GH Update Thursday 3/18/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/18/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas and Emily take a walk in the park back to the spot where Emily first kissed him as a teenager. When Nikolas leaves to go get something from the car, Zander shows himself. Emily turns around and sees him through the fog, but is not sure if she is just imagining him. Before she can go to see if he is real or a figment of her imagination, Nikolas comes back. When Nikolas asks her if everything is ok, she brushes it off.

Later, back at Kelly’s, Emily told Liz what she saw. Liz said it was just her imagination.

Nikolas asks Lucky to be his best man. Zander listens to this from the bushes. Lucky leaves and Nikolas calls Emily from his cell phone. They agree to meet at home. Emily says she will meet him at the launch.

Luke persuades Jason not to throw Faith off the balcony. He will explain later. Luke goes to see Sonny and asks to call in a favor with regard to saving Faith. Sonny agrees to hold off.

Courtney tells Lorenzo that Carly still loves Sonny and that he is manipulating her. Lorenzo does not believe her. He tells Courtney that if she cares about Carly, she would not want Carly to go back to Sonny. He regrets the pain he caused but he does not regret that Carly is away from Sonny. While Courtney rips into Lorenzo, reiterating that Carly thinks he is weak and pathetic, Carly walks in and interrupts. She tells Courtney that is enough. They argue and she asks Courtney to leave before one of them says something they may regret. After Courtney leaves, Carly apologizes, saying Courtney had no right to say the things she said. Lorenzo, dejected, tells Carly that Courtney is telling the truth. He asks her if she was going to leave him before she found out he was blind. She tells him she is with him because she cares about him. He tells her he does not want her pity and to go find the life she wants. She tells him to trust her and to allow their relationship to evolve naturally.

At the penthouse, Carly comes to visit and leaves when she sees Sam sitting around the penthouse.

Jason comes in and says he must speak to Sonny. He tells about Luke asking not to kill Faith. He tells Sonny he believes Faith has nothing to do with the bomb. Sonny says he will speak to Luke and that Jason should keep an eye on Sam since the killer is still looking for her. He takes Sam to his place. Sam tries to sell Jason on the fact that it is not her fault that Sonny and Carly broke up. She figures out that Jason believes she is not good enough for Sonny.

Courtney goes to Jason’s place to see him and Sonny tells her to butt out when she asks them what is going on.

Faith goes back to Skye and rubs it in her face that Luke just saved her life. She also tells Skye that it is obvious that she is infatuated with Luke. Skye gives Faith a piece of her mind, calling her trash. Faith calls Skye bland and devoid of passion—just a diversion for Luke. Faith breaks a wine bottle on the bar and holds the broken off top to Skye’s throat. When Luke comes back and says that he has convinced Sonny not to kill her, Faith embraces him and asks him what she can do to show her appreciation. Skye gets jealous and storms out. Luke tells Faith to stay away from Sonny and to pay him twice as much to launder her money. He also tells her to stay away from Skye or he will ask Sonny to go after her.

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