GH Update Tuesday 4/6/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/6/04

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Mary's Cottage: Lucky and Emily are outside the front door of Mary's cottage -- they have come back to get Emily's scarf. Lucky knocks at the door...inside, Nikolas is near the fire place. He looks at the door but doesn't move a muscle. Back outside, Mary comes out of the shed and walks over to Lucky and Em -- she has firewood in her arms.

The Hospital Nurse's Station: Dillon comes over to the station where he sees Monica, who has apparently asked him to meet her there. He asks if this has to do with the upcoming Quartermaine meeting, and she says no, that it's something that Dillon needs to see. She takes him over to the station's computer and shows him a web page that has pictures of Georgie: naked. Dillon is shocked.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam has just tried to leave only to be stopped by Sonny, who wants to explain why he wants her to stay (as the hitman has been killed and she won't take charity from anyone). Sonny says that he likes having her there, that she lights up the place, that the penthouse would be empty without her. He says that he has already had too much emptiness in his life.

Carly's House: Carly has dialed the number on the piece of paper Lorenzo got from the hitman. The number corresponds to a phone somewhere in her house...she looks around, and Lorenzo comes out of the bedroom holding his cell phone (which is the source of the ringing). Carly connects the pieces -- the hitman had a connection to Lorenzo, and suddenly it all makes sense, Lorenzo was the one behind the car-bomb. Lorenzo admits that he is guilty and tells her that he did it all for her. Carly is too upset to answer.

Mary's Cottage: Lucky helps Mary inside (Nikolas has gone in the bedroom to hide). Mary tells Lucky and Emily that she always goes out to get firewood before going to bed, and that they are fortunate to have arrived when they did...any later and she would already be asleep. She gets Emily's scarf out of the living room drawer and gives it to Em (as Nikolas listens from the bedroom). Emily thanks her and says that the scarf is important because it was a gift from Nikolas. Lucky offers Mary his condolences on what happened to her husband. Mary says that it was very hard but that as time passes she is starting to heal. Emily says that the only thing that will heal her is if Nikolas returns. Emily and Lucky turn to leave (on the way out Lucky casts a look back at the closed bedroom door, unaware that Nikolas is hiding behind it). Lucky gives Mary his card, encouraging her to call if she sees anything that could help. Then he and Em leave and Nikolas immediately comes out of the bedroom and accuses Mary of lying to him.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy is in the living room examining the contents of the food cart when Ned comes in and asks what she is up to, sending him a note telling him to come to a Quartermaine meeting. Before Tracy can answer Skye comes in as well and asks if Tracy is trying to eliminate the competition. Tracy says that she has nothing to do with the meeting...Alan comes in next and comments that this must be his father's doing. Tracy notes that that means that the meeting will be boring, and as if on cue Edward arrives and says that they are going to be having a celebration of New Year's. Tracy points out that it's April and Edward clarifies: a new year for the family...Tracy's power of attorney ends at midnight meaning that soon Edward will once again be head of the family.

The Hospital Nurse's Station: Monica and Dillon (now the only two Q's who aren't at the family meeting) are looking at the website with the pictures of Georgie...the site asks for money to look at the uncensored versions of the pics. Monica asks him if there's a chance that the site could be fake and Dillon replies that it's real but that it doesn't make sense -- Georgie would never do something like this. Suddenly he sees Sage talking with another hospital volunteer a few feet away...he goes over to her and confronts her, accusing her of setting up Georgie.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam asks Sonny to explain what he means and Sonny goes on to say that she is beautiful and fiesty and that he feels good when he is with her. She brings up Carly and Sonny says that Carly has moved on, so he is going to move on too. He says that he is not good at being along, and that he knows that his life comes with a warning label but that if she is willing to take a chance with him then he is willilng too.

