GH Update Monday 4/5/04

General Hospital Update Monday 4/5/04

By Ali

In the Forest: Nikolas is taking a walk, wandering around the brush. A few feet away, Lucky hears Nik moving around and calls out, "Who's there?" Nikolas quickly hides.

Mary's Cottage: Mary is looking at a photograph of Connor when there's a knock at the door. She answers it -- it's Emily. Emily shows her a picture of Nikolas and asks Mary for her help in finding him.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam and Jason are talking about her relationship with Sonny. Sam tells Jason that she wants what's best for Sonny -- and for his kids. She says that if Sonny wanted to go back to Carly that she wouldn't fight it. Then she asks Jason whether he thinks she should stay or go. Jason reminds her that he himself already tried to get her out of the country and out of Sonny's life once, when he offered to pay her money to leave. Now, he says it's up to her.

Ric's Office: Elizabeth walks up to the door just in time to hear Sonny and Ric inside of Ric's office, arguing. Ric accuses Sonny of being the worst of both of his fathers -- violent like his step-father Deke and selfish like his biological father Mike. Ric says that he (Ric) is trying to be a good man, a better man than Sonny, and that he is proving it every day he stays with Elizabeth despite the fact that she is pregnant with another man's child. At this moment Elizabeth walks into the room and asks Ric if that's really why he's with her.

Ric is horrified when he realizes that she has overheard what he said. Sonny beats a hasty retreat and after he is gone Liz begs Ric to tell her that she just misunderstood him...that he isn't really staying with her to spite Sonny. Ric has no immediate answer.

Carly's House: Lorenzo and Carly are in bed, sleeping, when Carly wakes up. She reaches for Lorenzo's jacket (which is on the bed with them) and finds papers inside the pocket. Lorenzo also wakes up and stays quiet, watching Carly looking at the fistful of papers. He has a flashback to pulling them out of the pocket of the dead hitman's jacket, and snaps back to reality, asking Carly what she's doing. Carly replies that she found the papers and she wants to know whether or not he needs them.

Mary's Cottage: Emily is asking Mary if Mary has seen Nikolas and Mary tells her that she's already told the police everything she knows. Emily says that they found Nik's jacket by the river, nearly frozen, and Mary assures her that she will call the police if she sees any sign of Nikolas. Emily then catches sight of the photograph in Mary's hands -- she asks who it is and Mary replies that it's a picture of her dead husband, Connor.

Ric's Office: Ric and Elizabeth are now arguing over his discussion with Sonny. Ric admits to hating Sonny but insists that it has nothing to do with his feelings for Elizabeth. Liz thinks that she is just an added bonus to Ric and that, on the bad days of their marriage, he just tells himself to stick with it so he can prove he's a better man than Sonny. Ric is upset that she doesn't trust him -- not because he's always been deserving of her trust...he knows he hasn't -- but because he thought that they were past all of that and that she had forgiven him. Elizabeth says she can't trust him when it comes to his rivalry with Sonny and Ric asks her to realize what she is saying -- he can't lie about not hating Sonny and he can't tell her the truth either because she becomes upset. Elizabeth replies that it's obviously impossible for them to trust one another, period.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam tells Jason that she can make up her own mind, and she's concerned that Sonny only *thinks* he wants her to move in with him. She thinks that Sonny is using her as a distraction so that he can keep his mind off of Carly. Jason says that they should all figure out what is best for themselves. Then he leaves.

Carly's House: Carly offers to help Lorenzo sort through the papers and Lorenzo teasingly asks her if she would rather go through his business papers or make love to him? Carly opts for the latter and as they begin to make out again the papers drop to the floor, forgotten.

Mary's Cottage: Mary has given Emily some tea to help her warm up and Emily laments that she is dry, that she has a coat and Nikolas doesn't. Emily then says that she's sorry for dumping her problems on Mary, who replies wistfully that she knows what it's like to be worried about the man you love. She explains to Emily that Connor was a soldier who died in battle in Iraq and that she is only just now trying to move on with her life. Emily says that she believes that Nikolas is still alive, that he walked away from the crash. She gets up to leave -- Mary offers to walk her to the road but Emily says she'll be fine. As they are outside saying their goodbyes to one another, Emily doesn't realize that she has left her scarf inside on the sofa. After Emily leaves, Nikolas returns. He and Emily have missed one another by just a few seconds.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam is looking at one of Michael's picture books when Faith shows up at the door. Sam calls for Max but Faith strolls in, explaining that Max is on a break. Sam says that Sonny isn't there and Faith replies that she has come to see Sam, as she owes Sam a favor for getting her off the hook with Sonny. She then notes the bags that are out on the sofa and asks why Sam is leaving -- is it because Carly is getting to be too much for her? Sam replies that Carly isn't living at the penthouse and Faith counters saying that Carly's memory is in the penthouse and in Sonny's heart. She asks if Sam would like some tips on how to hang onto Sonny for good, and Sam looks interested.

