GH Update Friday 4/9/04

General Hospital Update Friday 4/9/04

By Trish
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As Dylan hides behind the couch at Felicia's house, Tracy arrives looking for him. Felicia tells Tracy that they don't know where Dylan is. Maxie arrives and tells Tracy that Georgie and Dylan broke up. Tracy tells Maxie and Felicia that she doesn't know how Dylan could have ever been involved with someone like Georgie and Felicia chases her out of the house with a broom. When Tracy is gone, Felicia asks Maxie where Georgie is and Maxie tells her that Georgie may have gone to the library. Felicia tells Maxie that she can't go find her, because she can't leave Max alone and tells Maxie that she did a great job handling herself around Tracy. When Felicia leaves the room, Maxie tells Dylan to sneak out of the house through the laundry room and that she will call Georgie and tell her to meet him at Kelly's.

At Kelly's Emily enters with Lucky. Mike comes over with coffee and offers his sympathy. Lucky asks Emily if being there is O.K. and she says that she just needed to get out of the house. Emily tells Lucky that knowing how much he loves Nikolas gives her peace and she says that she will always love him.

Mary enters the cabin soaking wet from the rain. She wanted to clear some leaves from the rose garden. When she goes into the bedroom to change out of her wet clothes, the zipper on her top gets stuck. She calls to "Connor" to come help her and him jokes that he hopes he remembers how zippers work! As he removes her top, they kiss, but Mary stops it from going further. She says that since the roads are bad, she needs to run out and get supplies to brave out the storm and she leaves once again.

Courtney cooks dinner for Jason and he arrives at her apartment. She makes chicken pot pie and they reminisce about the first time she cooked it for him. They talk about her "awful apartment" then and she reminds him that the first dinner was to thank him for guarding her. She asks if he remembers the red wine that she bought that time because it was on sale forgetting that red wine doesn't go with chicken and in a flashback they remember how she spilled it all over the place. Jason says that that night didn't turn out the way he expected and she asks if he could back in time, would he change anything. He says he would change everything from that night on.

Sonny and Sam arrive at the Haunted Star for a night of gambling and Skye greets them. Skye tells them to let her know if they need anything and she returns to the table where Jax is sitting. Jax jokes that Skye is cute when she lies that she doesn't care if they have a good time. She tries to get away from him and Jax asks if her mood is because Edward cut her out of the will. Skye says that everyone tried to warn her about the Quartermaines but she didn't listen. Sam wins on her first attempt and as Ric enters her and Sonny joke that their luck just ran out.

As Lorenzo is still locked in Carly's basement, he asks Carly to imagine her life without him. She says that that looks pretty good. Lorenzo asks if she sees herself back together with Sonny. Carly says that nothing will ever change her love for Sonny and that she has lost all respect and trust for Lorenzo. Lorenzo asks what happened to her pride. She asks him what kind of man clings to a woman that doesn't want him. Lorenzo tells Carly that obviously she doesn't want him to die because she could take care of that with one phone call and he'd like to think it's because she cares about him.

Back at the casino, Sonny asks Ric why he is there. Ric teases Sam and calls her a "call girl in a designer dress". Sonny tells Ric that the difference between them is that Sonny is proud of the women he is with and that he doesn't hide behind them. Ric tells Sonny to enjoy his freedom while he can. Alexis arrives and Ric offers his sympathy on Nikolas' "death". Alexis goes to Jax and Skye's table and asks them why they dragged her out on such a bad weather night and Jax says that he wanted Skye to have the best attorney to fight the Quartermaines with and asks Alexis to hear Skye out. Jax walks over to Sonny and Sam, who are on a winning streak, but Jax tells Sam to be cautious.

Back at dinner, Jason apologizes to Courtney for causing her so much pain and says that he should have been stronger and less selfish. Courtney tells Jason that he is the most unselfish person she knows. Jason says he is selfish because he wanted to be with her no matter what the cost. Jason tells Courtney that when he saw Emily earlier he asked Emily if there was anything he could do to help her. Emily said that she wanted Jason to tell Courtney the truth which is that he loves Courtney and he always will.

