GH Update Friday 4/2/04

General Hospital Update Friday 4/2/04

By Trish
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Emily is out in the woods trying to find Nikolas. She runs into a detective who tells her he is being pulled from the search. Emily tells him that they can't give up, that Nikolas is still out there.

At the cottage, Mary tells "Connor" she loves him and he says he doesn't deserve such devotion. They kiss, but he pulls away. She begs him not to and they continue to kiss.

Sonny tells Sam that the man that tried to kill her is dead. She says that now she has no reason to stay at his place. Sonny tells her she should do what she wants.

Carly asks Lorenzo about the dead man and tells him she saw them talking at the hospital. Lorenzo says that obviously he can't describe the man. Carly tells him it was the same man and asks why he didn't recognize the voice.

Justus meets with Jason and tells Jason that Courtney refused alimony. Jason tells Justus that he wants her to have it and tells him to take care of it. Justus tells Jason that doing that would drag out the divorce indefinitely.

Courtney meets up with Mike at Kelly's. She asks him how long it takes to be able to get on with your life.

Lucky tells Ric that the search for Nikolas should be widened, not stopped, but Ric says that they don't have the manpower. Lucky wants to know why they can't search for his brother, but he can search Sonny's apartment. Ric says that this is his best chance ever to get Sonny because he killed someone and that he is not going to let that slip away.

Sonny tells Sam that the man who tried to kill her is dead. Sam realizes that now she has no reason to stay with him. Sonny suggests changing the rules. Sam says that he thinks that he has this effect on women, that after a few nights in bed, they cling to him and that it would serve him right if she left. Sonny grabs her arm and tells her that he hasn't heard yes or not yet and they kiss.

Lorenzo tells Carly that the reason he didn't pay attention to the man was because he was focusing on Morgan. Carly says that its weird that someone would ask a blind man for directions, as Lorenzo has flashbacks to the day at the hospital. Lorenzo says he thought the man was waiting for someone. Carly asks why he didn't recognize his voice when he came to the house and asks what he said at the hospital. Lorenzo tells her it was about Jason, but he wasn't paying attention. He was focusing on trying to jump the man. Carly says that she is glad Sonny didn't listen to her and didn't stay away. Lorenzo agrees and says that he would die before letting anything happen to her. Carly tells him how strong and brave he is and they kiss.

Sam in on the couch asleep and Sonny tells her how innocent she looks. He reminds her that he promised her dinner. Sam tells him that he is pretty confident in thinking that she would say. Sonny asks if she wants to and Sam says that maybe after dinner she could come up with reasons to stay. Ric appears at the door. Sonny goes to get up and Ric tells him not to because he "knows his way around".

Jason finds Courtney and Mike and asks to speak to Courtney. Mike tells him to take his time. Courtney tells Jason that she is sorry for "going off" about seeing them together. Jason tells her that he was helping Sam because Sonny bought her the dress and that Sam is not their problem, the divorce is.

Emily meets Lucky in the woods. She asks why he didn't tell her that they called off the search for Nikolas and Lucky tells her that it has become a recovery mission. Emily insists that Nikolas is not dead, that he was probably dazes from the accident and wandered off - inside somewhere. Lucky reminds her that there hasn't been any sign of him and Emily urges him to keep trying. He is close and she is sure of it.

"Connor" and Mary head towards the bedroom and move to the bed. As they kiss, Mary stops him. "Connor" asks if he did something wrong and Mary says no, but as much as she thought they could pick up where they left off, they really can't because he doesn't remember loving her. "Connor" tells her that the love she told him about won't disappear. He says his hands will remember being a carpenter someday and his heart will remember her. Mary tells him to take all the time he needs. He looks around and says that everything he sees and touches has the potential to bring his life back and he just keeps hoping that a door will open and everything will come back. Mary asks if it would be so bad if it never came back and maybe he should give up trying and just live here and now. "Connor" says that the questions would never end and he asks to go for a walk alone. Mary urges him to be careful because she would have for anything to happen to him.

Jason asks Courtney why she refused to accept alimony and she says its because of the inheritance. Jason asks what would happen if the lady changed her mind and Courtney says all the lady has to do is ask for the money back. Jason wants to make sure that Courtney will be ok. Courtney says that money doesn't fix everything and that even though she knew the papers were coming, they were still a surprise. Jason asks why and she says that she is just not ready to divorce him even though it seems like the only way because she knows they will always love each other. As Jason asks if they should still pursue the divorce, Sonny calls him.

