GH Update Monday 3/22/04

General Hospital Update Monday 3/22/04

By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

The Cottage: Emily is there, talking out loud to wherever Zander’s spirit is. She tells him that she is there to apologize, to say good bye, and to let him go. She says that she wants him to know that she loved him and that she is so grateful to have had his love in return. When she turns around, a very much alive Zander is standing in the doorway.

Emily completely freaks out, saying, “Oh my God!” and backing away from him slightly. He comes toward her and reminds her that she saw him in the park. Emily replies that she thought that he died in the fire, and that they’d even found his body. She runs to him, crying, and throws her arms around him. He hugs her, with a very happy expression on his face. He tells her that there’s a very long story behind his survival, and that with any luck at all, she’ll be the only person to have ever found out that he’s still living. Emily looks perplexed by this statement.

The Lazarus: Sam assures the assassin that she is leaving town, but he hauls her to her feet and sticks his gun into her body, telling her that it’ll be “fast.” Just then, Jason enters, his own gun aimed at the assassin. The hitman warns Jason that he’ll kill Sam, who yells at Jason to hurry up and shoot anyway. Jason lowers his gun, and Sam calls him an idiot for giving in. Jason ignores her and raises his arms over his head – the viewers can see that there’s a tape recorder tucked into the back of his pants.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Faith, in her nurse’s get-up, is still holding the shaving razor to his neck. She acknowledges that the apartment has a nice view, and that it’s too bad that he can’t appreciate it (what with the blindness and everything). She tells him that Jason had recently dangled her over a balcony much like this one and that she has no desire to go through that again. Lorenzo says that that’s between her and Jason and Faith replies that Sonny believes that she was the one to plant the car-bomb. She says that since she wants to clear all of this up with Sonny, she needs Lorenzo to confess to the crime. Lorenzo replies that he was not involved. Faith comments that slicing his throat will be messy but that at least it would get her Sonny’s gratitude.

Carly’s House: Sonny asks Carly if she had ever imagined their current situation – raising the boys without a father in the house, having to tell them that he lives just across town instead. Carly says no but that that’s how things are now. Sonny says that Michael realizes that something is missing and that he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to replace it. He goes on to say that Michael’s heart is broken, just like their home is now broken – that everything is blown apart, and everybody’s acting like everything’s okay. He reminds her that they have just been targeted by a bomb – and that the bomb’s name is Alcazar. He asks her how they will come back from that? Carly looks at him and says nothing.

Ric and Elizabeth’s Home: Ric and Liz are in bed – Liz is sleeping, and Ric looks over at her, concerned. It turns out that she’s dreaming (in black and white). In the dream, she and Ric are leaving the hospital with their brand new baby (a little boy). They are very proud and very happy. Ric wheels Elizabeth over to the elevator – while they are waiting, Liz looks down at her arms and sees that the baby blanket is empty…the baby is gone! Liz is frantic, “Somebody stole my baby!”

A few feet away, someone corrects her: “My baby.” Liz and Ric look up, and they see Zander, dressed in hospital scrubs, standing in the open elevator and holding the infant in his arms. He tells them that HIS baby is coming home with HIM. Then he presses the elevator button so that the door slides shut.

Elizabeth screams, which causes her to wake up. Ric assures her that she is all right, and asks what she was dreaming. Liz describes the whole thing to him. Ric tells her that it wasn’t real, that the baby is fine and that Zander will never hurt any of them. Liz says she is worried that the truth about Zander’s death will come out, and Ric replies that it won’t, ever, because he has signed a form releasing the body for burial. Liz wants to know where Zander will be buried and Ric says the plot is in “a county facility.” Liz is not happy – she doesn’t want Zander’s final resting place to be a patch of dirt with a numbered marker. Ric wants to know why it matters and Liz reminds him that one day they’ll have to tell their child who his biological father is…so what if the child goes looking for where Zander is buried? A county facility isn’t good enough.

The Cottage: Zander tells Emily that Liz did hit him with the pipe, knocking him out cold. He says that when he woke up the room was on fire already, and that he just barely escaped – he takes the whole thing as a sign. Emily says that a body was found in the basement. Zander replies that he had nothing to do with that, that he wasn’t even sure if the body was there when he was making his escape. Emily wants to know how the authorities could have identified the body as his, and Zander answers that he doesn’t know any of the details, that it was all so chaotic – but that the amazing thing is that he made it out alive, that he got a second chance.

Emily agrees – now he can make a fresh start of things. Zander says that that’s what he’s thinking too. She tells him that he must leave town, that it’s too dangerous for him to stay. He tells her not to worry, that they are going to leave town together – that she is going to come with him. This news takes Emily by surprise.

