GH Update Tuesday 4/13/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Ali
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Skye's Place: Luke wakes up Skye, who is sleeping on the couch. She's not happy to see him. He looks on the floor and comments that it looks like she had herself quite a time. Skye looks on the floor as well and is shocked to see Ross with an ice-pick sticking out of his back. She panics, and Luke says that Ross was lying there when he came in. Skye wonders, "What if I killed him!?"

The Jones' House: Georgie is getting Dillon settled in her room (he'll be staying there because he's run away from the Quartermaine Mansion). He is set to sleep on the couch, but Georgie tells him that he can sleep on the bed with her instead. She tells him that she is a virgin and she wants him to be her first.

Carly's House: Jason is getting ready to shoot an unconscious Lorenzo when Sonny calls his cell. Sonny tells Jason to find Lorenzo and get rid of him and Jason agrees and hangs up. Before he can shoot, however, Courtney comes up from behind him and knocks him out cold with a paperweight. Almost as soon as he has fallen on the floor Courtney bends down to check to see if he's all right, then jumps back up and tries to wake up Lorenzo.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly is worried because she doesn't want Jason to kill Lorenzo. Sonny is angry -- he tells Carly that she needs to tell him where Lorenzo is this very minute.

Skye's Place: Skye is freaking out...she wants to call the police. Luke reminds her that she doesn't know that she did it, and he listens to Skye as she goes over the events from the night before -- she has flashbacks of kissing Ross, of unbuttoning his shirt...she admits to Luke that she and Ross slept together.

Kelly's: Jax is sitting at a table looking over some paperwork with Tracy comes in and sits down next to him. He's not particularly happy to see her, but she has a deal for him -- now that she is in charge of ELQ she is willing to share the wealth with him. Jax notes that he used to try and steal ELQ from Edward in the past because Edward was a worthy rival. Tracy says that Edward is done and Jax replies that he doesn't have any desire to work with her again after the mess of the casino deal. Tracy ignores his argument, reminding him suggestively that she is a force to be reckoned with "in business -- and elsewhere." Jax replies that he'll pass on her offer and Tracy accuses him of being scared of going to toe-to-toe with a woman who is his equal.

The Jones' House: Dillon argues with Georgie -- he reminds her that she slept with Tom, that he *heard* her talking about sleeping with Tom. He says that when he was outside her house and he heard them about to sleep together, "It killed me, I couldn't breathe." Georgie admits that not only did she know that Dillon was outside listening...she also staged the whole thing to make him jealous. But Dillon isn't convinced, he brings up the fact that he knows they slept together during the hotel fire. Georgie says that nothing happened, that she did a term paper and Tom watched sports. She reveals to Dillon that Tom's real name is Travis and that she and Maxie made him up, because Georgie thought that if another boy thought she was amazing, then Dillon would think she was amazing too. Dillon says that he has always found her amazing and that he always will. He says he's sorry for hurting her and she says that she wants to put their mistakes in the past and make love to him right now.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly tells Sonny that it is over between her and Lorenzo and Sonny counters that she is only lying, stalling to protect Lorenzo. He's angry because Jason could be in danger unless she tells him where Lorenzo is. This forces Carly to admit the truth -- Lorenzo is in her basement. Sonny is pissed, he goes out the door and makes Carly stay behind (under Max's guard). After he leaves Carly throws her jacket on the floor angrily.

Carly's House: Courtney tries to get Lorenzo awake and finally has success. He asks, groggily, why she saved him and she says that she couldn't turn a blind eye to murder no matter how much she hates him. She tells him he needs to leave before Jason wakes up.

Kelly's: Jax tells Tracy that she is relentless and a bully who doesn't know when to quit. But Tracy says she needs to have an ally -- she wants the best and she knows he is the best. He says that he's still not interested, that she needs to find someone who is as excited about a partnership against Edward as she is. He suggests Skye. Tracy balks but Jax reminds her that Skye is primed for revenge on Edward, that Skye will help her. He leaves Tracy with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Jones' House: Dillon triumphantly comments that he always knew there was something wrong with "Tom." Georgie is upset with herself for resorting to manipulation, but Dillon says that he is happy that she didn't sleep with Tom, that if he could take back the night he spent with Sage, he could. Georgie says that they can't change the past but they can move on -- unless he doesn't feel the same way? He says that he does, only from now on they need to be honest with one another. They kiss for a while before he pulls away, worried that her parents will find him. She assures him that they won't, and he replies that they don't need to rush...but she tells him that she wants to sleep with him more waiting. They kiss again.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly is drinking, waiting for news about Lorenzo, when Sam comes in. Carly tells Sam to leave and Sam refuses -- she wants to go to bed, but Carly won't let her, because she doesn't want Sam upstairs near the boys. Carly is angry because Michael saw Sam and Sonny kissing. Sam reminds her that she and Sonny didn't know that Michael was in the penthouse. Carly calls Sam a slut and Sam counters that she is no worse than Carly's boyfriend Lorenzo, a drug dealer. Carly accuses Sam of being cheap and easy, a woman that Sonny will never respect. Sam snaps and pushes Carly into the wall next to the door. Max opens up the door and asks what the problem is, and Carly uses that chance to escape, running out into the hallway. Max chases after her, and a very angry Sam is left standing alone in the penthouse.

