GH Update Tuesday 3/9/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Suzanne
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At Windemere, Ric is frantic to see Elizabeth has left the island. He rushes to call someone. He gets a phone call from a cop, telling her that Elizabeth has been in an accident. He is told she is not injured but is on the way to the hospital.

Elizabeth wakes up in her wrecked car. She is upset and talking to her baby, saying she is so sorry and praying she is alright. She hears the sirens Lucky arrives; she tells him that she killed Zander.

Ned talks to Tracy about how he plans to bribe someone in the fire dept. to hide the report, while Dillon listens in. They also mention their deal to split ELQ 50/50. They wonder how much they can trust each other. Ned tells her how many years he's tried to impress Edward, and everything he's had to give up thanks to his family. He points out that even A.J. caught on before he did. They plan to get even with the family.

Carly testifies on the witness stand. Alexis asks her about Sonny having mental breakdowns. Carly looks over at Sonny, who looks upset. Justus is surprised to hear about this. Sonny whispers to him to say what he needs to, to make her look like a liar. Carly delays answering the question and then says no, to everyone's surprise, especially Alexis, Jason, Alcazar, and Sonny. Alexis tries to get her to tell the truth. Carly keeps saying that Sonny has never been unstable or having trouble with reality. She asks if Sonny shot her in the head, but Carly says it was an accident. Alexis asks if Michael has ever been forced to leave the country, but Carly says no. Alexis asks about having bodyguards, being shot, etc. but Carly won't discuss them. Carly keeps lying. Justus objects and the judge tells Alexis to move it along. Carly says they can't live together but she just wants her children to be with her. Alexis keeps trying to talk about the violence but doesn't get anywhere. Sonny looks relieved. He tells Justus not to make Carly look bad and get her off the stand. Justus asks Carly if Sonny has ever hit her or the boys, or threatened violence, so she says no. He asks her why she asked Sonny to adopt Michael, who is not Sonny's biological son, and she says he loves him, and Morgan too. He asks if Carly would be afraid if Sonny got custody. She says no, but she would miss them. She is their mother and they belong with her. The judge adjourns court. Justus and Sonny leave. Alexis is very angry at Carly and wants to quit. She yells at her but Carly grabs her arm but tells her not to think about quitting.

At home, Skye is getting tired of taking care of Edward. She gripes to Luke, who is roasting marshmallows and taking it all in stride. Edward comes in wearing the same pink robe, griping as usual. He isn't happy to see Luke there. Edward searches for brandy but there is none. There is a frantic knocking on the door. They hide, but it's only Dillon. He says he has some good news but his mom better not found out. Edward is relieved to learn that the fire wasn't his fault. He thinks it's over, but Dillon tells them that Ned is bribing the fire inspector tonight. Skye says they have to get to the inspector before Ned does.

Elizabeth is checked in to a room at GH. Tony and Monica say hello and Tony takes her to her room. Ric, Emily, and Nikolas arrive and Monica tells them that she is just getting her checkup now. Lucky comes in, too. He tells them that Elizabeth was saying crazy things when he found her, that she killed Zander. Ric says she didn't kill Zander, he did. Nikolas looks surprised. Ric tells him that Zander was blackmailing him, and he lays out the scenario for killing Zander. He claims that Zander attacked him in the basement, so he hit him with a pipe. Lucky asks if he's saying it was self-defense, so Ric replies that he's trying to protect Elizabeth. Lucky wonders if he still is. Monica comes over and tells them that Elizabeth is stable, but there might be a problem with the baby. Ric visits Elizabeth. He tells her that he confessed, too. Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily come in, too. Ric says Sonny owes him a favor and Nikolas gets an idea about who can take the fall. Nikolas suggests that they pin it on Capelli, who's dead. They try to figure out how to make that happen. They think they can have Jason say he overheard Capelli threatening Zander. Elizabeth looks upset by the lying. Monica (the heart surgeon?) does an ultrasound on the baby and determines she is fine, while Ric and her friends watch. She tells them all that she loves them. Ric assures her that the worst is over, but she looks unsure.