Kelly's: Courtney has just come in -- she tries to give Mike a hand behind the counter. It appears that Courtney doesn't really have anywhere she feels she can go -- she tells Mike that the loft is too lonely to stay in by herself.

Outside of Kelly's Jason is talking on his cell phone, leaving a message with Emily's voicemail. He wants Emily to know that if she needs any help looking for Nikolas she can count on him. At that moment Stan, one of Jason's men shows up. Stan says that he got the name of the hitman: "Jack Valcone," but that they haven't been able to figure out for sure whether or not Jack had ties to either Lorenzo or Faith. That is the one piece of the puzzle that Jason is determined to figure out.

Carly's House: Carly is out of bed, dressed up in a robe. Lorenzo is sound asleep. As Carly is picking the clothes up off of the floor she sees the papers that were left on the ground. She picks them up (one of them has a blood stain on it), casts a look back at the sleeping Lorenzo, and then slips the papers into her pocket.

Ric's Office: Ric and Elizabeth are still hashing out the Sonny issue. Liz says that she does believe that Ric loves her and that she does believe that he is going to try to be a good father to their child. But she is concerned that their lives will always come second to Ric's hatred of Sonny -- that they will waste their lives trying to bring him down. She doesn't want to build a marriage on hate, and Ric counters that their marriage is being built on love. But Elizabeth remains unconvinced. She wonders if their baby will have to grow up in constant competition with Morgan Corinthos, and if they'll have to maintain the perfect family life to prove that Sonny's isn't perfect in comparison. Ric asks if she is breaking up with him and she quietly replies that they aren't going to make it, and that they both know that.

Mary's Cottage: Mary and Nikolas are both back inside -- Mary has just brought Nikolas some tea. But Nikolas has other matters on his mind -- he sees Emily's scarf on the sofa and asks Mary whose it is. Mary is quiet for a moment, trying to come up with a good answer.

Kelly's: Mike and Courtney are working behind the counter...a few feet away the little television set is blaring the news about Nikolas Cassadine's presumed death. The anchorman mentions that Nikolas was engaged to Emily Quartermaine and Courtney registers her disgust -- why can't they leave poor Emily out of it? Mike says that the Quartermaines are big in Port Charles so naturally, if there's a way to include them in a news story the newspeople will do it. Courtney notes that Jason probably changed his last name to Morgan to avoid name recognition with the Q's -- she tells Mike that she would like to keep the last name Morgan, that it's the one thing of Jason's she *does* want. This leads to a discussion of the divorce proceedings -- Courtney is upset that Jason is trying to force her to take his money, when all she really wants is their marriage back. Mike asks her why she can't tell Jason that herself.

Meanwhile, just outside of Kelly's, Elizabeth and Jason have just run into one another. Elizabeth has locked herself out of her car and she is now searching her purse for her spare set of car keys. Jason asks if she's upset, and Liz replies that she is -- that she and Ric are going to get a divorce. She tells Jason that she thought that her love could rid Ric of his hatred for Sonny, but now she sees that that isn't possible. Jason tells her that he's sorry that she's hurting but that he knows -- just as she does -- that she is better off without Ric in her life.

Carly's House: Carly is now dressed and wandering around the house, eating chips. She takes the papers back out of her pocket and studies them. She spots the hitman's cell phone still sitting on the coffee table a few feet away...she takes it and is about to dial the number on one of the bits of paper when there's a knock on the door.

It's Sage, come to check on her uncle Lorenzo. Carly assures Sage that Lorenzo is fine, and Sage replies that she always gets nervous when he doesn't answer his cell phone. She then takes the bag of chips from Carly and plops down on the sofa. As she eats the chips she tells Carly that she needs to talk to her for a moment about something.

Sonny's Penthouse: Faith is fixing herself a drink, telling Sam that her life is a lot easier when Lorenzo and Sonny are fighting with one another -- it makes it easier for her to carry on with her business. Since Lorenzo and Sonny will only continue to fight as long as Carly is with Lorenzo (to spite Sonny), Faith thinks it is in her best interests if Sam and Sonny remain in a relationship. She gives Sam some advice: never evesdrop on Sonny's conversations as Sonny is very, very paranoid. She says that Sonny is also a control freak, so if he tells Sam to go upstairs Sam must do so immediately. Then, Faith says, when he tells her to come back down again, Sam must look her very best.

At that moment Sonny enters -- he is annoyed to see Faith, and takes the drink away from her. Then he sends Sam upstairs (and she goes, at once). Sonny warns Faith to stay away from Sam. Faith starts talking about how Luke told her that she is now off the hook with Sonny in regard to the car-bomb, and Sonny snaps that Luke is wrong. Faith is taken aback.

