GH Update Tuesday 3/16/03

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/16/04

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Wyndemere: Emily is admiring a framed photograph of her and Nikolas, unaware that Zander is just a few feet away, watching her. While Emily looks at the picture, a hand creeps toward her face…inching closer, and closer. Suddenly, it’s caressing her cheek. But Emily remains calm – she’s under the impression that the hand belongs to Nikolas. “Who could that be?” she teases (as menacing music plays in the background). “Jason?” One of the fingers traces her lip and she giggles, “Lucky?” Nope. “Helena?” The music reaches a crescendo and --

Surprise! It is only Nikolas. Emily laughs about what a surprise it is to see him, and Nikolas feigns hurt – now that Emily is “married” (he is referring to the vows they made in the empty church) the only man allowed to sneak up on her is her husband. (Zander is shown hiding behind a chair – he looks mightily unimpressed by all of this.) Emily says that she’s been walking on air ever since their private ceremony, and Nikolas says he has another surprise for her. He asks Em to guess what he’s thinking. “This?” Emily guesses, kissing him. Close, Nikolas replies. (Zander’s jaw is clenched, and he averts his eyes while they kiss.)

After the kissing, Nik tells Emily that he thinks they should go on a honeymoon. Emily is a bit confused, pointing out that the wedding wasn’t real. Nikolas corrects her – it was real…it just wasn’t official. He wants to take her somewhere remote and exotic…maybe Bali, or the Moroccan coast. Emily is excited, but Nikolas has one condition: they must leave tonight.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Carly walks in. Lorenzo is lying on the bed, with bandages over his eyes. Carly comes and sits beside him – she is certain that the blindness is only temporary, maybe due to the shock. Lorenzo corrects her: it’s not the shock…shards of glass flew into his eyes. Carly wants to know what the doctors have said. Lorenzo replies that they haven’t shown him the test results yet. Carly stands up, saying that she wants to go get a doctor, but Lorenzo stops her and tells her that the doctor will get them the results as soon as possible. He caresses her hand and she touches his face lovingly. “I’m sorry,” she whispers. Lorenzo smiles and asks her what she wanted to tell him when she first came into the room. Carly hesitates.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny and the boys are sitting on the couch – Sonny is trying to deal with both a fussy Morgan and an indignant Michael. Michael is angry because he wants to live with both Sonny and Carly, not just Carly. He threatens to run away, saying he doesn’t care if he gets arrested, that he doesn’t want to leave Sonny. He wants Sonny to get another judge to make a different decision; Sonny tells Michael that handing over custody to Carly was his decision, not a judge’s. Michael looks perplexed and Morgan begins to cry loudly.

Wyndemere: Nikolas is suggesting different honeymoon destinations, but Emily interrupts, saying that it’s mean of Nikolas to talk about vacation when he knows very well that she has to finish out the rest of the semester, not to mention final exams. Nikolas admits that he forgot…he’s just anxious to take Emily’s mind off of all of their family problems: the Quartermaines bickering, and Helena’s looming presence. Emily wonders if Helena will ever fully accept her as Nik’s bride; Nikolas says that there’s no chance, but neither of them seem particularly bothered by it. Emily says that if she’s going to marry Nikolas she’s going to have to start dealing with Helena sooner or later, so why not sooner? Nik calls Em a brave woman, and says that her bravery is one of the many reasons that he fell in love with her. They kiss again. Zander (still hiding behind the chair) looks a little sick to his stomach.

Emily tells Nikolas that she will find some way to handle Helena – just as Helena is walking into the room. Helena chides Emily for thinking that she could “handle” her. Helena tells Em that she is hardly one of her most formidable opponents, and that Emily would do well not to antagonize her. Nikolas demands that she apologize to Emily immediately.

