GH Update Monday 4/12/04

General Hospital Update Monday 4/12/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

Mary's Cottage: Mary and Nikolas are making out and very close to actually sleeping together when Mary pulls away suddenly. She tells Nikolas that she can't make love to a stranger -- Nikolas looks (understandably) confused.

Jason and Courtney's Loft: Courtney is talking on her cell phone -- leaving a message on Carly's voicemail box. As she talks she is moving around the loft getting her things together. She tells Carly that she is on her way to check on Lorenzo, and that Carly can spend as much time as she needs getting Michael and Morgan settled at Sonny's penthouse. Court hangs up and then opens up the door to find Jason standing there. They both seem surprised to see one another -- he asks her where she is going and she replies that she was on her way to see him.

Carly's House: Lorenzo is still handcuffed to the basement shelves (the basement is steadily flooding with water). When he tries to grab a pair of pliers that are just out of his reach, the shelf falls down on top of him...not only is he now pinned down (face lying in the water), he has also been knocked unconscious.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly, Michael and Morgan are all downstairs waiting for Sonny to come home. Carly tells Michael that Sonny loves him very much -- that Michael and Morgan will always have a home at the penthouse. Michael wants Carly to stay too, and Carly replies that she and Sonny remain connected in a special way. (As she is speaking, Sonny and Sam are kissing out in the hallway.) Michael asks Carly if she still loves Sonny, and Carly says that she does. At that moment, Sonny and Sam -- still kissing one another -- stumble into the penthouse. Carly looks shocked -- she and Sonny immediately send the kids upstairs with Max (Sonny's bodyguard). Once the kids are gone, Carly tells Sam to leave. Sam replies, "You don't live here anymore, Carly -- I do."

The Haunted Star: Skye and Luke are sitting at the bar...Skye is pouring herself a drink. They argue over whether or not she is angry with him -- Luke thinks that she is, and Skye replies that she doesn't give a damn about Luke and that he needs to get over himself: he isn't the only "snake in the grass." Luke guesses who she is referring to: Tracy? No. Ned? No. Edward? Skye says yes -- that Edward only made her the Quartermaine heir when he needed to be kept out of the loonybin. Now she is cut out of the will. Skye says she hates all men.

A few feet away, Faith approaches Detective Ross. She wants to talk about the investigation into her money laundering. Ross assures her that he is stalling her case with all the paperwork he can find. This makes Faith happy -- she slips him some money and teasingly advises him not to spend it all in one place.

Back at the bar, Skye is lamenting the fact that she never learns her lesson...all men are "pigs are liars, every single one." And Edward is the worst one of all. Luke agrees that Edward has perfected his "game" over the years. Skye asks Luke if Edward is his role-model. Skye says that she has always wanted a desire to be wanted by a family, to belong. As she talks, it is obvious that she is drunk and intent on getting drunker still. She asks Luke whether or not he is going to tell her that she has had enough and that she needs to go home. Luke says he wasn't planning on it, and pours her another drink.

Kelly's: Lucky and Emily are sitting at a table together planning a memorial service for Nikolas. Emily doesn't want to hold it at "cursed" Wyndemere. Lucky and Emily talk about the time when Nikolas said he wanted to live on a desert island all by himself -- they know that he wouldn't have been able to get along without his servants. Lucky adds wistfully that he and Nikolas always used to tease one another, that they were like "the prince and the commoner." Emily apologizes for wallowing so much in her own sorrow that she couldn't see that Lucky was mourning Nik as well.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas asks Mary to explain what she means by saying that he is a stranger. He says that he knows that he's lost his memory but that he's still the same guy. Mary replies that the man she sent off to war was her "first and only" -- a different man than the one she is looking at now. She adds that she was alone for a long time, and in that time she changed a lot. She says she's having trouble putting it into words, but Nikolas urges her to try anyway. She says that there are things that they don't know about one another, things inside of them, working against them. Nikolas says that they can work on that but that he doesn't want something so vague getting in the way of their lives together. Mary quietly replies that she wants him but that it might not be the same as it was before. Nikolas says that that's true, but that making love to her could also trigger his memory...that's a chance worth taking. They kiss, and as they kiss the storm outside causes the electricity to go out.