The Lazarus: Jason is asking the assassin a bunch of questions about the car-bomb and why Lorenzo set it. The assassin denies knowing Lorenzo. Jason wants to know how Lorenzo will react when he finds out that the assassin turned a simple assignment into a massacre of witnesses (referring to himself and to Sam). The assassin again denies knowing Lorenzo, and then he aims his gun at Jason, who begins shooting at him. Sam struggles with the assassin in an attempt to throw his aim off of Jason. He breaks free of her and runs out the back. Jason follows him, while Sam stays in the bedroom – she grabs up the gun that the assassin dropped and aims it at the doorway. There is shooting outside while she waits. Finally Jason comes back into the room and says that the assassin got away. He asks Sam why she came back to the boat, where she could easily be found?

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Faith is still holding the razor to Lorenzo’s neck. She tells him that he hasn’t lost much blood – yet – but that that will change unless she gets details about the car-bomb. Lorenzo tells her that she will never leave the building alive. Faith acknowledges that that may be true…however, she likes her chances a lot better than she likes his. Lorenzo says that he’s surprised that Sonny didn’t kill her when he had the chance. Faith says that Sonny is giving her time to find the real bomber. Lorenzo tells her that she had better get back to work. Faith wonders, since Lorenzo refuses to confess, if Sonny will take his severed throat as a gesture of her goodwill? After all, Sonny hates Lorenzo – Faith thinks there’s a chance that Sonny will thank her for doing him a favor.

At that moment, Sage comes out onto the balcony – she demands to know what Faith is doing. Faith coyly replies that she was just giving him a shave. Sage says that she’ll scream for the guards unless Faith leaves immediately. Lorenzo says that that won’t be necessary, as Faith was just on her way out. Faith says that she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter and heads for the door – but just before she leaves she whispers that she’ll finish the job next time.

Sage presses a towel to the cuts that Faith has left on Lorenzo’s throat. She blames herself for not being around to protect him. He disagrees, telling her that he’s safe. She tries to argue and he cuts her off, telling her that he doesn’t need to depend on anyone.

Carly’s House: Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t want Lorenzo hanging around, playing “Daddy” to Michael and Morgan. Carly asks him to leave Lorenzo out of it. Sonny says that it’s Carly’s fault for not giving him up, and Carly asks why she should when Sonny isn’t giving up Sam. Sonny says that he feels like he owes Sam, since she has a knife wound. Carly counters that she feels like she owes Lorenzo since he’s blind because of the car-bomb. Sonny says that Lorenzo blinded himself. Carly asks what he’s talking about, and Sonny says that he thinks Lorenzo is responsible for the car-bomb – he thinks that Lorenzo wanted to make him look bad in front of the judge. Carly accuses Sonny of inventing excuses to go after Lorenzo. Sonny says he doesn’t need an excuse, as he hated Lorenzo even before Carly and Lorenzo began their affair. Carly brings up Sonny’s affair with Sam. She says that Sonny will say anything to keep from admitting that he was wrong. They accuse one another of destroying their marriage. Sonny says that if Carly doesn’t understand that Lorenzo planted the bomb, then she is as blind as he is. He then leaves the house.

The Cottage: Zander asks Emily if she remembers the footbridge to Canada, where she chased him down and begged him not to go. Emily says that that was a lifetime ago. But Zander is continues, saying that Emily told him then that she loved him. Emily replies that she did feel that way at the time. Zander says that the mistake that they made was coming back to town – he says that they should have gone to Canada, where they could have been happy. Emily reminds him that she was only a high school student, and that she would have had to leave her family behind. Zander recalls how much the Quartermaines hated him, and he tells Emily that he thinks that they were secretly relieved when she hurt her back and had to go out of town for medical care, because it meant that she would be separated from Zander. He admits that he did want her to go away, so that she could get better, but that he always believed that she would come back to him. He asks why that didn’t happen…and he answers his own question, that other people tore them apart.

Emily tries to tell him that she is responsible for her own feelings and that she just isn’t in love with him anymore, but Zander cuts her off…he says that he knows that when people look at him they see a waste of air, but that when she looks at him, he knows that she believes in him. Zander tells Emily that she makes him a better person. He reminds her of their vows of marriage. Emily begins to cry, and Zander goes onto say that Emily makes him matter, that even his own father couldn’t love him, but that she could. Emily cries that it wasn’t hard to love him, and Zander says that no matter what has happened, he is still the same man that she fell in love with. Emily says that he believes him. He begs her not to cry…he holds her face in his hands and promises her that everything is going to be okay and that now they are going to be together.