The Quartermaine Mansion: Edward is in the living room pouring himself a drink when Dillon walks in. Edward is happy to see him, as he says that they need to discuss “moving pictures.” Dillon asks if Edward is talking about silent films; Edward seems a bit confused and says no, he wasn’t, but if that’s the new fad in Hollywood these days…? Dillon laughs and says that it isn’t. Moving on, Edward tells Dillon that they need to talk about Dillon’s movie, which Edward plans to finance. Dillon is momentarily taken aback. Yes, Edward says, he’ll help make a movie using a screen-play of Dillon’s, maybe even get Dillon to direct. Dillon says that it’s impossible because the Quartermaines are broke. Edward assures Dillon that he knows investors who are just a phone call away. Why, Edward says he can even get a hold of his old friend Aaron Spelling….

At that moment, Tracy walks in. She makes fun of Edward – sure, Aaron Spelling would love to produce a screen-play written by a high-school student during his spring break! Sure, Aaron Spelling realizes that big names like Coppola and Spielberg are chomping at the bit to be involved in Dillon’s movie! Edward snaps at Tracy to stay out of it, but Tracy refuses, saying that she will not allow Edward to use bribery in an attempt to get Dillon’s ELQ vote. Edward denies the charge on the grounds that he is only trying to give his very talented grandson a leg up. Tracy replies that Dillon is an intelligent young man who cannot be swayed by flattery…that Dillon makes his own decisions and that no one can influence him, not even his own mother.

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Georgie is working behind the desk when someone throws a folder of papers to her. Georgie assumes that it’s Maxie, when in fact it’s Sage, all dressed up in a brand new hospital volunteer’s uniform. Georgie is less than thrilled; she asks if Sage is here to lap-dance for patients. Sage reminds Georgie that they both volunteered to be elves at the GH Christmas party. Georgie snaps that Sage was only involved because her uncle Lorenzo forced her into it. Sage tells Georgie that she really enjoyed the time she spent with the kids. When Georgie insinuates that Dillon’s presence at the party had something to do with it, Sage replies that ever since the Port Charles Hotel fire she’s felt the urge to volunteer at the hospital – and that it doesn’t matter whether or not Georgie believes her motivation, as other hospital employees have gone out of their way to make Sage feel at home. Like Audrey, Sage says. In fact, Audrey even suggested that Sage ask Georgie to show her around. Georgie balks at first, but eventually gives in.

Outside of Kelly’s: Faith is walking by just as Courtney is exiting the diner. Court tries to ignore Faith, who is surprised that Court can’t even muster up a hello for her partner. This gets Courtney’s attention – she tells Faith that they are not partners. Faith (acknowledging that she has had a recent run-in with Jason) says that Courtney shouldn’t fight her husband’s battles for him. Courtney then accuses Faith of ordering the hit on Sonny. Faith denies it, but Courtney says that it doesn’t matter, because if she (Court) has come to the conclusion that it was Faith, then Sonny must be thinking the exact same thing himself.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Lorenzo wants to know if something else happened at the courthouse. Carly says that she got her sons back. Lorenzo wants to know what happened to the judge’s joint-custody ruling…Carly says that the explosion was caused by a bomb set in Sonny’s limo, and that due to concern for the boys safety, Michael and Morgan were handed over to her. Lorenzo smiles over the fact that the judge reversed his decision, but Carly corrects him – the decision was made by Sonny, and she’ll be getting the boys back that same night. Lorenzo is thrilled for Carly and tells her that she should be home with Michael and Morgan.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny is sitting on the couch talking to Michael. He tells Michael that he’ll be safer and more comfortable living with Carly…there won’t be anymore guards or emergency trips to the island with Leticia. Michael says that he didn’t mind any of that, and Sonny replies that Michael has been great about the lifestyle…but that now Michael will get a chance to see how great freedom can be. Michael still thinks it isn’t very fair, but Sonny reminds him that he’ll get to spend more time with his mom, that he’ll get to see her every day. This cheers Michael up a little. Sonny (starting to get a little choked up) assures Michael that they’ll be seeing each other often: at karate, at soccer practice. Michael is worried that Carly won’t let them interact, but Sonny replies that Carly has agreed already, and that the custody battle is over. Sonny promises Michael that he will come over sometimes to cook them dinner, and that he’ll take Michael to a baseball game, just the two of them without Carly and Morgan.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Carly assures Lorenzo that she plans to stay with him until he falls asleep. But Lorenzo says he wants her to go home to her children. It takes a little while, but eventually he convinces her to leave for the night (though she promises to be back in the morning). Carly is still concerned about the test results, which Lorenzo says should have come in by the time she is back at the hospital. Carly then tells Lorenzo that if the test results aren’t good, he is welcome to stay with her and Michael and Morgan. However, Lorenzo doesn’t want to discuss the possibilities just yet. Carly agrees, and leaves.

