GH Update Tuesday 3/30/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/30/04

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Mary's House: Mary and Nikolas are kissing on the couch when Nikolas suddenly pulls away. Mary watches, confused, as he gets up from the couch and walks over to the fireplace. He tells her that he can't hurt someone that he loves.

The Hospital Chapel: Emily has just finished praying (and crying) when Helena comes in. Helena notes that both of Emily's lovers died in a single night, and that if Nik weren't one of the ones dead, she'd applaud Emily. Emily is still refusing to believe that Nik could have died. Helena replies that if Nik *is* dead, she will destroy everyone that Emily has ever loved, then kill Emily herself. Emily laughs bitterly and says she would like to see Helena try to do that.

The Police Station: Luke is amused that Skye is so jealous over his "relationship" with Faith that she would try to get Faith thrown in jail. Skye points out that he's only joking because he can't handle her having feelings for him, and Luke replies that she might have a point.

In the holding room, Ric and Faith are discussing whether or not this has to do with Sonny. Ric says he's only doing his job, but Faith says that he can save his excuses, that she knows that everything good in Ric's life -- his wife and the coming baby -- pales in comparison to his vendetta against his brother. She says she knows that he hasn't changed one bit, that he is still all about Sonny. Just as she is saying this, Elizabeth walks into the holding room -- she has overheard Faith's remarks, and she does not look happy.

The Hospital: Carly is goading Sam about how Sam loved every minute of the time she spent on the island with Sonny. Sam counters that no woman in her right mind would ever turn down paradise with him.

Sonny walks over at that moment, catches sight of Sam, and tells her that she shouldn't be here. Carly tells Sonny to keep Sam away, as she doesn't want Sam near the kids. Then she walks into the infant care room to be with Morgan. Sam tries to explain why she's there, but Sonny cuts her off, saying that it's best if Sam doesn't approach Carly again.

The Chapel: Emily says that if Helena wants to destroy everyone she loves, then she can start by trying to mess with Jason...then Jason will retaliate and Helena will get killed. Emily notes that the difference between Helena and Jason is that Helena likes to play games, whereas Jason is more efficient. She says the only reason she hasn't already called Jason to take out Helena is because she knows that deep down Helena is also concerned about Nikolas, just like she is.

Helena scoffs and says that she is Nikolas' grandmother, whereas Emily is just a "passing fancy, someone Nikolas would forget" even before even marrying Em. Emily asks if Helena is truly that blind to the kind of person Nikolas is -- a caring, wonderful person who has room in his heart for all of them -- Emily herself, Lucky, Lulu, even Helena. Emily says that Nikolas would lay down his life for any of them, and that's why she knows that he's coming back, because when Nik loves someone he never lets them go.

Mary's House: Nikolas explains to Mary that he doesn't recognize her, that when he hears her name it's like he's hearing it for the first time. He says what he does know is that he can't stand hurting her. He goes on to say that his thoughts and feelings don't connect with one another -- as he says this, he starts to cry. "I don't even know if I'm doing this right," he continues.

Mary cuts him off, she says that she is the one who should apologize for rushing him -- that they have all the time in the world to fall in love with one another again.

The Police Station: Elizabeth asks if Ric has any more information on Nikolas, and Ric replies that he has every available man out on the search. Liz looks at Faith and says that she knows that Ric is busy but that she needs a moment of his time, if he'd just join him outside. She leaves and Faith comments that the "wifey" doesn't look too happy. Ric replies that Liz knows that Faith is a sociopath who belongs in prison, and lucky for all of them, that's where Faith is headed.

Justus comes into the room just then -- he has the judge's signature on release papers for Faith. Ric signs the papers halfheartedly and then goes outside to meet up with Liz. Faith asks Justus how she'll ever be able to thank him, and he replies that just because she's made bail doesn't mean that it's over. Faith says it's a start and that now she needs a favor -- she would like him to get Luke released as well.

Outside of the holding room, Skye and Luke are still talking. Skye says that she's leaving, and Luke notes that she's just scared that he'll make fun of her declaration of love. He explains to her that he settled down once, and that it didn't work -- he ended up with a son who turned against him, a daughter who wanted attention that he couldn't give, and a wife who...he cuts the thought off there (remembering Laura). Skye argues that she never said anything about commitment of any kind, that she just gave into impulse and told him how she felt, that she can't help caring for him. Luke says that caring is all right, but that he can't do anything more than that -- he thinks that everyone is meant to be alone in life and that when a person tries to pretend otherwise the whole thing just blows up in his face. Skye snaps that that makes Luke a coward, and on that note she leaves the police station.

