GH Update Tuesday 3/23/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Ali
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General Hospital Update: March 23, 2004

By: Ali

Sonny’s Penthouse: Jason and Sonny are arguing about Sam (who is listening, unseen by either of them, on the stairway). Jason says that Sonny is just trying to fill the void in his life. Sonny says that Sam was stabbed in the back, and that he’s only taking care of her – he says that it’s not like he’s in love with her, or that he’s planning to marry her. Before Jason has a chance to respond, Sonny continues, saying that not everything he does is about Carly.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: The assassin is trying to get more money out of Lorenzo, when Carly calls out from inside the apartment. The assassin realizes that Lorenzo doesn’t want Carly to find out about the car-bomb – he tells Lorenzo that this means there has been a power shift in their agreement. He says that if Lorenzo doesn’t want Carly to know about their dealings, he’ll pay up.

Carly continues to call for Lorenzo…she is dangerously close to coming outside. Lorenzo gives in and tells the assassin that he’ll get his money, if he disappears immediately. Then he goes inside, where Carly tells him that she heard voices out on the terrace – she asks who he was talking to, and Lorenzo has no immediate answer.

The Cottage: Elizabeth has just shown up and is looking through the window into the cottage, where Zander is hugging Emily. Emily pulls away and tells him that he can’t force her to feel for him. Zander explains that he just wants her to realize that she loves him, and that he loves her – he says he’ll prove it…he wants to make love to her.

Emily, taken aback, says that he doesn’t mean that. He counters that he does, and she replies that she loves Nikolas. Zander tells her that she’ll get over it in time. Emily snaps that she won’t. Zander replies that if she doesn’t come with him, Nikolas won’t live through the night. Emily’s face hardens into a mask of indifference and she says that if the price of saving Nikolas is sleeping with Zander then she just wants to “get it over with.” She begins to unbutton her shirt.

Outside, Liz – who cannot believe what she is seeing – frantically begins to dial a number on her cell phone. She has difficulty getting through, so she leaves the cottage entirely, intent on heading back to town.

Inside, Zander reaches for Emily and she yanks his hand away from her. He looks heartbroken, and realizes softly, “You hate the thought of being with me, don’t you?”

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Lorenzo tells Carly that he was just outside on the terrace talking to himself when he thought that he heard her calling his name. Carly says that could have been it, but she’s worried that there’s someone lurking out there just the same – she starts for the door, and when Lorenzo attempts to stop her he bangs into some furniture in the process. The fact that he’s in pain distracts Carly from wanting to check outside, and she tries to get him to sit down. Lorenzo tells her to stop patronizing him, he says he’s sick of her tending to him like he’s a wounded bird. She says she’s just trying to help, and he snaps that if she wants to help she can just go somewhere else. She asks him where all of the hostility is coming from. (While Lorenzo and Carly are bickering, the assassin is listening outside.) He says he heard the pity in her voice and he hates it. But Carly isn’t having any of this…she asks what has happened to make him upset.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Jason tells Sonny that Sonny isn’t being fair to Sam, (who is listening on the stairwell) keeping her around, keeping her hoping for something more. Sonny says that Sam has no illusions about their relationship, that he’s been honest with her. He says that Jason should be out looking for the hitman, instead of discussing Sonny’s relationship issues. Jason nods and leaves.

Outside of Kelly’s: Ric and Lucky are discussing the fact that Zander may be alive. Lucky says that no one has even seen Zander, meaning he may have already left town. Ric doesn’t buy it, he says he wants every available man on the hunt. Elizabeth runs up to them and tells them that she has seen Zander, alive at the cottage with Emily. All three of them take off.

The Cottage: Emily asks Zander how he can possibly expect her to be thrilled at the thought of having sex with him when she is in love with another man. Zander says that he doesn’t just wants sex, he wants to make love like they used to. He asks her if she remembers the connection they used to have, how it was impossible to tell where one of them ended and the other began. Emily snaps that this isn’t romance, it’s just a “business transaction.” She tells him to be proud, as he has made a whore out of her. He begs her not to say that, but she says it’s true. She says that she wants Nikolas safe and she’ll do anything to make sure he stays that way. She wants Zander to “have” her knowing that he will never be able to erase Nikolas from her heart. All of this said, she rips off her clothes.