Carly's House: Lorenzo thanks Courtney for saving his life, and he tells her that one day he will repay the debt. As he leaves Courtney rolls her eyes, closes the door after him and turns to tend to Jason who is just waking up. He asks where Lorenzo is, and if Courtney was the one who knocked him out. Courtney apologizes and says that if she had allowed him to kill Lorenzo the police would have come after him. Jason is angry -- Lorenzo kidnapped Carly, kidnapped Courtney, blew up the limo, and was responsible for the loss of Jason and Courtney's unborn child. He is yelling now, angry with her for making the decision about Lorenzo for him. At that moment Sonny comes in and asks two questions: why is Courtney in the house and where is Lorenzo? Jason and Courtney don't answer.

Jones' House: Georgie and Dillon are on the bed kissing, on the verge of sleeping together. He asks her if she is sure and she says that she is. He tells her that she is his other half, that this is more than sex. But before they can go any further there's a knock on the door. It's Felicia. Dillon runs to hide in the closet, and once he's hidden from view Georgie unlocks the door to let her mother in. Felicia says that she wants to talk to Georgie about sex. Georgie's mouth drops open.

Sonny's Penthouse: Michael comes downstairs -- he wants to know where his parents are. Sam tells him that his father will be home soon. Michael accuses Sam of making Carly leave...he reminds Sam that she doesn't belong in the penthouse: "It's our house, not yours." He tells Sam that he wants her to leave and never come back.

Carly's House: There are no words to describe how pissed off Sonny is. Courtney tries to calm him down, telling him to call the police and let them find Alcazar, but Sonny is having none of it -- he knows that as long as Ric is DA Lorenzo would never get justice. Sonny orders Jason to get every man they have on the hunt for Lorenzo, and Jason gets on his cell phone to pass on the message. Sonny stalks out the door. Courtney is upset, she pleads with Jason not to set himself up for murder. Jason turns to her and says, "You wanted out of my life. Stay out of it."

Skye's House: Skye is still freaking out -- she believes she must have killed Ross, and Luke has to keep reminding her that they aren't sure that that's what happened. Skye doesn't want to cover it up the way she tried to cover up the murder of Luis Alcazar (Lorenzo's brother) when she believed she was responsible (it was in fact Alexis who killed Luis, as Luke points out). Luke reminds Skye of the drunken, anti-men tirade she put on at the casino, that Ric could use it as evidence in a case against her. Luke thinks that Skye has an enemy, someone who could have come in and killed Ross while she was sleeping. Skye wonders who would want to frame her, and then tells Luke that if she tries to cover it up she'll only look guilty. She wants to take her chances with Ric, but Luke stops her, telling her that they will stash the body somewhere safe. Suddenly there's a knock on the door.

It's Tracy, and she hollers to Skye that she isn't going away, that she knows Skye is home because she sees Skye's car outside. Luke grabs the body and hides behind the couch while Skye gets the door. Tracy strides inside and says that now she has Skye exactly where she wants her. Skye, assuming Tracy knows something about Ross, looks scared.

Jones' House: With Dillon watching from inside the closet, Felicia sits down with Georgie on the bed and tells her that after what Maxie went through (with the sex on the Internet thing) she feels like she needs to have the sex talk with Georgie. She says that highschool is not what it used to be, and she saw a program on television the other day about teenage sex -- the program alarmed her. Georgie says warily that she and Mac already had this conversation in which Georgie assured him that she would not turn out like Robin and Maxie. Felicia says that there are other ways of catching diseases than just "intercourse" and Georgie freaks out, completely embarrassed. Felicia offers to use slang terms instead like "get it on" and Georgie begs her to stop. Felicia goes onto say that she is worried about Georgie feeling pressured into doing something -- she wants to know, is Georgie still a virgin?

Sonny's Penthouse: Michael is sitting in a chair playing a Game Boy when Sam brings him some cookies and milk. He doesn't want them, so Sam eats them instead. Sam tries to coax him into eating a cookie but he refuses, saying that he is not her friend and that she is responsible for his mother being sad all the time. Sam says she never wanted to hurt anyone, that she and Sonny are just friends. Michael says that Carly is friends with "Mr. Alcazar" and that he also tries to be nice to him, the way Sam is trying to be nice to him now. Michael says that neither of them are a part of his family and that they both need to leave. Sam tells him that she wishes she could help him but that his parents are the only ones who can work this out.

Carly's House: Jason is gone and Carly has arrived. Courtney tells Carly the whole story and Carly apologizes for letting it go so far. Courtney is worried that she has undone all the progress she and Jason had made just a few hours ago. Courtney says that she saved Lorenzo's life because she doesn't believe that murder is the answer, and that Carly needs to go and get Lorenzo out of town before it's too late.

