GH Update Wednesday 3/17/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Skye and Luke argue Faith’s laundering money through the Haunted Star. Skye insists that she wants Faith completely out of their business. Faith walks in and tells Skye that she is in over her head. Luke sticks up for Skye saying that Skye gives the place class. He tells her that if she does not like Skye and him as partners then she should take her dirty money and get out of town. She threatens to kill Skye if she gives her up to the feds. When Faith leaves, Luke promises Skye that he will get rid of Faith eventually. She asks him which relationship is more important: Faith and her money or Skye. When Luke hesitates, Skye storms out.

Courtney goes to Skye to pay off her father’s gambling debts.

In Lorenzo’s hospital room, Faith and Lorenzo talk about who may have set off the bomb. They both deny planting it.

Courtney meets Mike at Kelly’s. She tells Mike that Sonny gave the kids to Carly. She also tells him that since she owns the waterfront now, she is caught between Sonny and Faith. She informs Mike that Sam used to be a thief and a prostitute.

Jason goes to visit Carly even though he is still upset that she told Alexis about Sonny’s breakdowns.

Sam stumbles into the apartment with some sort of wound She says someone is following her. She tells him she saw a man put the bomb in his car and that man then followed her and hurt her. She falls unconscious but Sonny does not send her to a hospital since he thinks he can keep her safe at the penthouse. Sonny calls Jason and asks him to come over. They figure out that Faith is behind the bombing and Sonny tells Jason to find out as much as he can and then kill her. The doctor comes and takes care of Sam. Sonny reprimands him for taking too long to get there. Sam wakes up and tells Sonny he has to take her somewhere and hide her. He says she is safe at the penthouse. When she wakes up, she tells Sonny how she was attacked and stabbed by the man who planted the bomb because he thought she saw his face.

Jason goes to Courtney in front of Kelly’s and asks her where Faith is. She agrees to help him, but then he apologizes for involving her and leaves.

Jason breaks into Faith’s apartment and ambushes her when she gets in. He asks her who she used to set the bomb and did Alcazar have anything to do with it. Faith completely denies having anything to do with the bombing. She blames Alcazar. Jason is about to throw Faith over the balcony when Luke suddenly appears and firmly asks him to put Faith down on the balcony.

Carly plays video games with Michael. Michael continues to blame himself for the divorce. He offers to be good so that they will get back together.

Carly goes to visit Lorenzo. He tells her he is focusing on getting his sight back and spending time with her. They share a beautiful skin after he compliments her hair and soft skin.

A mysterious man makes a phone call saying that he will have to stay in Port Charles because someone saw him. He said he stabbed her, but he saw her run into Sonny’s building.

Later, Courtney goes to visit Lorenzo and accuses him of planting the bomb. He denies it. He tells him he is the worst thing that ever happened to Carly and the boys. She tells him that the only reason Carly is staying with him, is because she is sorry for him. She tells him that before she found out he was blind, Carly was going to leave him.

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