GH Update Friday 3/19/04

General Hospital Update Friday 3/19/04

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Sonny’s Penthouse: It’s morning. Sonny comes downstairs and sees Sam resting on the couch. He asks how she’s feeling and she says that she’s doing a lot better, now that she’s had a good night’s sleep. He’s worried over whether or not she’ll be safe if he leaves to have breakfast with Michael, but she reassures him that she’ll be fine. As if to prove it to him, she stands up – and then loses her balance. This seals it for Sonny – he tells her that she can’t stay by herself.

The Park: Emily is sitting on the bench by herself…she looks over into the bushes and sees Zander there, staring at her. She’s startled: “Zander??” At that moment Nikolas returns with some popcorn – Emily looks at Nikolas and then looks back at the bushes…Zander has disappeared. Nikolas is oblivious to her discomfort: he offers her popcorn, saying, “For the most beautiful woman in the entire world.” Suddenly, Zander appears a few feet away – he aims a gun at Nikolas’ back and shoots. Emily screams in horror and --

Wyndemere: It was just a dream…Emily wakes up suddenly, and her cries awaken Nikolas, who is sleeping next to her. He comforts her, saying, “It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream,” but Emily is beside herself.

Outside of Kelly’s: Jason has just emerged with a cup of coffee, when Faith walks by. She’s in a cheerful mood, and she taunts Jason, asking him what it’s like to know that he can’t touch her, thanks to Luke? Just then, Luke himself comes on the scene…he watches Faith and Jason in complete disinterest and says, “Don’t hold back on my account, Jason. She’s all yours.” Faith is stunned.

Carly’s House: Carly is playing with Morgan when Michael comes bounding into the room – dressed in a suit. Carly asks why he’s all dressed up, and Michael replies that Sonny always wears a suit. Carly acknowledges that that’s true, but says that Sonny’s a grown-up, whereas Michael is a little boy who should be in clothes that are a little more comfortable. Michael replies that he just wants his dad to be proud of him – Carly says, “Your daddy is always proud of you,” and Michael smiles and responds that Sonny also always wears a suit. Carly gives in and says that Michael can wear whatever he wants, telling him that he looks very handsome.

Michael bounces back out of the room, and Carly picks up the phone to call Sonny. When he picks up, she asks him to make sure and tell Michael how handsome he looks when he comes over for breakfast. Sonny sighs and breaks the bad news to Carly – he can’t come to breakfast, though he promises to make it up to Michael later. Carly is taken aback, she wants to know why Sonny won’t be able to make it, and he replies that Sam had practically fainted in his arms. Carly is very noticeably pissed: she tells Sonny that she’ll explain everything to Michael, and then she hangs up the phone.

Wyndemere: Emily is crying; she tells Nikolas that she saw Zander in the park. He assumes that she means in her dream, and she tells him no, that she really did see Zander the day before. Nikolas reminds her that Zander is dead, however Emily is insistent: “He was watching me, and you were gone for a second…” Nikolas wants to know why she didn’t say anything beforehand, and Emily says that she just didn’t want it to be true. Nik reassures her that it isn’t true, but Emily continues to describe the dream for him anyway, saying that Zander shot him. Nikolas says that dreams aren’t supposed to make sense. Emily replies, “He wanted revenge because I broke his heart, and he shot you to break mine.”

She wonders if she’s being haunted by Zander, as she believes that he would be alive if they’d remained married. She feels guilty because she lied to him and said that she loved him when in fact she knew she was falling in love with Nikolas – she recalls when Zander found her sleeping with Nikolas in the cottage, the cottage that Zander had bought to live in with Emily, as husband and wife. She laments that she took everything from Zander.

Nikolas wants to know if that’s why Emily thinks that Zander shot him in the dream – Emily tries to calm down, and replies that she knows that Nik is right…that dreams aren’t supposed to make sense.

Outside of Kelly’s: Faith is both pissed and a little scared, telling Luke that he can’t just take back his offer to protect her. Luke says, “Sure I can.” Faith says that they had a deal and Luke reminds her that their deal did not give Faith leeway to annoy Jason. Jason tells Luke that Faith isn’t worth all of this, and Luke tells him that he’s probably right, however, “I’ve got this destructive thing for blondes.” Luke assures Jason that if anything changes, Jason’ll be first to know. Jason remains silent and walks away.

