GH Update Monday 4/19/04

General Hospital Update Monday 4/19/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE CHURCH: Emily and Jason are alone in the church (dressed in mourning clothes) before the memorial service. Emily sits down in a pew and starts to cry, saying that she wishes that Nikolas could give her some kind of sign to fill the emptiness inside of her. She doesn't see Nikolas' cross necklace lying on the ground a few feet away, where Nikolas dropped it earlier.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary is also dressed for the memorial service. She tells Nikolas that she feels like she should go, that she knows what Emily must be going through. Nikolas wants to go with her, but Mary (alarmed) tells him that he needs to promise her that he won't go anywhere near the church.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Sam are downstairs, lying on the couch together in front of a roaring fire. Sonny warns Sam that he can be pretty intense sometimes, that he's capable of "draining" the people he's with. Sam says that if this is what it's like to be "drained" by Sonny she really doesn't mind. Sonny says that he's selfish and she reminds him that he can't scare her away no matter what. They kiss passionately.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly and Leticia are looking at the "ransom" note. Carly is amused -- the note is addressed to "Dear Michael's mother" and it's only asking for $500. She is certain that Michael made the note himself and is hiding out somewhere.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Well, Michael *was* at one point hiding out in the woods. But now he is lying, unconscious, at the bottom of a very deep well.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary tells Nikolas that he can't go to the service because it's possible that policemen (like Lucky Spencer) will see him and recognize him as a deserter. Nikolas isn't so sure -- he reminds her that the military and the local police are two completely separate entities, and that an AWOL soldier will be the last thing on Lucky's mind (since his brother has just died). He wants to be there with Mary in case the memorial service opens up old wounds for her. Mary assures him that she will be fine -- she's not the widow this time...her husband will be safe, waiting for her at home.

THE CHURCH: Jason tells Emily that the service might give her what she needs to move on. Someone comes up from behind Emily and puts his hand on her shoulder. For a moment she thinks that it's Nikolas, but it's only Lucky. Lucky and Em embrace and discuss the fact that while they both know that Nikolas is gone in their minds, in their hearts it's a different matter entirely. Jason addresses Lucky, apologizing for his loss, and Lucky says that he's glad to see Jason, as Nik would have wanted him to be there.

At that point Lulu and Lesley come over to them. Lulu refuses to believe that Nikolas is gone, and Lucky is forced to tell her that Nik has gone to heaven (but that he'll always be their brother, and that he'll always live in their hearts). Lesley tells her grandson that Lulu is unable to wrap her mind around what has happened, and Emily tells Lulu that she can't wrap her mind around it either.

More people have arrived -- Edward, Alan, Ned, Tracy, Alexis and Helena. Luke and Skye come in through a side door -- Skye wants Luke to go and say hello to Lucky. But Lucky has more important things on his mind...when he sees Helena, he tells Lesley to take Lulu to another part of the room. He and Helena glare at one another, as Luke looks on.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly and Leticia have been searching the whole place looking for Michael. Carly calls out for Michael, telling him that she knows that he's angry because his family is broken up, but that he needs to come out right now, so that they can discuss the matter calmly. Carly adds that she is worried for Michael and that he's scaring her a great deal. But of course, there is no response.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Lorenzo has approached Courtney to thank her for saving his life and to remind her that he owes her a debt and that he intends to pay it eventually. Courtney wants very little to do with him, telling him that she will never need anything from him, so he might as well just leave town. At that point her cell phone rings -- it's Carly, telling Court that Morgan is missing. Courtney says that she will be right over. Cut to Carly, looking increasingly worried.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Sam that she is easy to be with, "too good to be true" and Sam says that it's because she isn't good or noble. Sonny says he likes that about her, that "noble" people only end up stabbing you in the back. Sam notes that he must be talking about Courtney, but Sonny stops her, saying he doesn't want to discuss Courtney, or Carly, or Mike...he just wants to concentrate on being with her. He wants to take her to Manhattan for dinner. Sam is delighted.

CARLY'S HOUSE: No sooner than Courtney has arrived, than Carly joins her outside, intent on continuing the search as soon as possible. Courtney wants to know if Carly has called the police and Carly shows her the note, saying that it's obvious that Michael staged his own kidnapping as a way of lashing out. Courtney thinks that Sonny has a right to know that Michael is missing, and Carly says no, that if Sonny knew he would only use it against her in court in another custody battle. She goes off to continue searching and Courtney follows close on her heels.

THE CHURCH: Emily hugs Ned and Monica and joins in a huddle with the other Q's. Tracy tries to join them but Ned stops her, saying that Tracy only wants to use the memorial service as a chance to sharpen her claws. Tracy acts offended, but it passes quickly (as Ned notes) the moment she sees Dillon enter the church from the other side of the room. Dillon sees her too, and ducks over next to Justus and Skye (who are talking to the minister). Dillon tells them that he doesn't want to see his mom, and then vanishes once again. Tracy makes her way over to Justus and asks where Dillon is. Justus feigns ignorance, to Tracy's disgust.