But as she stands before him, Zander begins to cry. She asks him what he’s waiting for, and he apologizes and whispers, “I can’t do this to you.”

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Lorenzo and Carly are still arguing. He begins shouting: he can’t see anything, no colors, no lights -- all he can do is stumble around from place to place. She tries to apologize, but he cuts her off saying that if she wants to help him she can give him some privacy. She icily asks if he means that and when he says yes she leaves, slamming the door behind her.

Once Carly is gone, Lorenzo wanders out onto the balcony, calling out for the assassin, who doesn’t answer. One of the bodyguards, Ruiz, comes to his aid – he tells Lorenzo that Carly sent him. Lorenzo asks Ruiz if they are alone and Ruiz looks around and says yes. Lorenzo gives Ruiz instructions to keep watch over Carly, to protect her. Ruiz agrees and leaves Lorenzo standing alone on the terrace.

Outside of Kelly’s: Jason walks by with Max. They are discussing the fact that there are no leads on the hitman. Jason says that they need to find something, fast, or the hitman will strike again. Max says he’s on it and leaves.

At that moment Courtney comes out of Kelly’s – she asks Jason if he has a minute to talk about Sonny. Jason says he does. Courtney shows him the custody papers…she says that first Alexis dropped them off with Mike, then Mike gave them to her, and now she is giving them to Jason, hoping that he will give them to Sonny. Jason says he wants no part of it. Courtney thinks that Sonny would deal with it better if Jason was the one to do it, but Jason says he isn’t going to help Sonny give up custody of his kids – as he knows that it’s the wrong thing to do. Courtney sighs and says that she’ll do it…then she smiles and says that she might not be coming back with Sonny’s signature. Jason asks her what she’s thinking but Courtney doesn’t reply…she does, however, have a very thoughtful look on her face.

The Cottage: Zander, still crying, picks a blanket up and wraps it around Emily. He says that all he ever wanted was to love her and to have her love in return. He tells her that it’s all his fault, that he’s ruined everything. Emily says that she carries some of the blame as she lied about loving him back when they said their vows. Zander says that when she agreed to marry him it was the happiest moment of his life.

Emily tells Zander that he has to move on, and Zander says that he’s tried – “in every wrong way” possible…hooking up with Faith for example which he says was an angry and desperate move. He says all he managed to do was push Emily away further. He sits down on the couch and stares at the floor: “I never deserved you.”

Emily tells him that he has just proven that he’s a good person, and that she has always known that. She sits down next to him on the couch and says that he needs to get back to believing in himself, even if he has to do it without her this time. Zander replies that all he ever wanted for her was “a lifetime of perfect moments.” He recalls when they danced on prom night underneath the street light. He says he’s cost himself everything – his father, and Emily’s love. He apologizes to her again and she replies that she forgives him. Zander asks if she means it, and she says that she does, with all of her heart. He goes onto say that he doesn’t even know if any of this matters anymore – he says that he knows that she never meant to hurt him…that she simply fell in love with someone else…which sucks, but he knows that that doesn’t give him the right to try and hurt her in turn. He tells Emily that he doesn’t blame her for anything that has happened. Emily replies that her only concern is Nikolas, and Zander says that Nik is fine, that as far as he knows he made his flight to Greece safely.

Outside of the cottage, Ric, Lucky, and a SWAT team have completely surrounded the cottage. Policemen are getting into position and Ric tells them that they are not to risk a situation in which Emily could get shot. Elizabeth runs up to him, and Ric becomes angry, reminding her that he told her to stay away. Liz says that Emily is her best friend and that she won’t leave no matter what Ric says.

