GH Update Friday 3/26/04

General Hospital Update Friday 3/26/04

By Trish
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As Carly sits with Lorenzo, the doctor tells them that Morgan hs scarlet fever.

Emily finds Nikolas' jacket at the crash scene and fears Nikolas is in the water, but Nikolas is in the cabin with the mystery woman, who tells him there is a manhunt for him and calls him "Connor".

Sam and Sonny return from the casino with their winnings and Sam talks about how her luck has changed since she met Sonny.

As Carly panics over Morgan's condition, Lorenzo and Jason assure her that he is going to be fine and that she needs to fight for him. She asks Jason to call Sonny.

The mystery woman tells a panicked Nikolas that she is afraid of losing him and that the Marines are looking for him, because he ("Connor") is a "deserter".

Carly visits with Morgan and tells him how strong he is and tells him that if he fights, everything will be ok. She tells him how everyone loves him and that if he hangs on, she will make everything better.

Jason calls Sonny as he and Sam are dancing and kissing and tells him of Morgan's condition.

Nikolas insists that even though he doesn't remember anything he would never leave his duty. The woman tells him she has all his medals to prove it and that he was in the VA Hospital and snuck away and called her. She still insists that Nikolas is her husband, "Connor". Nikolas says he remembers some things like honor and committment and he doesn't see how he could ever break that, but the woman says he did it "for her". Nikolas says though that he can't live as a coward.

Emily and Alexis want divers to search the river for Nikolas, but Ric and the other officer refuse to put anyone at unnecessary risks. Emily insists, however that Nikolas is alive.

Sonny and Sam fly back to Port Charles. Sonny talks about how Morgan's illness is a sign that he is not supposed to have children. He talks about how the only son he is meant to have is Michael, because Michael didn't really come from him and how his baby from his first wife died, and now Morgan is sick. Back at the hospital, Lorenzo is annoyed that Jason called Sonny. Jason tells Carly that Sonny is on his way and when Jason tells Carly that Lorenzo stepped out, Carly insists that Jason asked him to do that to avoid a scene with Sonny. Jason tells Carly that she needs to stop fighting with Carly for Morgan's sake.

Back in the hospital lounge, Lorenzo meets with the person he hired to kill Sonny. Lorenzo tells the man to meet him at the pier in one hour as Carly arrives. Lorenzo covers up and asks Carly to show the man out. She tells Lorenzo that she may ask him to leave when Sonny arrives because she can't handle another fight. Jason visits with Morgan and urges him to be strong. The doctor comes in and examines Morgan and tells Carly, Lorenzo and Jason that Morgan's fever has broken. Carly goes in to see Morgan - so happy and relieved that he is better.

Back at the crash site, Alexis urges Ric and Det. Duncan not to refer to Nikolas as dead. Emily and Lucky look at the car and Emily talks about how strong Nikolas is to walk away. She finds a bag and inside the bag are their wedding rings. Back at the cabin as the woman insists on cooking "Connor's" favorite dinner, Nikolas escapes out the window.

Sonny and Sam arrive at the hospital and Jason tells him of Morgan's improvement as Lorenzo's hired man looks on. Sam blames herself for Sonny being away at such a bad time and Jason asks her to leave. Sonny visits with Morgan and tells him he is sorry for being away and that he is strong because of his Mom. Carly visits the chapel and thanks God for taking care of her baby. She says that she wants her children to have a better life than she did as Lorenzo interrupts. Sonny tells Jason that Sam left. Jason tells Sonny how Morgan got sick and Sonny looks for Carly. As Jason visits with the baby and tells him how much everyone loves him, Sonny finds Carly with Lorenzo in the chapel and accuses her of letting Morgan get sick. She tells him not to blame her because while all this was happening, he was away with Sam.

The hired man waits on the pier for Lorenzo as Sam is hiding and listening.

As the woman returns to find that "Connor" has escaped, Nikolas makes it back to the crash site and Emily is very close to finding him.

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