Ric is also at the memorial service. He approaches Alexis and offers his condolences for her loss. Alexis wonders why Ric is even here and Ric says that he is representing Elizabeth since she can't be there herself. Alexis notes that Elizabeth has left him and then snaps that he had better not upset the people at the memorial service.

Ric leaves Alexis alone when he sees Audrey standing a few feet away. He asks Audrey how Elizabeth is and Audrey says that Liz is fine, that she's sorry that she can't be at the memorial service, and that she hasn't mentioned Ric at all.

In another part of the room, Luke and Lucky are standing together. Luke asks what Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily and Nikolas used to call themselves: "The Gang of Four"? Lucky corrects him: "The Four Musketeers." Luke notes that it isn't very original and Lucky explains that it gave them words for the bond they felt among them. Lucky tells Luke that he'll miss Nikolas, and that he's glad Luke came, even if it was mostly just as Skye's companion. Lucky says that it's good to know that his father is still around. Luke touches Lucky's face, they smile at one another, and then part ways.

Unseen by the other people in the room, Mary enters the church and moves to take a place toward the back just as the minister begins the service, welcoming everyone to a celebration of the life of Nikolas Cassadine. Emily has her head bowed...the cross necklace is still sitting on the floor.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas is by himself, hanging around waiting for Mary to come back from the service, when he realizes that the cross necklace is missing. He immediately grabs his coat and leaves the cottage -- intent on returning to the church, where he believes he must have left it.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Courtney and Carly return from searching outside...Carly says that now she is really, really worried. Leticia comes into the living room and says that there's still no sign of Michael on her end, and Carly tells her to continue watching Morgan. Courtney asks Carly if there's a chance that Michael really was kidnapped and Carly says she isn't sure...that the note was obviously written by Michael, but that too much time has passed. Courtney thinks that they need to call the police, and when Carly nixes the idea, Courtney suggests Jason instead -- it's dark outside, and they need help in the search.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Sam are both dressed up for a night on the town. Sonny appreciates the dress that Sam is wearing (one he bought for her) and Sam says that he looks good as well. They start to kiss and are interrupted when the phone rings -- it's Carly, for Sonny. Carly tells him that they have a problem, that Michael is gone.

THE CHURCH: Alexis is speaking before the crowd. She says that the best thing about Nikolas is how deeply he loved and how strongly he believed in love. (While she is speaking, Jason discreetly checks his cell phone, which is signaling a call. He slips out of the pew and goes toward the back of the church.) Alexis remarks that Nikolas believed that love would prevail despite the fact that so many people so often tried to tear it down (at this point the camera focuses on Helena and Mary, sitting next to one another at the back of the church -- Mary looks guilty, and Helena's expression is unreadable). Alexis closes by saying that she will miss Nikolas forever and that she is so glad that he loved Emily.

Alexis and Emily then embrace, as Mary beats a hasty retreat. As she leaves the church she begins to cry, and she hurries back to her car. She doesn't see Nikolas cowering in the bushes. He creeps over to the doorway and peers through, just in time to see Emily stand up and announce to the assembled crowd that she wants to tell them all about the man she loves.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Mary comes back to the cottage and is alarmed to see that Nikolas is nowhere in sight. She calls out for him but he doesn't answer.

THE CHURCH: Emily compares herself to the story of Cinderella...she tells the crowd that she used to put on her mother's shoes and pretend that they were glass slippers, that she used to dance in her room imagining that she is in the arms of a prince. Em says that she was very lucky, to have found a true prince in Nikolas. She says that Nikolas taught her all about love, and how strong it is...that it can defeat old grudges (she's making a veiled reference to the Cassadine/Spencer battles), cancer...and even death...because she feels him in the room with them even now, and she knows that if he could speak to them he would tell them all to love and value one another.

Just as Emily is finishing her speech, two things happen. One, Nikolas leaves the church, and two, Helena stands up and denounces Emily and all of the other people in the room as hypocrites, who all played a role in Nikolas' death.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny has just shown up. He asks Carly to see the note and Carly replies that Courtney has it. Sonny immediately turns his back to his sister...Carly rolls her eyes and gets the note for him since he's showing no signs of getting it himself. When he studies it, he notes that Michael is acting out, and Courtney replies that that's exactly what they thought, but that Michael has been gone for so long already. Sonny glares at Courtney until she silently admits defeat and goes to another part of the room. Carly, sensing the tension between the two, tells Sonny that she's worried that Michael got into a car with a stranger. Sonny tells her that he has men out looking for Michael everywhere.

There's a knock on the door -- Courtney rushes to get's Jason. Jason doesn't acknowledge Courtney...instead he brushes past her and tells Sonny that Michael has a fort out in the woods, a secret fort, and that Jason knows where it is because Michael showed him one time. Jason wants to go alone, because he thinks he'll be able to reason with Michael. Sonny agrees, and Jason exits. (Courtney looks upset that Jason never uttered a single word to her.) Sonny tells Carly that Michael is relentless and they need to stop this behavior right now by presenting a united front.