In the hallway, she runs into Courtney, who says that she came by to give Carly moral support. Carly tells Courtney that Lorenzo is blind, and proceeds to blame herself for Lorenzo being anywhere near the car bomb in the first place. Naturally, Courtney disagrees on that point, and disagrees further still when Carly says that she has invited Lorenzo to come and stay with her and the boys. Carly wants to know what she should have done, told Lorenzo that it’s over? Courtney blames Lorenzo for breaking up Sonny and Carly’s marriage and advises Carly to make a clean break. Carly wants to know why Courtney isn’t being a little more compassionate, and Courtney replies that she knows how easily guilt coupled with kindness can trap the unsuspecting.

The Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy, Edward and Dillon are still bickering. Dillon, in an attempt to call his grandfather’s bluff, starts to babble about the possibility of getting Johnny Depp as the lead in the movie, or scouting for places all over the world for the on-location shoot. Edward warns Dillon not to become cynical like Tracy – Tracy sarcastically replies that all she has ever wanted is for Dillon to grow up an idealist like Edward. Edward responds by leaving the room.

Alone with Tracy, Dillon asks her how much she is planning on offering him for his ELQ vote. Tracy says that she has no intention of buying his vote, that she trusts that he’ll make the right decision on his own. Dillon laughs and tells his mom, “You’re good.” Tracy wants to know what he means by that and Dillon replies that he’s onto her angle, which is apparently to guilt trip him into voting with her. He tells Tracy to give it up now, as it’s not going to work.

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Georgie is showing Sage how to work the computer behind the desk. Sage wants to know about the hospital’s internet connection, and Georgie replies in a very serious tone of voice that volunteers are not allowed to surf the net during their work hours, and that it’s a big, big “no-no.” Sage nods along to what Georgie is saying, but once Georgie’s back is turned, Sage’s face melts into a very smug smile.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Michael is packing to leave and Sonny is helping him. A song, (“The Things We’ve Handed Down”) is playing over the scene. Michael takes a framed photograph of Sonny from the desk and puts it into his bag. Sonny looks very, very depressed. He and Michael gather various toys from around the penthouse, taking a quick break in order to toss a toy football around. Toward the end of the montage, Sonny picks Michael up and hugs him tightly. Outside, Carly has arrived at the door and is about to knock, but hesitates (perhaps sensing that Sonny and Michael are sharing a “moment”).

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: While Georgie is busy with paperwork, Sage is talking on the phone to Tracy. Apparently Tracy wants help in making Georgie look bad in order to pressure Dillon into giving her his vote. Sage suggests making it look as if Georgie has been using the computer – grounds for dismissal from the hospital volunteer program. Tracy is less than impressed with this option, as she wants Georgie completely disgraced. Sage has another idea: putting nude photographs of Georgie online, and making it look as if Georgie is selling them herself in order to pay off Mac’s medical bills. Tracy is intrigued.

Just then, Dillon stops by the nurses’ station, and Sage is forced to pretend that the woman she’s talking on the phone to a doctor about hospital business. Tracy guesses that Dillon has just showed up, and wonders if he heard anything, but Sage replies “The results aren’t in yet” – she isn’t sure whether or not Dillon heard either. She pretends the conversation with the “doctor” is over and hangs up the phone.

But Dillon appears to have bigger things on his mind. He asks Sage “how bad is it?” and when he realizes that she has no idea what he’s talking about, he explains that he heard on the news that her uncle Lorenzo was injured in an explosion at the courthouse. Sage freaks out and runs off to find him.