Mac’s Room at the Hospital: Enid is showing Mac a picture of Wally and asking him if he saw Wally there the night of the fire. Lucky is standing a few feet away. Mac says that he didn’t. Lucky comes over to Enid and tells her that Mac needs his rest. Before she leaves, Mac tells her that he hopes that she finds her brother.

Out in the hall, Lucky tells Enid that if she has questions about Wally, she needs to be asking them at the police station. Felicia is standing at the other end of the hallway, watching the exchange. Enid tells Lucky that Mac was very nice to her and that he didn’t seem to mind her asking questions. Lucky retorts that Mac is recovering from very severe burns, and that until he recovers, they aren’t going to bother him with police work.

At this point, Felicia comes over to interrupt. She asks about the case that they have been discussing, and they tell her that Wally was in the hotel the night of the fire and that no one has seen him since. Lucky says that they have checked all the hospitals and all the morgues. Felicia asks Enid if Wally was in any trouble, and when Enid says that he wasn’t, Felicia replies that someone transferred Mac to another hospital with no ID. Enid asks if Felicia thinks that Wally did that, and Felicia says that she doesn’t know…but that since both Wally and Mac disappeared the same night, there could be a connection. She looks as if she is starting to realize that things are not quite right.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny is inside – he opens the door, and Jason and Sam come in. Sonny wants to know what happened, and Jason replies that the hitman found Sam on her boat. He’s trying to help Sam into the penthouse, but Sam says she doesn’t need help, that she can walk. Jason explains the incident on the boat to Sonny. Sonny tells Jason to call a doctor for Sam, who continues to insist that she’s fine. Sonny wants to know what the hell Sam was thinking, but before she can answer, Jason interrupts and tells him that the assassin wasn’t a local guy and that he wouldn’t say who hired him. Sonny orders Jason to track the hitman down. Before Jason can leave, Sam thanks him for saving her life, and he replies that it’s his job. Then he exits.

Sonny sits down on the couch with Sam, who tells him that since the hitman saw Jason’s face, Jason is now a target too. Sonny is more concerned with what possessed Sam to leave the penthouse in the first place.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Carly comes out onto the balcony to see Lorenzo. She asks if something has happened – she says that the guards are on edge and that she practically had to beg them to let her in. Lorenzo wants to know if they were rude to her and she says that they weren’t, but that they were nervous. Carly asks if he’s expecting an attack, and he tells her about Faith dressing up as a nurse to sneak in. Carly wants to know if Faith hurt him, and he says no – does he look hurt? Carly says that he looks calm, and that it reminds her of when he was cool and calculated and sure of getting whatever he wanted. Simply put, she wants to know if he is still playing “games” and if he planted the bomb in Sonny’s limo.

Lorenzo wants to know where she got an idea – from Sonny? Carly tells him to just answer the question. Lorenzo says that he has no reason to want Sonny killed as Carly and Sonny are currently separated. Carly explains Sonny’s theory that Lorenzo wanted to make Sonny look bad so that Carly would get custody. He says that he is trying not to hate Sonny for the sake of Carly and the kids. He reminds Carly that Sonny was the one who chose the custody decision and that maybe he’s regretting it now – he warns Carly not to get caught up in Sonny’s paranoia.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sam talks about how Michael was upset enough over Sonny breaking the breakfast plans to take a taxi cab over to the penthouse to confront him personally. She says that she doesn’t want to be the reason for Michael’s hurt. Sonny says that Michael is only hurting over the divorce. Sam says that Michael resents her, and Sonny replies that while she appreciates her concern for Michael, but that it doesn’t help anyone for Sam to risk her life. Sonny reminds her that the hitman is a professional and that even though Sam likes to take care of herself, she’s safer here at the penthouse. Sam balks, but Sonny tells her that if she trusts him, she’ll stay with him because that’s where he wants her. Sam asks, “Why?”

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Ric has just made the arrangements for a proper burial for Zander, and Elizabeth is very happy to hear it. She thinks that Emily will attend the funeral, as well as Alexis and Carly, as they all knew Zander before he was consumed by bitterness.

A nurse gives Ric Zander’s personal items, which Elizabeth looks at. She takes out a charged signet ring, just as Enid is walking by. Enid sees the ring and identifies it as Wally’s. Ric tries to tell her that the ring belongs to a man who died in the fire, but Enid takes the ring and shows them Wally’s initials on it. Elizabeth wonders, if Wally was the man who died in the basement, then where is Zander?