While Lucky gives Zander instructions over the bullhorn (he wants Zander to send Emily out first, and then to follow shortly with his hands up in the air) Zander takes a gun out of his belt and crouches by the door. He and Emily look at one another, but don’t say anything.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Sage comes by with a present for her uncle Lorenzo – a mobility cane (it folds up into four parts and has a red tip at the bottom so people can see him coming). She says that she’s signed him up with a therapist who will teach him how to use it. Sage is pretty excited about it, and Lorenzo obviously doesn’t share her enthusiasm, though he does manage to tell her that he appreciates her thoughtfulness. Sage asks where Carly is and Lorenzo replies that Carly’s at home – he says he doesn’t want to be anyone’s babysitting project. Sage, believing that the remark is aimed at her, laughs at Lorenzo’s “subtlety” and tells him that she was just leaving, that she just wanted to drop off the cane. They embrace, and she leaves the apartment, shutting the door behind her.

After Sage has gone, Lorenzo flies into a fury – he swings the cane around, smashing things with it. He heaves a helpless, frustrated sigh.

Carly’s House: Carly opens up the door to find Jason standing on the doorstep. She notes that she wasn’t expecting him and he says that he just wanted to come and check on her and the boys. He asks her if she explained to Michael that he can’t keep running off. Carly says that Michael understands that now and Jason asks if she’s sure. Carly talks about how hard the custody trial was on Michael, and she tells Jason to tell Sonny that it would help a lot of Sonny would just stop bailing on their plans together in favor of rolling around on the bed with Sam.

Jason takes offense and says that Sam was just hurt – but before he can finish Carly interrupts, pleading with him not to defend Sam – she says that she hates that “little tramp” and that she knows that if Jason was honest he would say that he hates her too. Jason asks why she’s lashing out, and Carly looks around the house and says that she knows she should be happy with her new place and with custody of the boys but she just isn’t…she misses the way things used to be. She is certain that Sonny is relieved to be free of her and the boys. Jason denies that that’s true and Carly counters that Sam and Sonny are probably together this very minute.

Sonny’s Penthouse: As it turns out, Carly is correct. Sonny and Sam are lying in an embrace in front of a roaring fireplace. Sam talks about how elusive happiness is and how she just wants to grab this moment and hold onto it forever. Sonny teases her for being greedy.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door downstairs. Sonny reluctantly leaves Sam to go get the door. Courtney is on the other side. When she sees Sam she gets a very disgusted look on her face (Sam for her part, says hi to Courtney and goes upstairs to get dressed – Courtney ignores the greeting). Sonny tells Courtney that if she is here to lecture him about Sam she shouldn’t waste her breath. She responds by handing him the custody papers. She says that he needs to sign them and get them back to Carly – warning him that once he puts his signature on the paper, he loses his boys for good. Sonny says that that’s the idea, and Courtney says that he should know before he signs that Carly told her that she was planning to leave Lorenzo before the accident. This news comes as a surprise to Sonny.

On the Road Outside of Port Charles: Nikolas is driving in his car, talking on his cell phone to Emily’s voicemail box. He says that the trip to Greece was called off so he went to Manhattan instead – did a little shopping. He says that he just has to stop off at the family’s country house to check in with the caretaker there, and that soon he’ll be home in Emily’s arms. He tries to say “I love you” but the voicemail box cuts off before he can complete the sentence. He shrugs and turns on the radio – the announcer says that escaped fugitive Zander Smith, once presumed dead, is alive and has his ex-wife holed up in a cottage.

Nik completely freaks out when he hears this, and steps hard on the gas in an effort to make the car go faster.

The Cottage: Emily crouches at the door next to Zander and calls out to Lucky…she says that she’s safe, and that she needs more time to talk with Zander. One of the cops with Lucky asks if Zander would hurt Emily, and Lucky denies that that is even a possibility. The cop asks if there’s a chance that Zander will give himself up, and Ric replies that Zander isn’t known for having good judgment. The officer wonders if there’s a chance that Zander will come out shooting and Lucky admits that that is possible.

