GH Update Wednesday 3/10/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Nadine
Pictures by Juanita

Ric, Nikolas, and Emily conspire to pin Zander’s murder on the now deceased Capelli using Jason as a “witness”. Ric then goes to visit Liz in her hospital room. She asks him why Jason would lie for them. He reminds her that she used to be involved with Jason. Plus, Emily is his sister and Nikolas saved his life.

Nik and Emily go to visit Jason at the courthouse and ask him to say that Capelli told him that he killed Zander. He tells them that this could be Ric’s way of setting him up. They then go to the police station to meet Ric. He has papers for Jason to sign. Jason reminds him that this is perjury. He reminds Jason about his former feelings for Liz. Jason insists that he does not trust Ric. Emily begs him. Jason signs the paper and Ric announces that the case is officially closed.

As Jason leaves the station, he bumps into Courtney going in. He makes her tell him what is going on. Jason tells her that Faith has to be stopped. She says he can’t be the one to do it.

Lorenzo tells Faith to push Sonny beyond his mental breakpoint. Faith meets Courtney and tells her she better make sure nothing happens to her shipment that is coming in that night.

At GH, Courtney meets with Justus and tells him that Faith threatened her again. He tells her to have Faith pulled in for questioning to avoid Sonny starting a showdown with Faith.

On docks, Sonny threatens to “break” Alexis for subpoenaing Sam to testify. Sonny tells Sam that he has already filed divorce papers. He tells her that he “spent a night” with Alexis and she has not been the same toward him since. He tells her he does not want the same thing to happen to her. She tells him she thinks he is terrific. On the stand, Alexis accuses Sam of having formerly worked as a prostitute. She brings up a very long rap sheet, which included numerous counts of auto theft, prostitution, etc. It seems that she always found a way to weasel out of the charges though. She is asked if Sonny allows her contact with the children and when was the last time she was in Sonny’s house. She answers “last night”. She admits that both boys were there when she was in the penthouse. Justus advises Sonny to not even look at Sam when she walks off the stand.

At the park, Carly tells Jason that she may never be able to forgive Sonny for trying to take the kids but that she could not bring herself to testify about his illness. Jason tells her he does not know if she and Sonny are really over since she couldn’t bring herself to make him look bad in court. She tells Jason that she did it for Jason as well because she did not want to lose him too. He would have thought badly of her if she testified. Lorenzo comes upon them and tells Carly he needs to speak to her alone.

At GH, Felicia visits Mac and gives him a pep talk. Maxie enters the room and asks to be alone with Mac. She tearfully tells Mac she is so sorry for his situation and it is all her fault. She confesses to him about Zander. She tells him that Zander is not the mean, horrible person everyone thought he was. Mac can only touch her hand to show his forgiveness. She swears never to lie to him again. She leaves and Felicia visits with him some more. A nurse comes in and asks her to leave so that his bandages can be changed. Felicia leaves and there is a dramatic pause in action as the nurse puts on her latex gloves. The person says, “no”. He croaks that the bandages were changed two hours before and that it was too painful. When she leaves, he jumps up and rips the bandages off. It is Zander!

Justus cross-examines Lorenzo. He confesses to kidnapping Carly and to making someone get surgery to look like Sonny’s former wife, Lily. He says that he did it because he wanted to cause a riff between Carly and Sonny because he loved Carly. Alexis asks him why he wanted to break up Carly’s marriage. He says he was worried for her safety. He wanted to get Carly away from the threat of danger in being around Sonny.

Sam decides to leave town.

Alexis cross-examines Sonny and makes him admit Lily died from a bomb meant for him and was pregnant at the time. She makes him admit that he is claustrophobic. She asks about him being locked in the closet and beaten when he was a child. Sonny looks like he is starting to lose it and Carly yells for Alexis to leave him alone.


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