Luke jokes that Jason doesn’t waste words. Faith is still pissed, and she demands to know whose side Luke is on. Luke says he’s on his own side, and that Faith owes him $50,000. Faith says no chance, and Luke pretends to call for Jason to come back. Faith tells him to shut up, and Luke replies that he wants the money in small bills on his desk, pronto. Faith calls it extortion, and Luke reminds her that the deal is for his benefit, not hers. He tells her that she better stick to it, or else she’ll have more than Sonny Corinthos to deal with.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny has made Sam a cheese omelet for breakfast. She loves it; she says she’s never tasted anything like it before. She asks him how he did it, and he replies that he can’t give away his cooking secrets. Sam reminds Sonny that he doesn’t have to be doing all of this for her, but Sonny says he’s doing it because he wants to.

Carly’s House: Carly tells Michael that Sonny won’t be joining them for breakfast, but that he’ll be calling later. Michael wants to know if Sonny’s all right, and Carly says that he is…that he’s just helping out a friend. First Michael guesses that the friend is his uncle Jason, and when Carly says no, Michael asks if his dad is with Sam.

Before Carly has a chance to answer, there’s a knock on the door. Michael runs to open it, expecting Sonny. But it’s Courtney. Michael is very obviously let-down, but he puts on a smile for his aunt and tells her that he’s glad to see her and that he’ll be in his room.

Michael leaves the room but remains listening in the hallway. Carly tells Courtney that Sonny couldn’t come to breakfast because he had to take care of Sam. Courtney says that she’s glad that Carly called her to come over, especially considering the argument that they had had the night before. Carly tells Courtney that Michael has been trying to play the family peacemaker, and that she would really like it if Courtney could talk to him about all that’s been going on. Courtney agrees, saying that she could take Michael and Morgan to the park. Carly thinks that’s a great idea, and she tells Courtney where to find Morgan’s stroller. Courtney asks Carly why Carly can’t come with them, and Carly replies that she’s going to go see Lorenzo.

Courtney doesn’t think that’s the greatest idea. Carly says that she knows that Court doesn’t like Lorenzo – as Court considers him the reason that Sonny and Carly’s marriage busted up. Court agrees that that is exactly what she thinks. Carly says that she doesn’t really want to fight with Courtney about this again…she says that Lorenzo is a good man who has no one to care for him, outside of the bodyguards and Sage. She admits that the accident wasn’t perfectly timed, but that she’s going to deal with it anyway. Courtney wants to know why Carly can’t go back to Sonny before it’s too late, and Carly replies that it is already too late.

Wyndemere: Nikolas has just made Emily some coffee. He tells her that as soon as she’s loaded up with caffeine, she needs to pack her bags because he wants her to come to Greece with him. Emily tells him that she can’t, as she has midterms that she needs to ace. Nikolas reminds her not to pressure herself. Emily says that to get into medical school she needs to get good grades now rather than later. Nikolas teasingly asks her to diagnose him this very moment, and she tells him that he has all the signs of a man in love. He reminds her that love is supposed to be a happy thing, and that she should leave the foreboding to him, as he’s the Cassadine in the relationship. He eases her mind by urging her to think of happy things before she goes to sleep, to keep the nightmares at bay. Right after this conversation, they have a love scene montage.

Outside of Kelly’s: Luke lists things that Faith needs to do – don’t annoy Jason, steer clear of Sonny, get him another $50,000, and find out who bombed Sonny’s limo. Faith tells him that it was Lorenzo who planned the bomb, but Luke says that he wants proof. Faith wonders…if there’s no proof, will Sonny turn on Luke since Luke has been protecting her? Luke says that he and Sonny understand one another. Faith coyly says that she can be “understanding” too – with that, she kisses Luke. A few feet away, Skye is watching, stunned.

Carly’s House: Courtney has Morgan in the stroller all ready to go to the park. She calls for Michael to hurry up, but he doesn’t answer. Just then she notices a note sticking out of her purse. She reads it – it’s an IOU for $20 dollars written in Michael’s handwriting. Looks like Michael has gone off in a taxi on his own, again. Courtney immediately calls Jason and tells him that she needs his help.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sam has just finished eating breakfast (Sonny tries to offer her more food but she declines) and she and Sonny are relaxing in the living room when Max brings a package in. It’s for Sam and it’s from the very pricey Wyndham’s department store. Sam is incredulous, but when Sonny tells her to go ahead and open it she complies. Inside is a gorgeous blue silk outfit – Sonny says that a “beautiful woman deserves beautiful clothes.”

