GH Update Monday 3/29/04

General Hospital Update Monday 3/29/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

In the Forest: Nikolas is wandering around the crash site. He's on one side of a huge boulder. On the other side of the boulder is Emily. Both remain unaware of the other's presence. Nikolas clasps the holy necklace he's wearing, just as Emily spots something shiny on the ground -- she thinks it's Nikolas' necklace, but it isn't, it's just some broken glass. Just then, Lucky comes over to Emily. He tells her that there's no sign of Nikolas and Emily says that they'll just have to keep searching...she refuses to believe that Nik could be dead.

The Haunted Star: Faith is at the bar, admiring a suitcase full of cash. One of her guards is a few feet away. Faith's in the middle of laundering money. She snipes at the guard to go stand watch by the door. Just then, Ross and another policemen come through the entrance, guns raised. They have come to arrest Faith for money laundering. Faith attempts to lie, saying that the money is the casino's, but Ross doesn't buy it.

While Ross escorts Faith and her guard from the ship, his cop friend goes to get the suitcase of money. Just as he's closing it up to take back the station, Skye comes out from the back-room. She and the cop flash one another thumbs-up signals -- Skye helped set up Faith's arrest.

The Docks: The assassin tells one of Lorenzo's men to tell "the boss man" (Lorenzo) that he isn't going to leave Port Charles until he's taken care of the witnesses. Sam is cowering a few feet away -- she has heard every word of their conversation. When she tries to leave, however, the assassin hears her, and calls out, "Who's there?"

Sam is very close to being busted when Luke stumbles onto the scene. He has a cigarette in his mouth and he noisily asks the hit-man for a light. When the assassin snorts, "Nobody smokes anymore," Luke starts in on a tirade against nonsmokers. The assassin gets annoyed, calls Luke a "whack-job" and leaves. This is just what Luke intended to happen...and after the hit-man is out of hearing range, he calls out to Sam that she can come out of her hiding place. Sam steps out into the light, they say hi to one another, and Luke asks what exactly it was that he just saved her from.

The Hospital Chapel: Sonny and Carly are arguing about Morgan with Lorenzo present. Sonny is pissed because Carly couldn't find the time to call him about Morgan being sick. Carly says she was busy taking care of Morgan -- she reminds Sonny that she is a good mother and she takes a shot at Sonny for spending time with Sam out of the country while Morgan was ill. Sonny demands that Carly just admit it: she's angry because he's seeing Sam, plain and simple.

Mary's House: Nikolas comes in the door and Mary is relieved to see him. He says he went outside to get air and perspective. He says he doesn't want to minimize how difficult it is for her, but he notes that at least she has some kind of frame of reference...he doesn't have a single memory or her, or their marriage. "You are Mary Bishop and I'm your husband. And the two of us are strangers to me." He says he thinks that if he took a walk it would jog his memory. Mary asks if it did and Nikolas says he saw a car wreck in the woods and it affected him. Mary thinks it's because he saw lots of wrecked cars in Iraq -- bringing back painful memories. He says he also walked to the edge of the river...he tells her it seemed familiar and Mary says that they used to stroll along the river together. Nikolas shows her the cross and says that out of everything he has seen and heard, the cross "has the most resonance." He thinks the cross is trying to tell him something, to help him remember. He knows it matters to him and he asks her if she can tell him why.

In the Forest: Emily shows Lucky the piece of glass she found -- she tells him that at first she thought it was Nikolas' necklace, the one she asked him never to take off. She thinks that the glass is a sign that they should keep looking for Nik. She says she can feel that Nikolas was in the woods. Lucky reminds her that they found Nik's jacket in the river, but Emily says it doesn't mean anything. Lucky says that Nik's his brother, that he loves him and wants him back, but that every man he's got is searching for Nik -- maybe Emily needs to start trying to bring herself to face reality. But Emily thinks that Nik is strong enough to survive anything. Lucky tells her that since she's been through so much recently...he wants to take her to the hospital, to one of her parents. At first Emily refuses to go, but he manages to convince her. She says all it means though is that she'll be waiting somewhere else, because Nikolas *is* coming home.

