GH Update Wednesday 3/24/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Emily and Zander are standing on the porch of their cottage, close together. Ric is there with a bunch of cops. He tells Zander to get down on the floor to give himself up. Zander looks hesitant and trapped as Emily tells him to go ahead. She tells the cops that he hasn't hurt her. He tells her that he loves her, then he pushes her down, away from him, and reaches in his pocket. The cops shoot him many times, thinking he's going for his gun. Emily screams and runs down to his fallen body. He says they're right back where they were when they met, with cops all around them. He is glad they met, though, so he could know what it was to be in love. Then he dies in Emily's arms. She is very upset and won't let anyone else get near. Lucky and Elizabeth are there, too. Emily asks Lucky to find Nikolas and make sure he's alright. Emily asks Ric what happens now, so he tells her there will be an autopsy, as per police procedure. They argue about what happened. She accuses Ric of wanting Zander dead. She even wonders if Liz was in on it. Liz assures her that she was just trying to help Emily by calling the police when she saw that Zander was there with her. Ric has had enough. He reminds Emily of all of the bad things Zander has done lately, including murdering a guy and starting a fire that killed three people, injuring lots of others, hurt her family, and almost killed Nikolas. This shuts Emily up.

Nikolas is lying under his car, which is overturned, with blood on his head and half out on the ground. The On Star service is calling him to see if he's alright because his airbag deployed. He doesn't answer. Eventually he gets up, dazed, and wanders off. He walks over to a house and half-knocks on the door, then collapses on the ground. A woman inside, with a shotgun, nervously asks who's there. When there is no answer, she comes out, with the gun ready. She sees him on the ground and kicks him a few times to make sure he's not faking it, then she drags him into the house to help him. She plans to go for help. As she drags him, we see a little shrine of pictures of her dead husband, who was in the military. She tells Nikolas that she had her phone disconnected because she shouldn't stand all of the sympathy calls. But, she says, there's a callbox nearby. She gets him into bed and checks his pulse, saying it's steady. She is talking to him as if he's awake, but he's not. She says when she first saw him, she almost thought there was a terrible mistake (like her husband wasn't really dead). He wakes up suddenly, very disoriented. He doesn't know where he is or who he is. She tells him that he's going to be all right and that he's her husband.

Ric, Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky go to the police station. Elizabeth wonders to Ric if she did the right thing in phoning the police. Emily gives her statement to Ric, mentioning that he said something about hurting Nikolas but then said he lied. A new copy, Ross, introduces himself to Lucky. He knew Ric from when he worked in Manhattan and he offered him a job there. Lucky finds out that the On star service says Nikolas was in an accident, so he rushes out to find him, taking a look at Emily as if he's wondering whether he should tell her. A paramedic at the scene fills Lucky in on what little they know. They worry that Nikolas could have fallen into the river and drowned. At the station, Emily goes looking for Lucky and Ross tells her that his brother Nikolas was in a car accident. Emily arrives and so Lucky has to tell her that it's possible Nikolas drowned.

Ric finds Elizabeth back where Zander got killed. She feels both relieved and guilty. She wishes they could have prevented it and wonders what they will tell the baby. He assures her that things will be fine and they will have a happy life. The baby will have a better life than Zander did. She asks him if Emily was right, did he want Zander dead?

Jason and Sam chat at the penthouse. She's just told him that she's falling for Sonny, so she expects him to react, but he doesn't. Sam learns that Jason does not dislike her and is brutally honest. She tells him that she's happy to be there with Sonny, who doesn't judge her like other people do, and she plans to stay. He replies simply that Sonny loves his wife. Jason says that Sonny makes his own choices. She wonders why he saved her from the bomb, and he says he was just doing his job. She is hoping that Sonny will forget about Carly and move on with her. Jason thinks Carly and Sonny should be together but otherwise has no opinion. He doesn't know what will happen in the future but thinks they belong together.

Lorenzo is visiting Carly. Sonny knocks on the door and tells her that he has the final custody papers to sign. Lorenzo expects Sonny to give him a hard time, but he doesn't. He says they are both free to see whomever they want. Sonny signs the papers and leaves them for her. They go over some details. She thanks him for doing the right thing. He is very emotionless the whole time he's there. After he leaves, Lorenzo says that he can tell Carly's upset. She thought that maybe Sonny would suggest joint custody after all, but he didn't. He says that Sonny got to her, and she pretends that she doesn't know what he means. He knows that she doesn't want him to see how Sonny still affects her. They talk about the past; Lorenzo admits that not only did he want Carly, but he wanted her away from Sonny because he didn't think Sonny treated her right. He knows that she has used him to get back at Sonny. She wishes she could make promises to him and give him the kind of unconditional love that he gives her. She says she needs time. He tells her take all the time she needs.

Sonny goes home and sees Jason, who is fixing one of Michael's toy cars. He tells Jason that he saw Carly and Lorenzo kissing through the window. He got his hopes up by Courtney telling him that Carly was going to break up with Lorenzo, until he was blinded. So, he was hoping for something when he dropped off the papers (possibly a reconciliation with Carly but he doesn't say right out), but says they are over. He doesn't want to feel for her anymore, he tells Jason in a tortured voice. He also tells Jason that having Sam around makes the place seem a little less empty. Sonny asks Jason to keep an eye on Carly and the kids, and to let him know if Lorenzo ever hurts them. Sonny will take the boys places but it will be easier for him if he doesn't have to keep seeing Carly.

Later, Sonny tells Sam that he wants her to recover somewhere warm. She thinks he's sending her away, but he says he wants to go with her, too. She is very pleased. He tells her about his casinos in the Caribbean islands and he wants to spoil her by buying her nice things. He doesn't want to hear how independent she is or have any arguments, so she agrees. He asks if she gambles and she grins, saying she sure does, but she has very bad luck. He says maybe her luck is changing.

Jason goes to Carly's, bringing the toy car. She thinks he's checking up on her for Sonny. She tells him about Sonny's visit, complaining that Sonny was so cold and nonchalant. She thought he would be angry but figures that he doesn't care any more because he's got Sam to go back to. Carly tells Jason how much she misses Sonny and dreams about him at night. She doesn't think that she will ever get Sonny out of her heart. Later, Jason has the baby and notices he has a high fever, so he tells Carly to phone the doctor.

Dillon goes into Kelly's and tells Mike half-jokingly that he is trying to get away from his family. Mike thinks they are hassling him, but Dillon says that, just the opposite, they are being really nice to him, pressuring him. Tracy comes in, putting down the food and talking to Mike like dirt. She tries to pressure Dillon again. Then Edward comes in just as Tracy is threatening to send Dillon to military school, saying he won't let that happen. They argue until Dillon tells them that he can't take the pressure. If they don't leave, he will give his proxy to Mike, and Mike chimes in to say that he doesn't know that much about big business so he'd have to ask Sonny for help. After a minute, they take the hint and leave. Dillon thanks Mike gratefully. Mike tells Dillon that, sooner or later, he is going to have to make a decision, and the longer he waits, the worse it will be.

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