Sam has barely had time to thank Sonny when a knock on the door is followed by the entrance of little Michael. He demands to know why Sonny broke his promise to come to breakfast. Sonny looks guilty.

Outside of Kelly’s: After Faith and Luke’s kiss, they see that Skye has been watching them. A very pleased Faith remarks that they should be more careful in the future, but Luke simply tells her to go get her job finished. Faith says that he’s inspired her – she now has a great plan she intends to set in motion. Luke reminds her not to forget who she is dealing with and Faith says, in a flirty tone of voice, “After last night, how could I forget?” With that, she flounces off.

Skye is furious and she starts in on Luke, telling him that she knew she should never have agreed to meet up with him, that she has many other things that she should be doing, that she continues to make the same mistakes over and over again, and that she never wants to see him ever, ever again. Luke ignores her tirade and asks if she’d like some coffee. Skye demands to know whether or not he was even listening, and he replies that she needs to calm down, as he’s got some news that she’s going to love.

Carly’s House: Jason has arrived, and he tells Courtney that Michael is safe and sound with Sonny. He wants to know why Courtney didn’t just call Sonny herself, and Courtney says that she didn’t want to get screamed at for letting Michael wander off by himself. Jason reminds her that she’s not afraid of Sonny, and Courtney admits that the real reason she didn’t call Sonny was because she didn’t want to tell him why Carly wasn’t watching Michael herself. Jason notes that Carly must be with Lorenzo and Courtney, by way of acknowledgment, says she can’t understand how Carly could have run off considering that Michael was upset over Sonny and Sam. Jason believes that Carly was just too mad to think straight, and Courtney says that they’d had an argument over it – she realizes that Michael might have heard them, too. Jason thinks that it was a mistake for Sonny to give up custody. Courtney sadly says that Sonny was just trying to do what was right for the boys…and that she and her brother aren’t so different in that respect, that they both try so hard to protect the people that they love, only to end up alone for their troubles.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny asks Michael where he got the money for the cab, and Michael says that he left his aunt Courtney an IOU. Sonny asks where Carly is and Michael says that she’s with “Mr. Alcazar.” Sonny sighs and reprimands Michael, telling him that he cannot continue to sneak off on his own. But Michael ignores him, asking instead why Sam is wearing Sonny’s bathrobe.

This begins a long question and answer session between father and son. Sonny tells Michael that Sam isn’t feeling well. (Sam tries to explain to Michael that she was injured, but Michael ignores her.) Michael asks why Sam isn’t at a hospital, and Sonny says that it’s better for her to stay at the penthouse. Michael wants to know why and Sonny says that it’s business and Michael doesn’t need to know anymore. Michael asks if it’s Sam’s birthday, and when Sonny says it isn’t, Michael asks why Sonny gave Sam a present? (He has noticed the package and the clothing.) Sonny lamely replies that Sam got the present because she’s his guest. Michael wants to know exactly how that’s “business.” Sonny says that he thought it’d be nice to buy something for his friend. Michael asks if the present was to make Sam feel better, and Sonny agrees that it was.

At this point, Sam says that she should probably get upstairs and rest. After she leaves, (actually she remains listening on the stairs) Michael asks his dad if she is living at the penthouse, and Sonny admits that she’s only staying until she feels better. Michael asks, “Is she sleeping in my room?”

Sonny decides that enough is enough. He tells Michael that he realizes that it’s hard on him, the different living arrangements, but that they are all going to have to get used to it. Michael wants to know why Sam gets to stay at the penthouse when he can’t? Sonny doesn’t have an answer for that – he just tells Michael that he’s going to take him home.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Lorenzo is sitting down, wearing sun-glasses. Carly comes in and Lorenzo isn’t happy to hear her voice…he tells her that she shouldn’t have come. Carly wants to know why he didn’t let her know that he would be leaving the hospital, and he replies that she should be concentrating on her children. He tells Carly that he hired a private nurse who will be starting this very afternoon. Carly says that that’s good, because she herself is a terrible nurse. Lorenzo tells her that she’s a good mother, and that she should stick to that. Carly asks if he’s trying to get rid of her and he remarks, “Obviously.” Carly says that she is going to ignore everything he tells her to do, since he ignored her for months, when she was asking him to stay away from her. Lorenzo says that he can’t think of a more fitting punishment, as he doesn’t want her pity. Carly is upset because she thought that they had worked through all of that…Lorenzo replies that they did, but that he loves her too much to let her stay on out of pity. Carly asks, “What if I told you I still wanted to be with you?” He doesn’t respond, and she goes on to say that she was up all night thinking on the subject, and that she wants him in her life, no matter what. Lorenzo replies that that makes her a brave, generous, well-intentioned liar.

