GH Update Thursday 4/8/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s, Sage continues to deny to Dillon that she had anything to do with the nude pictures of Georgie. Dillon tells Sage that they are NOT friends and never will be.

The Quartermaines get into a verbal brawl over Dillon leaving. In the midst of it, Sage shows up and confirms that Tracy did blackmail Dillon, despite Tracy denying it to the family. This puts her status as head of ELQ in jeapordy. Ned again warns Skye that she is about to be double-crossed by Edward. Justus shows up and Edward speaks to him privately. After Justus leaves, Skye goes back to Edward and he breaks the news to her that he is cutting her out of the will.

Emily reads her high school diary in which she talks about her crush on Nikolas.

Alcazar continues to insist he only did what he did in order to make sure Carly got custody of her kids. He insists he loves her and believes she loves him too. Alcazar tells Carly to go tell Sonny that he is there in the basement and to tell him all she knows. Carly says she can’t. Alcazar is trying to prove to her that she loves him. Carly continues to deny it.

Jason shows up at Carly’s and grills Courtney about what is going on with Carly. Courtney manages to reveal nothing, but Jason is still suspicious. When he asks Carly what is going on, Carly tells him everything is okay. He asks her if Alcazar did something to her. Carly and Courtney keep dodging his questions and telling him that everything is okay. In frustration, he leaves. Carly admits to Courtney that even though she wants to get out of the whole situation with Alcazar, she cannot allow him to be murdered. Alcazar insists she might as well call Jason and Sonny to come kill him because that is the only way he will ever stop loving her.

Jason goes to the Quartermaine mansion to visit Emily. Tracy speaks to him very slowly as if he was mentally challenged and calls him a “thug”. He goes to see Emily and she tells him to tell Courtney that he loves her while he still can. Jason says he still loves Courtney and that is why he has to let her go. He says that being with him makes Courtney sad and so he must let her go. Emily insists he must tell Courtney that he loves her. She tells him he will regret it if he doesn’t.

Dillon sneaks into Georgie’s house and gets stuck there when Maxie, Mac, and Felicia show up. He hears Mac say that Dillon is “the worst thing that’s happened to Georgie”. They leave and Maxie comes downstairs and catches Dillon. He tells her he needs a place to stay and she tells him he can stay in Georgie’s room. Just after this, Tracy shows up and Felicia answers the door. Dillon is still stuck hiding downstairs.

Courtney serves up a candlelight dinner when Jason shows up to sign the divorce papers.


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