Jason and Courtney's Loft: Jason comes into the loft, and asks why Courtney didn't call him (instead of attempting to go out in the storm). Courtney replies that she wanted to see him face to face, and he says that he wanted to see her, as well. He tells her that he was thinking about Nikolas and Emily, and how they were together one day and torn apart the next. He feels that he and Courtney would be missing out on something big if they get divorced. He tells her that he knows that she worries about the danger, but that he can promise her that, while he doesn't know how long he'll live, he can promise her that he'll stay safe for as long as he can. He says that he wants to spend every moment he can with her. Courtney smiles and says that that's what she wants as well. They kiss and when they finally pull away Jason asks her if she is going to tell him what's wrong. Courtney doesn't answer.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly is telling Sam that Sam has no right to be in the penthouse, just because Sonny is protecting her. Sam replies quietly that this issue is none of Carly's business, and Carly snaps that it's her business as long as it involves her sons staying at the penthouse. Carly says that the only thing keeping Sonny from telling Sam to leave is Sam's resemblance to Brenda. Sonny finally interrupts and tells Carly that he has asked Sam to move in with him. This announcement takes Carly by surprise. Sonny asks why she is at the penthouse and Carly replies that she isn't going to say a thing with Sam in the room. Sonny protests but Sam steps in and says that she'll just go back to the casino. She leaves, and Sonny asks Carly what Alcazar did to her, for her to have come to the penthouse unannounced. Carly says that it's not what Alcazar did to her, it's what *she* did to Alcazar.

The Haunted Star: Skye is still drunk and depressed -- Luke tries to lighten the mood with some jokes, but it doesn't help. Skye turns around in her chair and announces to the whole casino that drinking is great -- she launches into a pro-alcohol/anti-men tirade (which greatly amuses Faith, who is watching a few feet away). She loudly points out one of the casino customers and pegs him as a married man out with his girlfriend. Then she points out another casino customer as a "rich woman's boy-toy" from an escort service. Then Skye tries to get up onto one of the tables -- when Luke tries to stop her, she yells at him, telling him that he is the worst one of all, that he lured her into believing into a fake friendship. She declares that his kisses were only "dramatic good-byes" -- that "good-bye" is something that he's good at. She stumbles off the table and again Luke tries get her attention. She shrugs him off, saying that she doesn't need him or like him. As she walks out the door, Ross follows her out and Faith appears over Luke's shoulder, coyly pointing out that now that Skye is gone, Luke has time for her instead. Luke doesn't answer.

Kelly's: Lucky is talking about his relationship with Nikolas over the years -- he remembers what it was like back when the Cassadines and Spencers were mortal enemies, and that when Nikolas first showed up in town they hated one another. He says that Nikolas was like a "slap in the face" who came from out of nowhere and saved little Lesley Lu when Lucky couldn't. Emily points out that Nik and Lucky eventually became close friends and Lucky notes that it made their mother, Laura, happy. Lucky says that Laura always said that Nikolas was the only good thing to come out of her time with the Cassadine family, that even in the bad things that life hands you, something good does eventually come along. Emily replies that she doesn't think anything good can come out of the fact that they have lost Nikolas.

Jason and Courtney's Loft: Jason and Courtney are sitting on the couch together, Courtney's head resting on his chest. He asks her to tell him what's wrong, and she replies that she has just been distracted. Jason doesn't buy it, he says that there's something that she has been hiding from him, that he can tell. He wonders if she only told him that she wanted to get back together so that he wouldn't question her. Courtney denies that she would ever use their love like that -- she does love him and miss him and want what they used to have. She finally explains that she promised Carly she would do a favor, and that she doesn't want to do it now because it would mean leaving Jason. Jason and Courtney kiss again.

Carly's House: In the basement, Lorenzo is still unconscious and lying in the water. If he's there for much longer, he'll drown.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly explains to Sonny that she found out that Lorenzo was lying to her and that she ended her relationship with him. Sonny asks what happened and Carly evades the question, saying instead that she was only with Lorenzo because of her brain injury. Sonny asks again, what happened to make her leave Lorenzo -- did she find out that he set the car-bomb? Carly gets upset and warns Sonny not to make her regret that she came to the penthouse at all. Sonny tells her that he has just received evidence that Lorenzo was the one responsible for the bomb and Carly replies, "I already know."