Wyndemere: Emily and Nikolas, post-sex. Emily wishes that she could accompany Nikolas and he tells her that one day she will, and he describes all of the things in Greece he would like to show her when he gets the chance. Emily says that she likes to think of him as a little boy looking out at the ocean. Nikolas says that he’ll be home as soon as he can, and that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Emily tells him that he said that in her dream, and then gives him a holy medal, asking him to wear it. She makes him promise never to take it off (he agrees). They get caught up kissing goodbye and she begs him not to leave, to stay a little longer and take another, later flight out. Nikolas is tempted, but eventually he pulls away and heads out the door, telling her that the sooner he leaves the sooner he’ll be able to come back. Before he can leave, she calls out to stop him – she reminds him that she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone, and that she always will. Nikolas replies that he loves her too and that he’ll be home soon.

Outside of Kelly’s: Skye and Luke are going over some business documents for a company called White Valley Tech. Skye has never heard of it, but Luke says that Tracy has, and that she needs the company to make ELQ healthy again. Knowing this, Luke has bought a lot of stock in the WVT and put it in Skye’s name, giving her controlling shares – he says that they have bought the company that owns the Haunted Star. Skye wants to know what the catch is, and Luke says that there is no catch…that he bought low and now she’ll sell high. But what Skye means is, where did the money come from. Luke cryptically replies that she got her wish – Faith’s dirty money is now off the boat.

Skye can’t believe that Luke invested mob money in a company, but Luke doesn’t think it matters. He tells her that what she does with her shares is entirely up to her – she can make Tracy beg, or she can sell to someone else, or she can hang on. Skye thinks that they’ll be out of luck if there’s a crash, but Luke has a solution for that too – they’ll just get more money from Faith. He tells Skye that Faith is so completely freaked out, she’ll pay anything to stay alive. He offers to tell her more of what’s going on with Faith and Lorenzo and Sonny, but Faith passes on the details. Luke assures her that he’s playing Faith, but that he is not playing her. He reminds Skye that he’s got her back, and he asks if she’s got his? By way of answering, Skye grabs the documents back from Luke.

Carly’s House: Courtney is glad that Michael is all right – she tells Jason that she knows that Sonny and Carly love him, but that she also realizes that they are hurting him, too. She says she can understand the way Michael thinks…that he doesn’t know why his parents are fighting…but that he believes if he just puts them together in a situation, that they’ll work everything out. She says that sometimes she feels the same way.

At that moment Sonny and Michael come through the front door. Michael immediately wants to know if Carly is back and Jason says that she isn’t, then wastes no time in giving Michael the third degree about running away and scaring Courtney. Sonny asks Michael to apologize to Courtney, which Michael does. Courtney asks him if he would like anything to eat. Michael says he’s starving, so Court takes him into the kitchen for breakfast.

Sonny asks Jason to go to the penthouse to watch over Sam – he’s scared that she’ll become even weaker than she already is. Jason says he will, but it’s obvious that he’s holding something back. Sonny urges him to speak his mind, and Jason asks if Michael found Sonny and Sam together. Sonny says yeah, that he did…that he can’t explain to Michael about Sam because Michael can’t understand. He says that it was his fault that Sam got stabbed, so now he needs to protect her. He asks Jason to please go and guard Sam, and let him take care of his children.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: Lorenzo asks Carly to leave, but she isn’t budging. She says that she can’t wait by the phone for his eye-sight to come back because by then it will be too late, and that if he can’t allow himself to need her than there is nothing real between them. Lorenzo asks her if he’s supposed to forget how he forced his way into her life. He tells her that he wanted to free her from Sonny’s controlling ways, and that the last thing he wants is for her world to become even smaller, which it would be if she tied herself to him, a blind man.