The Cottage: Emily tells Zander that she will never forget that night at the bridge. Zander says that they can be happy like they were then, but Emily says that they can’t pretend that time has stood still since then. Zander tells Emily that he loves her even more now. He says that she can deny that she loves him, but that he can see the love in her eyes. Emily says that she will always have a piece of her heart, but Zander replies that he wants more than just a piece.

Emily tries again – telling Zander that she knows that they shared an amazing connection then, when they fell in love and Zander interrupts, saying that it can be even better than before. Emily tells him that she has changed, and that she will always care for him, even love him in a way, but that she is in love with Nikolas. Zander says that she’ll get over it, and Emily argues that she won’t…she’s even going to marry Nik. Zander says, “No, you belong with me!” She begs him to try and understand, but he refuses, asking her instead if she knows where Nikolas is. She tells him that Nik is out of the country, but Zander disagrees – he tells her that Nik never even made his flight. Emily looks stunned.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny tells Sam that he feels responsible for her. Sam says that she has a salvage business to run, and Sonny replies that she’ll only be running it again when she’s gotten well. Sam says that she doesn’t want to be a burden – Sonny says that she’s not one, that he likes having her around and that she should stop arguing because he always wins arguments. They laugh at that.

Sonny says that she will be staying at the penthouse until the threat goes away. Sam wants to know if that’s an order or an invitation and he says that it’s a statement of fact. He puts a pillow on his lap and tells her to lie down. She does so and says that she doesn’t like feeling helpless. He strokes her hair and tells her that he won’t let anyone hurt her.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Carly and Lorenzo are still arguing over Sonny’s theory that Lorenzo planted the bomb. Carly says that Sonny has many reasons to suspect Lorenzo. Lorenzo says that Sonny has many enemies, including Faith, that Sonny only wants him to be responsible because he’s jealous. Carly reminds Lorenzo that he told her he’d do anything to see her kids back in her custody – she wants to know how far he would go to do it? Lorenzo replies that the better question is how far would he NEED to go? He says that he knows that the judge would never have taken away her kids, and Carly scoffs that there’s no way he could have known that. Lorenzo says that she could have been in the car – he says he would never endanger her life. Carly agrees with that and she apologizes for interrogating him. She says she thinks it could have been Faith who planted the bomb and Lorenzo says that it isn’t their responsibility. She says that she only came by because she wanted reassurance. He asks her if she can stay awhile and she does so. They talk about what a beautiful night it is, and Lorenzo says they should enjoy it.

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Felicia is talking to Lucky. She says that Wally died in the fire, not Zander. Lucky brings up the medical charts and Felicia says that Zander must have gotten in some how to switch them. Lucky recalls that someone was living in Wally’s apartment and Felicia says that Zander must have taken on Wally’s whole identity. Lucky agrees that it worked until Enid got worried over her brother’s disappearance. Felicia says that that must have been when Zander needed a new place to hide, leading him to switch Mac out of General Hospital and into Mercy so that he could take Mac’s place – that way he would have been able to hide in plain sight and obtain information at the same time. Felicia thinks that Zander is out there somewhere, “doing God knows what.”

The Cottage: Emily is getting hysterical. She demands to know what Zander has done to Nikolas. Zander tells her to come with him and he’ll explain everything. Emily refuses…she says she is staying right where she is. He sighs and says that she seems to think that she’s in love with Nikolas. Emily says that she does love Nik. He tells her that she has a chance to save him. Emily realizes that Zander is lying to scare her. Zander asks her if she has heard from Nikolas? Has he called? It is clear from Emily’s expression that he hasn’t…she rationalizes this to herself, saying that Nik will call in the morning. She begs Zander to tell her the truth.

Zander says that the truth is that he loves her. Emily says that he needs to let her go, and Zander replies that he will do anything to get her back – he’ll even kill Nikolas. Emily says that he doesn’t mean that. Zander is crying now, he says that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants to be with her! He demands to know why she can’t believe in him the way she used to believe in him. Emily yells that the Zander she loved didn’t threaten people…the Zander she loved wasn’t cold and heartless. Zander holds his head in his hands, admitting that he knows all of this, he just needs her to give him a chance. Emily replies that there is no “chance.” Zander thinks that if they could just be together that she’ll remember everything. Emily puts her hands on either side of his face and tells him that she will never be in love with him again because she’s in love with Nikolas now. Zander says that she’s wrong, and Emily says that she’ll go with him, but only to save Nikolas. She asks Zander if it’s worth it, taking her with him knowing that she will only ever love Nikolas?