Skye, putting on a southern accent, comes on to the fire inspector, pretending to be lost. She gets him to go outside while Luke searches for the report. He finds it in a filing cabinet. He is headed out the door when the inspector and Skye return. Luke claims to be a federal fire inspector, with Skye his assistant. He gives the man a hard time for not filing his report and asks if the Quartermaines bribed him. The man is flustered and denies taking a bribe. They take the report, saying they will be watching them. Ned comes in and asks for the report. Tracy is not happy to find out that Ned couldn't bribe the inspector to get the report. Edward comes in and orders them out of his house. He waves the report at them. Tracy tries to take it but Luke helps him keep it away from her. Skye tells them that they posted the report on the internet, as well as dropping a copy off at the Port Charles Herald. Two burly men in white come in, so Tracy thanks them for coming and sweetly asks them to take her father to Shady Brook. Edward looks stunned. Skye objects, but Ned and Tracy show them the commitment papers. He is shocked to learn that Alan and Monica signed the papers. Skye pleads with them not to treat Edward this way. Edward steels himself and tells them to tell Lila he loves her and he will be back soon. Skye and Luke pledge their help. Edward leaves with the men in white. Skye swears that they will pay for this. Tracy plans to have the will declared null and void. They wonder how Lila will feel; Ned says she knows Edward better than anyone. Luke tells them that he will make sure they don't mistreat the "old codger".

Sam comes to visit Sonny's penthouse, invited by Michael. Michael expertly dismisses the bodyguard and offers Sam food and drink. Sam learns that Michael followed her from Kelly's and overheard her conversation with Alcazar. She says that he reminds her of Sonny. He thanks her and asks her to help him get rid of Alcazar. Sam says that Alcazar isn't going to hurt him or his family, and she suggests he let his daddy take care of it. He worries that Sonny has so much going on and he wants to know why his mommy still hasn't come home.

Courtney tells Jason about running into Michael with Alcazar.

Justus asks Sonny about what Carly was lying about, but Sonny tells him that she wasn't lying. He implies to Justus that Alexis was the one lying about the breakdowns and violence.

Carly and Alexis argue. Carly threatens to tell Sonny that Kristina is his daughter and she goes over to Sonny to prove it as Alexis runs after her and watches in horror. Sonny thanks Carly for what she said. She says that Alexis wants to make him look like a monster, not her. Alexis comes over and advises her not to speak with him, but Carly warns her off. He asks Carly why she dragged Alexis into this. She says it was because Alexis hates him, and she can't, not really. Alexis tries to get Justus to keep Sonny and Carly apart. Just wonders if they are trying to work something out. Carly asks Sonny about the boys. She tries to put guilt on him. He is acting tenderly toward her but then sees Alcazar again and walks away. He bumps into a woman on his way out, and Jason goes with him. Carly chats with Alcazar. He asks why she lied on the stand. She claims it was all Alexis' idea, but he knows she's having second thoughts and wants to go back to Sonny. Carly sort of denies it. She explains to Lorenzo that if she and Sonny trash each other, the judge might put the children in foster care. She tells him that she won't cross certain lines. He says that if she keeps thinking emotionally, Sonny will win. Carly asks him about Faith kidnapping Courtney. She asks him what he's up to.

Sonny comes home and is surprised to find Michael and Sam chatting. Michael assures him, "It's okay, Daddy. It's business". Michael tells Sonny what happened. Sam leaves, asking Sonny not to be too hard on Michael. Outside, Sam tells Jason to just save it, she knows what he is going to say, that she should have just stayed out of it. Instead, he asks if she wants best for Michael and Morgan. She replies that she does, so he says he does, too, and goes back inside, leaving her looking confused. Sonny lectures Michael for running off again, saying he will have to put a guard on him at all times. Michael just wants to fix things like Sonny does. He tells Michael again that he and Carly love their boys but things will never be the way they were (with them living together). Michael asks about court and whether it was scary. Sonny tells him that Carly could have said some mean things on the stand but she didn't, so he didn't. He says she backed down, and now he can, so things can work out for all of them. Michael hugs him.

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