GH Update Friday 3/12/04

General Hospital Update Friday 3/12/04

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After saying their vows to each other, Emily hears a noise outside the chapel and asks if anyone is there.

Back at the courtroom, everyone is panicked over Sonny and Carly’s accident. Alexis tells Jason she thinks he prearranged it so they could try to work things out. Jason tells Alexis and Alcazar that Sonny and Carly are fine.

Sonny and Carly, stranded in the limousine discuss the reasons why Alexis bashed Sonny on the stand. Carly says she stopped Alexis because she never wanted to hurt Sonny. Sonny then asks why they are doing this to each other.

Edward is denying treatment at the mental hospital. Luke enters posing as a doctor and says he is taking Edward home.

At home, Alan tells Tracy to sign Edward out of the hospital. Skye says that having Edward there is part of Tracy’s plan to take over ELQ. Tracy tells all to vote her in as CEO.

Lucky runs into a mystery girl who is trying to find her brother. She believes her brother died in the hotel fire, but Lucky tells her that all the bodies have been identified.

Zander is outside the chapel hiding. Nikolas tells her that there is no one outside – she is being paranoid because of Helena. Nikolas reassures her that the worst part is over and that they need to focus on being happy. Emily tells Nikolas that she has always dreamed about being his wife and they kiss with Zander “looking on”.

Alexis tells Jason outside the courtroom that the limo driver better have Carly back in 20 minutes or she is going to tell the judge. Courtney says that Carly left with Sonny voluntarily. Jason tells Alexis that she is trying to cover her own back.

Sonny tells Carly in the limo that even though he is angry, he hates fighting with her. Carly agrees, but says it is different this time. She says she is trying to do what is best for the boys, which is why she stopped Alexis from telling about Sonny’s mental state. She says the boys would be hurt if they ever found out about that side of Sonny. Sonny says that sometimes its easier for him to just stop feeling. Carly remembers how they came together with issues and how they let each other in. He let her love him and it was a gift because he could be himself and not hide from anything. Sonny tells Carly that he hasn’t done all the right things lately and Carly says that she hasn’t either. She apologizes for what Alexis tried to do, but she says that she was desperate. Sonny says that it doesn’t matter – he can live with how she chose to handle things. He says in the past he let Alexis in too far and she knows too much about his past and that being with Alexis was the way he pushed Carly away. Carly says that she wanted to come back, but now she wonders if they would have been happier apart.

Dylan meets with Sage and tells Sage that he can’t see her anymore.

Luke dresses Edward and attempts to remove him from the hospital, but someone enters the room.

Back at the chapel, Nikolas and Emily say they can feel the love that has been shared there before. After again declaring their happiness, Nikolas tells Emily that he has to speak to the bankers about the treasure before Helena does. They agree that part of the treasure will go to a fund for the families of the victims of the fire.

Zander enters the church after Nikolas and Emily leave. He looks around and finds a scarf on the floor.

At the court, Alexis tells Jason that she agreed to take Carly on as a client fairly. Jason disagrees and says that Carly has something on her. Alexis remind Jason that she just got her license back and wouldn’t risk losing it again. She again says if Carly doesn’t come back soon she will go to the judge. Alcazar stops Alexis and reiterates what Jason said. Alexis emphatically disagrees. Courtney tells Jason that maybe leaving Carly and Sonny stranded in the limo makes them matchmakers.

Still stranded, Carly and Sonny discuss the boys. Sonny tells Carly that he thanks God for them every day. Carly says that having the boys was special because of all they went through and that she only regrets how things ended. She tells Sonny they should stop doing this to them as Max knocks on the window. He tells them that the other car has arrived and they’ve got to go right back to court.

After checking a voicemail from Tracy, Dylan asks Sage again if she arranged for Tom to buy the tickets. He says that he shouldn’t have to put up with something like that from a friend and Sage slaps him.

Luke, pretending to be a doctor from the Netherlands, tells the woman from the hospital that Edward refuses treatment and is leaving with him. The woman asks Luke if he will use a certain theory on Edward and when he says yes, the woman says that the theory goes against the doctor from the Netherlands’ work and asks Luke who he really is.

Back home, Ned, Skye, Tracy, Monica and Alan are meeting about the future of ELQ. Alan tells how Edward thrives on being in charge, but Ned is concerned about his health. Skye asks Ned when he made a pact with the Devil to stab Edward in the back.

Carly and Sonny arrive at court. Alexis demands to see Carly immediately and asks Carly what she said to Sonny in the limo. Carly reassures her that she did not tell Sonny about being Kristina’s father. Sonny then talks to Alexis and tells Alexis that she crossed the line by trying to convince the judge that he is mentally unstable as Carly goes in to meet with the judge. Sonny asks Alexis how she would feel if someone was trying to take Kristina away.

The judge tells Carly that she has one more chance to change his mind about the custody agreement.

Sage apologizes for slapping Dylan but Dylan says he can no longer be with her. Sage asks if it is because of Georgie and tells Dylan he is too good for Georgie. Dylan says he is not and that even though his mother arranged for them to break up, it should never have happened.

Zander returns to his house and takes some money that he had hidden there. Lucky arrives with the girl that is looking for her brother. They search the house as Zander hides. The girl says that her brother used to call her every Sunday night after “Alias”, but she hasn’t heard from him. Lucky notices that the coffee pot is hot and that there is fresh milk in the refrigerator, so he must still be living there.

Emily enters as the others are still meeting over ELQ with good news. She says that Nikolas is going to transfer part of the money from the treasure to help rebuild ELQ. The group is upset because they will now get less money because of the formation of the fire victims’ fund, but Skye reminds them that the priority now is to get Edward out of the hospital. Luke and Edward then arrive. Edward says it is time for him to take his place as head of ELQ. Luke says that Skye should take over now.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny tells Alexis that what she did was a personal attack on him and reminds her that she is not a better person than him – they are both killers and are both crazy! Justus comes over and is concerned because Carly has been with the judge for so long that the judge may be leaning towards giving custody to Carly.

Carly reminds the judge how Sonny loves the boys. The judge asks Carly why she would agree to joint custody now when the whole reason she is there is to petition for sole custody and tells her that two wrongs don’t make a right. Carly asks the judge not to punish the boys for their actions and tells the judge how she grew up thinking her mother didn’t want her. She doesn’t want the boys to grow up like that. The judge then asks to see Sonny alone.

The discussion over ELQ continues. Ned says that Edward has made Skye sole heir in his will but she says that since she has the casino she really doesn’t want to run ELQ. Ned says they need to vote. Luke is tallying the votes and there are two votes for Edward, one for Ned and one for Tracy. Alan urges Tracy to think about the future and says he feels like he needs to vote for Edward. Monica wants to vote for Edward, but is concerned about his health and reluctantly votes for Tracy, leaving a tie. Edward reminds them that since he is Senior Stockholder, he has the last word, but Tracy has power-of-attorney and has AJ’s vote. She says she has someone to take that vote as Dylan walks in.

Emily is back at the chapel alone lighting candles. Someone approaches and she jumps, but turns around to see that is it Nikolas. She tells Nikolas that sometimes she wants to scream at her family, but he tells her that they mean well and that someday they will have their own family.

Zander looks through the window of the house he and Emily once shared. He takes the spare key and prepares to enter as he starts to dream about his life with Emily.

Back at the courtroom, the judge is ready to render his decision…

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