The Hospital: Sonny asks Sam why she has shown up here, and Sam replies that she just wanted to explain what happened to Carly, that it was her fault that Sonny hadn't been there for Morgan. Sonny says that it was his choice and his choice alone to take her away, that he wanted to keep her safe and spend time with her as well. Sam responds that she just thought it would help ease Carly's mind, and that she's sorry for causing even more tension.

Sonny muses that the situation is just very complicated, and Sam notes that now she's made it even worse. Sonny replies that he just thinks that she should stay away from Carly and the kids. He says that she shouldn't blame herself for Morgan getting sick, and that he doesn't regret taking her to the island at all.

At this point Jason approaches them. He asks how Morgan is and Sonny says that everything is fine for now, that the doctor is just doing some tests. He says that he wants Jason to take Sam to the penthouse -- Sam protests, but Sonny insists. He tells Jason not to let Sam out of his sight, and then walks away. As he leaves, Sam and Jason exchange a tense look.

Inside the infant care room, Carly is holding Morgan. She tells him that she loves him so much, that she'll never leave him, and neither will Michael. She says that as long as they have one another, they'll be just fine.

Police Station: Liz and Ric are discussing the conversation she overheard him having with Faith. Liz says she knows that it was nothing more than Faith trying to bait him, and Ric is glad that she sees it that way. Liz says she realizes that Ric used to have a grudge against Sonny but that now he has put it in the past...they've all made mistakes, but now they've let it go so they can believe in one another. They embrace, but Ric still looks concerned.

In the holding room, Justus has just told Luke that he's made bail. Luke thinks it's great that Justus got him bail even after Luke confessed to money laundering. He tells Justus to do all of his legal work and bill him. Justus replies that he's done all he's going to do for Faith and Luke's case, and that they now need to find themselves a good attorney. Before he leaves, Faith thanks him -- she says that he'll be a hard act to follow: "I should know." Luke eyes them, and once Justus has gone he asks Faith about her previous relationship with Justus. Faith says that they go way back, and Luke is amazed that Justus has lived to talk about it. Faith changes the subject...she says that the charges aren't going to go away, and she asks Luke what Skye means to him: is she a girlfriend, a charity case, a victim of one of Luke's scams? Luke tells Faith that Skye is not her concern, that Skye is his territory and he'll handle it.

Haunted Star: Skye walks into the casino and throws her purse at the wall angrily. When the purse falls, there's a startled cry, and Dillon pops up from the floor. Skye asks what he's doing there and Dillon says he needed to get away from the Quartermaine mansion...that he's sick of Tracy and Edward trying to get his vote from him. He says that they alternate between bribes and threats, and that it's all very hard to keep straight. Skye sympathizes. He asks why the cops shut the casino down and Skye quips that it was just a problem with the management. She says that men are all the same...she says that men all have crazy dreams, then they get women to help them with their dreams, and then once the dreams become a reality, all the men want are blondes and the thrill of danger. Dillon tries to defend "his kind" and Skye tells him not to bother, that she knows he knows what she's talking about.

Dillon then pegs Skye as talking about herself as Luke. Dillon says that Luke thinks that Skye is great and Skye replies that Luke would be on the next bus out of town right now if he hadn't of been arrested. Dillon notes that Luke isn't the one running -- Skye is.

Skye replies that Dillon should stick to movies as he has a lot to learn about love. Dillon agrees: he says he's relationship-challenged. Skye says that most men are, that she knows that most men don't set out to hurt women, but that's what ultimately happens. She says she doesn't even know what she and Luke having going on right now. Dillon says that they helped one another build the casino, and they got through the fire together. Skye says that after the fire she thought they would have something, like the kinds of kisses that make you go weak in the knees. Dillon knows about those, but Skye tells him that he's too young to realize that kisses in themselves don't make a relationship. She thinks that she should have cut her losses while she had the chance. Dillon asks what went wrong and Skye says that she and Luke are too different, that Luke likes living on the edge, which is why he refuses to force Faith out of the casino. Dillon thinks that that might just be because Faith is kind of a dangerous person, but Skye says that Luke can't get enough of Faith. Dillon says he gets it, Skye is jealous.

This sets Skye off onto a tirade about how she is NOT jealous and how Luke can be with Faith if he wants. She yells and carries on for quite a bit, not realizing that Luke and Faith have just walked into the casino and are listening to every word. Dillon sees them, though and tries to interrupt Skye, but she keeps on talking, she says that Luke deserves whatever he gets: "Who needs an overgrown bad boy like Luke Spencer anyway!?"

That's when Luke pipes up, "Skye say it ain't so!" and Skye turns to look at them, mortified.

