GH Update Thursday 3/11/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Ric meets Liz, Nikolas and Emily at Kelly’s and tells them that the Zander murder case is now officially closed. As Nikolas and Emily leave Kelly’s, Helena approaches Nikolas and tells him that his destiny awaits him and he has no time to waste. Helena says she has sold the treasure on the open market. She has already deposited $25 million in a Swiss bank. He tells her he is putting half of the money in a trust for the fire victims. The other half, he is giving to the Quartermaines. She says she will send all the cash to the bottom of the harbor before she lets him do that.

Liz tells Ric she has to go thank Jason for signing those papers. Liz goes to the courthouse and tells him and Courtney that she wants to speak to Jason alone. She thanks him and puts his hand on her stomach when the baby kicks for the first time. Courtney watches this and it seems to strike a chord within her. Liz then returns to Kelly’s to meet Ric. Lucky watches Ric and Liz wistfully from afar, he voices his thoughts to Mike about what might have been.

Jason tells Faith that once the judge makes his decision, there is no more reason for he and Sonny to keep peace with her.

Zander starts making his way out of the hospital room, stuffing pillows under blankets, when Maxie walks in. Zander is not visible. Alan shows up and tells her that since “Mac” just got his bandages changed, he needs to be left alone to rest for a while. A little later on, Felicia goes to visit Mac and finds the pillows under the blanket. Felicia informs Alan that Mac is missing. Cut to a scene of two nurses discussing a heavily bandaged “John Doe” lying in another hospital room. Later, as Felicia and the girls discuss where Mac might be, Alan approaches and tells her they must find him since he is at great risk for infection. Cut to a nurse removing bandages from John Doe. She tells him he is at Mercy Hospital, as she removes bandages, we realize it is indeed Mac.

Carly explodes in rage at Alexis. The judge calls her to the stand. He asks her about Alexis’ past with Sonny. Carly tells him everything about their one night stand and tells the judge that Alexis is still in love with Sonny and that is why she “made up” the story about his mental problems. The judge asks Alexis to verify Carly’s story. Alexis confirms that she did sleep with Sonny once, but said she is not in love with him. Both sides rest their cases and make closing arguments. Carly tells Alexis if she loses the case, she will tell Sonny that Christina is his baby. Alexis asks why she wants to ruin her and Christina’s lives. Carly says that since Sonny is now furious at Alexis, she will have a better chance at getting her kids. When she exits the courtroom proper and is talking to Lorenzo, Sonny asks Carly if she wants to go with him to the penthouse to see the children. As they drive toward the penthouse, the car careens a bit. Max tells them the steering is out and he is calling for another car. As they wait, he asks Carly why Alexis is so desperate to win the case.

Max goes to courthouse and tells Jason about the steering going out. Jason feels it is Faith’s doing.

Lorenzo approaches Alexis and asks if Sonny is really emotionally ill. He takes Alexis’ non-answer as a yes.

Nikolas takes Emily to a small chapel and tells her he wants to marry her that same night. He says that their wedding should only be between them and God. He asks her to walk down the aisle. When she does, they recite vows to each other. Zander sneaks up on the chapel.


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