The Police Station Holding Room: Faith is sitting at the table, waiting for Justus. When he finally shows up, she snaps about how late he is and he retorts that it is, after all, a very late hour at night. Faith needs him to get her out of "this mess" and he says he isn't sure, he needs to hear what she's talking about. Faith tells him that she's been busted for money laundering and that she's guilty. She asks if he's going to listen to her or go running to the DA. He sits down and says that she should just tell him what happened. She explains that she has been money laundering through the Haunted Star since it opened and that Luke and Skye were aware and that they were even taking a cut of the profits. She says it was a great deal all around until Skye started getting her "panties in a twist" about Faith's involvement. Faith thinks that Sonny and Jason must have tipped off the cops and Justus says that if Sonny and Jason were involved they wouldn't have tattled -- they would have demanded a share of the money themselves. Faith agrees that that's true. Just then Skye comes into the room: she congratulates Faith on ruining everything for Luke, and for her.

The Docks: Sam tells Luke that he's imagining drama where none exists. She says she was just passing through -- Luke notes that she was passing through and she decided to hide? Sam and Luke argue over whether or not she should tell him why she was listening to the hit-man's conversation. He guesses that this all has something to do with Sonny.

The Hospital Chapel: Carly tells Sonny that he could have taken Sam anywhere in the world -- why did he have to take her to their island? Sonny says that it's his island and he can do as he pleases. Carly asks if Sonny and Sam did all of the things that *she* and Sonny used to do together when they were on the island. Sonny wants to know why it matters to Carly what he does with if Carly wasn't sleeping with Lorenzo dozens of times a day. Lorenzo takes objection and tells Sonny to shut up. Sonny looks at them with a very knowing expression on his face.

The Docks: Luke and Sam sit down on a bench -- Luke tells Sam that he and Sonny used to be business partners...he knows that Sonny doesn't like his women messing around in his business. Sam wonders if Luke is threatening to tell Sonny, and Luke says that depends on what she decides to tell him right now. Sam sighs and explains that the man Luke was just yelling at was the one who put the bomb in Sonny's limo. She says she just wanted to help Sonny find out who the hit-man was working for. She tells Luke that she did manage to over hear the assassin refer to a "he" meaning his boss is a guy. Luke explains that Sonny will have to find out about Sam's exploits because Luke intends to use the information as a bargaining chip -- he asks if Sam will tell him or if he'll tell him himself?

The Hospital Chapel: Sonny asks Lorenzo what Lorenzo plans to do -- hit him over the head with his cane? He says that if Lorenzo wasn't blind, he'd rip him apart. Carly warns Lorenzo not to let Sonny bait him and Lorenzo says that he intends to have his say. He tells Sonny that Sonny is angry not because of Morgan but because Carly is getting on with her own life. Sonny again says that Lorenzo is lucky to be blind, because if he wasn't -- Carly cuts him off and snaps at him to just stop it. At that moment Sam calls Sonny's cell and asks him to meet her at the docks, as she has information on the bomber. Sonny looks over at Lorenzo and says nothing.

The Police Station Holding Room: Justus tells Skye that Faith has informed him that Luke and Skye were both aware of the laundering. Skye says that she and Luke had just stumbled upon Faith one day, and that Faith had threatened them so they agreed to humor her. Justus says that they are all equally responsible for what goes on there. Faith tells Justus to just go find out what he can do to get her out of this mess.

As soon as Justus leaves the room, Skye and Faith start in on each other. Skye says that she is planning to get the charges dropped, on the condition that Faith leave town forever.