The Police Station: Lucky is giving Ric and Elizabeth an update...they haven't found any sign of Nikolas yet. As he's talking, Emily comes in and walks over to them. He tells her what he's just told Ric and Liz, who then tell Emily that she should go home and rest. Emily says that she can't rest, that the river is cold and they don't have much time left to get to Nikolas. At that moment Edward walks into the station...he tries to talk to Emily who says that unless he's here to help she doesn't have a moment to spare -- but Edward says that that's exactly why he's here...he wants to help -- they'll find Nikolas whatever it takes. Emily smiles happily.

Mary's House: Nikolas is asleep in bed, shirtless. Mary walks in, admires the way he looks while sleeping, and gently covers him up with a blanket. She looks like she wants to linger for a bit longer, but suddenly there's a knock on the front door. She leaves the room, closing the bedroom door behind her.

The Hospital: Sonny walks into the infant care room and asks how Morgan is. Carly is quite cold, telling him that Morgan is fine. Sonny says that he's going to go check on Michael, and Carly stops him -- she says that she doesn't want Sonny anywhere near either of the boys, and that since he signed papers giving her sole-custody, it's her decision to make.

Sonny's Limo: Jason and Sam are on their way to the penthouse. Sam tells Jason that she tried to explain the whole thing to Carly, but that it was obviously a bad idea. Jason agrees that it was. She says she just wanted to smooth the tension, and Jason replies that she won't be able to. Sam then asks what the situation is with Sonny and Carly, why they are the way they are, do they love one another or hate one another? Jason says he doesn't even think that they know themselves. Sam says that when Sonny took her hostage that one time, he talked about Carly a lot and that it was obvious that he loved her. Jason says that Sonny and Carly fight and do a lot of damage but it's never really over.

Sam says that she and Sonny got into their relationship they both wanted something safe with no strings attached. She says that if she'd known there was a chance she would develop feelings for him, she would have bailed at the start, but now she doesn't want to walk away. Jason says that in that case she shouldn't...she asks if he's approving of her relationship with Sonny and he says that they should both do what they want. Sam asks him if he thinks Sonny will eventually go back to Carly and Jason confesses that he doesn't know. Sam thinks that it will happen (and she looks kind of wistful at the prospect).

The Hospital: Sonny accuses Carly of trying to keep him away from the boys. Carly says the papers have been filed. Sonny thinks that the boys shouldn't be away from their father, and Carly says that if their father is acting irresponsibly then maybe he should stay away. Sonny thinks that Carly is punishing him for going with Sam to the island, and Carly replies that considering that Sam is a con-artists and a prostitute and shouldn't be near the boys. Sonny says that now Carly knows what it feels like to have the person she cares for hooking up with a person that she hates. He says that he's going to come back later, after he's seen Michael. He leaves, and Carly makes no move to stop him.

The Haunted Star: Skye threatens to call the police on Faith, who replies that she and Luke are out on bail and ready to plan their next move. Luke thinks that since the place is now under police-watch, they should get a little more creative with the way they launder the money -- maybe they should put it through Kelly's. At this point Dillon interrupts, saying that he realizes they have a lot of illegal business to discuss, but Skye stops him, saying that she wants Dillon to be a witness at this, the last attempt she will make to reason with Luke.

Skye tells Luke, again, that what they are doing is illegal and that he can't bring Kelly's into it as that would involve Bobbie, his own sister. Luke counters that Bobbie is used to illegal activities, and that he thinks that Skye should be able to stand the heat considering they were in a fire together. Skye responds by marching over to the bar, grabbing the little "Closed by order of the PCPD" sign, and writing her resignation on the back, while everyone is watching. She gives it to Luke, and Faith is overjoyed. Luke looks at the resignation, tears it up, and tells Faith to run along, that Skye is staying. Skye looks very surprised.

The Police Station: Edward is assuring Emily that he will do whatever it takes to find Nikolas for her, despite the fact that he and Nikolas have had differences in the past. Emily apologizes for snapping, and Edward tells her not to worry, how is the search going? A policeman comes in and says that they have found something in the river, but that since the river is moving so fast they've lost sight of the object so now they are going to go up into the air, see if they can locate it. Emily wants to go, and when Ric tries to stop her, Edward intervenes and threatens to get the mayor involved. Ric backs down, and agrees to let Emily go on the flight. Liz tells Em that she hopes they find Nikolas and Emily replies that she has a feeling they will.

Mary's House: Nikolas wakes up to hear someone talking to Mary at the front door -- he listens to their conversation from bed. It's police detective Ross, asking Mary if she knows anything about the man who was involved in the car accident nearby. Ross says they think the man has a head injury and is wandering around the forest. While Nikolas makes a move to get out of bed, Mary says she hasn't seen the man in question. Ross says that he could be badly wounded, and Mary promises to keep a look out -- she wishes them luck on the search before closing the door and locking it.

