GH Update Thursday 4/15/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie catches Georgie and Dillon together in Georgie’s room. She tells Georgie she better be more careful before Mac catches them. Georgie goes to breakfast and then sneaks some food up to Dillon. They discuss where they should go for their “First time”. They decide on the Quartermaine boathouse since it is private and it is more likely that no one will interrupt them.

Nikolas goes to the chapel in the woods with Mary and has a flash of memory. Mary tells him they were married in the same type of church in Virginia. He starts to remember Emily’s voice reciting vows, but it fades fast. Mary exits the church and Nikolas stays praying, full of grief that he cannot remember his life with Mary.

The Quartermaines offer Alexis their condolences regarding Nikolas. Ned also stops her as she is leaving and tells her he will continue to support her daughter and pretend to be Kristina’s father.

Emily decides to visit the chapel in the woods where she and Nikolas had recited vows to each other (though it was not an actual wedding). As Nikolas is inside praying, Emily approaches the door of the chapel.

At Kelly’s, the private investigator gives Ric the info he found on Alexis and Sonny. Ric begins to speculate that Sonny is Kristina’s father. The PI tells Ric Ned’s name is on the birth certificate fro Kristina. Alexis enters Kelly and Ric approaches her. Ric asks her to give him information about Sonny and she declines.

Sam tells Mike about Sonny’s fight with Courtney. He said that Jason did not take anyone’s side. Later, when Jason shows up, Mike begs Jason not to turn his back on Courtney.

At Carly’s, Courtney proposes that they go into business together. She tells Carly about the fight with Sonny. Courtney tells Carly that Jason looked right through her. She knows that Jason is done with her for sure. Courtney urges Carly to continue to fight for her relationship with Sonny. Carly says that they need some sort of “bridge” to get them back together. Michael eavesdrops on the conversation.

Jason tells Sonny that he and Courtney are over. Sonny asks him if his feelings for Courtney will get in his way of working for Sonny. He tells Jason that Courtney is nothing to him and that he hopes she is nothing to Jason either.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny fills Sam in on his back story with Mike. He tells her that when he is hurt or betrayed, he shuts down.

Carly goes to the penthouse to visit Jason and tell him he is making the biggest mistake of his life.

Mike calls Sonny and asks him to come to Kelly’s. When Sonny arrives, Courtney arrives soon after. It seems Mike may have called her too. He begs Sonny to make up with Courtney. Sonny throws Mike’s failing as a father and husband in his face. Mike reminds Sonny that it did not take long for him to turn his back on his responsibilities as a father and husband and crawled into bed with Sam. As he is saying this, Sam shows up at Kelly’s again.

Michael tells Morgan that he is going to get himself kidnapped so that his parents can get back together again.


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