Mary's House: Mary and Nikolas sit down on the couch...she tells him that they were "one in a billion" together. She says that it was love at first sight for them, and that before the war they'd been blessed with no obstacles and nothing to stand in their way. She says that when he was called to Iraq, she was terrified that she would lose him. She explains that the cross he wears around his neck had been handed down to her from her grandmother -- she says that the cross was supposed to be something that he could feel and touch, so that he'd always be close to her no matter what. Nikolas looks down at the cross, then looks back up at Mary, as if he's trying to fit two puzzle pieces together.

When he rises from the couch, Mary says that she never stopped thinking about him, not for a single minute. Nikolas asks her to tell him about their wedding. Mary says that the ceremony happened on May 7, 1998, ("the happiest day of my life") and that it was just the two of them, her best friend Katie (who was responsible for taking the pictures) and the minister. Nik asks if they were married in a chapel and she says that it was just a small country church, as it was all they could afford...and that even though her dress was second hand: "It was beautiful. Moving in it felt like floating, but that was probably just the way you were looking at me."

He asks her to go on and she says that he looked handsome in his uniform. She reminds him that he enlisted just out of high school. She says that he also bought her a bouquet of white freesia and orchids, her favorite scent ever. She says that they forgot their vows, that the rings got mixed up and that she tore her hem when she tripped on the way out of the church. Nikolas says that it sounds like it was perfect, and that he would like to see photos...he hopes they will jog his memory. Mary has an expression on her face like a deer caught in headlights.

The Police Station Holding Cell: Faith thinks that Skye must be drunk, and Skye says that she isn't, though she hasn't ruled out having a drink once she's rid of Faith once and for all. Faith wants to know why Skye cares so much about whether or not she's in town -- suddenly it all comes together for her, and she pegs Skye as having been involved in her arrest. Skye says nothing and Faith reminds her that she'll be going down, too.

Just then, Ric enters. Faith immediately tells him that she wasn't involved in the laundering alone, and Ric says that he's aware of all of the details. Finally Faith realizes what is really going on -- Skye cut a deal with the cops: immunity for her and Luke in exchange for Faith's arrest. Faith acknowledges that she underestimated Skye. Ric says that Faith deserves a prize, and Skye remarks that the prize will be a ticket to prison.

The Docks: Sonny has made it to the docks to meet with Luke and Sam. He wants to know why Sam would follow someone who has her on a hit-list. Sam replies that she wanted to get information, which she did: she tells Sonny that the man who gave the bomb order was a "he." Sonny asks Luke why Luke stuck around, and Luke replies that if the guy behind the bombing was a "he" then that means it wasn't Faith. Sonny says that that's true, but that Faith will almost certainly be involved in something later on down the line -- he advises Luke, as a friend, to stay away from Faith, as Sonny doesn't want to see him caught in the crossfire of a mob war. Luke agrees, and leaves the docks.

Once he's gone, Sam tells Sonny that he can go ahead and start in on her. Sonny wants to know what the hell she was thinking -- does she want to get herself killed?

The Hospital Chapel: Carly thanks Lorenzo for coming to her defense, and Lorenzo replies that he's in love with her, so he won't let Sonny speak to her like that. Carly says that she and Sonny have a lot of issues that they need to work out, and Lorenzo says that Sonny goes out of his way to be hurtful and abusive. Carly says that she doesn't know what to do, and Lorenzo replies that she needs to hit back where it'll do the most damage.

Carly asks Lorenzo to please just stop whatever he's thinking, and Lorenzo observes that her first instinct is still to protect Sonny. Carly corrects him: she's trying to protect them, not Sonny. She says that everyone she loves disapproves of her relationship with him, that everyone thinks she's just fooling herself when she tells them that he is not a threat to Sonny. She pleads with Lorenzo not to go to war with Sonny on her behalf. Lorenzo says that what he had in mind involved action on her part, not his. He advises her to tell Sonny that unless he treats her with respect, he'll never get to see the boys again.