Ric asks Sonny and Sam if he interrupted them and asks if she has to get back to her "other clients". Sam gets angry, but Sonny tells her to let him talk and make a fool out of himself. Ric's men say they will search every inch of the apartment, including his companion's clothing. Sonny asks Ric what he wants and Ric tells him he wants him to come to the station to question him about the murder of the man at Carly's house.

As Carly begins to take off Lorenzo's jacket, Lorenzo says he doesn't want her to feel sorry for him. Carly says that making love with him won't make HIM feel better, it will make HER feel better! As they move to the bed, Carly goes to turn the light off and Lorenzo asks her not to. Carly asks how he knew she was going to turn the light off and Lorenzo says he can see the light.

Jason arrives at the stationhouse and asks Sonny if he should track down Justus. Sonny tells him not to bother, because Ric has no evidence yet he has Carly and Lorenzo as witnesses. Sonny asks Jason to tell Sam to wait for him because they have to finish their conversation. Ric enters and facetiously asks Jason when he got a law degree. Sonny reiterates that he does not need a lawyer and asks Ric what he wants with him. Ric says he wants to put Sonny in prison.

Carly asks Lorenzo what he can see and he says he can see her move and they happily hug.

Sam is coming down the stairs with her packed bags as Jason arrives with Sonny's message. Sam asks how the message was meant and Jason tells her that he wants to finish their conversation. Sam asks how long he will be and Jason says that Ric will probably keep Sonny for a few hours because he has no grounds for arrest. As they wait for Sonny to return, Sam asks Jason for his advice on whether or not she should stay. Jason tells her she he is not going to bet on her future and Sam says she does not either, but she has learned that you don't always get what you want, but if you do get it chances are you can't keep it.

Liz arrives at Kelly's and orders two hot chocolates. Courtney tells her that she hopes that they are both for her because Ric is busy trying to blame Sonny for the past and that he should learn that you can't go back to the past. Liz tells Courtney that that is true, because if you could, she would still be a stripper. Liz leaves as Courtney smirks.

Ric tells Sonny that the pieces of the night he shot the man don't fit together and asks who he was aiming at when he fired into the dark room. He asks if he was aiming at Carly, or was shooting her once enough. Sonny urges Ric to stop whining about his past and tells him to take responsibility for his life. Then Ric asks if he was aiming at Lorenzo and missed.

Lorenzo asks Carly to move around the room and he walks to the door. He closes the door and is able to find Carly across the room. Carly asks if she should call the doctor, but Lorenzo says the doctor told him that this is how he would get his sight back. He can only see her shape and asks if she went back to being blonde and they laugh. He says that his eyes never get any better, that this is enough because he will be able to take care of himself and that now he doesn't have to give up Carly. She asks why he would do that and he says he was giving himself until June to get his sight back. He says he never told her that because he knew she would stay to help him. Carly reminds him about his love for Sophie and asks if he was lonely and he asks why he just can't believe his love for her is real. Carly says she now believes it and they make love.

Mary opens a book and finds a picture of her and the real Connor, who does resemble Nikolas. There is a knock on the door and when she answers it, it is Emily asking her for help.

Nikolas sees a light while on his walk and hides as Lucky calls out to him.

Courtney tells Mike that he knows he is going to say something to her about being mean to Liz and Mike says Liz "gave as good as she got". Courtney says that Liz just knows how to push her buttons and she refuses to see the truth about Ric. Mike asks if the hostility towards Liz came from seeing her pregnant and Courtney says that although it is hard seeing mothers and children, it is getting easier. She can't help but wonder, though, what Jason's baby would look like.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny wants her to stay with him. Sam tells Jason that she knows he is not her favorite person and that most people in Sonny's life don't like her and think she is the worst thing to happen to Sonny. Jason asks her what she thinks. Sam says she doesn't want to ruin Sonny's life and if he wanted to return to Carly and the children, she would not stop him. She wonders if she is good for Sonny or if she should just disappear.

Sonny tells Ric that he has built his life around the past and that he can't change the fact that their mother chose him. Ric tells him facetiously that their mother would be proud of him today and Sonny reminds Ric that he chained Carly to a wall. Ric tells Sonny that he kills to get whatever he wants (money, power, etc.) and uses his business as a way to justify it and calls Sonny greedy. Liz arrives and is waiting outside the room as Ric talks about the fact that he is going to prove that he is a better person than Sonny by raising a child that isn't even his. Liz enters and asks Ric if that is the reason he is with her.

After making love, Carly wakes up and finds a note that fell out of Lorenzo's pocket.

Lorenzo awakens and has a flashback to the man giving him the note at the hospital. As Carly begins to read the note Lorenzo asks what she is doing.


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