Carly's House: Lorenzo says no one was supposed to get hurt in the bomb and that the fact that he got hurt was an oversight. Carly calls his blindness karma and he continues with his thought, saying that the bomb was set to go off when the limo was empty...he just wanted to give her custody of her kids, so he wanted to do the one thing that would cast a bad light on Sonny. He notes that the exploding limo would bring up memories of Sonny's dead wife Lily, and the judge would then have to make the decision to give the kids to Carly. Carly is in shock -- she can't believe that Lorenzo thinks that he did something "noble" and she calls herself stupid for believing in him. She orders him out of the house and he begs her to understand...she says nothing in response.

The Hospital Nurse's Station: Dillon shows the website to Sage, who laughs and wonders why anyone would want to pay for pictures of Georgie. Monica asks Sage if Sage is responsible and Sage denies involvement. Dillon isn't buying her story -- he wants her to shut it down while he goes to find Georgie and Monica warns him that he better hurry before more people find the website and Georgie's reputation is ruined.

After Monica has gone, Sage asks why she would do something like that to Georgie and Dillon says obviously she wanted to get back at them both for Dillon putting an end to his relationship with her (Sage). He thinks that Sage wanted him to think less of Georgie, and Sage says that if he thinks that set up Georgie, or that Georgie is above putting pictures of herself on the net to make money for Mac's recovery, that apparently he doesn't know either of them very well.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam tells Sonny that the timing of their relationship could be bad, and he says timing is never right considering the risks in his life that never go away. He says that things seem quiet and safe when they aren't and that he can't promise to keep her safe (he has learned over time not to make promises he can't keep). He warns her that being with him won't keep her alive, that he wants her to be with him but at the same time he wants her to be aware of the risks. At this point Sam's eyes fill with tears and she says that she needs to be honest with him...she admits that she is falling in love with him despite her best intentions. She wants him to know that if her love is a burden to him that she will leave. He kisses her on the forehead and says that it'll all be all right...they kiss again, and he hugs her to him tightly.

Carly's House: Carly asks if Lorenzo was just pretending to be blind until the perfect moment, when he could get the papers from the hitman. He says that he is only partially blind and that if he could have seen the number on the paper he would have thrown it away before she could see it. She concedes that he does have a point, and then begins yelling that he would have kept on lying to her. He tells her that the hitman was supposed to leave town and Carly points out that it got out of hand, that the hitman was after Sam and Jason -- how many people would have ended up dead? She tells him that they are over.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas asks her about Emily and the scarf. Mary says that she lied about Emily being there because she wanted him to feel safe -- she didn't want him to take off and get himself hurt. She says that she can handle people coming to the cottage but she doesn't think that he can, as he doesn't even know who he is...she wanted to give him the time that he needs to heal and to get used to things again, to get used to people again. Nikolas asks her if she made the story about the scarf up and Mary says that there is a scarf that they bought together in Boston...that it's in their bedroom drawer if he wants to check. He assures her that he isn't trying to accuse her of anything, that he just wants them to be honest with one another. Mary is crying...she says that she isn't sure what to do and what not to do, that she just wants things to be back to the way they are. Nikolas says that he is back now, and that even though he has no memory, he has to believe in her and in honesty...he tells her that he needs to know why the fact that he is back isn't enough for her?

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny and Sam have made it up to Sonny's bedroom...they are making out on the bed. Just as they are about to take it a step further, Sam says that they need to stop, they need to wait. Sonny complies and waits for her to explain what she's worried about.

Carly's House: Carly opens the door and orders Lorenzo out of the house. Lorenzo says that she doesn't mean that, not after the time they have spent together and the connection they have built. Carly says that whatever she felt for him is gone. He walks over to the door, slams it, and says that he isn't going anywhere.

Quartermaine: Ned takes Skye aside and warns her that there is still time to change sides. Skye isn't having any of it though, she tells him that she would rather get in front of a speeding train than give her vote to Tracy. Ned says that she mustn't let her personal feelings get in the way -- that Edward will betray her the moment she votes with him, that he will take her out of the will and put one of the other Q's in her place. Skye still isn't buying it, pointing out that if she sides with Tracy then Tracy wins. Ned promises that if Tracy wins he will use his influence to help Skye, and Skye tells him to just stop trying, that her decision is made.