Jason and Courtney's Loft: Jason and Courtney are making out on the couch when suddenly Courtney pulls away. He tells her that he understands that she has to go and that he wants to go with her. Courtney says that Carly is having a problem that she wants to keep to herself, and that Jason needs to respect Carly's privacy. Jason keeps harping on the subject and Courtney tells him that while she doesn't want the promise she made to Carly to hurt the progress that they've made in their relationship, Jason really needs to respect Carly's business. She says that she won't be long and asks if they can meet somewhere later. Court says that she'll call him, and then she leaves. Jason continues to stand in the loft, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Kelly's: Outside of Kelly's, Skye is wandering around aimlessly when Ross shows up. They get to talking and he offers her his coat. He can't help but notice the state she is in and offers to take her inside to buy her a cup of coffee. Skye says she would rather that they go back to her place for dry martinis. Ross says that that's fine too, just as long as he does the driving. She hands him her car keys and they take off.

The Haunted Star: Faith is talking to Luke -- she says that the casino has a lot of potential that can be unleashed now that Skye "the Girl Scout" is out of the picture. Luke asks her to elaborate and Faith replies that she thinks they should rig the tables and use the profits to open up another casino in Atlantic City. Luke is slightly exasperated...he explains that he likes having Faith around, that she is an "exotic convenience" -- but that if she gets anymore inconvenient, he'll have to rethink exactly how exotic she is.

Meanwhile, Sam has just obtained a table at the casino and is being served by a waiter. When she tries to pay for the drink, Ric shows up and pays instead. Sam glares at him.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny gives Max the order -- he wants Lorenzo found by the end of the night. Max says that he'll take care of it, and then exits. Carly explains to Sonny that Lorenzo didn't intend for anyone to get hurt, he just wanted to make Sonny look bad in front of the judge. Sonny asks how she found out about Lorenzo's part in the bombing and Carly says that she found a piece of paper that the bomber had had, with a number on it -- the number was to one of Lorenzo's cell phones. She says that she confronted Lorenzo into an admission. Sonny demands to know where Lorenzo is now, and Carly doesn't answer.

Carly's House: Courtney has made her way into the basement...she runs over to Lorenzo and throws the shelves off of him, then uses the key to unlock the handcuffs. She checks his pulse -- it's very weak.

Kelly's: Lucky and Emily are back to talking about the memorial service for Nikolas. Emily wants to keep it very small, just the two of them and Nikolas, but she knows that it should be open to whoever else wants to come. Lucky says that he knows that Nikolas would want everyone who cared about him to come together for at least ten minutes, long enough to say good-bye. Emily nods.

Mary's Cottage: The lights are still out and Mary is waiting in the dark waiting for Nikolas to come back inside (he went to check the power lines). He finally comes in the front door with the news that the rain is letting up but that the power lines are down. Mary notes that the power always goes out in this area of the woods, and that luckily they have enough batteries and candles lying around. Nikolas asks if he was the one who was always prepared or if that was Mary. Mary replies softly that he always made sure she had whatever she would need. Nikolas, moved, asks her to dance with him. Music comes over the radio. They joke about whether or not he's a good dancer, and Mary says she's willing to give it a shot if he is. They begin to dance, and Mary says that it's wonderful.

The Haunted Star: Luke is telling Skye that she is welcome to hang around and pay her way, but that their business deal is going to be kept in the background, and that when Skye comes back everything will be exactly as it was when she left. Faith notes that Luke is backing the "wrong player" and Luke replies that life's a gamble.

Meanwhile, Ric sits down at Sam's table. Ric says that he and Sam got off on the wrong foot, that he was hostile the other day because he's jealous of the fact that his brother Sonny gets all of the beautiful women in town. Sam points out coyly that she and Sonny aren't exclusive, that they are just passing time with one another. Ric asks if that means that he has a chance with Sam himself and Sam replies that she finds him more attractive than Sonny. Ric suggests that they go somewhere private so they can "explore the possibilities." Sam replies that she thought that Sonny was exaggerating about Ric being a slime, but that now she sees that it's true, that he would sleep with her just to put his mark on something of Sonny's -- she points out that it's little wonder that Ric's pregnant wife walked out on him, and that he doesn't even look broken up over it. Ric coolly replies that those are harsh words coming "from a whore" and Sam snaps that she wouldn't sleep with him if he was the last man on Earth. She advises him not to try to compete with Sonny, that he'll always come out a loser, and Ric advises her in turn that she is just another in a long line of Sonny's women and that if Carly wants Sonny back Sonny will drop Sam like a hot potato. Then, Ric makes his exit, leaving Sam alone at the table.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly tells Sonny that Lorenzo doesn't have any reason to stay in Port Charles. At that point someone calls Sonny's cellphone with an update on Lorenzo. After Sonny has hung up, he tells Carly that one of his men has been to Lorenzo's apartment -- that all of Lorenzo's furniture is still there, and that there aren't any signs that Lorenzo is planning on leaving Port Charles. Sonny accuses Carly of trying to protect Lorenzo.