The Docks: Sonny doesn't understand why Sam would go after the hit-man he is trying to protect her from in the first place -- he wants to know why Sam didn't just tell him that she'd seen the guy at the hospital, rather than trying to follow the hit-man on her own. Sam says that she didn't want to pull him away from Morgan's health crisis, and aside from that she wasn't even certain that it was the same man until she heard the conversation on the docks. Sonny reminds her that she followed the hit-man to a place where he could have taken her out, with no witnesses. Sam gets pissed -- she says she didn't go out *looking* for trouble, that a chance came up and she took it, and that he should really be thanking her. He replies that doesn't want to encourage her. She promises to be more careful in the future. He notes that her promise was halfhearted and that she should aim higher so he doesn't have to get his men to scrape her off the pier at some point in the future. Sam asks if he would miss her, and Sonny says that maybe he would a little. Sam asks who he thinks hired the assassin and he answered immediately: Lorenzo. Sam notes that Carly won't like hearing that, but Sonny doesn't care...he says for right now, he has to take care of some business and he would rather take Sam along rather than leaving her to her own devices. She asks where they're going and he says that she'll see. They leave the docks.

Mary's House: Mary apologizes to Nikolas, telling him that there are no pictures from the wedding. He reminds her that she said that her friend Katie took them and she replies that there was a horrible house fire, in which they lost everything -- all of their pictures, all of their keepsakes, the things that represented their memories. She says that that's why she freaked out when he was called to Iraq...because once he was gone there was no evidence of the life they had shared together. She says that he promised her that they would make new memories but that she worried that they would never get the chance. Nik notes that it's kind of ironic that new memories are the only thing that he *can* give her.

He then asks her what kinds of things they liked to do in their spare time. She replies that they liked being together, primarily. She says that they never went out unless they had to and that whenever he got leave they would stay at home. When it was hot out, they got a blanket and went out to the porch to make love under the stars. When it was cold out, they grabbed a bunch of books and curl up by the fire to read out loud to one didn't matter what they read: the news, a poem, or a passage from a novel.

At this point, Mary begins to cry. Nikolas is incredulous: he says that the things she's talking about are all so beautiful -- how can she be sad? She replies that her tears are tears of joy...she was alone for so long, and now he's back. She dries her eyes and says that she'll make some tea. Before she goes into the kitchen she asks him not to leave again, and he promises that he won't.

The Police Station Holding Room: Faith calls Skye an "underhanded little witch" who is so insecure she has to resort to putting the competition behind bars. Skye replies that she is not afraid of Luke sleeping with Faith -- she just wants to keep Luke out of prison. Ric intervenes, telling Faith not to blame Skye when *she* is the one who broke the law. Faith snaps that he can spare her the "Dudley Do-Right Routine" as it's a little hard to take, considering the source. Ric says that whatever his past mistakes are, "I am on this side of the table now." Faith tells Ric that Skye has already double-crossed him -- that Skye offered to have the charges dropped if Faith would leave town. Ric looks at Skye, who mumbles that as long as Faith is out of Port Charles she really doesn't care how it happens. Faith then wonders if either of them have considered Luke's reaction to their plans -- as if on cue, Luke walks in the room, and asks what they are all talking about.

Skye asks Luke what he's doing there and Luke says that he's been looking for Faith -- that one of her "goons" told him that she was at the PCPD. He tells Faith that he's talked things over with Sonny and that things are now fine. Faith says it doesn't matter...she'll be in prison soon anyway. Luke turns to Skye and Ric to ask them what the matter is. Ric explains that Faith has been arrested for money laundering. When Faith snaps that she was set up ("Three guesses by whom!") Luke asks if he and Skye are also arrested and Ric says no, a deal has been made. Luke looks at Skye and Ric and then says that Ric doesn't have a deal with *him* -- that he knows what comes in and out of the casino, that he doesn't do business with blinders on and that if Faith is going to be arrested then he wants to be arrested too.

