GH Update Thursday 4/1/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/1/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny asks Alcazar why the assassin would be in Carly’s apartment trying to kill them. Alcazar denies that he hired the assassin to blow up the limo. They both go upstairs to comfort Michael. Alcazar stays downstairs and removes the items in the assassin’s pockets so that there is nothing left that might incriminate Alcazar. Sonny catches Alcazar taking things out of the man’s pocket. Alcazar says he was only looking for ID to find out if the man is associated with one of Sonny’s competitors. Ric shows up and tells Sonny he is under arrest for murder. Alcazar interrupts, saying that won’t be necessary. Ric ends up changing his mind. Michael runs downstairs and says he wants Sonny to stay with them. He says he wants them to be a family again. When he leaves, Michael throws a tantrum and runs to his room. Carly gently tells Lorenzo that the she saw him with the hit man at the hospital.

Courtney asks Sam what she thinks Sonny will do when he finds out that she is trying to seduce Jason. Sam asks Courtney what the hell she is doing at the penthouse. Courtney tells Sam it is her brother’s house and she can visit whenever she wants. Jason is caught in the middle. Sam tells Jason to go after Courtney. He tells her his marriage is none of her business.

Mary tells Nikolas he used to carve wood. When she leaves, he searches the house for tools. He finds tools and an unfinished wood project and tries to carve, but soon gives up. When Mary comes back, Nikolas loses his temper and says that this cannot be his life. Afterward, he is apologetic and they end up kissing.

Emily urges Ric not to call off the search for Nikolas. Ric says he will try everything he can to keep the search going. He then rushes off to Carly’s apartment due to the killing there. Elizabeth stays with Emily to talk. She voices her concerns that Ric will never get over his vendetta with Sonny. The Q’s show up to take Emily home. She says she cannot leave. Edward tells Emily that since they have not heard from Nikolas, he must be dead. Emily says she believes he is still alive.

At Kelly’s, Justus visits with Mike and tells him he has never seen two people more in love than Courtney and Jason who are trying to divorce each other.

Courtney visits with Mike at Kelly’s and he defends Sam. He tells Courtney that she is afraid of Jason moving on. Courtney admits that she still loves Jason. Mike reminds her that people who love each other sometimes don’t make good partners. Later, Mike hands her the divorce papers Justus dropped off.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny fills Jason in on everything that happened. Sam starts coming downstairs just in time to hears Sonny say that if he had stayed with her for the night, like he was about to do, he could have lost his whole family. As Jason is leaving, Justus meets him by elevators and hands him divorce papers.


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