Georgie arrives at Kelly's and tells Dylan that Maxie told her Dylan was looking for her. Dylan tells her that what happened was his entire fault and that he already told Tracy and Sage that he is done with them. At another table, Emily orders chili and she and Lucky reminisce about how Nikolas used to like to order chili and be treated "normal". Mary arrives at Kelly's and orders a quart of chili and an apple pie and Mike questions why she wants so much food.

Back at the Haunted Star, Sam's winning streak continues. Jax tells Sam that she hopes she is not setting herself up for a fall with Sonny. Sam asks if that is a threat and reminds Jax that he promised to never say anything about the night of the fire, when then made love. Jax tells Sam that with Sonny, everyone pays including his wife and that she won't be any different. Sonny asks Alexis why she isn't home with her daughter and they discuss the custody trial. Alexis explains that she was just trying to do the job that Carly paid her to do. Sonny tells Alexis that even though she tried to break him, he doesn't hold grudges and that the scales always balance in the end. As Ric approaches the two, he asks what is going on and Sonny tells him that they are "discussing scales" that since they are both experts, he'll leave them to talk. Ric tells Alexis that he can't believe that she tried to defend Sonny, especially considering how he treats him. Luke arrives with Faith.

In the basement, Lorenzo reminds Carly of Sonny's relationship with Sam and she explains that Sam means nothing to Sonny. Lorenzo tells Carly that he will never be able to get rid of him. Michael yells out to Carly from upstairs, but she tells him not to come down to the basement.

Back at dinner, Jason tells Courtney that he always lived his life without love until he met her and that she was the best thing that ever happened to "someone like him", but that his life can't make her happy. Courtney asks if that is why he is letting go and he tells her that that is what is best. Courtney says that even thought she knows it's best; she still can't sign the divorce papers because she does not want a divorce. She tells Jason that she doesn't want to someday open the door and find out that something happened to him.

Jason says that he can't promise to change, but that he can promise not to hurt her anymore. Courtney takes Jason's hand and tells him that she wishes it didn't have to be like this. Jason says that he has to be somewhere, but leaves without signing the papers. When Courtney stops him and reminds him that he didn't sign the papers, he says "Neither did you."

When Carly returns, Lorenzo asks her what lie she told Michael this time. Did she tell him there was a "monster" in the basement? Carly tells Lorenzo that that really isn't far from the truth. She asks Lorenzo if he would promise to leave town and he says he is not, leaving them at a stalemate. Carly tells him that she will keep him locked up until he is convinced that it is over between them.

Back at the casino, Jax tells Sam that all good gamblers know when to quit, but Sam says that this game is "hers". After Alexis refuses to justify her actions to Ric, Ric makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end to find information on a connection between Sonny and Alexis and to report back to him.

Dylan tells Georgie that she is the one he wants to be with and she invites him to move into her house and that no one will find out that he is there.

Emily spots Mary and Kelly's and tells her that the search for Nikolas has been called off. Mary expresses her sorrow. Emily tells Mary that she and Nikolas were to be married in the summer. Back at the cabin, "Connor" puts his coat on and goes outside.

After Luke refuses to raise the house limit at the casino for Sonny, Faith offers cash. Skye tells Faith that she doesn't want her "dirty money". Sam and Sonny kiss at the table.

Carly calls Courtney and asks her to go check on Lorenzo so she can get Michael and Morgan over to Sonny's house and away from the basement. Carly tells Michael that they are going to stay there for a few days and Michael wishes that they could all stay forever.

Skye orders a drink at the bar and Luke asks her if she is trying to drown her sorrow. Skye tells Luke to go away and reminds him that even though he told her he wanted her, he showed up that night with Faith on his arm. Luke tells Skye that it was only business. Skye angrily tells Luke that he never cared about her, so she never cared about him and she orders another drink.

As Courtney goes to head over to check on Lorenzo for Carly, she opens the door and there stands Jason asking where she is going.

The basement begins to flood and as Lorenzo tries to reach for pliers on a shelf unit, the unit falls and crushes him onto the floor.

Carly tells Michael that he will always have a home at Sonny's. Michael questions Carly on her relationship with Sonny and she tells him that they will always have a special connection and that maybe soon they can all spend more time together. She tells Michael that Sonny will never be too busy for he and Morgan. As Sonny and Sam kiss seductively on the elevator, they arrive at the penthouse, open the door as Michael says "Hi Daddy!"

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