Mary's House: Mary brings Nikolas some orange spice tea with "two sugars and a splash of milk." Nikolas takes a sip and hands it back to her: he says he doesn't like it. Mary remarks offhandedly that that's strange, and then changes the subject...she thinks that once he's well enough to travel that they should move away, that the house they are living in now holds too many one-sided memories. She thinks that they could make a new place in the country, a new start. Nikolas says: "Absolutely not!"

The Hospital: Carly looks through the window of the infant care room. She walks back over to Lorenzo, telling him that Morgan seems to be all right now. She says that she doesn't think that she can use Michael and Morgan against Sonny. Lorenzo remarks that Sonny didn't seem to have any problems using the boys against Carly. Carly replies that she can't deal with anymore pressure right now, and Lorenzo replies that he simply made a suggestion. Carly asks if he's angry and Lorenzo says that he's just tired and that he had better head home. He tells her that he loves her, she kisses him on the cheek, and he heads down the hallway.

As Lorenzo is leaving, Sam comes down the opposite hallway, heading for Carly. Carly isn't happy to see her -- she asks Sam what she wants, and Sam says that she just needs a minute to talk to Carly about Sonny. This catches Carly's attention.

The Hospital Chapel: Emily is sitting in one of the pews, praying. She tells God that she's made many mistakes and that this whole nightmare has been caused by her own weakness and indecision. She laments that Zander died because he loved her, and she implores God to keep Nikolas safe and to send Nik a sign that she loves him.

Mary's House: Meanwhile, Nikolas is telling Mary that he wants his memory back -- and he feels that the only way that can happen is if they stay in this house, where they spent so many happy times together. Mary says that it could take a long time and Nik replies that he doesn't care. Mary says if he doesn't care than neither does she, so they will stay right there. Nikolas remarks that it must be strange for her: "We were soulmates, who found love the first time out. It's like I was never there." Mary replies that he *was* there, and Nikolas notes that he must have loved her quite a lot to want to abandon his duty to come back to her. Mary smiles and says that the man she married loved her more than anything else in the world. Nikolas says that he'll have to learn to love her all over again. Suddenly he asks her to kiss him. Mary leans forward hesitantly, and the two of them touch lips gently. As the moment lingers on, the kiss grows more passionate.

The Police Station: Luke and Skye come out of the holding room. Skye thinks that Luke is crazy for pitching a fit when they have Faith right where they want her. Luke reminds her that she never talked to him about this deal, but Skye doesn't see a problem -- she says that there won't be anymore interference and no more "dangling on the edge of the underworld." Luke snaps that he likes dangling there, that it suits him, and that if she'd been paying attention she would know that. He says that she shouldn't try to stop him from getting arrested, and she replies in exasperation that she was only trying to keep Faith away from him. Luke looks surprised, to say the least.

Back in the holding room, Faith and Ric are talking the matter over. Faith says that it looks like Luke has thrown a curve-ball and Ric replies that it doesn't matter what Luke wants, that Faith is going to prison. Faith says that her arrest must be a dream come true for Ric, and Ric responds that she's mistaken if she thinks that any of this has to do with payback. Faith denies that that's what she thinks, as she knows that Ric has always been all about Sonny...therefore, she is of the opinion that Ric is putting her away because he is trying to get something out of his brother.

The Hospital: Sam tells Carly that she is the reason that Sonny was absent during Morgan's fever, that if it hadn't of been for her, he would have been there. Carly remarks she had Sam pegged for a much better liar than this -- that Sonny doesn't do anything that he doesn't want to do, period. She also says that she knows Sonny better than Sam ever will, and proceeds to "guess" at all of the things that Sam and Sonny must have done together on the island...did Sonny fly here there to "protect" her, did he buy her a dress, did he take her to the casino, did he rig the table to let her win every time? Sam replies that Carly is right on target with all of it. Carly says that Sam must have loved it, must have lapped it all up. Sam wants to know what woman in her right mind would give up paradise with Sonny. At that moment, Sonny himself walks over to the infant care room -- he catches sight of Carly and Sam, and immediately tells Sam that she shouldn't be there.

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