THE CHURCH: Helena warns everyone present that none of them will escape her wrath. She blames Luke for forcing Laura to leave Nikolas, and for killing Stavros, which left Nikolas at the mercy of Stefan. She blames Alexis for encouraging Nik to turn his back on the Cassadines. And she blames the Quartermaines (who all look exasperated for even being included in the tirade) for allowing their daughter to seduce Nikolas.

At this point Luke intervenes, saying that the "freak show" is now over. Helena snaps that she will not be silenced by the likes of him, and Luke roars, "The hell you won't!" Luke offers up a somewhat touching tribute to Nikolas' life -- he says that Nikolas got a raw deal because he was the only human being to come out of the Cassadines. Luke attributes everything good in Nikolas to Laura, and admits that while he was never close to Nikolas he's going to do one last thing to honor Laura's son -- by forcing Helena to leave.

Helena retorts that this will not be the last time that they all hear from her. Then she exits the church. Emily smiles at Luke gratefully, who nods at her in response.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas returns and hangs up his coat. Mary is relieved to see him -- she asks where he went and he replies that he was at the memorial service. She reminds him that she asked him not to go there and he says that now he understands the reason why...and that it has nothing to do with the military at all.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo is discussing a business deal with one of his men. He wants to move all of his operations to Port Charles. He tells the man that he wants waterfront property and the man replies that there may be some coming onto the market soon, but that it will be complicated. Lorenzo orders him to smooth out the details, and the man departs.

Lorenzo pays for his coffee and then walks outside of Kelly's where he runs into Sam. Sam immediately accuses him of kidnapping Michael. Lorenzo says that he loves Carly and would never hurt her by taking her child. He asks Sam for information about where and when Michael was last seen and when Sam balks he asks her what's more important: saving Michael's life or standing stubbornly behind Sonny?

CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny is refusing to speak to Carly while Courtney is in the room. Courtney agrees to leave, hugging Carly and asking her to keep her posted. Carly tells Court that she has been an amazing friend. Courtney then warns Sonny (who has his back turned to her) not to let his pride get in the way of his love for his children. He ignores her, and she leaves. Carly immediately accuses Sonny of being too prideful, just like Courtney said, and Sonny counters by accusing her of allowing Michael to run away again.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Jason is out in the woods with a flashlight looking for Michael, calling out his name. Michael wakes up when he hears Jason's voice, and tries to call out to Jason -- but his voice is so weak it comes out as just barely a whisper.

THE CHURCH: Emily shows Lulu her engagement ring, the one that Nikolas gave her. She tells Lulu that since she can't wear it anymore she's going to put it in a special place, to keep until she can give it to Lulu on Lulu's 21st birthday. Lulu wonders why Emily doesn't want to keep the ring, since it's from Nik, and Emily replies that Nik gave her the very best present -- his heart, and that she will keep it forever. Lucky takes Lulu and his grandmother outside...Emily leaves as well, just missing Nik's cross necklace, which is still on the floor.

MARY'S COTTAGE: Nikolas says that he knows the real reason that Mary didn't want him at the church -- she didn't want him to hear Emily and get upset. He says that it did shake him up, listening to Emily talk about her dead fiance. He says that he knows that that must have been the way that Mary feels -- he wants Mary to know that he will always be around to protect her. They kiss.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy is trying to make amends with Dillon -- she says that Luke's speech about Nikolas proved that tragedy can go a great deal in mending people's relationships, and that she wants them to try to get past what has happened between them. Dillon isn't interested, and Tracy wonders if she'll have to die in order to get him to cut her some slack. Dillon replies that he doesn't want her to die, he just wants her to know that he'll never be able to trust her again. Dillon then exits the room, leaving Tracy alone.

OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH: Skye is trying to get Luke to admit that he had a real respect for Nikolas. Luke says that Nik was a thorn in his side that wasn't really all that bad. Skye says that sometimes she likes Luke more than she likes other people and Luke says that he'll take that as a compliment.

KELLY'S: Ric is getting an update from one of his men on the Alexis Davis-Sonny Corinthos relationship. The man says that a DNA test was ordered by Edward on Alexis' child, which proved that Ned was the father. Ric is convinced otherwise -- that Ned switched the results and that Sonny is the real father of Kristina. He says he just needs to find proof. At that moment Alexis breezes into Kelly's, heading toward the counter. Ric stares at her, deep in thought.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny is blaming Carly for Michael running away, and Carly tells him to stop, that their fighting was why Michael ran away in the first place. She says they have to push their anger aside to focus on Michael. Sonny agrees...but he says he doesn't know what to do. Carly says that Michael wants them back together, and they need to figure out what is best for their son.

OUTSIDE OF KELLY'S: Sam says that she feels that Michael could have run away. She asks Lorenzo what he thinks and Lorenzo replies that he owns the woods that surround Carly's house -- he's pretty sure that the forest would appeal to a little boy, so he wants to go and look for Michael there.

SOMEWHERE IN THE FOREST: Michael is still down the well...he can barely whisper Jason's name. Jason passes by the well on his way to search another area of the woods. Cut back to Michael, who has fallen back asleep.

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