Over on the other side of the room Edward mocks Tracy, asking her to go ahead and eat some "crow" that he had Cook prepare. At that point Alan comes in and announces that dinner is ready. Edward is excited...he offers his arm to Skye and they leave the room. Alan goes over to Tracy and tells her that he finds it unfortuante that she and Edward have wasted so many years at one another's throats. Tracy and Alan bicker over who loves Edward the most and then Edward leaves. As soon as he is gone Dillon storms into the room from the patio entrance. He accuses Tracy of setting up the pictures of Georgie and Tracy calmly tells him that he's right. Dillon asks why she won't deny it and she says why bother when he has already figured her out?

Mary's Cottage: Mary is sitting on the couch crying. Nikolas sits down beside her and comments that a complete stranger was able to see the sadness in her now she needs to tell him, her husband, what is making her so sad. Mary describes what happened when the soldier came to tell her that he (Nik) had died in Iraq. She says that she went through the motions, that she was the proper war widow...that she even paid a visit to their home town to see the tree they had first kissed under, and the church they had gotten married in. She says that her heart never stopped waiting for him, and that when she finally realized he was never coming back, a hole opened up inside of her...that it got deeper and colder every day. Nikolas points out that he is here with her now, and she says that despite his presence she is still terrified that she will lose him again.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam says that moving in is not casual decision for either of them. The only thing worse than losing him then would be losing him now. She understands what she is doing with her heart, the chances, and she accepts it. They kiss again.

Carly's House: Carly says that she has heard all she needs to hear, and he replies that she can't ask for truth and then punish him for it. She said that she has sworn to *everyone* that he has changed, that he would never do something so cold-blooded. Lorenzo charges in response that she herself made a calculated decision to stay with him only because he was blind. He says that all his life he has taught himself to go to any length to get what he wants -- well he wants Carly and he wanted her to have custody of her kids. Carly laments that he made her believe in him, and now everything has been thrown away. She asks how he can expect her to forgive him for this?

Quartermaine Mansion: Dillon and Tracy are arguing in the living room. He asks if she did that to Georgie to hurt him and she says that she did it to open his eyes. He says that she will never shake his faith in Georgie, and she says it doesn't matter what he thinks, it only matters what everyone else thinks -- Georgie's family, friends, classmates, the people at the hospital. Georgie's reputation will be ruined by the pictures. Dillon accuses her of blackmailing him with this to get his vote and she reminds him that soon power over the family will revert to Edward. He asks what will happen if he stands up to her and she says that Georgie will be ruined and he'll be in military school.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny is sleeping with Sam but dreaming of Carly. He dreams that Carly has come to him to tell him that she has left Lorenzo and that she is ready to be a family with him again. He and Carly kiss, happily reunited. When he wakes up, he's with Sam instead. He puts on his robe and leaves the bedroom, deep in thought.

Mary's Cottage: Nikolas reassures Mary that he isn't leaving, that she is his wife and this is his home even if he doesn't recognize it. He says it's not like he has some other life he needs to lead. He says that she has been caring for him now it is his turn to care for her.

Quartermaine Mansion: Edward has everyone assembled (including Monica, though Dillon isn't present). Edward tells them all that this is a new era for the family and he asks Tracy to go ahead and concede now. Tracy demands another vote, which they reluctantly give her. Ned and Monica vote for Tracy while Skye and Alan vote for Edward. Edward says that that means that a tie means that he wins. At that moment, just minutes before the clock strikes twelve, Dillon enters and promptly votes for his mother. Everyone is taken aback. Tracy tells him that he did the right thing and Dillon says nothing, he simply leaves the room.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam has come into the living room to see Sonny. He admits to her that he can't give her everything she needs, he can't return her love. She says that she knows that, that she will take what she can get. They embrace.

Carly's House: Lorenzo and Carly's argument reaches a fury, and finally Lorenzo agrees to leave, telling her that he needs to think things over, that he needs to sleep on the matter. As he is going out the door, Carly runs up from behind him and knocks him over the head with what looks like a paperweight. Lorenzo slumps to the ground and Carly looks as if she can't believe what she has done.

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