Carly's House: Courtney has managed to pull Lorenzo up the they are in the living room and Courtney is trying to revive him. She pumps the water out of his stomach and Lorenzo starts to cough. Courtney is relieved -- but the relief lasts only a moment, as Jason suddenly comes through the front-door.

Kelly's: Emily tells Lucky that when she was in the hospital she caught a glimpse of death -- that there was light and a sense of peace. She hopes that it was like that for Nikolas.

Mary's Cottage: The song on the radio ends and so does Nik and Mary's dance. Mary says that the dance was lovely and Nik agrees that there's something good about starting from a clean slate. Mary says that she knows that she doesn't have a choice, that the life she used to live in their house is over.

Kelly's: Lucky tells Emily that Nikolas will continue to live on in their hearts. Emily says that it's hard to believe that that's all they have left of Nikolas.

Mary's Cottage: Mary tells Nikolas that all she has is "now" and Nikolas and that she can live with that.

Kelly's: Emily says to Lucky that somehow she will have to learn to live with it, and Lucky reminds her that they both will and that she isn't alone.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas reminds Mary that she will never have to be alone, unless he has to go to work or something. Mary laughs at the thought of him working and Nikolas says he'll have to. Mary tells him that she doesn't want to talk about reality, that she just wants to be close. Nik says that that sounds good to him and Mary says that she'll go heat up the chili so they can cuddle by the fire. She goes into the kitchen, leaving Nikolas in the living room as another song comes over the radio.

Kelly's: The same song is playing at Kelly's. Emily laughs and tells Lucky that this is the same song that was playing in her dream when she was in the hospital, unconscious. Not long after she heard it, Nikolas pulled her back awake. Emily thinks that it could be a sign that Nikolas is thinking of her, wherever she is. Lucky tells her that he's sure of it.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas is listening to the song, staring out the window at the rain.

Skye's Place: Skye offers Ross a drink but he declines. She pours herself one and says that she doesn't normally invite strangers into her home. Ross says that they can rectify that by getting to know one another -- they introduce themselves to one another. Skye says that she saw him arrest Faith, and she asks him if he likes being a cop. Ross corrects her -- he is a detective, meaning that he gets to wear plain clothes. Skye asks if he ever goes undercover and Ross says that he does, sometimes. She asks where his "weapon" is and he says that he pulls it out on "special occasions." Skye says that they can make it special, and then she grabs him and they kiss.

Carly's House: Courtney is trying to explain what has happened to Jason -- Carly found out about the bomb, they had a fight, she put him in the basement. She says that Carly knew that if Lorenzo didn't leave town Jason and Sonny would kill him. Jason tells her to leave and that he can take it from here on in. But Courtney says no, that she won't let him kill Lorenzo. Jason yells at her again, that she needs to go home, and Courtney stalks out the door. Jason lifts Lorenzo's head up off of the table and looks at him.

Sonny's Penthouse: Carly tells Sonny that even if she knew where Lorenzo was that she wouldn't tell Sonny. She tries to leave and Sonny stops her, telling her that he won't let her go looking for Lorenzo.

Carly's House: Jason gets a pillow from the couch and holds it against Lorenzo's head -- he pulls a gun out and aims it at the pillow (which will muffle the shot). Just then he gets a call on his cell phone from Sonny. Sonny tells him to find Lorenzo and kill him. Jason tells him, "It's done." Suddenly Courtney comes up from behind and hits Jason over the head with a blunt object. As he falls to the ground she hovers over him, as if she can't believe what she has just done.

Skye's Place: Luke wakes a sleeping Skye up. Skye is very hung-over and draped over the couch. She asks what he is doing here and his eyes shift to an area a few feet away -- he notes that it looks like she had herself quite a time. She says that she spent some time with another guy, and Luke says that the guy hasn't left yet. Skye looks on the floor and sees Ross' dead body, with a knife sticking out of his back. Skye is horrified.

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