GH Update Wednesday 4/7/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy catches Dillon taping notes to his screenplay, which happens to be based on the Quartermaines. Ned walks in. Dillon tells him how Tracy blackmailed Sage into taking nude pictures of Georgie and threatened putting it on the Internet unless Dillon voted for her. Tracy calls off the Quartermaine contribution to the search for Nikolas. Dillon tells them he is moving out.

Nikolas wakes up beside Mary and tells her she is beautiful. She admits they made love for the first time when she was sixteen and she was a virgin. She abruptly gets up and tells him she does not want him to feel pressured. He asked her how they can move on if she keeps running from him. They share some tender and jovial moments.

Sonny comes home to find Sam waiting for him. He tells her he has not changed his mind about letting her stay at his house. Sonny leaves. Ric comes to visit and Sam lets him in. He decides to wait for Sonny. He asks Sam how much Sonny is paying her to sleep with him. She tells him he does not know how Sonny feels about her. Ric replies that Sonny does not take her in public or around the people he cares about. He says that she embarrasses Sonny. Sonny arrives and Ric informs Sonny that Elizabeth is divorcing him. Ric calls Sonny a low-life criminal and tells him he is going to put him in prison. Sonny tells Ric that Ric is afraid of him. After Ric leaves, Sam tells him what Ric said. Sonny says he is taking Sam out to prove he is not ashamed of her.

Courtney visits Carly and asks her what is going on. She knows something is wrong and begs Carly to clue her in. Carly admits that she chained up Lorenzo in the basement and now does not know what else to do. She tells Courtney that Lorenzo hired the assassin to blow up Sonny’s car during the trial. She also tells Courtney that Lorenzo can now see. Courtney tells her she has to go and make sure Alcazar understands that there can be nothing more between them. Courtney calls and leaves a voicemail that Carly no longer needs his help.

Carly goes to the basement and tells him to swear on Sage’s life that he won’t come near her or her children again or she will call Sonny to kill him. She tells him to cut his losses and walk away. Lorenzo tells her that even now she is trying to save him. He tells her he loves her and he is NOT going anywhere. Carly says she will only love Sonny. Lorenzo uses his free hand to grab Carly.

Sonny goes to visit Jason and tells him that he has to prove to Carly that Alcazar paid the bomber.

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