GH Update Wednesday 3/31/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Q’s mansion, Skye walks in on Dillon pilfering food. Then Tracy catches the two of them. She accuses Skye of trying to get Dillon’s vote. Edward enters, Dillon leaves. Edward reiterates that Tracy will never run ELQ. Tracy insists that she will contest the will on the basis of Edward’s senility. Ned tells Edward that he knows that Edward is planning to stab Skye in the back. Later, Edward meets with Justus and tells him that he must draw up a new will.

At the penthouse, Sonny comes back home and finds Sam and Jason there. He tells them Morgan is okay. Sam apologizes for falling asleep near Jason on the couch.

At GH, Courtney and Carly visit with Morgan. Carly convinces Courtney to try and get along with Alcazar. Alcazar approaches and says he is willing to try. Jason comes up and tells Alcazar to get away from Courtney. Carly tells Jason to blame her not Courtney. He tells her that he does. Courtney leaves as Sonny arrives. He offers to drive Carly home but Alcazar interrupts and says his driver will take her. Carly opts to have Jason take her home. When they get home, Jason accuses Carly of being with Alcazar to get back at Sonny for being with Sam. He warns that Lorenzo may not be so charitable anymore after he realizes this. Later, Lorenzo comes to visit Carly. Michael spies on the two of them as they share a kiss on the couch. Michael calls Sonny and tries to get him to come over, saying he is scared because he heard a noise and thinks something is under the bed. Soon after, there is a sound outside and the lights go out. Carly and Alcazar hide and the assassin sneaks in. Sonny arrives just in time to shoot the intruder dead.

At GH Courtney bumps into Sam and Courtney asks her what she is doing there. Sam tells Courtney that she is just mad about her failed marriage. Sonny comes and tells Courtney to get out. Courtney tells him that she can’t believe he is sticking up for that “bitch”. Sonny continues to defend Sam.

AT GH, the assassin stops Alcazar and tells him he won’t leave until Sam and Jason are dead. Alcazar tells him he wants them alive. He does not want Sonny to wake up alone one day and decide that he wants Carly back.

At Kelly’s, Sage watches as Maxie, Georgie, and Felicia share a meal and talk about Mac. Maxie wonders if any college will accept her. Felicia assures her she does not have to be an honor student to get a good education. They talk about all the colleges Georgie has applied to. Dillon enters with the intentions of seeing Georgie. Sage asks him to sit with her. He goes to Georgie instead. He asks her to go out with him next Tuesday, but Georgie tells him that the family will be out West for a week looking at colleges.

AT Kelly’s, Sage gets a call from Tracy and tells her she will meet her there soon. When they meet, Tracy coerces Sage to put nude pictures of Georgie on the internet. Later, in the girls’ locker room at school, Sage uses her cell phone to surreptitiously take pictures of Georgie. Sage offers to finish up some work Maxie is doing on the computer and Maxie relents.

Dillon bumps into Georgie in front of Kelly’s and tells her he thinks she is hiding something from him. She says she is sorry, she cannot tell him.

Ned warns Skye not to trust Edward.

At Penthouse, Sam prattles on and on about Sonny to Jason. In the midst of this, she spills wine on her dress. She panics and wails that she cannot get a stain on the dress because Sonny bought it for her. She implores Jason to help her out. As the two of them fitfully struggle to pull her dress off, Courtney walks in on the sad, sordid scene.


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