GH Update Thursday 3/25/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky warns Emily that Nikolas may have fallen into the river and drowned. Emily does not believe this could be true. Emily tries to start searching for Nikolas before Lucky has assembled a rescue team. He tells her she cannot do this. Alexis arrives on the scene and she stays with Emily while he begins preparing for the search. Alexis reassures Emily that she is not responsible for Zander’s choices. Ric arrives on the scene and Alexis lambastes him for having given Nikolas and Zander such a hard time. When he warns Emily in an insensitive manner that Nikolas may have drowned, Emily hauls off and slaps him.

Nikolas finds himself in a strange house with a strange woman. She tells him her name is Mary and he is her husband Connor Bishop. He asks her to help him and she tells him how they fell in love. He asks her why, if he has just been released from the hospital, can’t he remember anything. She continues to tell him about “his” past life. He tells her something does not feel right. She asks him where is his wedding ring. She tells him they took the ring off when he was in the hospital. She says she will get it for him after he rests. He goes to sleep. She goes to the living room and clears her mantle of pictures of what looks to be her real husband. He is in uniform and there is a U.S. flag wrapped in the shape of a triangle. Tearfully, she burns the pictures. There is a knock at the door and it is Lucky, who asks her if she has seen Nikolas. She says she has not. After he leaves, she takes Nikolas’ coat and exits the house. When she comes back, Nikolas catches her staring at her real husband’s wedding ring, he asks her to let him try it on. He still does not believe he is her husband. He tells her he heard the door close and asks her where she went. She tells him she went for a walk. He tells her it makes no sense she would do that since he is so sick and weak. She says she went to look for a phone to call a doctor. He says it makes no sense that she would do that in the middle of the night or take him to a home without a phone when he is so ill. She breaks down and tells him she has been lying to him about everything.

Sonny and Sam talk on his plane. She asked him if she seems desperate. She tries to kiss him but he does not let her. He tells her he cannot wait for them to get to their destination. When they get there, they make love. Sonny tells Sam he is taking her to the casino. He gives her a pair of diamond earrings and chips to gamble with.

Carly and Jason take Morgan to the hospital due to his high fever. They leave Michael asleep at home. At the hospital, Carly leaves the doctor to tell Jason that Morgan’s fever is down. She tells him they should call Sonny and he tells her Sonny is out of town. She asks if it on business, he tells her he is on the island. She surmises that Sam is with him. She asks how he could take that, “little tramp” there. Jason tells Carly that she has no right to be angry with Sonny. Later, she vents to Alcazar and tells her she sees more clearly now that Lorenzo is so much different from Sonny. The doctor comes and tells her that Morgan has just had a seizure and is being taken to the ICU.

Liz asks Ric if he intended to have the police kill Zander. She asks if he is glad Zander is dead. Ric tells her that Zander deliberately drew police fire.

Lucky finds Nikolas’ jacket by the river. He and Emily start to suspect the worse has happened to him.


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