Inside, Emily is trying to convince Zander to give himself up peacefully. She tells him to put the gun down, that no one will shoot at an unarmed man. He peeks out the door and tells Emily that there’s a lot of action going on outside. She says that they’ll face it together and he says no, that he’s going to face it alone, because he plans to let her go.

Carly’s House: Carly and Jason are still discussing Sam. Carly asks how deeply involved Sonny is with Sam. Jason says that he can’t speak for Sonny. Carly asks if their relationship is more than sex and Jason counters: is her relationship with Lorenzo more than sex? He asks her what she thinks it does to Sonny seeing her with Lorenzo.

Jason then brings up Sonny’s “Lorenzo planted the car-bomb” theory. Carly defends Lorenzo saying that Lorenzo doesn’t want Sonny dead and Jason says that that’s just what Lorenzo is telling her. Carly asks if Jason really thinks that she would stay with a man who had so little concern for her children? She tells Jason that Lorenzo lost his eye-sight from the bombing, and Jason calls it an “occupational hazard.” He informs Carly that no one understands why she is staying with Lorenzo, and he asks her if she answer that question for him.

Carly’s eyes fill up with tears and she admits that she doesn’t know if she can explain it…but that if he really wants to hear it, she can try. She sits down on the couch and tells Jason that Lorenzo loves her – and even more than that, Lorenzo is open about loving her, which allows her to see a part of him that most people don’t. She says that she knows most people think that he’s calculating but she doesn’t see him that way. She explains that Lorenzo has been patient with her, that he’s stood by her no matter what – she says that she cannot walk away from Lorenzo after he was blinded because he was in the courtroom supporting her.

After she is finished, Jason points out that Carly hasn’t once said that she is in love with Lorenzo – he says that it’s because she’s still in love with Sonny, despite trying to convince herself that Lorenzo is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Carly looks at him and says nothing.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Courtney says that she is telling Sonny the truth, that Carly really was planning to leave Lorenzo before the accident. Sonny says that Carly obviously changed her mind and Courtney counters that that’s only because of Lorenzo’s blindness. Sonny is getting angry – he says that Carly is with Lorenzo because she wants to be, because Lorenzo is in her system. Courtney asks Sonny to remember the lengths that Carly went through to get Lorenzo *out* of her system. He replies that Carly chose her path, and now he is choosing his. Courtney asks what will happen when Carly finally leaves Lorenzo, will Sonny be so far down his “path” that Carly can’t find him? Sonny says that he’s finished being under a microscope and that she should take the papers to Carly for Carly’s signature. Courtney snaps that she is tired of being the messenger, that she thinks he’s making a mistake but if he wants to do it fine, she just won’t help him. Before she leaves, she gives him some advice: if he burns enough bridges, Carly won’t ever find her way back.

The Cottage: Zander tells Emily to leave him but she refuses, saying that they’ve come into this together and now they will go out together. Emily asks Zander to put the gun down – she says the only thing she wants him holding is her hand…they’ll be right beside one another so that no one can misinterpret what is going on. Zander can’t believe that she wants to help him after everything he’s put her through. Emily replies, “You’re my first love,” and Zander counters (tears in his eyes), “You were my *only* one. And I don’t know if I’m ever going to see you again.” With that, he leans toward her, and they kiss tenderly. When they’ve finished, Zander seems to have renewed strength: he puts the gun down on the floor, they stand up, and he tells Emily that he’s ready.

Emily calls out to Lucky, telling him that they are coming out together and that Zander is unarmed. Outside, the cop who voiced his concerns about Zander before notes that they don’t know that that’s true, but upon hearing Emily say that they mustn’t shoot, Ric gives the order, “Hold your fire.”

Inside, Emily calls out to the cops that they are walking out together. Zander notes that they have now come full-circle, that after everything they’ve ended up back here where they started. Emily says that they need to leave or the policemen will think that something is wrong. Zander nods, and – their hands clasped – Zander and Emily walk outside, together. Immediately, red target lasers focus on Zander’s body. Zander looks at Emily, who is gazing out at all of the policemen surrounding them. Then he turns to look at the policemen as well. For a brief moment it’s almost as if he is contemplating his destiny.