Carly reminds Lorenzo that he is not permanently blind, and that how big or how small her world is, is entirely up to her. She also tells him that she always gets what she wants, no matter what, and that she is just as stubborn as he is: “I want to help you. But if it's not allowed, okay, I will settle for just being with you, because you matter to me. I am not lying about that.”

She takes off his sunglasses…his eyes are red-rimmed. She touches his face, and then she kisses him.

Kelly’s: Emily sits down at a table with Elizabeth. Emily tells Elizabeth that she had a dream about Zander shooting Nikolas. Elizabeth replies that sometimes dreams are just a way of working through an irrational fear. Emily says that she believes it’s guilt, not fear, and that she needs to find a way to ask Zander’s forgiveness, after finding love with Nikolas and leaving Zander with nothing. Elizabeth wants to know how Emily intends to do that – from the look on Emily’s face, she’s got a pretty good idea where to start.

Carly’s House: Sonny is talking to Michael in the living room. He tells Michael again that running away is not a good thing. Michael says he misses his room and the way things used to be, when Sonny and Carly used to laugh together and when Sonny would yell at Carly for eating potato chips. Sonny admits that he misses those things too. Michael asks Sonny if he still loves him and Morgan, and Sonny says of course he does. Next, Michael asks if Sonny still loves Carly, and Sonny replies that he will always love her. It’s at that moment that Carly walks through the front door.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Jason is looking everywhere for Sam, but there’s no trace of her. Max says he was watching the door the whole time, and goes to check the back stairs. After he leaves, Jason finds a note on the desk…it’s from Sam. In the note, Sam tells Sonny that it’s getting too complicated, which isn’t fair to the kids. She thanks Sonny for everything and assures him that she is good at disappearing.

The Lazarus: Sam staggers through her bedroom door and falls down wearily on the bed. She is just about to drift off to sleep when a man comes into the room, and gets her attention. He tells her that she has made his job a lot easier.

Lorenzo’s Apartment: The nurse that Lorenzo mentioned to Carly shows up at the door, and the bodyguard lets her in. Lorenzo is sitting out on the terrace when his phone rings. It’s Luke, who tells Lorenzo that he might be able to help Lo in taking down Sonny Corinthos. (During this first part of the conversation the bodyguard sends the nurse out to Lorenzo, who is happy that she has arrived as he is in need of a shave.) Lorenzo asks Luke why he would want to help out, and Luke says that he has some scores he would like to settle with Sonny. Lorenzo says that he’ll have to think on it, and Luke tells him that he doesn’t have forever to make his decision.

The “nurse” holds a shaving razor to Lorenzo’s neck. It’s Faith. She demands to know who bombed Sonny’s car.

Carly’s House: Carly tells Michael that it’s going to take a long time for him to pay back his aunt Courtney, but Michael says it’s worth it, as it has gotten Sonny and Carly back together. “When can we go home?” he asks. Sonny replies that Michael is home now, and Michael throws a tantrum and runs out of the room. Carly wants to follow him, but Sonny tells her to give it a few minutes. Carly says that it’s not fair for Michael who doesn’t understand any of it. Sonny asks Carly why she left Michael alone, and Carly asks Sonny why he cancelled on breakfast. Sonny says that Sam was stabbed and Carly says that Lorenzo is blind. Sonny wants to know if Carly expects him to feel sorry for Lorenzo, and Carly says in turn that she does not feel sorry for Sam.

There is a pause in their argument and Carly notes that they cannot keep going on like this. Sonny thinks that it might have been better back in the old days, when divorce wasn’t an option and couples stayed together for the sake of the children. Carly asks Sonny what he’s saying?

The Lazarus: The man is about to shoot Sam. She begs him to let her go, just as Jason shows up at the door – holding a gun of his own.

The Cottage: Emily is visiting the cottage in an attempt to make her peace with Zander. She tells him how sorry she is, that she has come to let him go and to say goodbye. She says she wants him to know how much she loved him and how grateful she is that she had his love.

Suddenly, Zander himself emerges from a doorway. Emily is in shock – it’s not a dream this time, and he’s not a ghost…it’s the real deal. All she can do is stare and whisper, “Oh my God.”

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