Lorenzo's Apartment: Lorenzo comes in the door and turns on the light. Immediately he goes to the desk and takes out a pistol. From behind him comes a voice ordering him to put the gun down -- it's Sonny, sitting calmly on the couch with his own gun pointed at Lorenzo. Sonny tells Lorenzo that it's time for him to die.

Skye's Place: Skye says that if Tracy is here to gloat she can just leave. Tracy says that she is here to make Skye an offer -- she knows that Edward hurt Skye, and she knows what it feels like to be hurt by him. She says that now she and Skye are on the same side. Skye has no idea what Tracy is talking about and Tracy goes on to say that being elected CEO is easy but *staying* CEO is hard. She wants Skye -- who has had experience with the ELQ board -- to work with her to keep Edward out. At this point she tries to walk to another part of the room, where she would see Luke hiding. Skye stops her by suddenly exclaiming that she agrees to Tracy's offer, but that Tracy needs to leave now as Skye has a headache and won't be able to talk strategy until the morning. Tracy admits that she expected a bigger fight and Skye tells her that she just wants to see Edward taught a lesson. Tracy agrees to leave, telling Skye that she will call her in the morning. Before she goes out the door she advises Skye to put some re-hydrating creme on her face to fix the bags under her eyes -- that the bags look especially bad after she has spent a night drinking. Finally she makes her exit and Luke comes up from behind the couch, commenting that Skye and Tracy make strange bedfellows.

The Jones' House: Felicia says she will respect Georgie no matter what her answer is and Georgie replies no, she has not had sex. Felicia says that Mac told her about the hotel room Georgie got with Dillon and Georgie admits that she and Dillon didn't do anything. Felicia wants to know if Dillon has ever tried to take off her shirt and Georgie says again that they have never done anything. Felicia wants to discuss the fact that sex is about love and that Georgie needs to listen to her heart to make sure that her decisions are the right ones. Georgie says she loves Dillon and Felicia says that if they love one another like they say they do then their feelings will last. Felicia wants Georgie to live her life as innocently as possible for as long as possible -- she says that sex changes everything. Felicia comments that if Dillon is even half a man he will respect Georgie's decision on the matter and Georgie replies that he does. They hug and Felicia leaves the room. As soon as she is gone Georgie locks the door and lets Dillon out of the closet. Dillon teases Georgie about the sex conversation she just had with her mother -- they laugh and fall on the couch together.

Lorenzo's Apartment: Lorenzo tells Sonny that the guards are in the hallway and Sonny replies that the guards have been replaced with his own men. Lorenzo wants to know if Sonny plans to kill him here in the apartment and Sonny says that it shouldn't matter to Lorenzo. Sonny comments that the limo bomb was sloppy, that Lorenzo just should have killed him outright. Lorenzo says that he could never kill the father of Carly's children, that the boys are the reason he has left Sonny alive. Sonny argues that Lorenzo has only been waiting for the perfect moment, to arrange an untraceable hit on Sonny. Lorenzo says that now Carly will be at Sonny's mercy, that Sonny can bully her into submission. Sonny accuses Lorenzo of bullying Carly with lies and Lorenzo counters that the limo bomb was the only thing he ever lied to Carly about. He says he arranged for the bomb because he loves Carly and wanted her to have custody of the kids -- he says that now Sonny wants to kill him because Sonny is jealous that Lorenzo took something that belonged to him. Lorenzo says that even if Sonny kills him it won't change what he and Carly had together. Sonny counters that he will kill Lorenzo to set Carly free.

At that point Carly comes into the apartment. She immediately tells Lorenzo that she does not love him and never will love him. She says that those are the reasons why Sonny doesn't *have* to kill him.

Skye's Place: Luke is dragging the body from the living room -- he says that this is what partners do for one another, cover up dead bodies. Skye is still worried that she could have killed him, but Luke points out that she isn't the type to hurt someone unless she was hurt first. Skye asks what they should do with the body and Luke says that they need something to wrap him in. Skye says that there is an old rug in the shed outside, and Luke says that that'll work. She goes out to get the rug. Meanwhile, Tracy hasn't left yet -- she's still outside. She catches sight of Luke moving the dead body, and Skye sees her spying.

The Jones' House: Georgie apologizes for her mother killing the mood and Dillon says that it's cool that Felicia cares so much. He wants to wait like her mother said, but Georgie wants to do it now -- she says that she knows it's right just by looking in his eyes. Dillon says that he loves her so much, just as much as he did that day they shared in the barn, maybe even more. Georgie tells him that they don't need to wait years, months or even days -- they just need to find a private place where no one can interrupt. She says that she is ready.

Lorenzo's Apartment: Lorenzo chides Sonny -- what will Sonny do now that Carly is here, will he send her out of the room? Carly says that she hates Lorenzo and that they are over with. Sonny says there is only one way to be sure. Carly argues with Sonny, tell him that he doesn't have to kill Lorenzo. Sonny says he won't -- then he puts the gun in Carly's hands. He wants *Carly* to kill Lorenzo. Carly shakes her head back and forth in disbelief.

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