GH Update Monday 3/15/04

General Hospital Update Monday 3/15/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

The Quartermaines leave it to Dillon to determine who will run ELQ. He is annoyed that they largely ignored him until now. They all squabble. Dillon asks them to fill him in on the issues, but instead they insult each other. Tracy and Edward each offer to bribe him. Dillon takes Luke into another room and asks for his advice. Luke advises him to take their money and ditch everyone. Tracy and Skye eavesdrop on Luke and Dillon to find out what they're saying. Dillon is overwhelmed by the prospect and says he needs more time, so he rushes off. Skye tells Luke she's disappointed that he didn't side with her when he spoke to Dillon, but he points out that he was just helping the boy think for himself. She agrees and they flirt with each other.

Tracy phones someone to say she has a job for them. She meets with Sage and asks her to get someone incriminating on George so she can force Dillon to choose her as CEO. Sage replies that Georgie is practically a saint and tells Tracy she won't work with her against Dillon any more.

Dillon runs into Georgie at Kelly's; she wants to help him with his family problems. She gives him good advice, and compliments. He tells her that he told Sage he can't be friends with her and that she, Georgie is the only person he's ever believed in. She feels the same way about him. They think they will have a great second act together. Sage eavesdrops on them and then tells Tracy she will help her "tear the bitch apart".

Mac is brought to GH; Felicia and the girls are happy to see him. He tells them that the last thing he remembers is a nurse about to change his bandages, then he woke up at Mercy. Felicia wants to solve the mystery, but both Lucky and Mac tell her to leave it alone and concentrate on her children. Mac fears her running off to another adventure. She says the only reason she didn't return is that no one told her what was going on. Undeterred, Felicia questions the nurse at Mercy hospital who tended to Mac and finds out that a man was running away from the hospital at the same time Mac was admitted, carrying bandages and supplies.

Zander talks to his father's grave about how he was responsible for his death. He also flashes back to killing the guy who recognized him in the hospital basement as being the fugitive. He hit the guy to keep him from turning him in, not meaning to kill him. Zander is repentant and says he wants to make things right by making his life count for something. He wants to name his son Cameron and tell him about his grandfather's good side. He says that if you lose everything, you no longer feel fear. He wants to be the kind of man his father would have been proud of.

Emily asks Elizabeth to meet her (at Kelly's I think). Emily talks about Nikolas. Zander's name comes up so they discuss him. Elizabeth feels guilty for killing him and Emily says he will always be in her heart. Emily goes home but Nikolas is not around. She picks up a picture of the two of them together and looks at it, then holds it close to her heart. Behind her, Zander comes up.

Just as the judge asks Sonny and Carly if they will go along with joint custody, a bomb explodes outside of the courthouse. Sonny dives to throw his body across Carly's. Max tells Sonny that it was his car that exploded. The place is in disarray; Alcazar and a bailliff taken to the hospital. Carly, Sonny, Alexis, Justus, Jason, Courtney, and the judge are fine. Sonny orders Jason to go protect the kids and find out who did it. After things settle down, Alexis and Justus start bickering about the custody trial and what effect the bomb might have on it. Sonny, despite Justus' protestations, tells the judge that Carly should have custody because the children are not safe with him. Carly is very touched and lets him know that she told the judge he was a great father. She says he can see them any time he wants and says they don't have to leave home right away, but he wants them to go asap so they will be safe. Courtney assures Sonny that he proved what a great father he was today. Carly and Alexis argue about how they each betrayed the other; Alexis tells her to go ahead and tell her secret. Carly says she will keep it until she needs another favor from Alexis.

Tony treats Alazar at the hospital; he is moaning Carly's name. Carly tells Courtney she plans to break up with Alcazar, but when she visits him in the hospital, he is blind.

Sonny goes home and tells Michael that he and Morgan are going to live with his mommy. They hug. Jason and Courtney are watching the sad scene. Jason thinks this is very wrong. Courtney knows that he made the best decision he could. Jason worries that the boys will miss Sonny too much.

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