Georgie expresses confusion over the fact that Sage took off, and Dillon tells her, too, that Lorenzo has been hurt. Georgie looks shocked and worried.

Wyndemere: It’s Helena versus Nikolas and Emily. Helena attempts to remind Nikolas that he would be hunting for a job and a pay-check, like a “peasant” had she not intervened on his behalf. Nikolas interrupts her: “I said apologize to Emily.” Helena ignores his request, and begins to talk about the treasure that she recovered for him. But Nikolas doesn’t budge: he tells her that he won’t tolerate hostility towards his fiancée. Helena replies that she won’t tolerate him sharing their treasure with the Quartermaines.

(Lest we forget about him, throughout this scene there are a few shots of Zander – still hiding behind the chair, and listening intently to every word of the discussion.)

This leads into an argument over the money – Helena is very much against a single dime going into the trust for the victims of the fire, as the Cassadines had nothing to do with that. Nikolas says that it’s already done. Helena is pissed…why should their family be held responsible for the people who were injured at the hotel? Emily replies that it isn’t about responsibility; it’s about caring for others. Helena scoffs that that has always been Nikolas’ weakness: compassion. Emily argues that that is in fact one of his strengths.

Nikolas chooses this moment to intercede, telling Emily not to bother arguing with Helena, and telling Helena to just leave them alone. Helena expresses her disappointment and warns Nikolas against angering her further. Then she makes her exit.

Emily is relieved to once again be alone with Nikolas, but calls the confrontation “scary.” Nikolas rolls his eyes and dismisses his grandmother’s threats. He tells Emily that none of it matters anyway, that they’ve been through hell and back and that they’re still in love despite it all. “There’s nothing that can stop us now.”

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Sage comes into the room, crying. Lorenzo attempts to assure her that he’s fine, but it doesn’t stop the flood of tears. Sage is upset that he didn’t call for her immediately – Lorenzo says that he didn’t want her to worry. She expresses worry over his bandaged eyes, and he explains that he’s still waiting for the test results. She then promises to take care of him, to which Lorenzo replies that he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He offers her a comforting smile.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Carly is tending to Morgan when Sonny comes downstairs and tells her that Michael is searching upstairs for a missing car from one of his train-sets, but that he’ll be along in a minute. Carly replies that it would probably be a good idea for Michael to leave some of his toys behind, so that he’ll have something to play with when he comes to visit Sonny. But Sonny is adamant – he wants everything of Michael’s out of the penthouse, and he wants Michael to hurry up so they can get this over with as soon as possible. Carly talks about how much he means to Michael – about how she knew it was the right decision to allow Sonny to adopt him, and how Michael has always known that he can count on Sonny for anything. Carly tentatively goes onto say that if Sonny ever changes his mind and wants joint custody, she’ll talk to him about it. But Sonny says he’s not going to change his mind…he wants the boys to be safe and he knows that they’ll be safe with Carly.

Michael comes downstairs and Sonny asks if he remembered to pack his green belt. Carly expresses surprise that Michael had already earned it. Sonny talks to Carly a bit about how Morgan is teething. Then, he shares his good-byes with both of the boys: he tells Morgan that he’ll miss rocking him to sleep at night, and he tells Michael to obey Carly and to take care of his little brother. Sonny tells Michael that he’ll love him and miss him. At this point, Sonny begins to cry, which causes Carly (who is standing at the door) to start crying as well. Sonny and Michael embrace, and Michael heads out the door with his mom and brother, only to turn around at the last second to run back into Sonny’s arms.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Sage wonders if Carly even knows that Lorenzo is hurt. Lorenzo tells Sage that Carly has just been by to visit already. Sage goes on for a bit about how Carly isn’t good enough for Lorenzo, (who Sage feels is much too nice to her). Lorenzo reminds her that he’s in love with Carly, and tells Sage that there’s no reason to be so over-protective – for all they know his eye-sight could return by morning.

At that moment Dr. Tony Jones comes through the door and says grimly that the chances of that happening are unlikely.