Nikolas has made his way out into the living room by now -- he is putting on a shirt, and he says that they should help with the search. Mary, slightly alarmed at his interest, says that they can't, but Nikolas argues with her: he saw the site of the accident and he knows whoever was in the car might be in need of help. Mary says that they can't let anyone see him...or else he could be reported as a war deserter. Besides, he isn't in any condition to go running around the woods in the middle of the night. Nikolas protests, and as he walks toward the door Mary calls out to him, saying that she knows that part of him wants to do his duty to help others, and that it's not fair to ask him to say, but she doesn't think it's an unreasonable request. The police are doing all they can, and he can't risk hurting himself. Nik says he can't stand hiding like a coward, and Mary thinks that he is secretly hoping to be captured so he can face the consequences. She says she has no right to stop him, but she can ask him not to leave her. Outside they hear the sound of a search helicopter. She tells him that all he has to do is step outside and wave his arms around -- then they will find him. He hesitates.

The Haunted Star: Faith steps in between Luke and Skye and tells Luke that he made a very bad decision that is just asking for trouble. He says he likes trouble and she reminds him that some kinds of trouble are better than others. Then she leaves.

Dillon once again tries to leave, but Skye tells him that as her witness he has to stay, and Luke backs her up. Dillon stays. Luke tells Skye that he likes her a whole lot but that she can't put words in his mouth. He also says that if anyone is trying to run, it's her, (Dillon speaks up, saying that that's just what he told her earlier). Skye asks how he can accuse her of running when he's the one sabotaging everything by refusing to force Faith out. Skye says she can't be a part of the business unless he stops with the money laundering and with Faith. Luke wants to negotiate her terms, but Skye says that they are just too different -- he likes quick thrills, she likes security...all she ever wanted was to know that she mattered to him, but she realizes now that she has stayed past her time. She leaves.

Luke goes to the bar to pour himself a drink and Dillon says that he thinks that Skye loves Luke. Luke screams at him to get out, and Dillon immediately obeys, leaving Luke standing at the bar, alone and looking slightly depressed.

The Docks: Skye is standing out on the docks, crying, when Luke comes up from behind her...he says that he is glad that he came to the docks first instead of going to her house. Skye says that he should do them both a favor and keep walking. Luke replies that he isn't going anywhere no matter how much she wants him to leave. He says that he wants "this" he wants to be with her, he wants to give them a chance. Skye smiles and tells him to show her that he means it. They kiss.

The Police Station: Lucky and Emily have returned from the chopper ride -- Ric, Edward and Elizabeth have been waiting for them. Emily says despondently that the object in the river was just someone's camping supplies. Emily also says that she realized watching the river from above that the current is very, very strong. Liz says that Nik is a good swimmer, but Emily isn't consoled...she says that there isn't a lot of time left, as Nikolas is almost certainly injured, wherever he is.

At this point, Ross comes in and says that another house-to-house search turned up nothing. Emily tells everyone that they are going to have to keep looking, that Nikolas just has to be alive.

Mary's House: Nikolas is in the bedroom about to dress when he catches sight of the tattoo on his arm. He looks at it closely. (For those that don't know, the tattoo was explained as having been given to when he was a boy, as it's a tradition for Cassadine princes). Mary, clad in a bathroom, walks in and they look at one another awkwardly. Mary says she'll sleep on the couch, but Nikolas says that they can share the same bed, as it isn't a big deal. Mary looks very uncomfortable, and she tries to protest, but Nikolas says that they were married, once, that they should get used to sleeping together -- "in the sense of sleeping, I mean." Mary replies that it would be nice to have him next to her again, and they both walk over to the bed...Mary sheds a bathrobe and gets in beside him. She shuts off the light, tells him good night and gives him a kiss. He turns on his side, and says good night.

Sonny's Penthouse: Sam comes downstairs, where Jason is sitting on the couch. She asks if Sonny has called yet and when Jason says no, she thinks that that must be because Morgan is doing fine. She thinks that Sonny will stay at the hospital all night and Jason agrees. Sam tells Jason he doesn't have to stay at the penthouse and Jason says that he does have to. Sam remembers that Sonny told Jason to keep her in his sights at all time, and she asks him if he ever thinks for himself. Jason replies that he does and Sam asks what he's thinking about right now. He says he's wishing she'll shut up, go upstairs and go to sleep. She says that if Sonny was here and asked her to do that politely, she would do it, but that since he asked so rudely, she'll be staying downstairs with Jason for as long as he's in the penthouse, just like she'll be staying in Sonny's life for as long as possible.

The Hospital: Carly is rocking Morgan to sleep in the infant care room. He makes baby noises and she tells him that he's doing very, very well. She is unaware that Sonny is watching her from the doorway.

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