listen to his conversation on the subject with Alice: she says that she caught Dillon making off with the key, and she let him go. Edward wants to know why Dillon would want to go to the boathouse and Alice replies that it must have something to do with Dillon's girlfriend Georgie.

THE Q BOATHOUSE: Georgie and Dillon are kissing as they walk into the boathouse. There is clutter all over the place and there are sheets resting over some of the pieces of furniture. Dillon apologizes for the state that the boathouse is in, and Georgie says that it doesn't matter -- the first time they tried to make love they got a hotel room and got all dressed up and it never even made a difference. All that does matter, she says, is that he is with her. They kiss again and he pulls away saying that he wants to set the mood. He starts to take the sheets off of the furniture. Georgie sees something on one of the chairs and tries to get Dillon's attention. Dillon thinks that she is just nervous, but Georgie tells him to look.

It's Ross' body. Dillon is freaked out...he goes to the body and checks, but there's no pulse. "Is he dead?" Georgie whispers. "He is *so* dead," Dillon replies.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny is now sitting next to Michael (who is still asleep). He apologizes to Michael, saying that he should have been paying more attention, he should have seen that Michael was so upset. He says that he'll do anything to make this right. At this point the doctor comes in and tells Sonny that he needs to go and sign some paperwork. Sonny leaves and on his way out he tells Jason that he wants Jason to stay with Michael. Jason agrees. He goes into sit with Michael and asks him how he is feeling. Suddenly Michael opens his eyes and whispers faintly, "Did it work?"

Carly and Alexis are still going at it on one of the upstairs floor. Carly says that Sonny hates Alexis now since Alexis brought up his breakdowns on the stand, and that the only reason Alexis still has her daughter is because she (Carly) has stayed silent. Just then, Sonny comes over to them and accuses Alexis of lecturing Carly when she has no room to talk -- Carly is here for Michael, why isn't Alexis at home with her own daughter? Alexis asks Sonny who the hell he thinks he is, and Sonny asks her how far she is going to push him...until he arranges to see Kristina back with her father?

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