Carly’s House: Jason has long since gone and now Carly has another visitor…this time it’s Lorenzo, who she is very happy to see (when she comes to the door she is holding some freshly cut flowers in her hand). Lorenzo comes inside without any assistance which impresses Carly. She asks him where he got the cane and Lorenzo says that Sage bought it for him, despite the fact that he wasn’t very gracious at first. He says that he came by to apologize for arguing with her – he says that that wasn’t fair after all of the support she has given him. She says that she hasn’t been on her best behavior lately either. He admits that he isn’t very good at asking for help, but that now he knows that he needs her’s. Carly tells him that he has it, and he smiles weakly.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sam is wandering around the living room when she sees Sonny’s coat on the couch. She picks it up and holds it to her face, inhaling the smell of Sonny’s cologne. Just as she has put it back down again, Jason comes into the penthouse. She tells him that Sonny isn’t in, and he says that he knows. She asks if he’s gotten a lead on the bomber and he says that he hasn’t. She tells him that she’ll let Sonny know and that he can leave. Jason says that he’ll wait for Sonny.

Sam figures out immediately what is going on – she accuses Jason (who settles down in an armchair) of wanting to take up Sonny’s time with business so Sonny won’t have any time left over for her. She tells Jason that she isn’t going anywhere, that she is going to enjoy her time with Sonny while she still has it. Jason stares at her and says nothing.

The Cottage: Ric tells Lucky to watch Elizabeth. He speaks to Zander through a bullhorn, telling him that he has nowhere to run and that he needs to step away from Emily. Emily insists that she’s fine, and Ric tells Zander to kneel down with his hands over his head, immediately.

Zander turns to Emily and says that he loves her. Then he pushes her out of the way, and reaches behind his back to mimic pulling out a gun. The police waste no time in gunning him down – several bullet-holes appear in Zander’s chest and stomach and he slumps onto the ground. Emily screams and falls down onto her knees, crying.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sam decides that it is time to explain a few things to Jason. She says that she isn’t using Sonny for anything, that in fact she has tried to leave several times to no avail…she says she’d be gone if Sonny didn’t always come up with the words to make her stay. She says that she isn’t naïve and that she knows that Sonny’s heart belongs to Carly – she thinks that Carly is nuts for giving Sonny up, but she considers Carly’s loss her own gain. Jason asks Sam what she thinks she’s going to have with Sonny and Sam admits that she doesn’t know. Jason asks what she *wants* from Sonny, and Sam says that part of her wants this feeling inside of her to go away, and the other part wants her to hold onto it for dear life. She finishes by saying that she believes she’s falling in love with Sonny.

Carly’s House: Lorenzo smells the flower that Carly is holding and identifies it as “hyacinth.” He tells her that he misses seeing her face, the way her hair looks, the way her smile lights up the room. They kiss, and the flowers Carly was holding fall to the ground. Neither of them see Sonny standing outside of the window, watching them.

The Cottage: Emily is cradling Zander’s body to her. Ric, Liz and Lucky come forward and Emily screams at them to get away…she says that none of them cared about Zander and she blames Ric for Zander getting shot. She looks down at Zander and asks him why he did it. Zander smiles and said that it’s like the way they met, with cops all around…maybe it should have ended this way then, too. But, he says he’s glad it didn’t, because then he never would have gotten to love her. He thanks her for that. Emily sobs that they’re going to get him to a hospital, and Zander replies (struggling with the words) “For awhile, you made my life golden.” Then, the light goes out of his eyes.

On the Road Outside of Port Charles: Nikolas is still speeding while listening to the radio. The announcer says that shots have been fired at the cottage. Nikolas freaks out, and – as if for comfort – reaches for the little blue bag that holds the silver wedding rings he bought in Manhattan. It’s a fatal error…just as he’s taking his eyes off of the road, the car swerves, and crashes.

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