Carly's House: Sage says she used to hate Carly but also admired her at the same time because Lorenzo always told her that Carly had a good heart. She goes onto say that she started to like Carly when she realized that Carly wasn't using Lorenzo to make Sonny jealous. Sage is happy that her uncle is happy, and she's even happier to see that Carly hasn't bailed on Lorenzo despite the fact that he's now blind. Sage says she knows what it's like for people to bail and Carly says she also knows what's that like. Sage says she just needed to say thank you for making her uncle happy.

Outside of Kelly's: Liz is still going through the contents of her puse. Jason asks her why she gave Ric another chance when she knew it was going to be a mistake, and Liz replies that did it because she loved Ric and wanted to save him from himself...she wanted them to have a family together. She just wanted to prove once and for all that she could do something right -- prove it to herself, to her grandmother Audrey, to her sister Sarah, to her parents, and even to Jason.

Inside, Courtney is standing at the door, watching Elizabeth and Jason talk. Mike comes over to her and hands her a glass, teasingly saying that if she uses it she'll be able to hear the conversation outside better. Mike reassures her that while she and Jason do have problems, Elizabeth isn't one of them.

In the Forest: Emily and Lucky are updating one another on the progress that they have made on the search when Emily realizes that her scarf is gone, that she has left it at Mary's. This leads to a conversation on the subject of the beautiful widow -- Emily tells Lucky that Mary had a picture of Connor, and that something about the picture reminded Em of Nikolas. At that point Lucky gets a call on his beeper and as he heads off to answer it, Emily is left alone, deep in thought.

Mary's Cottage: Mary has come up with a cover story regarding the mysterious scarf -- she tells Nikolas that she bought the it on one of their trips to Boston and that she just took it out of storage in the hopes that it would help him remember. Nikolas brings the scarf to his nose and inhales -- he comments on the strange perfume and Mary says that it's a brand she used to buy (she stopped buying it because it was getting too expensive). Nikolas comments that it's too bad that she doesn't wear that scent anymore, as it smells very good. As he leaves the room, Mary gives the scarf a guilty look.

Outside of Kelly's: Elizabeth is about to leave when Courtney comes out of Kelly's. Court and Liz apologize to one another about the exchange they had had earlier, and Liz adds that Courtney was right and that Ric will never let go of his hatred of Sonny. As she leaves, Courtney asks Jason what that was all about and Jason tells her that Liz and Ric are getting a divorce. Courtney comments that Liz must be heartbroken and then says that she has to get to the office to do paperwork. Jason stands still as a statue watching her leave, as Mike comes outside. Mike asks Jason why Jason isn't following her?

Sonny's Penthouse: Sonny and Faith bicker -- Sonny tells her that he only let her live as a favor to Luke and that one day, eventually, he'll get her for good. He warns her to watch her back and then shows her the door. Once she has gone, he calls for Sam. Sam appears almost instantly in a cute black dress, which takes Sonny by surprise.

Carly's House: Carly again reassures Sage that Lorenzo is fine. Sage apologizes for being such a jerk to Carly in the past -- she now thinks that it would be cool if they could be friends and Carly agrees. Sage leaves and Carly is left with the mystery of the phone number on the piece of paper. She takes the hitman's cell phone and dials the number...suddenly, a phone somewhere in her house begins ringing.

Mary's Cottage: Lucky and Emily are standing outside the front door -- they have returned for Em's scarf. They knock on the door, and Nikolas hears them from inside the living room. He looks torn between answering the door and going to hide in one of the other rooms.

Ric's Office: Elizabeth has shown back up and Ric immediately begins showering her with apologies. But she doesn't let him finish -- she cuts him off, saying that she has come to tell him that she is filing for divorce. Ric is shocked.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam has her bags with her, she is trying to leave. She tells Sonny that out of all the stuff he gave her, the outfit she's wearing is the only thing she's taking with her. Sonny says it's not fair that she is trying to leave when he hasn't even had the chance to try and convince her to stay.

Outside of Kelly's: Mike chides Jason for letting happiness with Courtney slip away from him. Jason says that it was Courtney's choice to make and Mike replies that Courtney is depressed over the decision. He advises Jason to figure out some way to make Courtney happy...then he turns around and goes back into Kelly's. No sooner has Mike left than Stan shows back up -- Stan tells Jason that they tracked Jack the hitman to South America...Jason is determined to prove that there is a link between the hitman and Lorenzo.

Carly's House: Carly is looking around the room for the source of the ringing when Lorenzo comes out of the bedroom -- he is holding his own, ringing cell phone. Carly is shocked to realize that the number on the piece of paper was Lorenzo's, meaning that he had a tie to the hitman. She asks Lorenzo explain himself...was he trying to rid all evidence of ties between himself and the hitman because he was the one to order the bomb for Sonny's limo? Lorenzo nods and replies, "Yes."

Pictures by Juanita

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