The Hospital Nurses’ Station: Dillon tells Georgie that the reason he came by the hospital was to see her. He wants to talk about what happened at Kelly’s. Georgie changes the subject to Lorenzo – she and Dillon talk about how they can’t help but feel badly for him (despite the fact that he’s a criminal). Dillon expresses surprise that Sage is working at the hospital now, and Georgie replies that she’s sure that Sage has other motives. Dillon reminds Georgie that Sage could just be really lonely without any friends and no family in town save Lorenzo.

The Church: Zander is at the church where Nikolas and Emily made their vows, contemplating Emily’s promise before God to love Nikolas forever. Suddenly, a priest startles Zander, asking him where he’s been? A perplexed Zander tells the priest that he must be confusing him with someone else. The priest apologizes and admits that he mistook Zander for the handyman (who is several hours late).

He then invites Zander to stay as long as he likes in the church. Noting that Zander seems “troubled,” the priest asks if he needs help. Zander replies that he’s still in love with the woman that he married…but that he’d made a lot of mistakes and that everyone else was telling her to move on with her life, without him. Zander tells the priest that he knows if they gave it another chance, they could be so happy…he just isn’t sure if he should keep holding out for that second chance, or if he should give up.

The priest tells Zander that the problem with so many couples is that they give up far too easily. He adds that the sacred vows of marriage are taken far too lightly by most. Zander agrees and the priest leaves him to his prayers.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Tony tells Lorenzo that the glass shards caused a lot of damage to his eyes, and that if scarring is present, it’s very unlikely that Lorenzo will ever see again. He adds, however, that it’s also possible for Lorenzo to have a full recovery. Lorenzo asks for an estimation, and Tony tells him there’s a 40% chance he’ll see again and a 40% chance that he’ll regain only partial eye-sight. Lorenzo notes that that means that there’s a 20% chance that he’ll remain blind forever. Tony tells Lorenzo that he’ll be back to see him in the morning.

Lorenzo turns to Sage and tells her that he wants her to go home and get some rest. At first she protests, but when he says that there’s no way he’ll be able to get any sleep as long as she’s sitting there staring at him, she agrees, they exchange “I love you”’s and then she leaves.

No sooner is Sage out the door than Faith walks into the room and approaches the bed. Lorenzo hears the footsteps and mistakes Faith for a nurse, asking her to help him reach a cup of water next to the bed. Faith complies, but remains standing next to the bed, staring at him. Lorenzo senses that something is wrong: “Nurse?” Faith purrs her response, “After a night like you’ve had, you need more than a nurse.” Lorenzo sighs and sinks back despondently onto the pillow.

Sonny’s Penthouse: Michael doesn’t want to leave Sonny. Sonny encourages him to do what’s best for Morgan – Morgan needs his big brother around, and if Morgan is going to go stay with Carly, then Michael should as well. Michael finally agrees to leave with Carly. Sonny walks them out to the elevator.

The Church: Zander is imagining getting married to Emily for a second time. They make their vows – Zander says that he promises not to make the same mistakes that he has made in the past, and Emily apologizes for her mistakes, for hurting Zander, and for ending their marriage. She thanks him for giving her another chance. They kiss, and the fantasy sequence fades out to a sullen looking Zander, sitting in an empty pew and staring despondently at one of the candles on the altar.

Lorenzo’s Room at the Hospital: Lorenzo asks Faith if she came by to admire her “handiwork.” Faith giggles and says that Lorenzo knows damn well that she wasn’t the one who set the bomb. Lorenzo counters that she has always wanted Sonny out of the way, and Faith replies that she was very close to making trouble for Sonny, until Lorenzo himself made her plans to plant drugs in his coffee shipment unnecessary. Lorenzo warily advises her not to back off of Sonny on his account and warns her that Sonny will kill her when he finds out that she planted the bomb. Faith’s response: “I didn’t plant it. You did.”

Sonny’s Penthouse: Sonny is looking at a framed picture of Michael and Morgan when he hears Max banging on the door and calling for Sonny to open it up. Sonny does so, only to have a wounded Sam collapse into his arms.

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