Zander asks why she’s making this so hard and she replies that she’s just telling the truth. He says that he just wanted to get back what they had, but now he thinks that they won’t be able to. Emily tells him to go to Canada by himself and he snaps, “That’s not the plan!” Zander says he can’t figure out why he wants to take her with him when he knows that she’ll only escape somehow during the night. He says he doesn’t want this to be a kidnapping…that he just wants to find a way to make her realize that she still loves him.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Jason is checking back in with Sonny (Sam is upstairs resting). He says he’s had no luck finding the hitman but that he has people keeping a look out; there’s even someone watching Lorenzo. Sonny thinks that it must be Lorenzo who planted the bomb, even if Lorenzo didn’t plan on becoming blind in the process.

Jason is concerned because they are having this conversation in a place where Sam could overhear. Sonny laughs at the thought that Sam could be a spy. Jason reminds Sonny that neither of them know Sam very well.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Lorenzo has his arms around Carly, who is describing the night sky to him. She admits that she isn’t very good with stars, but he tells her their names. She wants to know how he got to know so much about the stars, and he says that it’s all tied into classes he took on classical mythology. He talks about watching the stars out at sea, where they seemed so much brighter away from the pollution of the city. She promises that one day he’ll go stargazing again, and he replies that he sees them even now through her eyes. Carly says that she needs to go check on the boys. She leaves, and Lorenzo remains standing out on the balcony. What he doesn’t realize is that the assassin is hiding behind a bush a few feet away.

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Ric tells a tearful Enid that he has ordered another autopsy on the body, and that when it is identified they’ll let her know. Enid is sure that it’s Wally. Felicia comforts her and assures her that they’ll get an ID as soon as possible. Ric makes a call to the police station, telling them to put out an APB on Zander Smith, and to consider him armed and dangerous.

The Cottage: Zander tells Emily that after they are on the road for awhile she’ll relax enough to remember what they had…how they laughed and had fun…how he used to get her grape Pixie Stix…. Emily, stony-faced, says that it won’t be the same, now. He ignores her, describing what it’ll be like to wake up every morning, looking at one another. Emily yells that she doesn’t want to go with him, and he denies that she means it, he says that she is just saying what “they” want her to say. He pleads with her to follow her heart, to just feel. He hugs her to him.

Outside, Elizabeth has shown up at the cottage. She peers through the window, trying to see inside.

Emily pulls away from Zander; she tells him that he can’t make her feel. He says again that he loves her and that she loves him too. He says he’ll even prove it to her – he wants her to make love to him, this very moment.

On an Airplane: Nikolas is sitting in his seat, as the pilot announces their descent into Port Charles. Nik takes a small box out of his bag – it’s two matching silver rings. He closes the box again and smiles slightly.

Kelly’s: Mike is clearing a table when Courtney comes in. She’s dressed up like a business-woman – she even has a hair pulled back in a different style. Mike is very impressed. Courtney says that she has to “look the part to be the part.” Mike says that for whatever it’s worth, he is very proud of her – his baby girl is the president of her own company! He asks if she has whipped the criminal forces into shape yet, and she says that she is holding her own. Mike asks her to do him a favor for Carly – Alexis came by Kelly’s to drop off some legal papers that require Sonny’s signature. He wants to know if she can do it, as he’s swamped with work. Courtney sighs and says she knows that the papers are for the custody agreement. Mike replies that with Sonny’s signature go the rights to Michael and Morgan.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny tells Jason that he needs to understand that Sam is in danger. Jason says that Sonny could just put her in a safe house, and Sonny replies that he wants Sam with him. Jason doesn’t think that it’s good for Sam to be in the place where Sonny does his business, and where Michael can come by at any time. Sonny says that he doesn’t want to argue with Jason about it. (Meanwhile, Sam is standing up at the top of the stairs listening to their conversation.) Jason accuses Sonny of not really wanting Sam specifically…just someone to fill the void in his life.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: The assassin steps out from behind the bush and says that Lorenzo has not been returning his calls. Lorenzo says he’s been busy and wants to know why the man hasn’t left town – he goes on to say that their agreement was a “one-shot” deal, planting the bomb and that’s it. The assassin says that since Sonny’s girlfriend got a look at him, and then got Jason Morgan involved, he now has to take care of the problem. Lorenzo is angry – he insists that the hitman get out of town immediately. The hitman chides the “blind man” for needing assistance – he says he wants another $500,000. Lorenzo refuses, telling him that their arrangement is terminated. The hitman says that he wants the money first, and that while Lorenzo is getting the payment together, he’ll go out and take care of Sam and Jason.

Before Lorenzo can respond, Carly calls out to him from inside the apartment. She wants to know if he’s all right. Lorenzo, not wanting her to come out and see the hitman, looks worried.

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